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  1. Victeoiria: Welcome , we are OOC atm
  2. EquesSanctus: Oh.
  3. ArrynVorzo: If you desire to speak rp terms, I'll be happy to discuss with you.
  4. Victeoiria: XD sorry for any dissapointment
  5. ArrynVorzo: But as m'lady says we are ooc
  6. EquesSanctus: Ahh.
  7. Victeoiria: Yep. Ryn is good for that talk
  8. EquesSanctus: What are these RP terms?
  9. ArrynVorzo: Any questions you might have, I'll answer based on my knowledge.
  10. EquesSanctus: What characters are allowed?
  11. EquesSanctus: As you can tell, I'm not satisfied with Demon Lord killer of Lucifer ruler of Hell Succubus Dragon Shifter Samurai Warlock.
  12. EquesSanctus: Vampiric Frost Demon child of the void.
  13. RynerElysium: -bursts out laughing-
  14. ArrynVorzo: None of that noob stuff.
  15. Victeoiria: XD
  16. ArrynVorzo: Fantasy characters, original, vampiric, druid, mage, elf, dragon--etc..creativity with realism a bit. No godmodding, no bullshit 'hybrids'
  17. EquesSanctus: Aliens?
  18. ArrynVorzo: Ehhh aliens are a bit futuristic, this is a gothic setting.
  19. EquesSanctus: I tend to lean more towards Transformers, Aliens and Sumo wrestlers.
  20. EquesSanctus: My aliens actually predate medieval times.
  21. ArrynVorzo: How so?
  22. EquesSanctus: This one transforms into a firebreathing dinosaur.
  23. Victeoiria: -swings legs softly-
  24. ArrynVorzo: Funny...
  25. Victeoiria: i like dinosaurs
  26. EquesSanctus: It's a Gigantosaurus.
  27. ArrynVorzo: yet you think the others you listed are--how do I put this...silly?
  28. EquesSanctus: No, I just classify them as all too common.
  29. ArrynVorzo: eh, not with proper orginality.
  30. EquesSanctus: That is true.
  31. EquesSanctus: This character probably wouldn't fit in.
  32. ArrynVorzo: Have any others?
  33. EquesSanctus: Plenty.
  34. EquesSanctus: This one is a human that eats vampires.
  35. Victeoiria: D:
  36. ArrynVorzo: interesting....
  37. Victeoiria: Dun eat my chara!
  38. ArrynVorzo: but sadly there's flaws with that
  39. EquesSanctus: Like what?
  40. RynerElysium: -yawns and lights a smoke-
  41. ArrynVorzo: Human can;t at vampires, dead flesh would give them sickness.....the blood would also turn them....
  42. Victeoiria: Ooooo. the hair is so pretty ^^ like a girls
  43. ArrynVorzo: can't eat*
  44. EquesSanctus: It actually mutated Kei.
  45. Victeoiria: -nudges around to hide behind Ry-
  46. ArrynVorzo: if your human was mutated, then that wouldn't make him human per say--
  47. ArrynVorzo: or her
  48. EquesSanctus: Kei is a mutated human, because he had to survive on eating vampire flesh. Now it's his only source of nourishment.
  49. ArrynVorzo: they
  50. RynerElysium: -smiles and pats her head-
  51. EquesSanctus: He's a monster slayer, and vampires especially fear him.
  52. Victeoiria: ^///^
  53. ArrynVorzo: How does he detain the vampires?
  54. Victeoiria: I like it except the ruling family is a family of vampires XD
  55. EquesSanctus: Detain? Killing them, of course.
  56. RynerElysium: I agree with ryn if he can eat vampire meat then he is not fully human
  57. ArrynVorzo: how does he go about capturing a killng.
  58. EquesSanctus: I mean, he doesn't need to capture them. He just kills them.
  59. ArrynVorzo: Vampires posess strength and speed
  60. ArrynVorzo: God modding
  61. EquesSanctus: No, it's not.
  62. EquesSanctus: Godmodding is when a character possesses infinite prowess and cannot be harmed.
  63. ArrynVorzo: then break down how on would kill a vampire, please I'd like to hear more.
  64. EquesSanctus: I can provide you with five different guides. Two for Imvu and one for original 2005 Carrender Roleplay for Imvu that cite this information as well.
