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  1. REST request to save Benefit : CreateBenefitV2[id=ec3991db-26cc-472d-a390-c578d64b0fe2, decisionId=3e3fa796-4db5-4a1d-8827-7ae8979dc9d4, decisionNumber='null', decisionDocumentId='null', legacyBenefitId='null', benefitGroup=null, personId='1560840', relatedPersonIds=[1658964], relatedPersons=null, decisionOn=2019-10-15T13:25:48.383050Z,, fromDay=2019-07-01, lastDay=2019-11-12, dataSource=UNIVERSAL_PROCEEDING, hiddenDecision=false, decisionVisibilityType=HIDDEN, benefitType=H06070001, benefitPeriodType=RECURRING, amount=60.00, currency=EUR, onDay=null, skais1Id=null, noFinanceEventsBefore=null, payouts=[]]
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