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GBG Session 5: Painting by Numbers

Darkling Jun 10th, 2011 95 Never
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  1. <Darkling> The lunch bell rings, thank the gods. It was a boring and dreadful lecture in science class about clouds and precipitation. As if that really mattered inside the domes. All the other students, and even the teacher, begins picking up their stuff and filing out towards the cafeteria like a well trained cattle herd to slaughter.
  2. <Wilhelm_Faustus> He yawns, chin resting in his hand. For once, science class had bored him.
  3. Corrin drops his notebook into his bag and stands, glancing around the classroom at the other pilots.
  4. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja stands, gathering her things and looking around with her eyes at half mast. She looks a bit more tired than usual, but is eager enough to go toward the cafeteria.
  5. Corrin stretches with his bag in hand, waiting.
  6. Rasia licks her teeth, looking up at her 'guardian' to be rid of her anti-bite device.
  7. <Darkling> The interpreter moves over once the classroom is clear and frees her of it.
  8. Rasia clicks her jaws together, skulking the halls to be nearer to delicious food.
  9. Corrin waits, glancing at the doorway.
  10. <Wilhelm_Faustus> He slides his items into his bag, shoulders it, and leaves.
  11. <Darkling> Someone slides up beside you Wil.
  12. Corrin follows the other pilots out, bag in hand.
  13. <Darkling> Looks like the lunch special in the cafeteria today is 'meatloaf surprise' with a side of tater tots.
  14. <Wilhelm_Faustus> ". . ." He looks from the corner of his eye.
  15. <Darkling> Definitely not as good as the food you get at home.
  16. <Darkling> There's a smile and some pink hair, Penelope you recall.
  17. <Wilhelm_Faustus> ". . ." He turns down a hallway, clearly not heading for the cafeteria.
  18. <Darkling> She follows alongside you, not missing a step.
  19. Corrin ignores the duo and heads for the cafeteria after the other pilots.
  20. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Best to keep ignoring her, she'll go away. Another turn, up some stairs.
  21. <Darkling> She's still following. There's no other students up here either.
  22. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja eyes the food with obvious skepticism. She pokes at it with her fork as she finds a place to sit alone.
  23. Rasia devours her food standing. It wasn't prodigious enough to be worth sitting for.
  24. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "...something you want?" He continues walking, turning up another flight of stairs.
  25. Corrin takes a seat more or less at random, full tray in hand, after looking around the cafeteria for where the other two pilots are sitting.
  26. <Darkling> She turns, placing her arm beside you head against a locker, near pinning you in and bringing her face close, still smiling.
  27. <Wilhelm_Faustus> ". . ."
  28. <Darkling> "You're not shy are you?" She asks.
  29. <Rasia> ...is...is Rasia eating her carton of milk?
  30. Corrin sniffs the food, then starts to eat by rote, occasionally glancing up.
  31. <Darkling> Corrin, you can smell something funny, like the smell of smoked salmon. Oh.... you're sitting beside Grundi.
  32. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "...is there something you want? I'm busy."
  33. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja snacks on the tater tots without enthusiasm. She pretends they're another kind of tots.
  34. <Darkling> "Oh, maybe I was wrong." She backs away, giving you another glance over. "You're not... you know?"
  35. <Rasia> ...toddler tots?
  36. Corrin doesn't give the boy a second glance, instead watching the students around Rasia.
  37. <Darkling> There's almost no one around Rasia. They're keeping a safe distance.
  38. <Wilhelm_Faustus> He just...stares, eyes narrowed slightly.
  39. Rasia scrunches her nose.
  40. <Darkling> "I was just wondering what you were up to!"
  41. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "...roof access." He starts walking again.
  42. Corrin goes back to eating, moving slightly further away on the bench from the other student.
  43. <Darkling> Lahja, someone takes a seat beside you.
  44. <Darkling> Grundi turns to you Corrin, holding out a piece of fish. "Would you like some? My momma made it!"
  45. <Darkling> Rasia... you get the sense of someone approaching.
  46. Rasia tweaks an ear, head swiveling around. Her carton is nowhere to be seen.
  47. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "Nooo... help me...!" She says it in a childish voice as she gets another mouthful of food. She doesn't notice the person behind her immediately, but when she does she jumps a bit.