  65. RynerElysium: I had a enhanced human with a ability that could take on a vampire, be that’s the thing he is not simply human he’s enhanced.
  66. EquesSanctus: x Rubbing his forehead. x Have you ever played The Witcher?
  67. RynerElysium: Still not human
  68. ArrynVorzo: No, but there's got to be some fight.
  69. ArrynVorzo: Vampire races aren't slow nor dumb enough to leave openings. They have sensitive hearing and sight, speed and strength, you'd have to have sneak abilities and fast reflexes.
  70. RynerElysium: Your profile says T-1 you should know this
  71. Victeoiria: /me pulls a cookie slowly from under her skirt and noms on it while watching what was going on
  72. EquesSanctus: These aren't relevant things. These are subjective things, Ryner and Arryn.
  73. EquesSanctus: And for the record, I've memorized RJ Gentry's RP Etiquette and Combat rulebook.
  74. ArrynVorzo: These are logical things. You don;t just walk up to somethign and kill it.
  75. Victeoiria: There is a rulebook?!
  76. EquesSanctus: Several.
  77. Victeoiria: ugh. efforet. roleplay used to be so simple
  78. Victeoiria: T-T
  79. Victeoiria: effort*
  80. EquesSanctus: I mean...
  81. EquesSanctus: It's been around since 2001...
  82. EquesSanctus: since people were roleplaying on Yahoo. o-o
  83. Victeoiria: hehe. yahoo
  84. ArrynVorzo: yoohoo
  85. Victeoiria: i was 4 in 2001
  86. EquesSanctus: But regardless, I'm quite well versed in how combat in RP occurrs, especially against another roleplayer. >_>
  87. ArrynVorzo: Good.
  88. ArrynVorzo: You seem to know your stuff.
  89. EquesSanctus: Yep. I go by the boks.
  90. EquesSanctus: books*
  91. Victeoiria: Are you on mobile or computer Ry?
  92. EquesSanctus: I also personally met some of the people who wrote those books.
  93. ArrynVorzo: Ah.
  94. ArrynVorzo: I'm self taught mainly.
  95. EquesSanctus: I'm really hardcore on the rules.
  96. Victeoiria: I'm self taught/ Ry taught
  97. Victeoiria: Or at least he tried to
  98. EquesSanctus: I remember someone telling me that I autoed despite the fact that I put ''in the attempt to.'' in the post specifically.
  99. Victeoiria: XD still not great at combat
  100. EquesSanctus: Because Imvu Etiquette states that an interaction must declare ''attempt to.''
  101. EquesSanctus: I mean, get better at writing and RP follows.
  102. EquesSanctus: Too easy right?
  103. ArrynVorzo: That is of importance, but sometimes you must deliver blows strictly. People will constantly dodge.
  104. EquesSanctus: There's no rule against constantly dodging. Any and all attacks must be avoidable unless due to circumstance.
  105. ArrynVorzo: After so many dodges one blow must land.
  106. EquesSanctus: Imvu RP Fighting #9.
  107. EquesSanctus: Well no. That's the bad FORM of T-1 roleplaying. The two dodges, two counters rule and after that you have to take hits?
  108. EquesSanctus: I can manipulate that too easily.
  109. ArrynVorzo: not with proper judges around
  110. Tryslvaaxian: nerds :|
  111. EquesSanctus: No, even with proper judges. I know it for a fact because I've done it and seen it happen.
  112. Victeoiria: /me pulls the slaves leash tightly
  113. Victeoiria: be nice
  114. RynerElysium: Mobile sorry had to help my little cuz
  115. Tryslvaaxian: /me gasps softly
  116. Tryslvaaxian: Yes Goddess
  117. Victeoiria: All good Ry ^^
  118. ArrynVorzo: /me Her deep brown stare glared across the room, her upper lip twitched as she glared to Xian. A sharp coldness filled her eyes.
