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  1. 01[16:06] <@Geremy-Tibbles> Early in the morning, before school, probably just as Karel is waking up and as the sun begins to peek over this side of the Earth you all feel a rumble that may or may not suddenly jolt you awake
  2. 06[16:07] * Karel_van_Buren stumbles his way out of Kaja's room, buttoning up his shirt.
  3. [16:07] <Karel_van_Buren> <What was that?>
  4. 06[16:07] * Seb_Mettler blinks and rises rapidly, confused and shocked. You didn't get earthquakes here, or at least not very often...
  5. 06[16:08] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet snores loudly as she's shaken around.
  6. 06[16:08] * Elizabeth_Amsel slowly shuffles to her door, peeking out into the hallway. "Gabby stop punching the house!--Oh."
  7. 01[16:08] <@Geremy-Tibbles> You feel another.
  8. 01[16:08] <@Geremy-Tibbles> Suddenly sirens start spooling up.
  9. 06[16:09] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet snorts in her sleep as she rolls over onto her belly. "I don't wanna wake up yet..."
  10. 06[16:09] * Seb_Mettler swears, and starts to get dressed, rapidly pulling on a proper shirt and jeans before straying into the hallway "What's going on?!"
  11. 06[16:09] * Elizabeth_Amsel grumbles and dips back inside her room to grab shades and her hair accessories. "Shit, we better get going, whatever it is."
  12. [16:10] <Karel_van_Buren> "I don't know. Why is the ground shaking?"
  13. 01[16:10] <@Geremy-Tibbles> Alice swings her door open, fully dressed as Kaja stumbles out in her pajamas behidn Karel.
  14. 06[16:10] * Seb_Mettler looks at everyone, and then runs to Gabby's door, pushing it open without knocking "Gabby! Get up!"
  15. 06[16:11] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet says "It's not school time yet, is it? I feel like I just fell asleep..."
  16. 01[16:11] <@Geremy-Tibbles> Alice overrides the door and opens it. "Time to fight! Get up!"
  17. [16:12] <Seb_Mettler> "There's something happening! Can't you feel the shaking? Or hear the sirens!?"
  18. 06[16:12] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet sits up. "I thought they were part of my-" she yawns "-dream."
  19. 01[16:12] <@Geremy-Tibbles> "Get dressed or I'll drag you to base naked." She stands in the door way.
  20. [16:13] <Elizabeth_Amsel> "Already ahead of you!" She skips out of the house, looking around to see what's rumbling.
  21. 06[16:13] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet throws on a sundress, as how she'd prolly be in a plugsuit soon anyway.
  22. 06[16:13] * Karel_van_Buren looks disappointed, "Well...I'll be back in a little bit." he gives Kaja a quick kiss on the cheek before running for the car.
  23. 01[16:13] <@Geremy-Tibbles> Kaja smiles "Good luck!" You are all piled into the car, as you move twords base you can feel the ground rumble in pulses.
  24. 06[16:15] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet says "So is it a giant monster or terrorists?"
  25. [16:15] <Elizabeth_Amsel> "This is fun, think they'll bring the Japan pilots in too?"
  26. 01[16:16] <@Geremy-Tibbles> "I doubt they'll bring the other pilots. THey didn't ship in their units."
  27. [16:17] <Karel_van_Buren> "Why do these things always attack when I wanna spend the day with Kaja?"
  28. [16:17] <Elizabeth_Amsel> "You wanna spend every day with Kaja."
  29. 06[16:17] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet says "You always wanna spend the day with Kaja..."
  30. [16:17] <Karel_van_Buren> "I like Kaja. She's my best friend~"
  31. 01[16:18] <@Geremy-Tibbles> "Karel, she's your girlfriend."
  32. [16:18] <Karel_van_Buren> "Ja. She's my best friend too."
  33. 06[16:21] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet yawns. "Why can't monsters ever attack at reasonable hours..."
  34. [16:22] <Karel_van_Buren> "This is reasonable. I've been up for nearly half an hour."
  35. 06[16:22] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet says "Reasonable would be around two in the afternoon."
  36. 01[16:23] <@Geremy-Tibbles> You all arive at base
  37. 01[16:23] <@Geremy-Tibbles> Alice ferries you into the cage as always
  38. 06[16:23] * Seb_Mettler is blinking the sleep out of his eyes, and wishing he'd had a cup of coffee
  39. [16:24] <Seb_Mettler> He doesn't forget, however, to give Gabby a customary kiss for good luck, even if he has no idea what's about to happen
  40. 06[16:24] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet gets her plugsuit on.