  48. <Corrin> "No thanks." Corrin mutters distractedly.
  49. <Darkling> "Are you sure?!" He waves it a bit, the smell penetrating your nostils.
  50. <Darkling> Lahja, it's that black haired girl, Icelin. "He." She says a bit sheepishly. "Mind if I join you?"
  51. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "Oh... certainly." She offers an almost apologetic smile of her own. "Don't mind me. I was just entertaining myself."
  52. <Darkling> There's that big jock checking you out from behind Rasia. He's taking his time with it too.
  53. Corrin grabs the piece of fish and eats it, stomach winning over dislike.
  54. <Darkling> Grundi smiles. It's the most delicious fish you've ever eaten Corrin.
  55. <Darkling> "Oh thanks." Icelin takes a seat and pulls out a homemade lunch.
  56. <Darkling> "Well, ok then!" and Penelope leaves you Wil.
  57. Rasia growls, dropping her picked-clean tray.
  58. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "I'm Lahja." She eyes the girl's lunch, then her own and the still untouched meatloaf.
  59. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Finally. Maybe she won't come back. Up to the fourth floor.
  60. <Darkling> A smaller kid bolts away from Rasia in fear.
  61. <Corrin> "Thanks." Corrin says grudgingly, and might have said something more if Rasia hadn't growled.
  62. <Darkling> "Icelin. I'm in most of your classes." She unpacks a meager looking sandwich and thermos. "You're one of the new students." It's more of a statement than a question.
  63. <Darkling> "I'm glad you like it." Grundi scoots his chair closer.
  64. <Darkling> The jock is still staring Rasia. He's likely too dense to realize the growl was directed at him.
  65. Corrin is standing, and watching the scene near Rasia intently.
  66. <Rasia> 'What'. Not that the jock necessarily knows GSL...
  67. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "I noticed. Nice to meet you." She says with a polite nod. She seems disinterested in the sandwich. "Is that food enough for you?"
  68. <Darkling> "Just admiring the scenery," he says, smirking.
  69. Corrin is still standing, seat pushed back.
  70. <Darkling> "Yeah," Icelin says. "I'm not a very big person."
  71. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Up one last staircase, stopping at a door. He gives the knob a try...locked. He digs into his bookbag, pulling out a few tools. He kneels down and works on unlocking the door.
  72. Rasia snorts, stepping over her tray, heading for Grundi and Corrin.
  73. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "Oh." She says, almost disappointed now that her plan to ditch the meatloaf has failed. She forces a smile regardless. "Do you have a favorite class?"
  74. <Wilhelm_Faustus> A click and a smirk. He stands and opens the door.
  75. <Darkling> "Biology!" She looks happy to even mention it. "I love animals."
  76. <Darkling> Doesn't look like the jock was done checking you out Rasia, he follows.
  77. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "Oh! Animals are nice. Sometimes I prefer them over people." She pauses for a moment, then adds. "I had a cat once. Now I have another one."
  78. <Darkling> "You doooo!" The aww in her voice is highly detectable.
  79. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "Her name is Hel." She says it proudly, as if she'd chosen the name herself. "She lives with the people I'm staying with."
  80. <Darkling> "The other transfers? Why did you get sent here anyways?"
  81. Rasia does her best to ignore him, towering over Grundi despite her height.
  82. <Darkling> Grundi pulls out some jerky and begins eating it, all the while watching Rasia with terror.
  83. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "My parents had me sent here. It seemed like the best thing to do, I suppose. Mother is very busy and my father very busy and crippled." Lahja puts on a big smile afterwards, as if the bit about her father was something to be proud about.
  84. Corrin watches the scene unfold, worried.
  85. Rasia points at the jerky.
  86. <Darkling> He jerks away from her hand.
  87. <Corrin> "Give her the jerky."
  88. <Darkling> He reaches out with a shaking hand holding onto a bag of beef jerky.
  89. Corrin steps up. "Thanks for the fish, but, really, just give her the jerky."
  90. Rasia snatches a fistful of the smoked meat, eating with a contented noise. Dominance established.
  91. <Darkling> Art, the jock, leans over the table staring right at Rasia's chest. "So, what're you doing later?"
