End of The Mighty

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  1. Llahsram takes a single step.
  3. And the entire tower trembles, as if buckling underneath his tremendous weight- but it's ultimately something...special. Something out of this world. It simply wasn't possible to generate this much force any other way.
  5. "Zehahahahaha-"
  7. And then Kenshin's attack went sailing into him, and he watches it. He watches it arc toward himself without a care in the world, and when it approaches, a mere palm outstretches, tinged black with Steel Release.
  9. And it blows him back.
  11. His cloak flutters behind him, and his feet dig into the ground, illuminating his face and features. He seems astounded, momentarily, eyes widening just the narrowest bit...and then he hurtles it away, into the wall, where it effortlessly powers through, narrowly missing the bound and captured Kyoji.
  13. "...This is all ye' brought?"
  15. He seems confused.
  17. Llahsram has activated a perk: Steel Release!
  19. This character possesses the fabled Steel Release, and due to that dormant kekkei genkai awakening, their skin possesses unparalelled hardiness while it's activated, able to endure simply ungodly amounts of punishment.  Bladed weapons without chakra flow are all but pointless, and even -with- chakra flow, unless of high pedigree, even that is useless.  Additionally, an assortment of other abilities and augments are open to this shinobi, each terrifyingly effective.
  21. Note: Proves highly draining to repeatedly use time and again in battle.
  23. The entire tower trembles, and the walls would begin to crack. A tremor, originating from the very top, seems to have threatened to -blow over the entire tower.-
  24. "Zehahahahahaha!"
  25. Yuki, Saya(x) OOCs: (LMAO Event is still going!!!!!!!!!!)
  26. Sonson was no novice. As the syrupy substance came out, the Taijutsuist's leg found itself coated with chakra, applying one of the most basic jutsu in the world of Shinobi, letting him 'step' upon the water from up-close.
  28. This was the best decision, after all, they all came at him with a synchronized attack. Using the jutsu as a stepping stone, Sonson threw himself up higher in the air, effectively throwing every single attack towards him off-course and against everyone else.
  30. His hands reached into his cloak whilst he began spinning in the air, the entire world was in slow-motion to him, his nimble motions seeming so natural. A load of shuriken were pulled out, all attached with wires and thrown into different direction-- Forming a circle around the ground.
  32. A twist was made in order to bring all the wires around the proud combatants, aiming to make them crash together should their attacks not have killed eachother yet.
  36. [T3 Bukijutsu]
  38. Sonson has activated a perk: Manipulating Windmill Triple Blades!
  40. The user first attaches strings beforehand onto the tossed shuriken and kunai thrown after it, then one shuriken is pulled back using a tree as an axis, based on the yo-yo's principle.  The other shuriken and kunai are decoys, and the true attack is the shuriken that is pulled back using the force of the thrown kunai.  The trick in making this technique successful is to somehow be able to read the enemy's movements, which normally would require the Sharingan.
  42. Note: C-rank Bukijutsu.
  44. Blue gave Blue(The Crownless King) the The One: To Conquer perk.
  45. Blue(x) says: ...
  46. Blue gave Blue(The Crownless King) the No More: Triumphant Grasp perk.
  47. Blue gave Blue(The Crownless King) the Diagnostic Body Scan Technique perk.
  48. Blue gave Blue(The Crownless King) the Against All Odds perk.
  49. Blue(x) says: ..Leave it to me.
  50. Red 's fist strikes the air - the arm not making direct contact with anyone but.. the released steam from the punch would likely cause some damage to the allies helping him. Though as the shuriken are thrown, the boy kicks off the ground, allowing steam to fly from the tenketsu in his legs to propell him and aid his naturally high strength.
  52. He was going to jump straight into the air with another attempt, making an upward motion with a punch that also carried the same stopping power as the first. Effectively, it was an uppercut, meant to strike at the man with as much strength as he could place behind the strike.
  54. Whether or not the man had something else up his sleeve to prevent this was another story.
  55. Hoshigaki, Sainan gave a curse. He knew of Mizuame Nabara's only real weakness -and- had the skill to deal with it admist the coordinated attack? Sainan felt like, every time he came up this far so far, he was too weak to keep up. It was true. He was pushing his limit in every fashion, and found that they were just..
  57. Wicked, wicked short.
  59. He was relatively helpless to fight the quick working of shurikenjutsu, but tried none-the-less, slipping down to grab the zanbatou and swing, hopefully slicing the wires.
  61. It was probably not going to work in the slightest.
  62. Senju, Kenshin followed through with his attack as it flew towards the shadowy man, using it as some sort of cover as he closed the distance between himself and the man. His right hand sent the weapon flying up above his head with a toss, hands coming together quickly in order to weave seals.