  41. 06[16:24] * Karel_van_Buren hurries into his plugsuit, and then to his plug.
  42. 06[16:24] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet makes sure to turn Seb's kiss into a long, drawn-out thing.
  43. 06[16:26] * Seb_Mettler appears to have no problem with this, only breaking it off when its on the point of becoming excessive, and makes his way to his Eva. He felt himself waking up, and felt his AT field around him... Now, what would today hold?
  44. 06[16:26] * Elizabeth_Amsel rushes through this, rolling her eyes at the PDA before she gets into her plug. "Didja miss me, baby?"
  45. 01[16:26] <@Geremy-Tibbles> Plugs slide in when ready, Evas close up and boot up.
  46. 06[16:28] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet winces as she can suddenly see. It's still disorienting as all hell.
  47. [16:28] <Karel_van_Buren> "Let's get this over with. We were gonna go see a movie today..."
  48. 06[16:28] * Seb_Mettler feels Alpha-3 around him. Feels what he wanted to tell Shinji about... The fact that it was okay. That he was fighting for the people he cared about, the people he Loved. He feels his AT field flow and swell... And he is ready
  49. 01[16:29] <@Geremy-Tibbles> Video feeds from VTOL's appear. It's the hole. You can see a small fleshy semi-pointed cone sticking out of it, it's moving slowly upwards, hidden edges pushing soil up and out. It's a dark green, covered in deep red patterns
  50. 01[16:30] <@Geremy-Tibbles> Melissa patches in. "We're not sure what it is, but it has an AT field. Karel, we'll deploy you with Sebastian first. Try firing at it with the Positron gun to see if we can deal with it from afar."
  51. [16:30] <Karel_van_Buren> "Okay~"
  52. 06[16:30] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet says "I still think they should just bomb the hole...
  53. 06[16:30] * Seb_Mettler nods "Got it Ma'am"
  54. 01[16:31] <@Geremy-Tibbles> The side wall deploys both Positrion weapons, already hooked up to seperate cords.
  55. 06[16:32] * Karel_van_Buren grabs his rifle and wires it into his Eva's power supply.
  56. 06[16:33] * Seb_Mettler takes his own gun, somewhat hesitantly, remembering the pilot of the Eva who'd wielded it, and thinking for a second about what happened to her... But there's no time for that now. He takes it, as he'd trained to, and stands ready.
  57. 06[16:33] * Elizabeth_Amsel cracks her knuckles. "I wish they'd let us down there. Who needs bombs?"
  58. 06[16:33] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet says "We could compromise. They could bomb it to hell and then send us in to clean up."
  59. 01[16:34] <@Geremy-Tibbles> "Liz, Gabby, you two we be on standby. Hopefully we won't need you."
  60. 01[16:34] <@Geremy-Tibbles> Elevator gates open, lights green.
  61. 06[16:34] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet sighs. "I probably didn't even need to wake up."
  62. [16:34] <Elizabeth_Amsel> "Yeah yeah, I'm standing by." She leans back in her seat, closing her eyes, fingers tapping against the controls. Feels good man.
  63. 03[16:35] * bluepaints (~blue@Rizon-328E45E4.tukw.qwest.net) has joined #NERV-AFRICA
  64. 06[16:36] * Seb_Mettler breathes deeply, and steps forward. "Alpha-3, ready"
  65. 01[16:38] <@Geremy-Tibbles> The elevators carry the boys to the surface. WHen you reach tehre you can see the thing has moved up rather quickly. It's easily more than a 100 meters tall, bulbous in the center and similar to a bud of a plant. It's whole body covered in the deep red patterns.
  66. 01[16:38] <@Geremy-Tibbles> Eventually it comes to a stop, the rumblings quit, dust settles around it
  67. 02[16:38] * Elizabeth_Amsel (~blue@Rizon-328E45E4.tukw.qwest.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
  68. 01[16:39] <@Geremy-Tibbles> "Take aim."
  69. 06[16:40] * Karel_van_Buren searches for probably weakpoints.
  70. 06[16:40] * Seb_Mettler raises his rifle, and follows the order. At the same time, he tries to feel his AT field around him, and remember how it felt to hear and speak through it... Then he dismisses the thought. Another time, perhaps. He focuses on aiming.
  71. 01[16:40] <@Geremy-Tibbles> There don't appear to be any, just a fleshy green surface.
  72. 06[16:41] * Karel_van_Buren just settles on targeting the center. That's usually the most vital area.
  73. 01[16:44] <@Geremy-Tibbles> "Are you ready?"