  119. EquesSanctus: You can also have a character that COMLPETELY wrecks the meta of the rp.
  120. Tryslvaaxian: I am just playing Lady Ryn
  121. Tryslvaaxian: I am a nerd too
  122. Victeoiria: /me edges away from Xion with wide eyes
  123. Tryslvaaxian: sort of
  124. Victeoiria: Nop
  125. EquesSanctus: Like one of mine can manipulate interia, so if you were to punch her with so and such force you'd break your hand.
  126. Victeoiria: now you did it
  127. Victeoiria: XD
  128. RynerElysium: -draws from his smoke-
  129. RynerElysium: Party starts maybe I should be on computer lol
  130. Victeoiria: /me tries to steal Ry's smoke
  131. EquesSanctus: Because she can use a reflective property on kinetic energy and send that force back into your arm and boom. Your arm is done.
  132. RynerElysium: -eats the smoke-
  133. Victeoiria: party?
  134. Victeoiria: /me looks at him with wide eyea
  135. Victeoiria: eyes*
  136. Victeoiria: ewwy
  137. ArrynVorzo: You'd have to describe every bit of detail on such powers for it to work. With proper information it is possible and valid.
  138. RynerElysium: Brb
  139. Tryslvaaxian: I have a better RP character than all of you
  140. Victeoiria: tyt
  141. ArrynVorzo: doubtful
  142. EquesSanctus: ^
  143. Tryslvaaxian: I RP as a guy that sits on the computer and calls you nerds
  144. Tryslvaaxian: :|
  145. EquesSanctus: Nothing is better than my Transformer that turns into a big Dinosaur that breathes fire.
  146. EquesSanctus: Impossible.
  147. ArrynVorzo: My succubus.
  148. EquesSanctus: Nope. Transformer dinosaur.
  149. ArrynVorzo: I'm gonna sing to myself all night
  150. EquesSanctus: Oh.
  151. EquesSanctus: I also have a character that's based off of Yugioh and MTG.
  152. ArrynVorzo: *snorts*
  153. EquesSanctus: And you don't wanna mess with my minecraft character. That's for T-1 tournaments.
  154. ArrynVorzo: jesus
  155. EquesSanctus: Yep.
  156. Victeoiria: o-o
  157. EquesSanctus: It's extremely legit.
  158. Victeoiria: Lame XD
  159. EquesSanctus: I've bodied five people with a Minecraft OC lmao
  160. Tryslvaaxian: Ever killed someone before?
  161. EquesSanctus: In a Death Match?
  162. Tryslvaaxian: IRL
  163. EquesSanctus: No, but almost.
  164. Tryslvaaxian: Accident or purposefully?
  165. EquesSanctus: Purposefully.
  166. ArrynVorzo: I'm sure I could spare some time to spar with you...
  167. EquesSanctus: Sure, that sounds fun. I'm dying for RP.
  168. EquesSanctus: If so, pick a number 1-24.
  169. ArrynVorzo: /me Hooking her index finger to her chin, her lips curled into a charming smile. Her eyes glittered observing the newcomr.
