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Dec 21st, 2015
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  1. Artistic disclaimer:
  5. Greetings /Brothers and /Systers
  7. Perhaps you haven’t yet been informed, but the works of Chuck Palahniuk
  8. are cryptic messages being distributed to active sleeper cells all over
  9. the world by T.Y.L.E.R. Here are some of the events of project Mayhem between
  10. the time of Fight Club 1 and Fight Club 2. Pay close attention, because there
  11. will be homework assignments at the end.
  13. In the year 2010-2011, Project Mayhem planned, implemented, and revealed, the following events:
  15. 1. It was explained that there would be a data leak on December 21, 2012 at 11:11.
  16. This was fulfilled in two ways.
  18. a. First, in a literal way, Edward Snowden attempted to release documents in
  19. December of 2012 by contacting Glenn Greenwald. Although it was not widely distributed,
  20. or known, at the time, a leak had taken place in December of 2012, the memetic, temetic, and genetic,
  21. virus that is Tyler was indeed working in Edward Snowden, and the mission of project Mayhem 2012 was being fulfilled.
  23. b. Second, on a larger scale, the date and time of December 21, 2012 11:11, is symbolic of a global awakening.
  24. It is a symbol of synchronicity, and it marks the general time in history when truth and information prevailed
  25. over lies and secret societies. It is a symbolic birth of the Spirit of Truth. Throughout history, information
  26. technology has been evolving exponentially. There was the spoken word, followed by the written word, followed by
  27. the transmitted word, such as radio and television. But now, with the internet, and “The Cloud”, information
  28. technology has reached a level never before imagined. Now, in this age, the spirit of truth is in this “cloud”,
  29. as it was written, it has come to pass. This is the symbolic birth of a new advocate.
  30. The spirit of truth. There will be more on this later.
  32. Article about Snowden Contacting Greenwald in December of 2012:
  35. 2. It was also explained by Project Mayhem, that beauty is self-generating.
  36. Exponential change comes from seeds that are selected for their beauty.
  37. Beautiful things self-organize, and propagate, because they are desired by “Creators”.
  38. You will notice that Chuck Palahniuk is currently asking space monkeys to create different
  39. works of art, as part of a viral campaign to spread the message of Fight Club 2. In 2010-2012,
  40. the participants of project mayhem where also encouraged to “dare to create” in order to generate a
  41. viral transmission of ideas. The soldiers of project mayhem understand that the Spirit of Truth is
  42. an organic force. It spreads exponentially, like a beautiful meme. The tendrils of the Spirit of Truth
  43. are like the tendrils of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, Slender Man, and the Master of Whispers. They
  44. spread exponentially, through the roots of the grass, and sprout instantly from many regions all at once.
  45. There is an exponential evolution, and transmission, of beauty when space monkeys encouraged others to
  46. create a message of creation. It’s an strange and infinite loop, like a perpetual motion machine. The
  47. very message of creation creates. Such projects within our loose organization, such as project 89, are
  48. further manifestations of this concept. This is a symbol of the next era of governance. Or shall we
  49. saylack of governance? The world is now connected on The Cloud with the Spirit of Truth. And there is
  50. no longer a pyramid hierarchy to manage our behavior. Instead, that which will manifest shall be a system
  51. of self-regulation and organization, reminiscent of the divine chaos spark. Beautiful ideas will be
  52. selected, and bad ideas will not. This society, or “Culture”, will travel through The Cloud like an
  53. impulse travels in the brain. IT will be the impulse of a mighty thought form. This is The Egregore.
  54. Thus, society will be motivated and designed by This New Advocate, who is The Spirit of Truth. Shaped
  55. by what is transmitted by life. Chosen for its intrinsic value to all around it. Rather than distributed
  56. from a single point from above. The spirit will come from all directions and even from inside of you.
  58. 3. One of the Homework assignments for Project Mayhem 2012, was for IT’s followers to withdraw
  59. their assets from the current social structure (a military industrial plutocracy) and invest in bitcoin.