  64. His chest heaved up, his mouth filling itself with oil as his green eyes filled themselves with a fire like no other-- One that surpassed the gigantic fireball escaping his lips and rushing towards Llahsram.
  66. "Katon: Dai Endan!"
  68. His blade was caught on the return, a blazing fire tracing its path back into Kenshin's hand, almost as if it reacted to his presence rather than the chakra he was pouring into it.
  70. Senju, Kenshin has activated a perk: Katon: Dai Endan!
  72. This technique is an amplified version of Endan.  The user fills their mouth with oil and spews it forth, simultaneously igniting it.  The power is greatly enhanced, and is equivalent to several Endan's in strength.  It can be used as a single projectile, or as a continuous stream.
  74. Note: B-rank Katon technique.  Requires Endan.
  76. Blue begins emanating azure chakra, as per usual, and the entire world slows to a crawl.
  78. He has time, now, to reflect. To reflect on everything he had done in life, everything he had encountered and everything he ever would encounter. He's used to these odds.
  80. Outmanned. Out of their minds. On a suicide mission. Now was the time to take inventory.
  82. He can see the wires with crystal clarity, and his hands lash out with alarming, absurd speed, his katana appearing in dozens of places at once. The wires, each and every single one of them, are cleanly snipped, -in midair-, and the shuriken are knocked clean out of the air. His katana is afterward sheathed in one, fluid motion, the projectiles deflected -back at their attacker.-
  84. "And you're just too slow."
  86. Blue has activated a perk: Against All Odds!
  88. The user draws their katana with lightning speed, and for an instant, it appears as if there are several of their hand at once.  During this period, any weapons slung at them can be reflected back with keen accuracy, as if thrown by the user themself, in some strange twist that defies probability.  They're just that damn good.
  90. Note: Requires T3 Perception/Dexterity and T2 Kenjutsu.  Does not work on Bukijutsuists of greatly higher caliber than the user.
  92.  Seems as though he might actually be wrapped up!
  93. Only... There was something unique about his chakra flow in particular. It's size? It reacted to sheer amount of chakra that the Sugiyama pooled into it.
  95. Before the tightening grasp of the wires even forced the trio together, a single one of his knives viciously expands downwards and promptly attempts to cut the wires. His technique could cut through weapons, surely some wire wouldn't be much trouble if Sonson did manage to get it off.
  97. As for his actual attack? Well, it hadn't been crafted so long to cut anyone at his current range, not anyone aside from his initial target of course.
  98. With Red attempting to follow in suit, Ryuho chakra upon the blades dissipate before he promptly claps his hands together.
  100. A reppushou is released, the Sugiyama intended to speed up Red's pursuit.
  101. That was a trick he admittedly stole from someone else... They didn't need to know that though.
  102. (Sugiyama, Ryuho)
  103. Hoshigaki, Sainan(x) thinks: ...The Hell are these people I'm with?
  104. Ozu, Yoshiro is more impressed by what the others are doing now that he's actually seeing it from up close... it's a terrifying thing, really, to consider that these are people with whom he is meant to consider peers - but can he truly say that he's as good as they are...?
  106. He's not a combatant like they are. His leg aches, as if reminding him that he isn't meant to get any closer than he is, but...
  109. He kneads katon chakra in his gut, and, as the Dai Endan shoots forward, Llahsram's own propels forward, -significantly- stronger. It devours the tile infront of them, eating the roof, eating the walls, consuming -everything-, including Kenshin's jutsu, with ease.
  111. "But I've been doin' this since you were in -diapers.-"
  113. Were they to have avoided it, were they to have blocked it, it did not matter. Even if they didn't, even if it had successfully incinerated all in it's wake, another trails right behind, with no seals.
  115. The explosion was cataclysmic.
  117. Hellish.
  119. This was no game. Kenshin could -die-.
  120. (Llahsram)
  122. Llahsram has activated a perk: Katon: Dai Endan!
  124. This technique is an amplified version of Endan.  The user fills their mouth with oil and spews it forth, simultaneously igniting it.  The power is greatly enhanced, and is equivalent to several Endan's in strength.  It can be used as a single projectile, or as a continuous stream.
  126. Note: B-rank Katon technique.  Requires Endan.
  128. Sonson kept on using the twisting motion his body gave in order to counter the attack coming from Red. This attempt at using both momentum and power to stop him was met with its equal--
  130. An incredible powerful kick moved for the incoming fist, aiming to stop it right in its track-- Forcing a deafening sound to escape the clash as bones cracked up. No one would really know if it were Red's or Sonson's that had, but one thing was for sure; The Chuunin was in a bad spot.
