Lord of the Mysteries v6c8

Dec 9th, 2019
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  1. In silence, he looked at the goats and rabbits for more than ten seconds. Klein closed his eyes and let the index and middle fingers of his right hand flick, just like pressing the invisible keys.
  3. Almost one third of the puppets suddenly fell down and lost the feeling of being alive.
  5. Klein's expression suddenly appeared distorted, like being split 33 times with a huge sword.
  7. The familiar and extreme pain swept through his soul, making his body surface show light-colored granulation grains that were not obvious. Each granulation grain seemed to be brewing a transparent worm.
  9. This is a kill 33 "spirit worm" brought by itself.
  11. It took nearly a quarter of an hour for Klein to begin his second attempt and let the other third of the couple die.
  13. The same pain, the same rest, and the same operation took place again and again. Klein finally completely solved the cursed couple.
  15. He can't do it all at once, because the damage caused by the simultaneous death of 100 "spirit worms" is enough to make him close to losing control, and being cursed means that the problem cannot be solved directly through the recycling feature.
  17. Of course, this is the standard of an "ancient scholar" who has just been promoted, rather than the performance of an "ancient scholar" who has quickly digested magic drugs.
  19. As a matter of fact, Klein will only suffer more pain if he loses 100 "spirit worms" at a time, so as not to show signs of losing control or affect the battle. He was just playing to make his performance conform to the corresponding position.
  21. -At his level, only if more than half of the "spirit worms" lose control at the same time.
  23. When he has thoroughly digested the magic medicine of "ancient scholars", nearly 500 "spirit worms" who died at one time can be recovered. Even if all the corresponding special features are lost and have not returned, he will not fall off the ranks and levels. he can recover his strength little by little by absorbing the special features of "diviners".
  25. After finishing the work, the relaxed Klein walked out of the semi-collapsed tower and went out into the darkness to bring back a few white rabbits and a goat.
  27. Only now did he realize that the darkness of the abandoned land was not as dangerous as the small "sun" described, and most monsters were so weak.
  29. No, to be exact, the hidden danger in the dark is completely inferior to the guy named Amon next to me except that people evaporate out of thin air ... Klein glanced at his busy thin man sitting near the leather lantern with a smile, summoned the boiled water and other things from the historical aperture, squatted down, and carefully handled the fur and flesh of white rabbits and goats.
  31. After some busy work, Klein built a campfire, set up a grill that originated from history, put a white rabbit on it, and brushed basil, fennel, refined salt and other things from the seasoning set, turning over constantly.
  33. At this time, the historical delicacies he had eaten long ago had disappeared because they had not been maintained, and both his body and soul were calling for supplements.
  35. A tempting fragrance gradually spread, amon twitched slightly under the nose to say:
  37. "Do you really want to eat?"
  39. Before Klein could answer, the "god of mischief" simply said again:
  41. "Their essence is the flesh and blood of monsters and your" spirit worm ".Are you sure you want to eat them?"
  43. "The angel-level distortion curse cannot be lifted without the same level of confrontation or the right method. Since a thing looks like a rabbit, smells like a rabbit and tastes like a rabbit, it is a rabbit." Klein laughed at himself as he made a serious roast rabbit. "Besides, how can you escape from your hands without being in the best condition? For this slim hope, I can only challenge my psychological endurance."
  45. This is called humiliation! Klein added in silence.
  47. At the same time, he lamented the "ancient evil" deformation curse.
  49. This is several times stronger than the similar curse of "silent disciples" in sequence 3.
  51. There is almost no upper limit on how long it can last ... When ordinary animals become my secret puppets, they can use all my extraordinary abilities through the "Spirit Worm", but the secret puppets who are cursed by deformation cannot ... This is the curse of the angel's position ... Apart from the confrontation of the same rank, they can also try to remove it with the right methods. No curse is absolutely unsolvable, but it is flawed ... Ha ha, kiss this rabbit, and it will turn back to german Sparrow? Klein adjusted his mental state half self-deprecating and half analytically.
  53. After hearing his answer, Armon, wearing a monocle, smiled and nodded his head.
  55. "Very well.
  57. "This is indeed the right awakening."
  59. Klein did not respond and continued his barbecue business.
  61. Before long, with the help of his ability to "manipulate the flames", he baked a rabbit and a leg of lamb. Taking advantage of the opportunity that the spices had not disappeared, he ate sweet iced tea called out from the pores of history , with a mouthful of incense and a relaxed mind and body. This made him effectively relieve the depression, despair and hesitation of being "kidnapped" by Amon.
  63. During this process, Klein occasionally thought of the disgusting appearance of those monsters and the fact that "spirit worm" is equal to himself, but he well controlled his feelings.
  65. After filling his stomach and restoring his energy, Klein turned the rest of the food by the fire into dry food one by one, posing as if he were saving food for the subsequent trip.
