Final Fantasy Tactics Spell Quotes

Jan 14th, 2014
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  1. %%%SPELL QUOTES%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
  3. Compiled by Matt Hobbs (, with additions
  4. from a couple of other people (see credits).
  6. MAGIC
  8. -------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. Cure: "Life's refreshing breeze, blow in energy! Cure!"
  11. Cure 2: "Life's refreshing breeze, heal from the sky! Cure2!"
  12. Cure 3: "Blessing breeze, blow in energy! Cure3!"
  13. Cure 4: "Mighty breeze, heal from the sky! Cure4!"
  14. Raise: "Spirits of life, return us! Raise!"
  15. Raise 2: "Spirits of life, give a new life to the soul! Raise2!"
  16. Reraise: "Inject life's energy! Reraise!"
  17. Regen: "Share lives with all things in nature.... Regen!"
  18. Protect: "Precious light, be our armor to protect us! Protect!"
  19. Protect 2: "Shining light, shield from all directions! Protect2!"
  20. Shell: "Silent light, shield from evil! Shell!"
  21. Shell 2: "Enduring light, shield from roaring magic! Shell2!"
  22. Wall: "Ancient light, rise and revive! Wall!"
  23. Esuna: "Heavenly wind, carry us to fountain of power! Esuna!"
  24. Holy: "Bright light, shine down on bloody impurity! Holy!"
  25. -------------------------------------------------------------------
  27. Fire: "Destruction of nature, gather in flame! Fire!"
  28. Fire 2: "Out of the ground, raze all greenery with flame! Fire2!"
  29. Fire 3: "Star fire, awake and deliver your judgement! Fire3!"
  30. Fire 4: "Smouldering flames far below, punish the wicked! Fire4!"
  31. Ice: "Scatter your chilly sharp blades! Ice!"
  32. Ice 2: "Drifting breeze, come down with fury! Ice2!"
  33. Ice 3: "Freezing wind, speak of forgotten truths! Ice3!"
  34. Ice 4: "Effortless water, break your silence, attack! Ice4!"
  35. Bolt: "Strip away the ground with glistening blades! Bolt!"
  36. Bolt 2: "Swirling bolts, gather and strike with power! Bolt2!"
  37. Bolt 3: "Heavenly bolts, bring God's justice! Bolt3!"
  38. Bolt 4: "Angry spirits of the world strike now! Bolt4!"
  39. Poison: "Filthy blood of revenge, inject!! Poison!!"
  40. Frog: "Know, live, become a frog! Frog!"
  41. Death: "Death gods carving life, take their souls! Death!"
  42. Flare: "Inscript the dark god into a rotting body! Flare!"
  43. -------------------------------------------------------------------
  45. Haste: "Layer upon layer make your mark now...Haste!"
  46. Haste 2: "Time's current, place me in your whirlpool! Haste2!"
  47. Slow: "Time, rest and give your kindness to the worthy! Slow!"
  48. Slow 2: "Obey the sky's will, slow time down! Slow2!"
  49. Stop: "Spirits of time, hide us from the judging hand of God!
  50. Stop!"
  51. Don't Move: "Land of all lives, suppress all rebels! Dont' Move!"
  52. Float: "Land of mercy, loosen tight fists! Float!"
  53. Reflect: "Spell break, turn into an avenging light! Reflect!"
  54. Quick: "Restore lost time in the spiral line...Quick!"
  55. Demi: "Revenge with dark-evil spell! Demi!"
  56. Demi 2: "Black sheep of evil times, cover our light! Demi2!"
  57. Meteor: "Time has come...crash down on the wicked! Meteor!"
  58. -------------------------------------------------------------------
  60. Foxbird: "Cowards, weak, those rushing to die! Foxbird!"
  61. Sleep: "Lose conscious, wash away into the silent sea....
  62. Sleep!"
  63. Blind: "All light, fall into darkness! Bound Darkness!"
  64. Pray Faith: "God is watching.... have faith! Pray Faith!"
  65. Zombie: "Great tree of life, inject rotten extract! Zombie!"
  66. Silence Song: "Conjurors seek truth in silence! Silence Song!"
  67. Confusion Song: "Smash all who hunger for destruction.... Confusion
  68. Song!"
  69. Dispel Magic: "Illusions, lies to Heaven! Dispel Magic!"
  70. Paralyze: "Mindless, spiritless, hear the immutable
  71. beat...Paralyze!"