  74. [16:45] <Seb_Mettler> "Ready and waiting... Lets finish this quickly, klein broer"
  75. 01[16:45] <@Geremy-Tibbles> "Karel, fire first, Seb standby"
  76. [16:45] <Karel_van_Buren> "Ja, oder broer~"
  77. [16:48] <Karel_van_Buren> There's a short hum, as the rifle's power supply kicks in, and fires a blue-white bolt of anti-matter straight for the center of gravity of the flower thing.
  78. 01[16:50] <@Geremy-Tibbles> The bolt veers left then suddenly spirals straight into the ground, creating a rather large and dramatic explosion.
  79. 01[16:50] <@Geremy-Tibbles> The two of you see a split suddnly form in the flesh down the front.
  80. 01[16:51] <@Geremy-Tibbles> "Seb, stand by."
  81. 01[16:51] <@Geremy-Tibbles> "It's field just fluxuated."
  82. [16:51] <Karel_van_Buren> "Why can this never be easy?"
  83. 06[16:51] * Seb_Mettler gulps, and makes sure his AT field is standing strong before him. "...Standing by"
  84. 01[16:54] <@Geremy-Tibbles> The split widens and suddenly the flesh peels into four thick petals which fall lifelessly to the ground. Inside a rose shaped pink cluster of petals is revealed, a vivid coloring. You can see little tufts of other colors inside, ranging from electric blue to a soft purple.
  85. 01[16:56] <@Geremy-Tibbles> Karel you see a hazey looking cloud of something yellow kick up from the top of the rose for a moment and then settle.
  86. [16:56] <Karel_van_Buren> "What was that?"
  87. [16:57] <Seb_Mettler> "What?"
  88. [16:57] <Karel_van_Buren> "It spit up something yellow."
  89. 06[16:57] * Seb_Mettler looks up at the thing "That's probably not good..."
  90. 01[16:57] <@Geremy-Tibbles> You see the rose stir and then suddenly the petals begin to fall outward, blooming before your eyes
  91. 01[16:59] <@Geremy-Tibbles> At least 12 layers of petals unfold a large straight, trumpted black and white striped stamen sticking out. As it falls you see massive, almost opaque clouds of yellow dust kick up from it, blowing outwards. The VTOLs nearby it back up as their hit by the wave that spreads outwards.
  92. 01[17:00] <@Geremy-Tibbles> The VTOLs idol for a few moments and then suddenly begin moving backwards, rapidly descending. "Somethings wrong." The VTOLs suddenly hit the ground, torn up by the imapct, rotors flying into the air. "Damn'it! Seb, Karel, get inside, we need to rethink our plan. Hurry, before that cloud hits you."
  93. 06[17:01] * Karel_van_Buren steps back onto the elevator, grumbling about his day being ruined.
  94. 06[17:02] * Seb_Mettler nods, turning "Lets move Karel!". He rushes back for the elevator, as an afterthought pulling his Barrier closer around him, hoping it'd seal him off from any threat.
  95. 01[17:04] <@Geremy-Tibbles> The elevator lowers slowly, closing off before any of the cloud can hit you. "Come out of the Evas and head to the breifing room, we need to make a plan.
  96. 06[17:04] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet says "I really should have slept in..."
  97. 06[17:05] * Seb_Mettler nods "Got it...". He sighs, lowering the rifle and relaxing his AT field, while at the same time searching his thoughts. He was the Best at AT fields. He knew it. He should think of something...
  98. 06[17:05] * Karel_van_Buren hops out of the plug one the Evas are back in the dock.
  99. [17:06] <bluepaints> "Can't you just brief me in here?" She grumbles, slowly getting out of the plug.
  100. 01[17:06] <@Geremy-Tibbles> When you all arive in the breifing room Nogira, Alice, Misato and Meliss are all discussing hte situation. Melissa looks up from some papers. "Sorry things didn't work out."
  101. 06[17:07] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet is still wringing LCL out of her hair.
  102. 06[17:07] * Karel_van_Buren looks bored.
  103. 06[17:07] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet mutters "Braids are not good at drying out quickly..."
  104. 06[17:08] * Seb_Mettler sighs "Its no problem... This one is strange. Have you thought about asking Ambriel? She might know something?". He moves closer to Gabby, whispering "Hey love..." and giving her a hug. "Sorry I couldn't beat it this time..."
  105. 01[17:08] <@Geremy-Tibbles> "No, but Nogira has a few ideas concerning it."