  67. Looking at him slowly but methodically doing all kinds of preparations, amon suddenly pushed down the monocle, corners of the mouth slightly become warped to ask a way:
  69. "In fact, you are stalling for time, trying to lengthen your journey to your real destination?"
  71. Crane hands slightly stalled and returned to normal, he smiled to say with smile:
  73. "Yes, I am waiting for help.
  75. "guess who it is?"
  77. Amon didn't answer directly, smiled and said:
  79. "I am looking forward to it."
  81. ... Klein continued his busy, until ready to eat three or four meals of dry food.
  83. He wanted to think, in front of amon, again and again will hand into the void, he failed again and again, try again and again, I don't know what to call out, this seems to be using action to say whether you have the courage to steal.
  85. Amon looked for a few seconds, smiled and shook his head, slowly stood up and walked to the outside of the semi-collapsed tower.
  87. Klein's right hand stopped in mid-air, then withdrew and pinched his forehead.
  89. He is full of doubt whispered to himself:
  91. "What did I want to do just now ..."
  93. In the memory, Klein stood up with him, took the wrapped dry food and the leather lantern, and walked to the back of Amon's side.
  95. One man, one angel, bypassed the hill and entered a valley.
  97. The water flowed noisily here, but when the dim light of the lamp passed and the lightning from high altitude lit up the area, Klein found that there was no water in the riverbed and the sound he heard just now disappeared.
  99. "Rivers that have been diverted into a state of secrecy?" After some deliberation, Klein asked Armon questions without hesitation.
  101. "Yes, it can only appear in the dark without light." Amon nodded gently and replied with little concern.
  103. "Can I drink it?" Klein asked 1.
  105. Amon smiled to say with smile:
  107. "Yes, it used to be one of the water sources of a city-state that persisted in darkness for 1,600 years. As long as the water can be taken away from the riverbed, they can appear in places with light.
  109. "Your next step is to suggest that I take a lantern to wait beside me and replenish water in the dark without light?
  111. "Then, take this opportunity to turn into a covert state?"
  113. Crane slightly embarrassed to say with smile:
  115. "How can I use such a simple and easy-to-think method?"
  117. Amon heard a laugh, caressed the fondle monocle way:
  119. "Sometimes, the simplest plan is the most effective. You can give it a try."
  121. Klein can neither believe nor disbelieve the words of top fraudsters, fearing that the other party is saying the opposite.
  123. He can only put the water thing aside and asked instead:
  125. "How many human settlements have not been destroyed in the abandoned land like Baiyin City?"
  127. Amon watched the front, the table unchanged said:
  129. "I know no more than ten.
  131. "Baiyin City is lucky in this respect. At least it can see and be able to touch the dawn."
  133. This means that Baiyin City is close enough to the gate of the God-forsaken land of "Giant Wang Ting" and does not need a narrow escape to reach it. However, how can other city-states stick to it in the dark and how can they send exploration teams? They are all just struggling in vain and can't find an exit? Indeed, from this perspective, silver is unfortunate and lucky ... it depends purely on which side it is compared with ... crane, carrying a leather lantern, walked along the beach and began to conceive a second escape.
  135. Amon walked beside him, occasionally providing him with some seemingly reliable methods with unknown actual effects, acting as if he had been mentally split and doing his best to destroy the hope of ontology to get the "source castle".
  137. …………
  139. "Giant Wang Ting" in the other direction of Baiyin City.
  141. Dairic Berg accepted the call of the chief and took the "No Dark Cross" to the top of the round tower and entered a spacious room.
  143. Mysterious and complicated altars have been set up here. Different items are placed in different positions. There are six items in total, all of which emit dangerous breath.
  145. Dairic glanced away and saw the ordinary silver flute, the mask made of skull and the remains of the shapeshifter.
  147. "Do you have a" no dark cross "that you can stay here for a quarter of an hour, but not more than that, or you will die suddenly." Colin Iliad, wearing a linen shirt and a brown coat, told Dairic.
  149. Dairic inspiration touches, mouth asked:
  151. "Chief, is this because of the" Dusk Mask "?
  153. His right hand points to the mask made of skull.
  155. "Yes." Colin nodded gently, "I have prepared the remains of six powerful creatures, which I hunted alone or as the main force."
  157. Dairic suddenly realized:
  159. "You still need the blessing of the gods?"
  161. Colin became silent, after more than ten seconds to open your mouth, slowly said:
  163. "Yes."
  165. After a period of hesitation and struggle, he finally chose "fools".
  167. At least those mushrooms really brought hope to Baiyin City.
  169. Dairic endured the joyful mood, recalled the communication at the next Tarot meeting, and raised the question slightly doubtfully.
  171. "Why don't you let the two divine seals bless you?"
  173. He remembered that the gods, that is, angels, can meet the needs of the ceremony and do not need the true gods of sequence 0 to provide blessings. After all, the "silver knight" is only sequence 3.
  175. Colin was silent again, hesitated for a few seconds to say:
  177. "They will not give blessings."
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