  72. Petrify: "Suffering spirits, to eternity! Break Seal!"
  73. Doubt Faith: "Seek the true tone to form our will.... Doubt Faith!"
  74. Life Drain: "Lost energy... raise the heartrate! Life Drain!"
  75. Spell Absorb: "Guiding light, shed magic power from above! Spell
  76. Absorb!"
  77. Blind Rage: "Reason with confusion, judge with recklessness!
  78. Brave Insanity!"
  79. -------------------------------------------------------------------
  81. Moogle: "Kupo! Round and round you go! Moogle!"
  82. Shiva: "Wind, fade to silence and light, give us power! Shiva!"
  83. Ramuh: "Master of creation, impart thy help! Ramuh!"
  84. Ifrit: "King of flames, bear down upon the enemy! Ifrit!"
  85. Titan: "Bear down with land energy! Titan!"
  86. Golem: "Earth-minded soul, protect us! Golem!"
  87. Leviathan: "Sea fang, attack with water's power! Leviathan!"
  88. Bahamut: "Scorch with dragon flame! Bahamut!"
  89. Silf: "Windy god, strike enemies silent! Silf!"
  90. Fairy: "Shiny crystal light, energize! Fairy!"
  91. Lich: "Death song, death door, death river awaiting! Rich!"
  92. Salamander: "Evil flames, entrust your power to us! Salamander!"
  93. Cyclops: "Scatter frozen blades of air! Clops!"
  94. Zodiac: "Attack by the master of commandments! Zodiac!"
  95. -------------------------------------------------------------------
  97. Heaven Thunder: "Deadly rumbles, strike from the sky! Heaven
  98. Heaven Thunder!"
  99. Asura: "Flames, gather and destroy! Asura!"
  100. Diamond Sword: "Clear with a mighty breeze! Diamond Sword!"
  101. Hydragon Pit: "Cut open the water-filled sky and pour! Hydragon
  102. Pit!"
  103. Space Storage: "All becomes illusion after this evening-bell!
  104. Space Storage!"
  105. Sky Demon: "Underground souls, rumble! Quake! Sky Demon!"
  106. -------------------------------------------------------------------
  108. Galaxy Stop: "Destiny lies in my hands! Stop movement! Galaxy
  109. Stop!"
  110. -------------------------------------------------------------------
  114. -------------------------------------------------------------------
  115. DRAW OUT
  116. Asura: "Legendary sword that kills freely! Asura!"
  117. Koutetsu: "Evil souls of the dark, gather here...Koutetsu!"
  118. Bizen Boat: "Nihilistic sky, inhale magic power...Bizen Boat!"
  119. Murasame: "No more loss of precious life! Murasame!"
  120. Heaven's Cloud: "Yagumo rising, all who know God! Heaven's Cloud!"
  121. Kiyomori: "Innocent sword, slash evils and protect! Kiyomori!"
  122. Muramasa: "Summon all ghosts of the sword! Attack! Muramasa!"
  123. Kikuichimoji: "Brave weapon, turn to a deadly blaze! Kikuichimoji!"
  124. Masamune: "Sword of fury, inject power! Masamune!"
  125. Chirijiraden: "Flame-eating sword, swipe away the evils.
  126. Cirijiraden!" [sic]
  127. -------------------------------------------------------------------
  128. PUNCH ART
  129. Repeating Fist: "Fight for justice...fists of fury! Repeated Fist!"
  130. Earth Slash: "Earth's anger running through my arms! Earth Slash!"
  131. Secret Fist: "Cast down to hell with your fingers! Secret Fist!"
  132. Wave Fist: "Burning anger rising...Burst! Wave Fist!"
  133. -------------------------------------------------------------------
  135. Stasis Sword: "Life is short...Bury! Steady Sword!"
  136. Split Punch: "The devil's spirit of restlessness... Split Punch!"
  137. Crush Punch: "The doom of a planet...Crush Punch!"
  138. Lightning Stab: "Absorb power in the sky and strike! Lightning
  139. Stab!"
  140. Holy Explosion: "Heaven's wish to destroy all minds...Holy
  141. Explosion!"
  142. -------------------------------------------------------------------