  106. 01[17:09] <@Geremy-Tibbles> Nogira stands up on que and puts her mug of tea aside. "Well, it appears to be a plant, so it's safe to assume what was just released is a pollen of some kind."
  107. 03[17:09] * bluepaints is now known as Elizabeth_Amsel
  108. 06[17:09] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet says "Let's spray it with weed killer, then."
  109. [17:10] <Elizabeth_Amsel> "What's it pollinating?" She raises an eyebrow.
  110. 06[17:10] * Seb_Mettler can't help but chuckle a bit "Might be worth a try... Do we know how it destroyed the VTOLs? Those poor pilots..." He looks suddenly sad, realising people have died.
  111. 06[17:11] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet says "We could just try punching it. A lot."
  112. 01[17:11] <@Geremy-Tibbles> "Well that comes to my next conclusion."
  113. 01[17:11] <@Geremy-Tibbles> "Certain pollens can cause adverse reactions in human beings, such as paralysis.
  114. 06[17:13] * Seb_Mettler nods slowly, and then looks terrified "What about the city?!"
  115. [17:13] <Karel_van_Buren> "Isn't that just the body's reaction to it? Maybe we could give the Evas an anti-histamine."
  116. 01[17:13] <@Geremy-Tibbles> "They've been evacuated to bunkers." Melissa pipes up. "They're NBC sealed, so pollen won't be an issue."
  117. 01[17:14] <@Geremy-Tibbles> "At the rate the clouds moving, everyone should be out of the way before it hits."
  118. 06[17:14] * Seb_Mettler nods, breathing a sigh of relief "That's good... What about the Evas? Do you think they would be effective?"
  119. 06[17:14] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet says "Yeah, so, how about punching it to death?"
  120. [17:15] <Karel_van_Buren> "We should probably still do something about the civilians. I don't know how alien pollen would affect them, but we should still supply them with anti-allergy medication and adrenaline."
  121. 06[17:15] * Seb_Mettler smiles at his little brother. So smart, and yet so caring...
  122. [17:16] <Karel_van_Buren> "Did we get sample of it, mamma?"
  123. 01[17:17] <@Geremy-Tibbles> "There is a team obtaining samples as we speak. The bunkers are already outfitted with the proper medical staffing."
  124. 01[17:18] <@Geremy-Tibbles> "In the mean time, it has been discussed the we should be able to use an equipment rig to attempt to move through the cloud with an Eva..."
  125. 06[17:18] * Seb_Mettler nods slowly "Do you think the AT field would be effective, Dr Nogira? There's one shaping I hadn't tested yet, but I think it might work...". He pauses "Equipment rig?"
  126. 01[17:19] <@Geremy-Tibbles> "Modified aquatic deployment gear should be able to filter out at least a portion of the pollen."
  127. 06[17:19] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet says "What about using explosives to disperse the cloud?"
  128. [17:19] <Elizabeth_Amsel> "Oh, god." She makes a face.
  129. 01[17:19] <@Geremy-Tibbles> She turns to Sebastain. "Seb, if we're going to deploy anyone we'll use you."
  130. 06[17:19] * Seb_Mettler blinks "Me? Why?" he looks at the others "I'm no good at fighting alone..."
  131. 01[17:20] <@Geremy-Tibbles> Melissa pipes up. "I've advised against explosives. Nogira noted it could be flamable. Also we can't afford to risk deploying another VTOL team in these conditions."
  132. 06[17:20] * Karel_van_Buren nods. "At it's current density, it would be extremely flammable." he smiles at Nogira.
  133. 01[17:20] <@Geremy-Tibbles> Nogira places some papaers aside. "Because, you're the most adept at using your AT field, and the AT field around that thing is extremely dense. You wouldn't be deploying alone either."
  134. 01[17:21] <@Geremy-Tibbles> Melissa grins slightly. "Victor told us you already met him. He doesn't have to worry about breathing, he'd be your wing-man."
  135. [17:21] <Karel_van_Buren> "You're sending Victory in? But he's just a bit ball."
  136. 06[17:21] * Seb_Mettler looks confused, and then a slight look of realisation begins to spread, forming a grin, and he nods "Understood..."
  137. [17:21] <Karel_van_Buren> *big
  138. 06[17:21] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet sighs. "Well then I'm going back to sleep."
  139. 01[17:23] <@Geremy-Tibbles> Alice smirks. "No sleeping. We might need you to make a heroic charge with Liz if this plan doesn't work."
  140. 06[17:23] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet says "Then you can wake me up later. I still think you should use bombs. If it's flammable, that'll only make the bombs more effective."