  132. The projectiles that were sent back his way mostly found themselves off-aim and twisting away from him due to his incredible skill with weapons, though through sheer luck, few of them made it back to the user, empowered by Ryuoh's wind jutsu.
  134. They seemed to get a clean hit--
  136. Onto an incredibly thick skin, barely drawing any kind of blood. This one wasn't an easy one to beat, though he surely took damage. Pushing himself off the group using Red as a lever, Sonson landed back onto the ground, a bit away from the Shinobi.
  138. "You guys are strong!"
  140. Llahsram has activated a perk: Dual Caster!
  142. Somehow, some way, this adversary has mastered ninjutsu to the degree they are capable of rapidly firing them off, seemingly without pause, even weaving all the handseals required, if any, in one go before firing off multiple jutsu.  This character can cast two jutsu at once, and imbue any jutsu with a secondary element in order to augment it, such as shooting an electrified stream of water.  This opens up a nightmarish new array of possibilities, and makes them something otherworldly.
  144. Note: This character can cast two jutsu per turn and, additionally, can add a second element to any jutsu cast(within reason, that makes sense, such as blowing wind onto their fire or electrifying a jet of water as it shoots from their mouth.)
  148. Sonson has activated a perk: Konoha Goriki Senpu!
  150. A taijutsu using a combination of speed and power.  The essence of this technique is concentrated in a spinning back kick, with such speed that not a single person can follow the user's movement, smashing his enemy with overwhelming strength.
  152. Note: B-rank Taijutsu technique.
  154. -Two- massive Dai Endan, fired back-to-back with no signs of exhaustion of hesitation, veer forward, threatening to blast into the backline attackers if they did not move, or Kenshin was unable to stop this himself.
  155. Blue(x) thinks: ...CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP!
  156. Blue(x) OOCs: [also, RPing @ you Sainan]
  157. Hoshigaki, Sainan(x) OOCs: (oh okay)
  158. Akiraba, Kujin shoots one jutsu to say he was apart of the final fight.
  160. Akiraba, Kujin has activated a perk: Doton: Doryuudan!
  162. This technique creates a dragon-like head to shoot balls of earth at an opponent.  If this technique is created with mud, it may shoot balls of mud that may be ignited by fire jutsu to send projectiles of searing hot rock at them.
  165. Jupy to Taco938(Akiraba, Kujin):roll a 1d10 since you're injured and fought :^)
  166. Taco938 to Jupy:got a 63
  167. Admin hands Ozu, Yoshiro a Fire.
  168. Admin hands Ketsudan a Fire.
  169. Hashira, Takuya throws a banana peel at the final boss just to be a part of the final fight.
  171. Hashira, Takuya has activated a perk: Monkey Familiar - Lobo!
  173. Oddly enough, wherever Takuya goes, he's almost never seen without the strangely dextrous monkey that often rests on his shoulder.  This chimp, Lobo, seems to have an uncanny knack for feats of agility, beyond even those of a normal primate, but lacks any other standout traits or features.  It's, otherwise, just a monkey.  It's also highly adverse to combat, and will often scurry off when Takuya is under threat of harm... but at least he always comes back, right?
  175. Note: Note: In combat, Lobo is an incredibly mild distraction at best, but proves strangely difficult to kill, having this odd habit of mysteriously escaping when under threat of death.
  177. Red(x) says: .
  178. Blue dives.
  180. There's little else he can do but Shunshin, tackling Sainan as he goes. The boy goes very, very far, with the Hoshigaki in his grip, rebounding off the wall and appearing on the ceiling, glued to it with suimen.
  182. He knew that Sainan was injured, exhausted- he was many things, and Blue was fresh, and he was faster.
  186. His legs buckle from the ceiling as he holds the massive shark-man, a sweatdrop appearing on his forehead from the strain of this, despite his normally impressive physical strength.
  188. "Red! Eyes on brownie!"
  189. You grab Hoshigaki, Sainan.
  190. Sugiyama, Ryuho continued staring upwards, his tactic proving successful in speeding up his allies as necessary.
  192. Despite them able to land a blow though, it seemed to do little against the Chuunin. His skin? It was related to many others here they fought today. He hadn't been the first with hardened skin, and he assumingly wouldn't be the last. He couldn't bring himself to linger his stare for long though... Hell, he couldn't even bring himself to focus back on their opponent.
  194. Why? Because flames... Lots of flames that seemed to dwarf Kenshin''s own.
  195. Could he handle it? He'd have to trust he could... Ryuho couldn't do anything to stop it after all. Why was it everyone had fire?