  170. EquesSanctus: 25 I mean.
  171. ArrynVorzo: //newcomer*
  172. ArrynVorzo: Friendly spar match, sounds exciting.
  173. EquesSanctus: Sure.
  174. EquesSanctus: Care to pick a number?
  175. ArrynVorzo: a number?
  176. EquesSanctus: Yep. 1-25.
  177. EquesSanctus: It'll decide the character on my roster.
  178. ArrynVorzo: I'd enjoy facing your human which kills vampires.
  179. EquesSanctus: Oh, so number 8?
  180. ArrynVorzo: We can make it simple with hand to hand battle only.
  181. EquesSanctus: Hand to hand, no weapons melee?
  182. ArrynVorzo: I'm rusty so I may be out of practice
  183. EquesSanctus: You want it to be realistic melee or Unrealistic Melee?
  184. ArrynVorzo: realistic
  185. EquesSanctus: I can just use my human for that one.
  186. ArrynVorzo: Sera should do then.
  187. EquesSanctus: I'd recommend thinking carefully on this.
  188. EquesSanctus: If this is realistic melee, male vs female, you're at a disadvantage.
  189. ArrynVorzo: I'm not.
  190. EquesSanctus: A woman quite literally can shatter her hand if she hits a man with a strong enough jaw.
  191. EquesSanctus: Because a woman punched me in the jaw and broke her wrist.
  192. EquesSanctus: ._.
  193. ArrynVorzo: Mmm...there's pressure points, reflexes, agility, speed, and the type of combat used...
  194. Victeoiria: /me she sits on her slave and continues to nom on her cookies while watching the interation between the two
  195. EquesSanctus: I would hope so.
  196. Tryslvaaxian: /me holds his Goddess
  197. EquesSanctus: So when do you wanna do this rp?
  198. ArrynVorzo: A man has so much mass and weight, there are certain things a woman can do to distract her opponent.
  199. EquesSanctus: And a woman also has less strength in her bomes.
  200. EquesSanctus: bones*
  201. Victeoiria: Weba Ry!
  202. EquesSanctus: Depending on the woman, usually a female's bones are less denser than a man's.
  203. EquesSanctus: Such as the meta of men having stronger upper bodies and women having stronger lower bodies.
  204. ArrynVorzo: This isn't a death match, justa  friendly spar.
  205. RynerElysium: tty
  206. Victeoiria: Do you two wanna move this to the Medieval room? it has a battle arena
  207. EquesSanctus: Well yeah, but bones can still be shattered.
  208. Victeoiria: ^^
  209. EquesSanctus: There's also the matter of blocking. If you tend to block with your forearms I could easily assault those.
  210. ArrynVorzo: Not all women have weak bones. Sure somethign can get broken. But every woman is not built the same.
  211. EquesSanctus: So, you wanna go to the other chat?
  212. ArrynVorzo: There's plenty of objects around, plenty of ways to handle a situation.
  213. ArrynVorzo: Ryner, would you mind observing. No foul play, no GM, no autohits. I could use the feedback. I'm rusty so I might slip up a few times.
  214. EquesSanctus: Of course.
  215. RynerElysium: sure
  216. EquesSanctus: I used to be a monster in hand to hand.
  217. ArrynVorzo: We should have fun here. We're all here anyway. I'll allow you first post.
  218. RynerElysium: if i may then, there is auto hitting through traps but as far as i know the trap has to be laid in advance and must be very clear on all details of the trap
  219. EquesSanctus: Invite me when you're ready. o;
  220. ArrynVorzo: Here.
  221. EquesSanctus: wot.
  222. RynerElysium: this dont seem fair lol
  223. Victeoiria: Whatcah mean?
  224. ArrynVorzo: how so?
  225. Victeoiria: whatcha*
  226. RynerElysium: he dont seem to know what is happening or what he is doing
  227. ArrynVorzo: heheheh
  228. EquesSanctus: We're heading to the arena or doing the spar here?
  229. ArrynVorzo: I told you twice now, here.
  230. EquesSanctus: Oh ok.
  231. RynerElysium: my point proven
  232. EquesSanctus: My rules are that both characters are prohibited from using armour or any weapon that will enhance their hand to hand combat. All characters are limited, in Realistidc Melee to human limitations to the extent of training.
  233. EquesSanctus: Are these conditions acceptable?
  234. EquesSanctus: And, armour being any textile, metal plate or cushion based element of clothing.
  235. RynerElysium: dude shes a vampire shes gonna be stronger and faster then you
  236. EquesSanctus: Releastic Melee is defined as both characters being set with HUMAN limitations.
  237. ArrynVorzo: I'm a human for this one. I'm also a succubus normally.
  238. EquesSanctus: If not then this is Unrealistic Melee.
  239. RynerElysium: as you wish ryn
  240. Victeoiria: ^-^
  241. EquesSanctus: Alright. Arena Etiquette states that the person who issued the challenge must go first, or the one who is challenged decides who goes first.