  141. 06[17:24] * Seb_Mettler can't help but chuckle a little, and hug Gabby again. "Well, you'd be the best suited to it Gabby. Nothing's managed to stop you yet"
  142. 01[17:24] <@Geremy-Tibbles> Alice stands up and puts a hand on Seb's shoulder. "You ready?"
  143. [17:24] <Karel_van_Buren> "So what am I gonna do?"
  144. 01[17:25] <@Geremy-Tibbles> "Wait. Like the rest of us. We've only got one set of aquatic gear."
  145. [17:25] <Karel_van_Buren> "Ok~"
  146. 06[17:25] * Seb_Mettler breathes deeply for a moment, then nods "Yes... I think so". He glances around "Could I, um, have five minutes with Gabby? Or is there not time?" He blushes slightly.
  147. 01[17:25] <@Geremy-Tibbles> "Wh-... heh. Sure, but don't get too comfortible."
  148. [17:25] <Elizabeth_Amsel> "I'm gonna chill in 04 then, keep me posted." She adjusts her shades.
  149. 01[17:26] <@Geremy-Tibbles> OD Team exits, Nogira and Alice escort Karel out in a loving parenty way.
  150. 06[17:27] * Seb_Mettler just hugs Gabby, and waits until he's sure they're all gone. "...I'm scared Gabby"
  151. 06[17:27] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet says "Scared? Of what?"
  152. [17:28] <Seb_Mettler> "Of fighting alone... Even with Victor, I don't have you, or Liz or Karel. I've never fought without any of you before...".
  153. 06[17:30] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet punches Seb in the arm lightly. "Consider it practice. It probably isn't even as scary as I am. Maybe this will help you get your..." she grins "reward." She pulls him into a kiss.
  154. 06[17:31] * Seb_Mettler kisses her, wrapping his arms around her like he never wants to let go. "I love you Gabby... I love you so much". He pulls back, taking a moment to just look at her face, and stroke her hair. "The thing I'm most scared of, is that I'll die, and never see your face again..."
  155. 06[17:32] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet says "You idiot. You won't die. I'll go in there and punch it to death if you start to have real trouble."
  156. 06[17:33] * Seb_Mettler smiles, and nods "I know... But you need your rest. I guess I'll have to fight well enough you don't have to". He smiles, and seems about to say something more, but then sighs "I should go get ready..."
  157. 01[17:34] <@Geremy-Tibbles> Alice is waiting outside the room. Nogira's gone with Karel to the labs.
  158. 03[17:35] * Blast (Blast@Rizon-251A8B75.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com) has joined #NERV-AFRICA
  159. 06[17:38] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet kisses Seb, then pats his butt as he walks out. "You'll be fine, Couchoutte."
  160. 06[17:38] * Seb_Mettler smiles, and says "I love you". Then he walks out, and nods to Alice "I'm ready...". He casts a last look at Gabby as he walks away, and whispers something to Alice when he's out of earshot for Gabby. Well out of earshot.
  161. 01[17:38] <@Geremy-Tibbles> Alice escorts you to the hangers.
  162. 01[17:40] <@Geremy-Tibbles> Alice looks at you somewhat grimly on the catwalk and then nods, looking out at the scene. Seb's unit is being outfitted with the aquatic gear and Victor's body is being loaded with his piloting container.
  163. 06[17:41] * Seb_Mettler gives Alice a smile, although its not a very good one, before he climbs into his Eva. The different equipment felt a little weird, but it was okay. The AT field... It was all he needed. "This is Sebastien Mettler, Alpha-3. Ready"
  164. 01[17:43] <@Geremy-Tibbles> Victor boots up, the visor-eye port at the front giving a bright and sudden glow. It moves it's arms, takes a few steps and then connects in Comms with you. "METTLER, ARE YOU PREPARED."
  165. 06[17:43] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet tries to go find a cot to sleep in, but she's dragged into an Entry Plug instead. She grumbles.
  166. 02[17:44] * Blast (Blast@Rizon-251A8B75.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
  167. 06[17:44] * Seb_Mettler nods "Ready as I'll ever be Victor. When we advance, take cover behind my AT field- Its strong enough that it should protect both of us"
  168. 06[17:44] * Elizabeth_Amsel lazily flicks on her comms. Red eyes stare out from the darkness of her plug. "Don't worry Seb, we'll be watching."
  170. 01[17:45] <@Geremy-Tibbles> Victor plods into it.
  171. 06[17:45] * Seb_Mettler does so, breathing deeply as he goes.