  196. Feels bad man.
  198. "Move!" he'd call. In the chance Kenshin wasn't able to fend it off, they'd need to be ready. He pivots on his heel and leaps backwards as fast as he could manage. If nothing else, he at least needed to put himself behind that out ridge of wall as the flames took their course. His back to the wall, he remained focused on the Chuunin.
  200. With any luck, he'd be burned away! Was it ever that easy though? Not really.
  201. Senju, Kenshin(x) OOCs: [do not fear]
  202. Red 's body disappears in a blur - the boy rather fast, enough to get himself out of the way in a pinch. Steam fires from his legs as he ignores the pain of the clashing blow and puts himself at the entrance of the stairwell, turning just in time to see the massive ball of fire sail past him. He's tense, however - he knows their opponent is also in the path of the attack he the boy's chakra is pressurized into both arms.
  204. He hoped, silently, that Kenshin could make it out of the way of the attack.
  206. If he made a move to escape the trajectory of the attack in any way he was going to fire off the most relentless chain of attacks he could muster in response.
  208. All he could do at this point was stay safe as he waited for an opportunity to emerge.
  209. Hoshigaki, Sainan was about to boldly attack, hand on his zanbatou, ready to throw it - a weapon he could throw. Suddenly, though, the world went white. He wasn't quite sure what happened, but he was glued to the ceiling, body reacting to what needed to happen.
  211. Sainan was indeed hurt, but something seemed strange about him. He didn't look as if his actual stamina was dwindling. He looked like his ungodly chakra had responded, grown, and matured - and it'd only keep getting there. He wasn't the type to go down.
  213. Then the explosion rocked everything, right as he was about to say something about not-being a fish. He'd rather be a fish right now, than be in the way of the massive explosion that threatened to engulf them all.
  215. "...Thanks, Blue. He knows how to handl' my best moves, and I ain't got the water for my finest move up here. Gon' have to use my sword."
  217. The Fish man supported his own weight now, feet latched onto the ceiling and his energy nearly brimming again.
  218.  "Do you really expect me to let you harm these guys behind me?!"
  220. Kenshin wasn't there to fight and defeat that man himself-- No. He was being a distraction. He was trying to figure out this man's strength-- Or rather, his weakness. He was creating an opening in order to let the other guys behind himself defeat their opponent and move on to the next one.
  222. This implied saving them from any kind of harm that came their way.
  224. "Katon: Kumo-Ryu Kaengiri!"
  226. With a single slash of his sword a powerful wall of flames erupted from the ground, burning with an incredible fire. It'd be enough to stop one, he thought. To disperse it enough.
  228. What about the second, though?
  230. Teeth came to a grit as his green eyes flared up with an incredible amount of determination. He braced himself-- This was going to hurt. A mad dash was made forward, crimson sword swung horizontally with all the strength and fire he could muster, aimed directly at the second gigantic fireball. He was going to force it to split apart, to go towards the roof and the ground at once, taking most of it into his own body due to his proximity to it.
  232. <Shit.>
  234. The building would be on fire, but his friends would be safe.
  236. Heavy breathing was given as a single Chuunin stood in the middle of this inferno, his right and left forearm completely burnt. His body aching, screaming for him to just close his eyes and fall. He couldn't even speak.
  237. (Senju, Kenshin)
  238. Senju, Kenshin(x) OOCs: [you might have to re-rp]
  239. Senju, Kenshin(x) OOCs: [yall]
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  248. Red(x) OOCs: (I mean nothing that happened altered what I'm doing I'm good.)
  249. The Dai Endan came crashing into the flaming wall composed by Kenshin, struggling against it, clashing and struggling against it...but it eventually powers through.
  251. Kenshin had spelled his own downfall:
  253. When Llahsram's Dai-Endan had clashed with Kenshin's, it'd consumed it, growing stronger, and when it clashed with the flame wall, it grew stronger still. It barely takes any time for it to punch clean through, and, for that reason, when Kenshin goes to -slice and dice- the double-augmented Endan.
  255. He is consumed by the flames.
  257. The boy is sent hurtling, scuttling, impacted by a hellishly powerful fire ninjutsu from a Kage-level adversary. It's going to continue- and it's going to go -through- Kenshin.
  259. Only when the explosion cleared would it be clear if he had survived at all, but the -double- Dai Endan, with one augmented to nightmarish levels, was not going to leave him in the best of states.
  261. At all.
  262. (AdminChat)Rakuzumi: i'm trying to be fair 2 u
  263. (AdminChat)Rakuzumi: but this is what'd happen
  264. (AdminChat)Rakuzumi: honestly
  265. (AdminChat)Rakuzumi: LOL
  266. (AdminChat)Jumpy: it's fine
  267. (AdminChat)Jumpy: I ran into it like a man
  268. (AdminChat)Jumpy: for a reason
  269. (AdminChat)Jumpy: it's because kenshin isn't a genius
  270. Ozu, Yoshiro can't... do anything. He doesn't understand the sacrifice that Kenshin is trying to make - but he's not here as a combatant, is he? He's meant to be here to heal if it comes to that - but... if someone dies before that opportunity presents itself...
