Some Kind of Relationship - 41

Sep 3rd, 2019
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(DISCLAIMER: App Translations so not everything is accurate)

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Some Kind of Relationship ~ Thanks to Markues &

Notable Characters:

Name / Nickname Situation Relationship
Dae Hyun (FMC) Employee Boss's Girlfriend
Kim / Lim Mi-Mo (FMC²) Model by Day, Whore by Night BF's Girlfriend
[N/A] (MC) Unemployed DB's Boyfriend
[N/A] (BF) [N/A] MC's BFF & FMC's BF
Lee Su-Jung (Red) Model Single
Kyu Ho (Grey) Model Single
Seung Kyu (Boss) Boss FMC's Boyfriend
[N/A] (LB) Employee Single & FMC's BFF
In Yeong (DB) Trainee MC's Girlfriend
Park Jung Woo (Dir) Director [N/A]

Some Kind of Relationship - 41


Streets FMC² x BF

FMC² wants to jump but BF shows up and grabs her arms stopping her in extremis, he asks her if she really intended to throw her life away without thinking about the people she'll left behind. He becomes angry and asks her if she has not promised him last time how she'll not think again about suicide (Second tentative then). She burst into tears saying how she can't take it anymore. She explains how she tried her best but doesn't want to be rich again and asks him if he know how hard it is for her and her mom. She tells him how since her dad left they have a huge debt and they really did as much as possible but now they're at their wits' end.

BF tells her to stay to strong and to live for him and her mother, he tells her how she's stupid because she'll not die to jump from this height but hurt badly so she'll just add another problem to her mother. He says how they can start anew once his business open and how he'll keep a seat for her at this time. He tells to not think about jumping anymore because he lives nearby and will notice her, she says how she can't even die in peace in this damn neighborhood. They hug and he keeps comforting her..


Present - Streets MC x BF x LB x DB

♪♪♫ I'm dreaming of a white Christmas ♫♪♪
♪♪♫ I'm dreaming of a white Christmas ♫♪♪
♪♪♫ Where the treetops glisten and children listen ♫♪♪
♪♪♫ To hear sleigh bells in the snow ♫♪♪

MC and BF are smoking, BF is pissed saying how his girlfriend (FMC²) can't be with him for Christmas Eve. MC tells him to forgive FMC² because he doesn't know what it is to be a Star and says how she must be busy.
BF tells him how it's already been a few days since she turned off her phone and how he didn't talk to her since a while, he lower his head dispirited.. MC asks him if he really will cry right here.. BF tells him how wanted to take her to a fancy hotel tonight..

They start to walk and BF notices MC's outfit saying how he's goin' all out tonight, MC laughs saying how he thought they'll go to a club tonight like always so.. BF is happy to see MC like that and tells him how it's good to see him on the 'hunt' again.
BF tries a last time to call FMC² without success and asks MC how do you cancel a reservation in a hotel, MC asks him what's the bigger problem right now, to cancel the reservation or to not be able to call FMC² while laughing (Well MC thinks that BF is pissed because he can't fuck FMC² tonight and worries more about the fee he'll pay for the cancellation than the actual whereabouts of his girlfriend)

BF tries to argue with MC about this but he's interrupted by two women (LB & BRH). LB is surprised to see MC and BF together for Christmas Eve and says how it's a weird combination. She asks BF if he was dumped by FMC², he becomes immediately upset and asks her to repeat what she just said while MC is laughing.
She apologizes and tells him how it's good to see FMC² being famous and says again how she thought FMC² will left BF behind while laughing.. Some more incomprehensible jokes then BF asks her how she can't greet her Oppa like this, LB correct herself and wishes him a Happy Merry Christmas.

She looks at MC and says to BF how MC is much better looking than she thought, BF laughs saying MC is another man today an how few days ago he looked like a dead corpse with a beard. He says how MC was dispirited after breaking up with his girl.. MC cuts if off no letting him say more and explains how he's feeling better right now.

(TLN: a bit iffy here)
LB is asking him if he was like this because he broke up with FMC and asks him if he cut his hair because he wanted to start anew.. She apologizes for her rude question and tells him how even if he's the Ex of her best friend (FMC) she'll treat him as a friend and to not worry about what happened in the past. MC rubs his neck feeling the situation a bit awkward and thanks her. LB forgot to introduce her friend so she apologizes and introduce DB as the new employee in their company, she hugs her cheerfully and asks her to say hello to her 'Oppas'. DB acts all shy, she exchanges quick glances with MC and says 'hello'.

LB ask them if they're okay to have a drink tonight, they all accept and begin to walk toward a bar.. Meh talk then BF asks LB about FMC. MC is surprised by this question and asks him why would he wants to know.. LB ponders for a moment then says how FMC is doing her best at work..

Luxurious Hotel FMC x Boss

They've a drink together, Boss asks her how's the wine taste. She tells him how she doesn't have any knowledge but she founds it delicious. He's happy and tells her how they'll taste another one in the future.. She says yes with enthusiasm, then Boss wishes her a Merry Christmas.. (There is a box on the table, it might be just a Christmas's present or.. He'll do his demand.. Fuck you author!)

FMC narrates how Boss made her dream come true.. She always dreamed to pass Christmas Eve like this.. Tasting sweet wine in a luxurious hotel overlooking the Han River.. She says how it was a Happy Christmas.

(The Han River or Hangang is a major river in South Korea and the fourth longest river on the Korean peninsula after the Amnok, Tuman, and Nakdong rivers. The river begins as two smaller rivers in the eastern mountains of the Korean peninsula, which then converge near Seoul, the capital of the country.)

(TL's rant: Too bad for you he'll lick your feet while having sex which will disgust you and he'll cum in no time! You want money? Take it and enjoys your ride bitch..)

To be continued..
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