  242. EquesSanctus: Since you challenged me, it is you who will go first to introduce the setting.
  243. ArrynVorzo: I made it clear, I desired you to go first. That is my only condition. Or you can walk away.
  244. EquesSanctus: x Shrugged. x Sure.
  245. EquesSanctus: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rp --------------------------------------------------------------
  246. ArrynVorzo: Lovely~
  247. Victeoiria: /me she looks around bored, her eyes scanning the people within the room with little interest as she waited
  248. Tryslvaaxian: /me stares forward emotionless as he still holds his Goddess
  249. EquesSanctus: { Half way done. }
  250. ArrynVorzo: //tyt
  251. ArrynVorzo: //character introductions, then fight. Simple flow.
  252. EquesSanctus: { 640... }
  253. EquesSanctus: ►► There it was. The potent scent... The scent of a wild animal that began slowly making its way into the room. Filling the air with such an electrifying sensation that it brought about a sudden rise of goosebumps. Not an odor or a musk, simply the scent of a wild animal that came to fruition. Its source, the point of its origin had emerged from the shadows to make its presence known. Its formidable presence, that is. That powerful sense of pressure that not only his physical existence applied, but that piercing gaze of his did all too well. His eyes were a tone of hazel, which was, in a peculiar sense a shade of crimson. And so was his hair, glistening vermillion tendrils that surged out in every direction with no sense of control. Untamed, wild and vagabond in a sense. His visage was also the face of a youth. Quite possibly a man no later than his early twenties, who had trained his body to such an extent that it had quite literally become a weapon made for the sole purpose of fighting... How many years was it? Of training that was poured into making this vessel of blood, flesh, and bone a solidified mass of power? A palace of muscle. He stood at a height of 6'2,  (1.8 meters) and had carried a weight of 240 lbs of muscle with such lightness that it was almost the essence of finesse in an of itself... Strangely enough, of course. One could only imagine how a man of this stature carried himself. Footwork, of course.  The mind's understanding and acknowledgment of its body's own weight,  accompanied by a powerful set of legs that were just as honed as his arms, his shoulders, his back and his transverse abdominal. Which had also seen their wear of training and combat. And, as a result, had become stronger in their recovery. Just like his calloused digits, and honed knuckles. They didn't feel a single thing when they crashed into a concrete block or decimated stacks of roof tiles.  What's more, that made him all the more dangerous was his experience in Martial Arts. Since his early childhood, trained by his father to become the strongest fighter. Of course, the reality was a cruel subject. Defeat had honed his ability to devour pain and had trained his reflexes to be quite dangerous. (Less than half a second when his body was warm.)   ◄◄ {c}
  254. EquesSanctus: ►►  His speed and flexibility were also a lethal force to be reckoned with. His punch, when beheld by the eye was simply a blur when it was a jab. And he enjoyed toying with his opponents by moving his hand in that hypnotic, circular manner. ''Boxing Hypnosis'' some of the old dogs in the circuit called it... He had picked up this trick because of his strong mimetic nature when it came to learning. A talent, some called it. A talent that was a strong sense adaptation when it came to learning and reading opponents. For his flexibility - frequently he would take is leisurely time to fully explore the potential of his muscles. Balancing himself upon two sets of wait or two chairs for hours on end in the splits. Allowing for the fullness of flexibility and the adverse versatility of a fast, fluid and powerful kick to shatter bones. It was this adverse proclivity to training that allowed him to consume many fighters over the years, which made him one of the most revered names in the world of Underground Bloodsports.  And if one looked close enough to the contracting muscles of his back, one could swear that they saw the face of a demon staring them back. Grinning with such a foul hunger that it almost cast a foreboding shadow to the soul. He wore a thin undershirt, a wife-beater, they called it, which was from the looks of it a few sizes too small. It was threatening to shred to ribbons simply from the man breathing in and out as it identified the broad solidness of toned pectoral muscle. Alongside that, he had a preference for the loose-fitting close. Baggy pants of a midnight black situated to his hips for a firm fit, and Chinese slip-ones, that weighed no lighter than a pound if even half of that. ◄◄ {c}
  255. EquesSanctus: ►► The sole of his right foot made a solid thump against the ensanguined carpet. The gothic structure was none to perturbing to him, nonetheless despite its peculiar appearance. And the light candles, the flames of which were swaying away from him, as if the fire itself was afraid of him had lit the room to reveal the central throne room, that was the entrance into the foyer ascending with steps to the dais, and two archways which lead to the backrooms. of course, that of which was obscured in the dark background. ◄◄ {d}