  272. Yoshiro's mind, addled with illness, is quickly firing away all the different possibilities and reasons that could push someone to try performing the feats that Kenshin was attempting. Heroism? Nobility? Self-sacrifice? As someone who had always lived in fear of the death coming for him, the unavoidable effects of his hereditary sickness...
  274. ...he didn't get it.
  276. But as he watched all of the people here be heroes, as he watched all of them fight and defy the odds, Yoshiro was suddenly aware of the world he had been missing all this time. Now with his crippled leg he had little chance to experience it, but...
  278. "Kenshin... No, don't..."
  280. It's too late. He stares as the flames shoot by the hallway - and the boy feels all the colour from his skin fade away. What was this feeling? It felt an awful lot like...
  282. ...horror.
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  284. Sugiyama, Ryuho(x) OOCs: (uh... yeah. actually. go ahead. I dont think i'd change anything, even if the flames didnt reach here. sorry. LOL. i wouldnt know
  285. Hoshigaki, Sainan(x) OOCs: (I suppose we reacted more to the threat than the outcome. Outcome comes next??)
  286. From the top of the tower, a hellish explosion blows through the back of the top of the tower. The flame would be visible even on the ground level, chunks of the tower falling down, and below, in the vicinity of Kin and company, enormous bits and pieces of rubble. The fire that dwarfed everything was the result of a jutsu clash that was lost on the side of the Kyoji retrieval arc...
  287. ...Which did not bode well.
  288. Sonson stepped aside, the incoming fire jutsu was going to be some incredible trouble if it hit him-- He screamed out, though, seeing the actions that a stupid Chuunin took. Did he not understand how ninjutsu worked or something?
  290. "HAH! Your guy is such a dumbass! First his hair were on fire and now he is!"
  292. Regardless, the distraction would be good enough for the red-haired guy to throw forth a volley of shuriken into the air-- Swerving left and right as their path became unpredictable, though they were all heading for a certain person cloaked in red.
  294. Sonson has activated a perk: Manipulated Shuriken Technique!
  296. With this technique a translucent string, both elastic and highly durable, is attached to a shuriken, making it possible to alter its path after having thrown it.  An expert will have the ability to freely glide the shuriken in any direction with just a single movement of their fingertip.  The first attack, challenging the enemy, is avoided and after a time-lag of several seconds, it will come from behind.  Depending on the performance, the possible tactics can be infinite.
  298. Note: Scales with weaponist perk.
  300. Ozu, Yoshiro(x) thinks: He... He's mocking Kenshin after...?
  301. Red(x) thinks: . . .
  302. Blue gave Uchiha, Seijuro(Hellz Raze) the Bijuu Manipulation perk.
  303. Hoshigaki, Sainan clenched the blade from the top of the room, as the flames engulfed and devoured everything - including a certain Konoha shinobi. Sainan didn't know him, and felt none of the pang of loss he was certain everyone else here would. He had no history with Kenshin, and didn't even know the boy's name. All that he knew was they had to win.
  305. And Kenshin being mocked? He hated that idea. The next moment was a whirling zanbatou, rushing towards Sonson - aiming to cleave him in two, utterly. Sainan stood on the ceiling, hands together as he began to nurture his tremendous chakra.
  307. His next jutsu was bound to be a doozy when it came to quantity.
  309. Hoshigaki, Sainan has activated a perk: Flying Bite!
  311. A simple technique meant to intimidate and enter a battle more than anything else, the user takes a weapon (usually of the larger variety) and does the insane: they throw it.  With technique and power behind the toss, the blade whirls through the air towards a target, until it cuts into either the ground or a tree - or anything of the sort.  With a bigger weapon, the tends to follow the toss with a surprisingly dedicated burst of speed to land on the blade and hilt as an entrance!
  313. Note: D-rank Kenjutsu technique.  The user can throw their blade up to their base tile movement +1 for each tier of Strength they have.
  315. Hoshigaki, Sainan(x) OOCs: (super late and i'm gonna have to keep myself brief atm)
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  319. Jumpy to Feelz(Uzumaki, Mayu):obviously
  320. Feelz to Jumpy:i just wanted to ask in case. LOL
  321. Jumpy has given Senju, Toriama(Naruto32109) 150 toward their EXP!
  322. Llahsram stands there, wreathed in the flames, as Kenshin is consumed by them.
  324. ...And doesn't move.