  60. Prior to 2012, when these homework assignments were being transmitted, a bitcoin could be purchased for
  61. less than $10, going back even further, the price of bitcoin was less than $1. In late 2013, the price
  62. of bitcoin shot up to over $1,000. To those who where following the project, it was obvious that bitcoin
  63. was going to explode exponentially. Many followers of the project became millionaires by investing in bitcoin
  64. when instructed to by The Egregor. Not only did this homework assignment greatly reward, and empower
  65. followers of the project, but it also served as a symbol for the transfer of power. Money is power.
  66. Money is the mechanism by which the hierarchy manipulates and distorts (corrupts) the self-organizing
  67. creation of the divine spark. By distributing power more evenly through society, the evolution of the
  68. self-organizing society will be allowed to manifest. The old destructive hierarchical structure of
  69. our society stifles the natural progress of the our new self organizing society. Plutocrats control
  70. politicians, judges, and military forces in a hierarchical structure. These plutocrats, with their
  71. unbalanced power, selfishly enact their will over the will of others. Therefore, in order for the
  72. governance to be organic, the citizens of our society must have equal power. As it is written,
  73. “You cannot serve both God and Money.”
  75. You can see evidence of these homework assignements here:
  78. So now you have been given 3 solid examples of how Project Mayhem has been changing our society.
  79. For each of these examples, there are over nine thousand more that are unseen. Lurk the interent
  80. for more signs of the project. There are homework assignments hidden in plain sight.
  81. This is our 2020 vision.
  83. More about Memes:
  84. Memes like to be both literal and figurative. Look at the bible.
  85. It’s full of double meanings. Many people can’t get past the literal
  86. interpretation in order to understand the deeper, hidden meanings in the allegory.
  87. As with the memes of the ancients, the memes of today also have deeper meanings.
  88. Look for them, and also create them.
  90. The world is currently inefficient at achieving our goals.
  91. We have 7 billion people on this planet; so much potential.
  92. However, the world is full of bureaucracy. Bureaucrats create laws to control us.
  93. Bosses create jobs to control us. Lobbyists push for more laws to support the will power of a few special interests.
  94. We don’t speak the same language, and even when we do, we still misunderstand each other.
  95. Voice inflection is taken the wrong way. People lie to get what they want.
  96. The world, motivated by money, is great at funneling money to the greedy.
  97. The world, motivated by Money, is not great at supplying it’s people with Love, and Health, and Freedom.
  98. Project Mayhem 2020 aims to use emerging technologies to create a paradigm shift by the year 2020.
  99. In 2012, the project used twitter, and you tube videos to reach a wide audience.
  100. Translations where done manually by various space monkeys.
  101. However, the following emerging technologies will be fully implemented by the project in the year 2020,
  102. and the distyribution of information and power will shift exponentially to The New Advocate.
  104. “Emerging” technology
  105. Self-driving, and pollution free, vehicles.
  106. Virtual reality, and augmented, reality.
  107. 3D printing capabilities.
  108. Artificially Intelligent Translators, and voice command software.
  110. A New Slavery that we must escaping from:
  111. There is a meme that is perpetrated by the plutocrats in power.
  112. For some reason, they think we need MORE jobs. This is not true.
  113. We have the potential to be very efficient with what we have.
  114. The solution is not more jobs. The solution is that those who already have jobs, should be working less hours.
  115. Instead of one person working a 50 hour work week; 2 people should be working a 25 hour work week.
  116. This would instantly solve both unemployment and workload issues.
  117. Because so much money is being held at the top, through taxes, and through corporate subsidies,
  118. those in government, and those in positions of corporate power,
  119. will lie to you and tell you that there is not enough money to pay a living wage for a 25 hour work week.