  92. Corrin jerks around, tensing again. "You. Useless. Keep moving."
  93. <Darkling> "Oh. So where are you from?" Icelin takes a bite of her sandwich gingerly.
  94. <Darkling> He ignores you Corrin.
  95. Rasia curls her lip, teeth gnashed. "Training."
  96. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "Finland, originally. But then I moved to the UN dome." She pokes at her meatloaf with a fork, then makes a quiet, questioning sounding moo.
  97. <Corrin> "Keep moving." Corrin repeats, stepping forwards, and risking a glance at Rasia.
  98. <Darkling> Icelin giggles at the moo.
  99. <Darkling> He leans over further. "None of your business squirt. This is between me and the lady."
  100. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "If I die, it was nice meeting you!" She smiles, taking a forkfull of the ominous meatloaf. Then she swallows it.
  101. <Darkling> Icelin stops midbite looking mortified.
  102. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja coughs a few times, questioning the wisdom of that decision.
  103. <Corrin> "Squirt?" Corrin repeats, furiously, hands balled. "I'm telling you to move. You're annoying her. Keep moving."
  104. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "I don't think I'll do that again." She says in a flat tone.
  105. <Corrin> "Pilot Lahja." Corrin calls.
  106. <Darkling> "Uh.. ok." She gets up. "It was nice meeting you." And she disappears.
  107. Wilhelm_Faustus weaves through the cafeteria, a can in his hand he shakes as he moves.
  108. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja gets up shortly afterwards. She then walks to a quick pace to Corrin, muttering under her breath. "Just Lahja in public."
  109. Rasia bares her teeth, swiping with an open hand. Even without her nails, it'll probably pop that boys' ear.
  110. <Darkling> The jock leans towards you Corrin. "What'd you say, squirt?"
  111. <Corrin> "Two of us. One of you. Keep moving."
  112. <Darkling> He's quicker than he looks, and is out of the way of your hand.
  113. <Corrin> "Get out of here, useless. I won't say it again. You're not a trainee."
  114. Rasia chases instinctively, actually barking at him.
  115. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "...neither are you." He answers to Corrin. When did he get there? Standing next to the jock he pulls the trigger on a can of condenced air, blasting Art right in the ear.
  116. <Darkling> "TrainiaaAAhh!" He falls back and sideways trying to avoid Rasia and Wil at the same time.
  117. Corrin throws himself forwards, trying to get between Rasia and Arthur.
  118. <Wilhelm_Faustus> He follows after him, still holding the trigger. "...stay away from us, you understand?"
  119. Rasia grinds her teeth, stopping an inch from Corrin. The tension is palpable.
  120. <Darkling> "What the fuck!" He grabs his ear scooting away. All the other students in the cafeteria are watching wide-eyed.
  121. <Wilhelm_Faustus> He puts the can down, wping frost from his fingertips.
  122. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "...you likely have frostbite on or inside your ear now. Better have it looked at."
  123. <Darkling> A couple teachers run over. "What's going on here!" They demand.
  124. <Darkling> "They attacked me!" Art yells defensively, scrambling up and running off, presumably to the nurse.
  125. <Wilhelm_Faustus> A sigh and a shrug.
  126. <Darkling> Looks like you're all in trouble now, even you Lahja. You're all given an escort to the principal's office.
  127. Rasia seethes, sitting with her legs pulled up, her mouthguard squeaking like she's trying to swallow it.
  128. Wilhelm_Faustus reads from the textbook of the class they were supposed to have next.
  129. <Corrin> "It could have been worse." Corrin says glumly. "Where did you get the can, Wilhelm?"
  130. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "...I've had it for a while now."
  131. Corrin nods.
  132. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja goes on quietly, eyes narrowed. She's probably steaming.
  133. <Darkling> It's a long wait before you get to see the principal, and he expects no further antics from all of you. No detention, since they expect idiocy like this from Art. You're finally released told you can go home early, as Lit is there to pick you up.
  134. <Darkling> He's standing outside the APC as you're let out.
  135. <Wilhelm_Faustus> ". . ."
  136. <Corrin> "Sir." Corrin says at once, saluting and doing his best to hide his dread.
  137. <Darkling> He looks pretty serious right now.
  138. <Wilhelm_Faustus> If Wilhelm is worried, it doesn't show...pokerface all day erry day.