  172. 06[17:45] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet says "Remember your lessons, Seb! Punch the river in half! IN HALF!"
  173. 01[17:46] <@Geremy-Tibbles> The elevator closes, then another door closes behind it. A hiss of air is heard and the top opens. You slowly ascend. When you reach topside the landscape has been dimmed by a thick yellow haze. It's actually hard to see the flower now, but due to it's size you can make it out.
  174. 01[17:47] <@Geremy-Tibbles> Seb you feel a wave of paranoia roll over you for a moment, something feels off...
  176. 06[17:48] * Seb_Mettler pauses for a few moments "Something feels strange...". He glances at Victor "Are you sure? If you're ahead of me, I can't protect you with my barrier". He makes ready to move.
  177. 01[17:49] <@Geremy-Tibbles> "I WILL BE FINE, I HAVE TRICKS OF MY OWN."
  178. 01[17:49] <@Geremy-Tibbles> Victor begins his steady approach twords the flower.
  179. 06[17:49] * Seb_Mettler smiles "Godspeed then, Victor. I'll follow"
  180. [17:53] <Elizabeth_Amsel> "No dramatic hero stuff, okay?"
  181. 01[17:53] <@Geremy-Tibbles> You both begin your approach at about 1100 meters in you feel another wave...
  182. 06[17:54] * Seb_Mettler chuckles at Liz "No promises, Engeltjie. I've learned from the best, after all". Then he pauses
  183. 01[17:54] <@Geremy-Tibbles> Seb, you see something. Well, you thought you saw some. It looked like a crowd of dark figures but in this haze you can't be sure. Victor continues walking.
  184. 06[17:55] * Seb_Mettler pauses "...I saw something. Like, dark figures in the smoke. Base, can you find anything? Victor?". He advances, but slower, somewhat fearful.
  185. 01[17:55] <@Geremy-Tibbles> Victor only stops for a moment. "I READ NOTHING, METTLER, CONTINUE YOUR ADVANCE."
  186. 06[17:56] * Seb_Mettler shivers, but keeps going "This is really weird..."
  187. [17:56] <Elizabeth_Amsel> "Follow the robot, he seems to have a good head on his shoulders. You'll be alright."
  188. 01[17:58] <@Geremy-Tibbles> Seb as you move forward you see something, very clearly infront of VIctor, who moves past it. It's a man. But he's impossibly tall, eye to eye with your Eva. His flesh dark and covered in pink cuts the weep blood.
  189. 06[18:01] * Seb_Mettler steps back, levelling his rifle at the figure and extending his AT field towards it, tendrils of power reaching out and touching... Nothing? That meant it didn't have an AT field "Base, are you seeing this?!?" He sounds rather scared.
  190. 01[18:01] <@Geremy-Tibbles> You don't hear anything back. In fact, you can't hear anything at all.
  191. 01[18:01] <@Geremy-Tibbles> "Sebasitan" The voice is unfamiliar and comes from no where.
  192. 06[18:02] * Seb_Mettler keeps pointing the gun at it, physically shaking now "Gabby? Liz? Karel? Alice? Melissa? Anybody? What the hell is going on?". He focuses on his AT field, folding it and folding it and folding it in front of him.
  193. 01[18:04] <@Geremy-Tibbles> "Sebastian" Vicotr's disapeared into the clouds. THe figure moved forward without walking, head suddenly jerking forward. You see now it's lower jaw is missing, it rear it's head up, bringing the pink fleshy space down over on to your head. You're plunged into darkness.
  194. 01[18:05] <@Geremy-Tibbles> "Sebasitan? Sebastian?" The voice is more clear now, it's... Papa?
  195. 06[18:06] * Seb_Mettler screams, and pulses his AT field, trying to push it away, to get it all away from him. "Somebody... Anybody... Papa... Help me!"
  196. 01[18:07] <@Geremy-Tibbles> "Sebastian!" You're sitting at a table with Papa. He's his usual large jolly self with a drink in his hand. He's shaking you by the shoulder. "My boy, you dozed off!"
  197. 06[18:07] * Seb_Mettler smiles at him, hesitantly "Hey... Papa. I was having this crazy dream..."
  198. 01[18:09] <@Geremy-Tibbles> He takes a sip from his drink. You're ouside at a cafe in downtown Jo-burg, mid afternoon. One of your favorites infact. Papa's drinking his usual mint julip and you've got a cup of perfectly brewed coffee infront of you. "Oh? I was afraid I'd lost you there for a moment. Drink up, it'll keep you awake. No who was this girl you were telling me about?"