  256. Tryslvaaxian: /me stands and bows to his Goddess opening his arms so she can sit back down
  257. ArrynVorzo: //might not be as long but I made a post, once more--I'm rusty so be paitient.
  258. ArrynVorzo: /me Sera observed the opponent before her. Her deep honey brown eyes traced along his figure. This would be seen as a sensual even flirty motions from how her eyes narrowed. She stood 5'3, she weighed 139 pounds, her long coal black locks were neatly kept into a braid, freckles danced along her skin which shown through her lace dress, her lashes bat as she rose from the throne. Her tongue rolled along her lower lip taking a few steps out. She spent most of her years training her body pushing past her own limits to get stronger and protect herself. She often lifted weight to increase her upper arm strength and even her leg strength, her current weight she could handle would be near 80 pounds. Which meant she could pack a punch if needed, her frame was slender and toned yet she had muscle to her arms and legs. She had a very feminine figure, her breasts were busty, her feet were light, each step she took resembled a tiger prowling for prey. She had confidence but she didn't let it get in her head, she knew not to judge her challengers. Her eyes scanned him observing what foot he placed more weight on, observing his hands for an indication to which was the dominant one, she was an observer. She paid attention to the little things about people, she manipulated people to her whims for entertainment. She kept an expressionless stare as her pupils dilated. Sera knew better than to lose focus in a fight. She shut off the world around her for even the slightest of movement he'd make, she trained her senses with strict nature. Standing still she refused to make first advance, she held her ground stopping a few feet before him the silence of the kingdom made her calm, her heart slowed as she held a primal stare of intentions to injure and toy with the man before her. Getting inside his head would be the main focus find what makes him tick and angry, everyone had a soft spot she would exploit it in any way possible. Sera turned her frame wanting to get a full view of the man before her, she felt amused if anything. Her breath shallowed within her chest holding it for better focus to observe the structure of his body, she circled around him hunger in her eyes began to show, the hunger for interaction be it bad or violent. Sera often used the rivers in her own lands to train her body to push against currents, she moved with grace balancing along her tip toes. The currents allowed her body to gain strength and resistance of forces which may be shoved against her, if she held a sword she'd have better footing and wouldn't give ground the same applied for punches or any shoving her challengers might do. Sera was flexible she worked her muscles everyday be it from; climbing trees, bouncing on stepping stones, walking on rope, running about the kingdom leaping from walls and rooftops, yoga to gain better control of her movements. She trained herself to be loose like a snake. Her hand to hand skills were a mixture of multiple fighting styles; Brazilian Ju-Jitsu, Boxing, and Judo. Sera spent most of her days training her fists, her knuckles were rough she had some scars along her hand from using the trees in her kingdom to toughen her bones and flesh, day in and day out she'd punch the tree until her hands became a bloody mess. She'd push herself to go further until her fingers wouldn't move some people would call this insanity she saw it as a way to strengthen her blows. She often used gymnastics to learn to repel herself in the air with flips or cart wheels, her body could leap up at least four feet into the air without a running start. If she took a  running start she would be able to easily clear six feet. She could be classified as a cat with constant training of landing wrong, after the years passed she got use to twisting her body and bending it for correct impact to avoid weak ankles. Her movements stopped after she circled the man, she observed him with darker eyes her breath finally rolled out from her soft parted lips. She held her silence as she crossed her hands to the lace dress along her body. "You seem like fun." Her voice rang out with a cold after tone, she stretched her body as the spine and shoulder blades popped out. "Shall we begin?" She asked out with a sultry sigh.