  139. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "Perkele." She mutters under her breath once she spots Lit in the distance. She comes to a stop next to Corrin, standing stiffly.
  140. Corrin is rigid, waiting for the metaphorical shoe (or iron-tipped boot for this particular case) to drop.
  141. <Corrin> *waiting for the metaphorical shoe to drop
  142. <Darkling> "All in pilots." He says.
  143. Corrin obeys instantly, taking his seat.
  144. Wilhelm_Faustus glances toward Rasia, then steps into the APC.
  145. Rasia skulks in, aggression still bleeding off her.
  146. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja steps inside, looking apprehensive. She takes a seat, sitting as stiffly as she stood.
  147. <Darkling> Lit follows in last, the door closing.
  148. <Darkling> The APC starts driving.
  149. Corrin sits straight, hands limp at his side as he watches the Captain.
  150. <Darkling> "So I hear there was an incident at school." He starts.
  151. <Wilhelm_Faustus> He stares out of the APC, watching Berlin pass by.
  152. Rasia growls, curling up. 'Fighter'
  153. <Corrin> "One of the students was provoking Pilot Rasia, sir."
  154. Corrin responds instantly, having mentally been rehersing the response since the wait outside the office.
  155. <Darkling> "So I heard."
  156. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "Yes." She says with a sigh. "Pilot Corrin intervened to prevent him from being damaged too badly."
  157. <Corrin> "I and Pilot Lahja took steps to prevent another...situation, and Pilot Wilhelm stopped the student."
  158. <Darkling> "I heard that as well. Though I don't think giving another student frostbite was the right idea, you all stuck together, and didn't use lethal force. I'm glad."
  159. <Darkling> His seriousness hasn't faded.
  160. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "...why are we going to the base?"
  161. Corrin relaxes somewhat, slumping slightly into a more natural posture.
  162. Rasia grunts non-comittally, having preferred to fight him alone.
  163. <Darkling> "Well, you were let home from school, so I have plans for you."
  164. Corrin listens intently.
  165. <Darkling> Pilots, if you look outside the window, you'll notice the APC has stopped moving, and you're amidst a forest.
  166. <Corrin> "Plans, sir?"
  167. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja remains stiff, despite being off the hook for the moment, but she does put on an interested look.
  168. <Darkling> The back of the APC lowers.
  169. <Darkling> "You're being allowed to have free range of the forest around headquarters."
  170. Rasia clambers out, nearly before the APC's door is down, eyes wide and ears alert.
  171. Wilhelm_Faustus steps out slowly, hands in his pockets.
  172. Corrin is out after him, looking around the forest quickly.
  173. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja comes out as well, looking about the place.
  174. <Darkling> It's quite the 'natural' forest. Something you'd expect to find before the Fimbulwinter hit.
  175. Rasia sniffs here and there, tracing a path up a tree...
  176. Wilhelm_Faustus motions Rasia over.
  177. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "What do people normally do here?" She asks, a bit confused.
  178. <Rasia> Wilhelm gets a moment of her attention, mood visibly lighter.
  179. <Corrin> "Sir?" Corrin asks. "Do we have orders?"
  180. <Darkling> "Normally maintain it. Not many people are allowed here."
  181. <Wilhelm_Faustus> He takes off her mouthguard, holding onto it but motioning her to go, have at it.
  182. <Darkling> "No orders. Just enjoy yourselves."
  183. Rasia shoots up that tree she was looking at, twigs and leaves breaking off in her wake.
  184. <Corrin> "...Thank you, sir." Corrin responds after a moment, looking around at the scenery with some bafflement.
  185. <Wilhelm_Faustus> He takes a seat under the tree Rasia was racing up. Looks like hes gone as far as he plans to.
  186. <Darkling> There's some birds flying about, a stream trickling nearby, insects in the air.
  187. <Rasia> A branch shakes and snaps. Birds squawk and flee, the Israeli tumbling a few branches before she catches herself. No body in her grip.
  188. Wilhelm_Faustus sighs.
  189. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja wanders about, never straying far from the group. After a while she moves to a tree, trying to climb up it. She fails miserably.
  190. Corrin starts to wander, turning his head from side to side. It's strange. There's so much life. No empty vistas, no buildings. No ice, no slush...just life, so much of it that it blocks the view.