  326. His hair billows backward, as does his coat. His mouth drops, his diseased gums letting off a foul odor that emits throughout the entire room. His shoulders remain slouched, the grown man just..looking as the flames of this apparently passionate fighter are apparently snuffed out, overwhelmingly. The full blunt of his wrath had crushed the boy with ease.
  328. -Casual- ease.
  330. All those he had met with souls this fiery, all those he'd crushed on the path to his end ambition, and he had never met one with a heart that felt so alive who had just been indubitably destroyed like that. He had expected smart fighting. A cunning back-and-forth. An amazing battle for a chuunin-level fighter facing a Kage, where he was genuinely surprised.
  332. Instead, with a bang..
  334. He has destroyed the Senju Clan's prodigy.
  336. "...Guess that one wasn't nothin' special."
  338. And then he turns to the others, hand slowly raising, wreathed with black chakra. He doesn't even look to see if Kenshin had survived that explosion. It was -impossible.-
  340. "What about you lot?"
  341. Jumpy to Hellz Raze(Uchiha, Seijuro):just rp doing so I don't think anyone minds it and you'd know that transplant can happen as an uchiha
  342. Blue stands there, stupefied. With horror, he looks, transfixed, at the spot where Kenshin had been. It was too much.
  344. This was all too much.
  346. His jaw slackened. Nothing would move. He couldn't act.
  348. His accelerated heart ceases to beat with augmented speed. There is only flame.
  350. Flame and despair.
  351. You release Hoshigaki, Sainan.
  352. Sugiyama, Ryuho tightly clenches his fist in response to the explosion sounding out. He didn't know what happened... He didn't know whether Kenshin was hurt or not... But he hoped he wasn't. He wished it more than anything else.
  353. He wasn't perhaps someone who talked to Kenshin was a daily occurrence, but he was a friend. A very persistent one to many people...
  355. If he wasn't okay, as strong as he was, what chance did he have?
  356. Doubts flowed into his head... He was scared of what might happen to them. Until the male decided to speak.
  357. '...Guess that one wasn't nothin' special.'
  359. Kenshin didn't deserve to be mocked... Not by scum like these guys.
  361. His fist clench and he promptly realizes why he was here.
  362. It wasn't just to find answers for Mayu and Mikado... It was for these guys too. If they weren't willing to protect each other, they'd surely fall. Even if they couldn't defeat both of the theats here, they at least owed it to each other to ensure they made it out as they came... Together.
  364. The thought made sense... But even then, it was hard to make himself move... Not with staring at those flames dead in the eye. Seeing the destruction they had caused... Just who was this guy?
  366. He remains stationed for now, his gaze carelessly left looking back towards the two. Kenshin's flame couldn't be put out, right?
  367. 'Please be standing...' he'd think to himself.
  368. Rakuzumi has given Inuzuka, Takato(FefnirZX) 500 toward their EXP!
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  370. Red(x) OOCs: (I've got a response saved in case but I'll have to alter it depending on what happens here.)
  371. Hoshigaki, Sainan(x) OOCs: (Not gonna lie probably going to have to dip out and sleep once his RP is posted)
  372. Senju, Kenshin laid upon the ground in the middle of ashes and flames. His body was toast. He had taken more damage than he thought was coming. He hadn't been able to withstand it all, after all. His head slowly hit the ground as his eyes half-lid began looking more and more glassy, losing their strength, losing their fire.
  374. <Light... Fading.. away...>
  376. His heartbeat began slowing down further and further, the blade he had in his hand crumbled into ashes as everything had been destroyed. The front of his flak-jacket was completely gone, as were the sleeves of his coat.
  378. <So.. This... Is what it feels like...>
  380. The lights completely vanished, pitch-black darkness filled his mind as his eyes went shut completely, his body left as a worthless Shinobi on the ground. This was it, wasn't it?
  382. '.. Kick some ass, and bring everyone home.'
  384. The image of a certain girl that claimed not to be his friend for so long, that fought against him at every occasion flashed into his mind. That moment of trust she gave him, the push that she wanted him to feel..
  386. <No..>
  388. 'Make sure you come back alive-- And make'em pay for Kyoji!'
  390. Karuna's face, her wounded expression appeared shortly after. She had put her hopes and dreams right into him and wanted him to come back. He was the most important person to her, after all. He had given her words about the future on that very same day, making a promise-- Talking about the food place she wanted to open.
  392. <They're.. Counting on me...>
  394. His burnt left hand twitched, his entire body pushing up against the ground as his digits gripped the crisp floorboards. His entire frame was trembling. His ash-filled lungs pushed out air, letting his voice surge forth.
  396. "As.. A Chuunin of Konoha.."