  199. 01[18:09] <@Geremy-Tibbles> *Now
  200. 06[18:10] * Seb_Mettler smiles, taking a sip of the coffee. It was good. "Oh... Her name is Gabby. She's... Really beautiful". He blushes, and drinks more of his coffee.
  201. 01[18:13] <@Geremy-Tibbles> 'Ahaha! My boys in love is he? Well, you ought to invite her to the party tomorrow. I'm sure mama and the boys'd love to meet her."
  202. 06[18:14] * Seb_Mettler smiles, and the hesitates "Well... There's a problem, Papa. Its why I've, uh, not mentioned her until now..."
  203. 01[18:14] <@Geremy-Tibbles> "Eh? Problem? What's the problem?" He takes a sip off his julip.
  204. 06[18:15] * Seb_Mettler sighs "She's... She's not pure, Papa"
  205. 01[18:15] <@Geremy-Tibbles> "Pure... she's... she's a nigger?" He puts his glass down. THe world seems very silent...
  206. 06[18:15] * Seb_Mettler shakes his head hurriedly "No Papa. She's an Arab. And only half!"
  207. 01[18:18] <@Geremy-Tibbles> "An a-rab!? No family member of mine'll be ruining our blood! No family member of mine! NO MEMBER OF MINE NO MEMBER OF MINE NO MEMBER OF-" Darkness seizes control again.
  208. 01[18:19] <@Geremy-Tibbles> You're awake to the sound of fist meeting flesh, a loose tooth in your mouth. "You like'em brown, eh Seb?" Papa's boys. You're out back behind the house and you've just taken a mean right, they're in a circle around you.
  209. 06[18:20] * Seb_Mettler spits, and staggers, and glares at them, but has no idea what to say. He can't deny it... But should he even try? He can't think... and his thoughts just spin, and he does nothing, standing in a daze.
  210. 01[18:21] <@Geremy-Tibbles> Another takes a shot, hitting you right in the nose. "Brown, eh? Next thing you know you'll be kissing shit!" Laughter, another blow, you fall to your back, spiraling downward.
  211. 01[18:23] <@Geremy-Tibbles> You hit the earth, but you keep falling, inexplibcable. You're suddenly face up. "Sebastian." A soft voice, soft words. Ambriel?
  212. 06[18:24] * Seb_Mettler whispers "Ambriel... Are you there?" He's confused, trying to make sense of what's going on...
  213. 01[18:26] <@Geremy-Tibbles> An angel with a motherly face sets down, bathed in blue light, like all those statues at church. "Sebastian, you are lost, in the mist."
  214. 06[18:27] * Seb_Mettler blinks at her, unable to believe his eyes "...Ambriel, is that you? Where am I... The mist?"
  215. 01[18:28] <@Geremy-Tibbles> "You're lost. You must find yourself. Find your light, within."
  216. 06[18:30] * Seb_Mettler thinks. Of light- his AT field? No... Not a light... A fire. Gabby... He can see it in his minds eye, that great, blazing, firey love within him... A fire within his soul, burning so brightly... He feels warmed by it, suffused by it... Was this his light?
  217. 01[18:30] <@Geremy-Tibbles> "Yes... Focus..." She ascends into darkness. You feel your eyes struggle to open, the haze of reality returning to you.
  218. 01[18:31] <@Geremy-Tibbles> You're hearing's back but you're face down, you're struggling to move, but you're slowly returning to your full strength
  219. 06[18:33] * Seb_Mettler tries to control his breathing. Tries to get his heart pumping, oxygen flowing. Trying to think... And feels that fire in his soul. The only thing that mattered... And then the blood roars, and the fire rises, and Seb forces his muscles to move.
  220. 01[18:35] <@Geremy-Tibbles> You make it to your feet, you feel your field pulse wildly, the ground around you kicked up by the sudden flares in strength.
  221. 01[18:35] <@Geremy-Tibbles> You can see Victor up ahead. "METTLER. LET'S FINISH THIS."
  222. 06[18:37] * Seb_Mettler puts one foot in front of the other, and feels his AT field. So folded, so twisted, so tightly bound. He'd never even thought... There's a rippling, billowing wave of orange light... And Alpha-3 blazes with spectral flames. Its mouth creaks open, and it Roars.
  223. 01[18:37] <@Geremy-Tibbles> "THAT'S THE SPIRIT."
  224. 01[18:38] <@Geremy-Tibbles> The pollen around you bursts away by sheer force of your field. You can see the plant now, it's field in plain view to you and the Eva.