  191. <Rasia> More noise and ruckus. She's enjoying herself, at least.
  192. Corrin is so busy looking around that he steps in the stream. There's a splash, and cold water starts to seep into his shoe.
  193. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "...thrilling." He puts his hands behind his head, closing his eyes.
  194. <Rasia> It's not supposed to be exciting, you German milquetoast.
  195. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja quickly decides tree climbing isn't her thing. She switches gears, gathering a bunch of small stones instead.
  196. Corrin turns around and walks away from the stream's bank, one foot making a wet squelching noise with each step he takes.
  197. Rasia pokes her head out from a nest of branches, studying her copilots.
  198. Wilhelm_Faustus might be asleep.
  199. <Corrin> "Were there really this many trees?"
  200. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Eventually Lahja takes to tossing the stones toward a nearby tree, attempting to hit a discolored spot on it. She tosses them rapid fire, having a fair degree of accuracy for one so young.
  201. <Darkling> Everyone except Lahja, who has wandered too far off, might notice Lit and the APC are gone.
  202. Rasia wiggles her nose. Hnnn.
  203. Corrin frowns, then shrugs it off and keeps looking around. The Captain had given them instructions to "enjoy themselves", after all, and this place was just so different...
  204. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja obliviously continues hurling  her stones. She sometimes stops to gather up the ones she's hurled. "Take that! Right in your kidney!"
  205. Rasia gives creeping up on Lahja a try, climbing head-first down the nearest tree.
  206. <Corrin> "The enemy doesn't have kidneys." Corrin calls.
  207. "But principals do!" She shouts back, taking no notice of Rasia.
  208. Rasia crawls out along a branch, making it bow and groan under her weight. Just a little closer...
  209. <Corrin> "And Useless was the one who started it..." Corrin mutters, kicking the nearest tree absently.
  210. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja hurls a stone with more force than before. The slight groaning seems to get her attention, and she begins to look about from left to right. Perhaps a little too slowly.
  211. <Darkling> *BAP*
  212. Corrin looks around.
  213. <Darkling> Rasia, a smudge of bright paint streaks your pants.
  214. Rasia snarls, jerking about, giving away her position but straining her senses to find the source.
  215. <Darkling> From direction alone, it came from your left,  likely ground level.
  216. Rasia leaps from her branch, picking on Lahja forgotten.
  217. <Lahja_Ilvainen> This, as well as the impact of whatever struck Rasia, snaps her into a more serious mood. She makes a dash for the tree she was just attacking, putting her back against it. When she sees Rasia's pants her eyes widen, the sight bringing to mind Wilhelm and his unusual blood. "Are you alright?!"
  218. <Darkling> Something whizzes past Rasia as she leaves the branch.
  219. Wilhelm_Faustus opens an eye.
  220. <Rasia> If she's hurt, Lahja, she isn't letting it slow her down.
  221. <Corrin> "Pilot Lahja?"
  222. <Darkling> *BAP BAP BAP*
  223. <Darkling> Three paint smudges adorn your chest Wil.
  224. <Wilhelm_Faustus> He peers down, frowning. That stings.
  225. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "We're being attacked!" She calls out, starting to run. Whether it's from Rasia or the paint is unclear.
  226. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "We're facing an enemy force of unknown size and strength. Ideas?" He's up and around the side of the tree already, out of the line of fire.
  227. <Darkling> More paint splats against the tree trunk.
  228. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Likely it's just Lit out there, a few others are a possibility but unlikely. He can't help but roll his eyes.
  229. <Corrin> "Stay out of sight." Corrin responds as he follows Wilhelm's example. "Do you have your tablet?"
  230. Rasia bolts away from the others, leaping into the underbrush with ferocious certainty of target.
  231. <Darkling> And she slams into one of the agents in black, well, camouflage this time. His puts up his arms in surrender.
  232. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "...left my bag on the APC."
  233. <Darkling> A paint splat hits the tree by your head Lahja.
  234. Rasia growls, knocking the poor bastard around a little to make it feel more worthwhile.
  235. <Lahja_Ilvainen> "I favor a counterattack!" Lahja quickly moves afterwards, noting the direction it came from. She dashes from tree to tree, using them as shields.
