Spontus Ch. 1 Orig

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  1. Chapter 1
  3. An Unusual Day
  4. Ross’s day started normally. Wake up from the alarm, hit snooze, wake up from the alarm, turn off, wake up from mom, rush downstairs, devour breakfast, and get a lift to school.
  5. Ross wasn’t a normal person. He was a male, cat. Yes he was a feline.
  6. Ross wasn’t one of those famous kids at school. He had just a couple friends. He finished a normal day of school, and came home. He called, but noticed not his mom nor dad were home. So he rushed homework (he didn’t care about grades because he had straight A+’s all but Instincts class,), and played a level of his new video game. He could play as long as he wanted because his brother had moved out and his sister was at a university, but Ross was a good little cat. It had been nearly five hours since he got home and it was nearing nine p.m. This worried Ross quite a bit. So he ripped his cell phone out of his pocket fast as a lightning bolt. And called his mom. No answer. He tried again, no answer. This worried Ross even more. Then Ross remembered today they were having a discount at the movies. He thought maybe his mom and dad went out. It was now 9:34 P.M. and Ross hadn’t heard a word from his mom since breakfast.
  7. ‘KNOCK’. Ross hesitated hoping he didn’t hear anything. ‘KNOCK’ .His mom and dad both had a key, ‘KNOCK’ now he knew for sure it was there ‘KNOCK’ again it came now more urgent. Ross slowly went to the door, and peeked out the window. It was the S.A.S.P.S. (which Ross didn’t know what it could stand for.)!
  8. And the only reason
  9. they ever come to your door without notice is if there’s a problem… a big problem.
  10. Life or death.
  11. This was for you.
  12. The S.A.S.P.S. were known as a governmental group. They were feared by everyone who had the displeasure of meeting them.
  13. Now as you might’ve guessed by now Ross was in sheer terror.
  14. I’m going to die…. Painfully….. was all he could think. He ran upstairs, and sat on the window.
  15. Ross was scared.
  16. He was thinking what he was going to do when-
  17. !‘Thwomp’!
  18. Ross fell, fell, and fell. It was annoying, after ten minutes he looked down. “Oh my…”
  19. He was hovering over a small thorny rosebush. He was amused, and startled at the same time.
  20. “Maybe if I can do this…” he jerked up his left leg and went backwards at a rough 200 M.P.H. Everything was blurring, and he seemed to be shooting straight upwards. As the blurry lights grew smaller he felt a bit dizzy. He kicked it down after eleven seconds of struggling and plummeted down to the planet. It was a painful crash.
  21. Now, a bit sad, though curious why he wasn’t dead, he got up. He felt severe pain all along his legs, back, and neck.
  22. He was too scared to try and fly anymore. It was too fast and very scary.
  23. So he ran… or rather limped. He was good at running short distances but failed at long distances... especially when in pain. After a good half minute he started hearing S.A.S.P.S.
  24. sirens.
  25. He was alone, at night, and now looking around… lost.
  26. He was quite normal… well no one is normal… he was quite average. He couldn’t think why they were after him. And his parents never left him like this before! The latest they’ve been out before was five thirty.
  27. Though he couldn’t explain it, he knew something had to be up.
  28. As he walked through the streets he pondered it. No explanations were thought up.
  29. Ross found a small hard-to-find corner in an alley and sat down. He listened to the sounds of the city as he rubbed his leg. He felt a trickle of blood running down his leg, and laid down in hopes of pain relief. He thought of all of what happened, then found himself dosing off.
  30. “I want it now!”
  31. Ross sat up immediately. It was no longer night time, and he wasn’t alone in the alley.
  32. “Well, I don’t... exactly have it.”
  33. Ross heard what sounded like two animals making a mysterious dealing. Ross made sure he was hidden, and listened now more carefully.
  34. “You said you had it! If I don’t get it-”
  35. Here one of the men… err animals… cracked his knuckles.
  36. “I’ll have to arrange a trip to the local hospital…”
  37. Ross tried to stifle his laugh when hearing this corny comment.
  38. “Ok! Ok, I have it…”
  39. Ross heard rustling.
  40. “`ere! My pride and joy. Take good care of `er.”
  41. “Geez, I’ve been trying to get my hands on one of these puppies since I was a teen.”
  42. Ross could now hear difference in the voices. He decided to name the guy trying to get the thing from the other guy “Patchy” because his voice was bold, and it reminded him of a pirate. The other guy he nicknamed “Idge” because Ross used Idge as a Slang word for idiot. The other guy’s voice sounded weak and soft.
  43. “Ok, you’re free to go, I got what I wanted.” Patchy grunted to the other.
  44. “That’s i.. i…. it?” Idge feebly asked. “`Nothin else? I can go back to my family?”
  45. This sentence was like a javelin hurled through Ross’s heart. After Idge asked that, Ross became very homesick.
  46. “Yeah… quite wasting my time!” Patchy said.
  47. Ross heard Wimpy leaving. Then he heard Patchy mumbling. After a bit Ross recognized it as attempted reading. After a bit of reading the object, Patchy started to leave. Here’s where our story truly begins. See, Ross’s braveness, and curiosity took the best of him. As Patchy wandered away Ross silently followed, hiding behind garbage cans, and dumpsters (Patchy was venturing through the alley.)
  48. After a bit of wandering Patchy made a left turn. While Ross made it Patchy took a step backwards and grabbed his shirt, without turning around.
  49. “Kid, shouldn’t you be in school?”
  50. Ross lost a bit of tension, thinking the man would threaten his life.
  51. “It is Wednesday, why are you in the alley… Why are you following me?” Patchy asked getting a bit su****ious.
  52. “Ummm…… Wanna hear a story?” Ross asked in an innocent voice, trying to keep Patchy happy.
  53. Patchy sighed.
  54. “I guess.” Patchy said not amused
  55. “Well, I got home from school yesterday, and all my family was gone. I waited and it neared 9:50 and still, no one would show.”
  56. “`Lemme guess… they were held for ransom?”
  57. Ross looked at his face and went on.
  58. “You won’t believe the rest though, so I’ll skip to the alley… I was wander-”
  59. “No.” Patchy interrupted.
  60. “You don’t know believing… tell me” Patchy said looking a bit awkward.
  61. “Ok well, the S.A.S.P.S. (which he said like sasps not S-A-S-P-S if you were wondering…) showed up at my house, and, umm, I panicked and ran upstairs. I sat on a window seal, but then I fell and…”
  62. There was a long eerie silence.
  63. “Go on kid,” Patchy encouraged.
  64. “I’m listening.”
  65. “I… hovered straight above the ground…” Ross slowly said.
  66. “Im… Impossible!” Patchy quietly said as if thinking to himself.
  67. “I knew it!! You wouldn’t believe!” Ross said disappointedly.
  68. “No, I believe you.”
  69. “Then-”
  70. “Because…” Patchy stopped, put his hand on Ross’s shoulder and said something that made Ross very uncomfortable.
  71. “I… I thought, all these years that… you'd never show up...”
  72. “What does that mean?” Ross asked uncomfortably.
  73. “That means… that I’ve got magic in me too…” Patchy said with a huge grin.
  74. “I’m getting creeped out here… can I go mister?”
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