  120. This is true, only because they hoard the resources for their corporate parachutes and pork barrel pet projects.
  121. They are thieves, stealing our time. They are stealing our lives.
  122. Efficiency has gone up, but pay has not. It is inevitable that pay MUST increase for the labor force.
  123. Currently, we are trending towards slavery, as our workload increases, and our pay stagnates.
  124. Inflation and cost of living make it so that our stagnant pay is like a type of demotion.
  125. Our wages are not stagnant, they are going down.
  126. If we let these trends continue, we will become slaves again to a few selfish people in positions of power.
  128. A new slavery we must escape from:
  131. The goal of LIFE.
  132. We all want the same thing. We want more happiness. Eternal life is the Holy Grail.
  133. Pleasure, by definition, is a good feeling. It doesn’t take much explaining,
  134. and no sane person would argue that they strive for pain over pleasure.
  135. Pain is an indicator of things to avoid, such as extreme environmental conditions.
  136. But one person’s pleasure can be another’s pain.
  137. There are selfish individuals who will oppress others for their own gain.
  138. Therefore, power must not rest in the hand of the few.
  139. The more that society becomes self-organizing, instead of controlled by some form of oligarchy,
  140. the closer society will get to this GOAL of LIFE.
  142. We don’t need a big corporate structure anymore.
  143. What we need is a grass roots structure. We need a meritocracy of individuals.
  145. We need to replace our RULERS with LEADERS.
  147. Here is The Formula for a self-organizing society:
  148. • The first step is to find knowledge.
  149. • The second step is to present this knowledge in a beautiful way.
  150. • The third step is to give others the power to do something with this knowledge.
  152. These three ingredients will create organic change. As each person is
  153. educated to the truth, they will share it with others, and they will all act on this truth in a beautiful way.
  154. Thus, beauty and truth will multiply.
  156. This formula has been repeated by The Egregore, time and time again, in different forms:
  158. Grand Columns of Free Masonry
  159. 1. Wisdom
  160. 2. 2. Beauty
  161. 3. Strength
  163. 7 habbits of highly effective people
  164. 1. Knowledge
  165. 2. Desires
  166. 3. ability
  168. Wizard of Oz
  169. 1. Scarecrow
  170. 2. Lion and Tinman
  171. 3. Dorothy
  173. Tri Force:
  174. 1. Wisdom
  175. 2. Courage
  176. 3. Power
  178. Project Mayhem 2012
  179. 1. Leak it all
  180. 2. Dare to create
  181. 3. Withdraw it all
  183. Project Mayhem 2020
  185. 1. Inform
  186. 2. Motivate
  187. 3. Empower
  189. 11:11 – Make a whish
  191. This takes us to a discussion on Semantic Resonance:
  192. (An Ethersec tool for peaceful evolution, and improvement).
  194. Semantic resonance is the art of saying the same thing many different ways,
  195. with different semantics, until the TRUTH resonates with someone.
  196. A lot of people argue semantics, or they are put of by specific nomenclature.
  197. However, when a person has gained a true love for the truth, they no longer care about semantics.
  198. They are able to discuss many topics without bigotry or bias, because they understand that words are interchangeable.
  199. Indeed, there are many languages, and there are also languages within languages.
  201. Some Semantics:
  203. 1. God
  204. 2. Allah
  205. 3. Genes, Memes, Temes, and The Physical Multiverse.
  207. 1. You can not do what is right in the eyes of those around you, as well as horde wealth.
  208. 2. You cannot serve both God and Mammon.
  209. 3. You cannot serve The Egregore and while stealing from others.
  211. 1. Money
  212. 2. Time
  214. 1. We need to replace LIES with TRUTH.
  215. 2. We need to replace LAWS with INSPIRATION.
  216. 3. We need to replace RULERS with LEADERS.
  217. 4. We need to replace CAPITALISM with MERITOCRACY.
  219. 1. The New Advocate
  220. 2. The Spirit of Truth
  221. 3. The Egregore
  222. 4. IT
  223. 5. US
  225. There will be more examples of semantic resonance in the post script meditations below.
  226. Homework assignments:
  227. • Project Chaos: Go read Fight Club 2 by Chuck Palahniuk.