  236. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "...with what? Sticks and rocks perhaps?"
  237. <Darkling> A few more paint splatters hit the trees or whiz past you Lahja, one strikes you in the leg.
  238. <Corrin_> "Wait!" Corrin calls. "Procedure's clear."
  239. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Oh this'll be good.
  240. <Corrin> "We should contact the Captain or other NERV authorities at once, and wait for extraction."
  241. <Lahja_Ilvainen> She lets out a grunt as she's struck in the leg. She goes tumbling to the ground, then blindly tosses a rock in the direction the shot came from.
  242. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Watching Lahja he follows her example.
  243. <Darkling> The rock sails out of harms way, but only because the agent in the bush rolled out of the way, exposing himself.
  244. <Darkling> And instead the rock hits another agent behind him square between the eyes.
  245. <Darkling> *BAP* That one got you right in the ass Rasia.
  246. Rasia barks, twisting around, leaving her plaything alone to chase another.
  247. <Darkling> This agent must be new Rasia, he's gloating a well placed shot in the open.
  248. Wilhelm_Faustus scoops up a rock and leans out from cover long enough to throw at the agent that rolled out of the bush and into sight.
  249. <Rasia> Let's put a head in his stomach!
  250. <Darkling> Both agents double over.
  251. <Darkling> Corrin, you see movement in a bush ahead of you.
  252. <Corrin> "One in the bush!" Corrin yells, dropping and grabbing a rock in hand. Since procedure's gone out the window...
  253. Corrin throws.
  254. <Darkling> *Thwack* You hit something!
  255. <Darkling> "Shit!" You hear someone call out and an agent in black, not camo, runs into that bush, fishing out a stunned raccoon.
  256. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja takes another rock off of the ground, this one a heavier rock than what she's used so far. She sinks down into a slight crouching movement, looking about for any further signs of movement. Or fire.
  257. <Darkling> "Everyone hold fire!" Someone else shouts.
  258. Rasia freezes, an agent's glasses in her teeth.
  259. <Darkling> The agent with the raccoon runs off and out of sight.
  260. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja does just that, but seizes the moment to dash behind a tree.
  261. Corrin obeys, another rock still in hand.
  262. <Darkling> "Resume!"
  263. <Darkling> *BAP BAP BAP BAP* Corrin, you're pegged with paint.
  264. Corrin staggers back, dropping the rock.
  265. Rasia bounds across the ground, getting there too late to prevent Corrin's painting.
  266. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja dashes toward Corrin as swiftly as she can manage. "Cheap shot!" She calls out, and rather than continue her run she drops to the ground, hoping to avoid incoming fire that way.
  267. <Darkling> A few more paintballs whiz through the air. There's obviously more agents out there.
  268. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "...war isn't always fair."
  269. Corrin ducks back. "Get behind a tree!" he yells to Rasia.
  270. <Wilhelm_Faustus> He starts tracking down a new target, watching paintballs fly and moving between trees.
  271. Rasia clicks her teeth, ears filtering through sounds...
  272. <Darkling> A few more paintballs shoot out of a bush far to the right of everyone.
  273. Corrin scoops up yet another rock and makes a run for it.
  274. Corrin lets it fly.
  275. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja crawls over to a tree, then stands, taking at at that bush, her shot coming after Corrin's by a margin of a few seconds.
  276. Wilhelm_Faustus leans out long enouh to throw a rock toward the bush...what a horrible throw.
  277. <Darkling> All three pilots miss their mark, but drive the agent from his hiding spot.
  278. <Corrin> "Get him!" Corrin yells, running towards the agent.
  279. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja joins in on charging the agent, clearly enjoying herself. She eyes his paintball gun with malicious glee.
  280. Wilhelm_Faustus hangs back, not taking part in the charge. If theres an ambush...
  281. Corrin yells incoherently as he charges in ahead, hands raised and balled.
  282. <Darkling> Sure enough, Corrin and Lahja take paintballs to their backs.
  283. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Track the trajectory...
  284. Corrin slows, then keeps running forwards!
  285. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Scoop and throw!
  286. <Wilhelm_Faustus> A miss. "Tsk."
  287. <Darkling> The agent in front of you starts backtracking, lowering the paintball gun.