  259. Tryslvaaxian: wb goddess
  260. Victeoiria: (ty. has anyone posted yet?)
  261. Tryslvaaxian: Yes)
  262. EquesSanctus: { Not bad. }
  263. Victeoiria: :/
  264. Victeoiria: (())*
  265. Tryslvaaxian: /me sits at his Goddess feet and sighs
  266. EquesSanctus: { Almost done. }
  267. EquesSanctus: ►► ''Ugiro'' The man said in that deep, menacing tone of voice that conveyed a near monstrous mouth-piece. The mouth-piece of a man that spoke with such unrelenting power that it conveyed he takes what he wants without regard for anything else other than his own wants. He duly noted the woman's persence, even before she had made herself known.  Either by scent or by that disturbing sense of his, it didn't matter. The atmosphere was electrifying, and the tension in the air was so intense that it was warped. Distorted, enough to make sweat cascade from the bow within the few minutes of exposure to it. Yet, that was only a fraction of the way to describe the intensity of this man's presence. The distance between them, which had been several feet was now closed to a solid three in the man's nonchalant stroll. It was then both corners of his mouth contracted, forming into a smirk that revealed is aligned teeth. Two symmetrical canines and intense expression of enamel that had never before seen any wear or damage or looseness. They were akin to solid plates of metal fitted in his mouth, now being clenched to reinforce the dexterity of his jaw. Now, the clench of his teeth had designated his jaw to become a denser object. When it would receive blows his teeth would remain unscathed, and solid in place. Both hands, tucked into his pockets in such a manner that was ill-natured of a man who sought to fight. But, he did not see this woman as an apparent threat. Even so, the air began growing heavier by the seconds that came to pass. The heat of his body that began to make itself apparent was growing. His body was warm within a matter of seconds, from the intense control of his internal chemistry; that was, intensifying the idle contraction of his muscles at once to allow his body the perpetual need to continually exert energy without so much as moving an inch....◄◄ {c}
  268. EquesSanctus: ►► Towering over the woman, because of their vast differences in height she would be quite literally consumed by the man's shadow. The mass of his body alone was far greater than hers, in both density and volume in tandem. Even her arm was eclipsed by the girth of his own forearm. Which, even in comparison at the wrist was nearly the same equal width, but even still it was larger... and as he looked down to the woman the reflection of light that was cast by the flicker of the candlelight had made his appearance, swallowed by shadow demonic in a sense that was most terrible. His eyes, possessing an animalistic hunger were beaming down at her. Two sanguine, blood-red fires were burning inside of his skull. Dead-locked upon the woman in an unblinking gaze that immersed itself in analyzing her every movement. The smallest shift and the smallest verbiage her body would convey in terms of movement would not be out of his line of sight. The heat, in this once cold room, was now insolated. It would not be long before beads of sweat were gratuitously cascading down both of their bodies. One hand was drawn from his pocket, slowly. Affirming that it had no intention to strike her... yet. Those thick digits, that were his fingers curled into the cotton fabric of that undershirt and tugged at it until it stretched. Ripping loudly; becoming thousands of ribbons dangling from between that powerful vice-grip he possessed. Veins were protruding from his chest, his abdomen, neck and both of his arms. Even his feet were with a labyrinth of veins that perpetuated the powerful wells of stamina and boiling blood coursing through him. ◄◄ ''You'll be remembering that name in your recovery...''
  269. ArrynVorzo: //what name? Also you said humans.
  270. EquesSanctus: { I did. }
  271. EquesSanctus: { This is gonna be a bare knuckles brawl. }
  272. ArrynVorzo: //it would be, but sadly. I must start getting ready to settle down. If you wouldn't mind save your post and we can continue this in my room tomorrow if you'd like.
  273. EquesSanctus: { Sure, sure. }
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