  398. His eyes slowly opened up, their green color flaring up, his limbs forcing themselves to work despite being completely ruined. He slowly pushed himself up, glaring through the strands of hair falling before his face, right at the man who threatened them all, who took Kyoji from them, who killed his friends and comrades, who hurt those he cared about.
  400. "As a Shinobi.. It's my duty..."
  402. The fingertips of his left hand slowly seemed to crumble away as nothing of them remained. His torn coat was nothing but a blue piece of cloth with burn marks all over it, bearing the crest of the Senju clan.
  404. ".. To stop you..!"
  406. His right hand slowly rose up towards the ceiling as what remained of his chakra was begin spiralling into his hand, forming into a small flame. His teeth came to a grit as he felt the push being far too much. He didn't have enough energy-- No.
  408. ".. Patch me up when we're back home... Yoshiro..."
  410. The inferno that had spread across the tower, the flames both natural and filled with chakra would being dancing, making their way towards Kenshin's palm, gathering up into a larger and larger sphere-- One that'd contend any fireball that had been cast on that day.
  412. "Fire.. Style."
  414. The sphere in his hand grew larger, destroying the pieces of ceiling that might've remained instantly as it overshadowed the entire tower.
  416. "Ultra.."
  418. A frown came to his features as his emerald gaze burned with an ever greater fire, his entire heart, his soul, his past, present and future were all poured into this single attack. His ultimate technique, one greater than ever before.
  420. It expanded in size once more, overtaking even the village of Kiri that was nearby, eclipsing the sun for miles around. The crest of his clan billowed with the intensity of the chakra at hand. Something that no normal human being could do, even one gifted with genetics such as his were far from that amount.
  422. "Great Flame Commandment.."
  424. His broken arm came down with an incredible amount of power behind it, the sound of his bones cracking and destroying themselves further, of his muscles tearing apart could be heard. The gigantic sphere of fire came rushing for Llahsram, tearing apart everything in its path, destroying the world around itself as it advanced.
  428. Senju, Kenshin has activated a perk: Great Flame Commandment: Flame Emperor!
  430. Kenshin's ultimate technique.  After creating great spiraling flames centered on his location before amassing it at a focused point , Kenshin then turns it into a gigantic fireball resembling the sun and hurls it at his opponent, destroying and setting ablaze terrain it moves through before hitting the target.  As it crashes, an inferno of fire is release in a big explosion, piercing the heavens.
  432. Note: A-rank Katon Technique.  Unique.
  436. Senju, Kenshin has activated a perk: The Tale of The Mighty!
  438. Some people never know when to quit.  This individual is no exception; when the body wants to fail, the heart urges them forward.  When faced with the prospect of defeat, their motivation doesn't waver - pain can be overcome.  A greater purpose drives them to push beyond their bodily limitations.  The Tale of The Mighty Kenshin will end not with a whimper, but with a bang.
  440. Note: Short of muscle failure or unconsciousness Kenshin is capable of ignoring their pain to continue a battle- infact, it's almost impossible for him not to.  He won't quit.
  442. Blue(x) thinks: What...
  443. Blue(x) thinks: Is..
  444. Blue(x) thinks: That...
  445. Hoshigaki, Sainan(x) OOCs: (y'all good if i pass out here?)
  446. Ozu, Yoshiro holds blue back because he's very concerned for him!
  447. Hoshigaki, Sainan(x) OOCs: (Much as I'd like to continue, I gotta be up in under 5 hours now LOL)
  448. Hoshigaki, Sainan(x) OOCs: (Yeah, I'm dipping. G'night)
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  458. For the first time in his life, Yoshiro believes in heroes.
  460. He's always looked up to the clans that made up Konoha. Their coming together had allowed him and his parents to live the comfortable lives they had. Perhaps without ever realising it, the actions of Kenshin's family had indeed enabled Yoshiro to have ever been able to meet the fiery boy giving up his life in the first place.
  462. So why was it that - just now when the boy was seeing first hand what it was that this family of prodigies had produced to keep the peace in their village - did it have to come to an end?
  464. His friendship with Kenshin had been a strange one. They were very different people. One of them was heart, the other was reason. One of them reached out to others, the other had never been brave enough to take that step, fearful of the pain he'd leave behind for his friends when illness took his life prematurely.
  466. "I... I'll do my best, K-Kenshin," says Yoshiro, stuttering for the first time in years, tears building up in his icy cold eyes, "We'll...
  468. "We'll go get ramen together whenever this is over..."
  470. ...but it wasn't true. He'd never see Kenshin again. This was it, this was the end. It was goodbye. Yoshiro felt it in his heart, he knew it in his soul. His friend was dying not for them to achieve some heroic end, they weren't the victors here. There was nothing to be gained but...