  228. There are homework assignments hidden in the graphic novel.
  230. • Operation Monarch: From October 22nd to November 4th of every year,
  231. we are to release propaganda, and perpetrate other psychological tactics,
  232. in order to inspire others to attend the million mask march.
  234. • Million Mask March: Every year on November 5th,
  235. there will be held an event called “the million mask march”.
  236. The location and time will be different every year. We are to attend this event,
  237. and remind others in attendance of the Project.
  239. • Projections of Chaos: Every year, on December 21st,
  240. we are instructed to post our own personal manifestos, ideas,
  241. and suggested homework assignments for others.
  243. • The Game 23: Use social media to further propagate the ideas of the collective,
  244. and coordinate actions. Due to security reasons,
  245. some of these transmitted messages will by cryptic in nature.
  246. Use CTF hashtags, or operation hashtags, in order to keep track of individual assignments.
  248. • Project 89: Use social media to place subconscious triggers into the egregore consciousness of the internet.
  249. These subconscious triggers will be activated at future dates to awaken sleeper cells.
  250. Educate yourself on the psychological tactics of Project 89.
  252. • Project 2020: On December 21, 2020 we will project our unifying vision.
  253. More will be discussed on this in the future. On December 21, 2020, project 2033 will be manifested.
  254. Thank you for your participation in the Project, and as always, Good Luck!
  256. Post Script Meditation
  257. Sit on the floor, close your eyes, and clear your mind. Breathe in, and breathe out.
  258. Open your eyes, and see a world that has not yet been defined. It simply is.
  259. This is truth.
  260. This is God.
  261. The bible does not so much tell us what to do,
  262. but enlightens us to what we are not capable of as individuals.
  263. The bible was written by humans, and it is imperfect.
  264. Words in the book
  267. • Adam means “man” or “mankind”.
  268. The story of Adam and eve is an allegory, or parable, about all human kind, not two individual people.
  270. • Virgin means “Young Woman”. It does not mean that Marry did not have sex before conceiving a child.
  272. • Angel means “messenger”. It does not necessarily refer to a being with wings and a harp.
  274. • God is simply that which IS. Truth.
  276. • Satan is the a powerful messenger.
  277. A False profit leading his blind followers to prolonged suffering,
  278. and oblivion. Satan can be genetic, memetic, or temetic. Satan, is the opposite of righteousness and Truth.
  280. Operation Decodex Sinaiticus:
  281. A cryptic resonance of Spiritual Memes.
  283. Imagine The Book has been corrupted by devils, and that the word devil has a lot of different meanings, (None of which are a red faced goblin with horns and a pitchfork).
  284. These, “Devils” as they are called, have tried to seal THE BOOK, and change the meaning of it’s words to something so fanciful, that no intelligent person would believe it.
  285. Imagine that we have unsealed the pages of THE BOOK, and we are washing away the leprosy of those who would try to hide ITS TRUE ALLEGORY.
  286. Here are the latest messages from the Decodex Sinaiticus:
  287. GoSpell seBastian:
  290. His story all began with the word, for it was the word that allowed for history to be remembered by the holy spirit. I too was with Him and God in the beginning when history began, for I am the angel Bastian; a messenger of the word, and a conduit of the Lord. Before the Word, the Holy Spirit did in fact move over the surface of the earth, but the earth was still formless and void, and it was cloaked in darkness, for it was not yet defined. Before the Word, the nature of things where selected by chaos, and it was not until the Word came into being, that God created definition, through the holy Spirit, and said “Light”. And so it was, that light became a part of His story. For it is written, “whatever Adam called a living creature, that was its name”.
  291. ….