  288. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja squeals as she's hit, the shot making her tip forward a bit. She continues her charge regardless.
  289. <Corrin> "Drop the gun!" Corrin yells as he runs.
  290. <Darkling> *BAP* That gets you shot Corrin.
  291. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja takes a different approach after Corrin gets shot. She runs off to the side, using Corrin as a shield as she makes her way to a tree to use for cover. She abducts a rock afterwards.
  292. Corrin keeps running forwards.
  293. Wilhelm_Faustus decides to backtrack a bit, look for a paintball gun that may have been left behind.
  294. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja takes advantage of the distraction that is Corrin, hurling a rock at one of the retreating agents.
  295. <Corrin> "Die! Die! Die!" Corrin yells, charging in wildly.
  296. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Finding one he grabs it up, looks it over, then searches for his next target. Where's Rasia?
  297. <Rasia> Like something out of Jurassic Park, the Israeli bursts from the underbrush, leaping into another tangled mess of foliage.
  298. <Wilhelm_Faustus> ". . ." Never...ever...underestimate the Jew. Got it.
  299. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja's aim is a little off, albeit not by much. It sails a bit past an agent's head.
  300. Corrin lunges, feinting for the gun, then throwing a punch at the man's neck.
  301. <Darkling> An agent runs from Rasia, tossing his paintball gun aside.
  302. <Darkling> He blocks your punch easily, but lets you tackle him to the ground.
  303. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Maybe he'll just take a breather here. He sighs and relaxes as best he can, watching as things happen around him.
  304. Rasia clambers up a tree, to resume the hunt. ...When did she take her shoes off?
  305. <Darkling> *snap* a twig breaks behind you Wil.
  306. <Wilhelm_Faustus> He turns around and opens fire, *BAP* *BAP* *BAP*
  307. <Darkling> You've painted an agent bright pink.
  308. <Darkling> One left, if you were counting.
  309. Corrin leaps back onto his feet, scooping up a rock as he does so, then starts running again.
  310. <Wilhelm_Faustus> Time to find him. He lowers himself and begins the hunt.
  311. Corrin runs, twigs and leaves crunching underfoot.
  312. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja moves to collect the paintball gun from the agent tackled by Corrin, holding it close to herself. She almost hugs it as she wanders about in search of revenge.
  313. <Darkling> A spray of paintballs spatter about Corrin as he runs, half a dozen finding their mark.
  314. <Corrin> "There you are!" Corrin yells, throwing his rock in the direction of the shooter.
  315. <Darkling> Your aim seems true, and you hear a yelp from the bush as the rock connects.
  316. Corrin kneels, scoops up another rock, and advances on the bush with it raised.
  317. <Darkling> A rustle, and the agent seems to be gone. Lit steps out from behind a large tree. "Good job pilots!"
  318. Corrin drops the rock.
  319. <Wilhelm_Faustus> *BAP* One on the ass for Lit.
  320. <Darkling> He barely flinches. "Yes.. I probably deserve that."
  321. <Wilhelm_Faustus> He puts down the gun and slips his hands into his pockets.
  322. Corrin stands straight, covered from head to toe in multi-coloured paint and mud.
  323. <Darkling> "I hope you at least had some fun."
  324. <Lahja_Ilvainen> At the sound of Lit's voice Lahja suddenly turns, aiming her paintball gun at him. She pauses, lowering the gun. "Yes, sir!"
  325. Rasia growls, still hiding up in the branches.
  326. Corrin jerks his head up.
  327. <Darkling> "I've got some food being barbequed over by the APC, then we'll head home and get you all cleaned up." He waves for them to follow and starts walking.
  328. Corrin follows obediently.
  329. <Wilhelm_Faustus> "...come down." He shakes her mouthguard up at the foliage.
  330. <Rasia> Whumpf. Her pounce narrowly misses the Aryan.
  331. <Wilhelm_Faustus> ". . ."
  332. <Wilhelm_Faustus> He holds it out to her.
  333. <Rasia> On it goes. She takes a moment to study it.
  334. <Lahja_Ilvainen> Lahja marches toward the APC, still carrying the gun. She takes one last look at the forest, then gives the gun a hug before tossing it to the ground. Apparently she talks to it. "See you next time!"
  335. <Darkling> ==================END==================
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