  472. "I'll... I'll be-become stronger for both of us, that's my pr-promise to you."
  474. Even if he wasn't a Senju, even if there was nothing special about him, he'd find a way... No matter what it took, he'd close the gap, he'd live what little of his life he had left to the fullest...
  476. "I will become everything you were meant to be."
  477. (Ozu, Yoshiro)
  478. Llahsram stands in the flames, laughing, and laughing, and laughing, and laughing.
  482. He writhes with his laughter, looking dead at the mass that had once been Kenshin, and triumphantly howling, crooning with amusement. What he had seen had touched him to the core- in the sense that it had been a glaring reminder that potential was nothing when snuffed out. For all that Kenshin could've been, that meant nothing when he was -dead-.
  484. "ZEHAHAHA...HA..."
  486. His laughter ended.
  488. Because Kenshin still stood.
  490. It shouldn't have been possible. He had -incinerated- him. He possessed countless Kekkei Genkai, and hundreds of techniques. He had years of combat experience, and had pushed himself to the absolute limits of human strength-
  492. What was this boy?
  494. "Don'tcha learn your lesson, pipsqueak?" He snickers, looking at the flaming, effusive mass of Senju prodigy that had once been a boy, with dreams, with undying ambition....
  496. And then, when he hears the technique called out, the ludicrous, extravagant name, one of a soul that'd endeavored to pierce the heavens and beyond, he can't help but be reminded of something he once was. A piece of him, before the augmentations,and the bloodline plummeting, and taking on a life as the Zero-Tails host; He had been a completely different man.
  498. ___
  500. ---Llahsram stood where Kenshin did, wreathed in flame, shouting out the name of some extravagant attack-
  502. No.
  504. Llahsram had been nowhere near as good at fire at that age.
  506. ___
  510. Flames of his own arise, augmented by an impossibly powerful gambit- the dark chakra. Shadows also pool, rising, coalescing in order to attempt to hold at bay Kenshin's final stand. The Flame Commandant swallowed everything in it's path, eating away at everything-
  512. Even the shadows.
  514. His eyes widen just a fraction, just as they had before, but he continues his course. He refuses to back down-
  516. And he makes the same mistake Kenshin had prior.
  518. Llahsram's shadows feed Kenshin's flame, unable to abate it. Llars' fire feeds Kenshin's flame, unable to sate it. The Great Flame Commandant acts like a testament, a command from a vengeful God, cutting a swath through the room like a hot knife through butter. Things are rendered ash, and the dark chakra aura that surrounds Llars...
  520. He raises his hands. They become steel, his whole body becomes steel, and he begins to absorb. He drains more and more of that chakra- and this would be the first time they saw those massive, wobbly legs tremor, the gargantuan man sliding back, inch by inch.
  522. How could this be?
  524. ____
  526. ---That boy's eyes shone in the flames like nothing he had ever seen before.
  528. Like something he had only seen..
  530. In himself.
  532. That was why he'd had to use fire once more. He possessed water. He had dared to clash flame with flame.
  534. And he was losing.---
  536. ____
  538. Llarhsram absorbs what he can, but no one could hope to stop what is to come. The great fireball that leaves ruination to all in it's path, even with his Steel Release, even with his absorption, overcomes even The Mighty.
  540. 'Avoid combat at all costs,' the Amekage had stated.
  542. And here, now, Kenshin overcame him with the might of an Elite Chuunin. A teenager emit flame so hot it rent the man asunder, blowing him off his feet and skidding backward still clutching the Great Flame Commandent.
  544. "YOU'RE..."
  546. His steely hands were crumbling, just as Kenshin's hands had whittled to Ash before. The man continues to lose ground, inches, now, from the opposite wall, the wall opposing the one he had threatened to blow Kenshin through. He had blasted Kenshin-
  548. And now Kenshin blasted back.
  550. Llahsram inevitably loses the clash of jutsu and goes -hurtling- backward, into the ocean, and the Great Flame Commandent explodes.
  552. This explosion would be visible for miles, greater, brighter, bolder than anything Kenshin'd ever unleashed.
  554. The Final Chapter of the Tale of The Mighty ended not with a whimper.
  556. It ended with the defeat...of a Kage-level shinobi.
  557. Llahsram(x) thinks: Un....
  558. Llahsram(x) thinks: Real.
  560. Kenshin's final attack sends Llahsram careening out of the tower, lit aflame and clutching a Great Flame Commandent that'd be visible for -miles-. The tower is blown apart. It crumbles, being leveled, gradually reduced to ash. And the hellish explosion that comes from that top floor is something no one could survive...
  561. ...Had they done it?
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