  144. Night Sword: "Master of all swords, cut energy! Night Sword!"
  145. Dark Sword: "Dead or alive .... slash magic power! Dark Sword!"
  146. -------------------------------------------------------------------
  148. Shellbust Stab: "Armor won't help the heart stay sharp! Shellbust
  149. Stab!"
  150. Blastar Punch: "Curses from all directions! Blastar Punch!"
  151. Hellcry Punch: "Demolish weapons with fury! Hellcry Punch!"
  152. Icewolf Bite: "Disaster cries out to smash all.... Icewolf Bite!"
  153. -------------------------------------------------------------------
  155. Speed Ruin: "Destroy all time! Speed Ruin!"
  156. Power Ruin: "Stop with a mighty blow! Power Ruin!"
  157. Magic Ruin: "Destroy evil magic! Magic Ruin!"
  158. Mind Ruin: "Destroy magic attack power! Mind Ruin!"
  159. -------------------------------------------------------------------
  163. -------------------------------------------------------------------
  164. BIO
  165. Bio: "Go to the land of the dead! Bio!"
  166. Bio 2: "Here's a drop of evil from me! Bio2!"
  167. Bio 3: "Say good-bye to your souls.... Bio3!"
  168. -------------------------------------------------------------------
  170. Dark Holy: "Aurora, exhale bloody air! Dark Holy!"
  171. Lifebreak: "Here's my hatred and charm... Lifebreak!"
  172. -------------------------------------------------------------------
  174. Ulmaguest: "My spirit of rest will consume the purest of souls!
  175. Ulmaguest!"
  176. Nanoflare: "Open the doors to where power lives! Nanoflare!"
  177. Ultima: "Brush off vanity and show reality! Ultima!"
  178. -------------------------------------------------------------------
  179. FEAR
  180. Death Cold: "Inject evil spirits! Death Cold!"
  181. Darkness: "Mercy? ...not from me! Darkness!"
  182. Spell: "One step closer to hell! Spell!"
  183. Nightmare: "On the verge of death.... Nightmare!"
  184. Lose Voice: "Know the world of silence! Lose Voice!"
  185. Chicken Race: "Run for your lives! Chicken Race!"
  186. Loss: "Unseeing, unthinking brains.... Loss!"
  187. Seal: "Suck away the spirits... Seal!"
  188. -------------------------------------------------------------------
  189. JA MAGIC
  190. Toad 2: "Join the froggers! Toad2!"
  191. Flare 2: "Flames from hell, gather and fire away! Flare2!"
  192. Gravi 2: "Attack with a silent cry! Gravi2!"
  193. Confuse 2: "Listen to the Mad King.... Confuse2!"
  194. Sleep 2: "Fall into the dark world of unconsciousness.....
  195. Sleep2!"
  196. Blind 2: "Turn off Heaven's light! Blind2!"
  197. -------------------------------------------------------------------
  199. Melt: "Dissolve into a fiery world of chaos... Melt!"
  200. Quake: "Assailants in the ground, it's time to rumble! Quake!"
  201. Tornado: "Gusting winds, hear what I say! Tornado!"
  202. -------------------------------------------------------------------
  204. Poison Frog: "One unaware of their true self .... they pity
  205. themselves!"
  206. Midgar Swarm: "Rays in the dark sky, let's see your dignity!
  207. Midgar Swarm!"
  208. -------------------------------------------------------------------
  210. Ultima (2): "Open 7 doors to reach the tower of power! Ultima!"
  211. Mute: "Cease the evil flow.... Mute!"
  212. Return 2: "Gods of time and tide, give me your power! Return 2!"
  213. Despair 2: "Spirits behind breeze.... wipe out all evil magic!
  214. Despair 2!"
  215. Grand Cross: "Inject tons of evil spirits! Grand Cross!"
  216. All-ultima: "Shimmering life-light, be a tower of power!
  217. All-ultima!"
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