  225. 06[18:40] * Seb_Mettler raises one arm, pointing at the plant thing, that had threatened his friends, threatened his Family, threatened the people he Loved. "You are going to Die!". He clenches his Eva's fist, and the spectral flames billow. He reels back his fist, and punches forward, launching a jet of Absolute Fire.
  226. 01[18:44] <@Geremy-Tibbles> The jet impacts with the field, grinding against it as Victor charges in. "ULTRA BREAKER!" The canister ring on his wrist spins and suddenly explodes in a dramatic showing of blue energy as it impacts with the field.
  227. 01[18:45] <@Geremy-Tibbles> The field bends and suddenly shatters, Victor with draws his arm ejecting the spent canisters as a swarm of barbed tentacles arise from the center of the flower. "I'LL SEND YOU STRAIGHT TO HELL!"
  228. 01[18:46] <@Geremy-Tibbles> The tentacles tear into Victor's body, peeling up some of the armor plating, his two robotic fists grabbing onto the mass of tentacles.
  229. 06[18:48] * Seb_Mettler roars again, and clasps his hands together. "This is the fire... The fire of a nation. The fire of a heart. The is the fire of my love! Burn!". As he draws his hands apart, his AT field glistens like a sun... and the sun above twinkles in kind, and seems to fall from the heavens, in a pillar of gold.
  230. [18:54] <Seb_Mettler> The sun falls to earth, in a blazing torrent of light and fire... And again... and again... Fire after fire burns and blazes over the horrific mass of the plant which had threatened his love. The fire glows brighter than the sun above, a heat penetrating and intense. Seb Roars.
  231. 01[18:57] <@Geremy-Tibbles> In the light that piereces the haze a force is unleashed, the pollen dispersing, burning, simply pushed out of the way by the sheer force of the blast. Victor pulls apart what he can, invigorated by this attack. When the light dies down the earth around the pit has collapsed inward boulders and rock filling the hole, the gored and burnt body lay torn to shreds over it. There is nothing left of it.
  232. 01[18:58] <@Geremy-Tibbles> Victor grasps the barbbed tentacles that lay embedded in his armor and pulls them free. He turns to you. "IMPRESSIVE."
  233. 06[18:59] * Seb_Mettler breathes deeply, and then gasps, almost coughing. The fire around his Eva dies, and he slumps back in the plug, overcome with exhaustion. He says in a quiet voice. "Glad I didn't... disappoint..."
  234. 01[19:01] <@Geremy-Tibbles> As you lay resting for a while Melissa finally patches in. "Amazing... come back in Seb... and... pay no attention to the jet that's inbound. I'll explain later." You hear the super sonic scream of a fighter jet, and see a large black plane that decellerates over head.
  235. 01[19:01] <@Geremy-Tibbles> You see a breif flash on the under side. A blue crescent.
  236. [19:02] <Elizabeth_Amsel> "I think, maybe, you earned a secret or two." A broad, red-outlined grin.
  237. 06[19:02] * Seb_Mettler blinks. He couldn't have seen that. He must be Way too tired. "I'm returning... Just...". He tries to look again, utterly bewildered.
  238. 06[19:02] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet snores, asleep.
  239. 01[19:04] <@Geremy-Tibbles> The jet touches down vertically near the deployment eleveator, a door sliding open on the side. A troupe of gentlemen in black exit it. There appears to be a young girl with them...
  240. 01[19:06] <@Geremy-Tibbles> "I'll... explain in a bit. Everything's fine though, Seb.. don't worry."
  241. 06[19:06] * Seb_Mettler just continues to approach the elevator, slow, lethargic, and totally confused, although he tries to see the group in more detail
  242. 01[19:07] <@Geremy-Tibbles> The young girl looks up, a breif flash off her glasses at you. She waves. THey enter HQ which has moved back out of tje ground, the gleaming cube shiney in the restored sunlight.
  243. 01[19:07] <@Geremy-Tibbles> *the
  244. 06[19:08] * Seb_Mettler walks into the elevator, and just closes his eyes. He wanted to rest...
  245. 01[19:09] <@Geremy-Tibbles> You and Victor are retrieved.
  246. [19:10] <Elizabeth_Amsel> "Good job." She shuts the comms.
  247. 06[19:11] * Seb_Mettler exits his Eva, walking with slow weary steps... And yet, at the same time, with more confidence than he's ever shown before. The first words out of his mouth are "Where's Gabby?"
  248. [19:13] <Elizabeth_Amsel> "Maybe she found a nice place to sleep," Liz's voice coos from the speakers of 04. "Maybe you should sleep."
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