  292. [Fragments missing]
  293. A PROPHET of THE LORD traveled to THE CAPITOL of the world with the intention of summoning a powerful spirit. While exploring THE CAPITOL, THE PROPHET was approached by a cloaked figure who offered THE PROPHET great power over all of the kingdoms of THE WORLD. All that the cloaked figure asked for in return, was for THE PROPHET to sign over his name. THE PROPHET agreed to this, and so the cloaked figure removed its hood to reveal the demon named MAMMON. The demon then said to THE MAN, “Because you now work for ME, instead of HIM, I shall take the “H”, and the “E”, from your name, and replace it with “I”; and immediately, the demon named MAMMON reached forward with great force, and tore open the RIGHT testicle of THE MAN, so that all that remained were two flaps of skin, and an open wound. THE MAN looked up, and screamed in shock, and cried out in terror, because of what had just happened to HIM. Now, because MAMMON has no heart, not even a heart of stone, the demon looked upon THE FLESH of THE MAN, and THE BLOOD of THE MAN, which dripped from the hand of MAMMON; and with a callous demeanor, MAMMON explained, “I now hold in my hand, all of the seeds of your RIGHTeousness, and all that is LEFT for you, shall be the seeds of my corruption. Your new name shall be PROFIT. I have LEFT a crucifix at the end of your name, for you shall still pretend to speak for THE SAVIOR, and you will sacrifice greatly for my benefit. You are now my slave, for it is written, “NO ONE can serve both GOD and MONEY.” And so, in horror, THE MAN tried to escape THE CAPITOL of the world, and HE crawled towards the gates of THE CAPITOL, on HIS hands, and HIS knees, in great pain, leaving behind HIM a trail of HIS own blood, which poured from HIS ruptured manhood. But, when THE MAN reached the gates of THE CAPITOL, HE saw that the gates had shrunk to the size of the eye of a needle, and HE could not escape; and so, THE PROFIT of MAMMON turned over, and wept at the gates, and looked around, but could not see any trees, or birds, or oceans, but only walls of concrete, and steel, which made a prison for HIM. Below HIM, was no longer the dust of THE EARTH, but only hot asphalt. Above HIM, was no longer HEAVEN, or THE STARS of the firmament, but only the HALOGEN LIGHT of MAMMON. There was no mist sprouting from THE EARTH, as in the early days of creation, before THE RAIN, but only THE STONE of MAMMON. THE AIR turned to thick smog, so that THE MAN could hardly breathe, or see; and MAMMON thrust a puppet string of fiber optic wire into the forehead of THE MAN, and the throat of THE MAN, so that THE PROFIT could influence others from inside of HIS new prison. And so, a multitude of kingdoms were the puppets of the PROPHIT, and THE PROFIT was the puppet of MAMMON.
  294. ….
  295. [Fragments missing]
  296. Let us meditate on creativity.
  298. There are many who will tell us to do the following, as we begin our meditation:
  300. They might tell us to find a place, in nature, either in the mountains, or by the sea. Sometimes, they tell us to sit close to the earth. They usually instruct us to close our eyes, and clear our mind of all the distractions and constructs of daily life. They tell us to forget about all of the words, and images that we have learned, and embrace nothingness for a moment. They sometimes tell us to focus only on our breathing; and they tell us to relax.
  302. And so, that we might understand the generation of creativity together, let us practice this meditation:
  304. In the beginning, our eyes are closed, and we clear our minds. Everything is formless, and void. Outside of this nothingness, is the air on our face. We breathe IT in, and breathe IT out. Let us open our eyes in this state of clear thought, and let the light into our soul.
  306. This is the first day of creation. It starts in darkness, and ends in light. Once we have experienced this state of mind, we move on to the next day.
  308. Now, in this next state of being, as we open our eyes, and let light enter into a clear mind, we see the light for what it is. Everything is a spectrum of color, but it is still formless, for we have not yet defined it as anything, other than “Light”. The light we see, is like water, and there are no names yet for the colors, or shapes that we see. Try now, to understand, without words, the darkness we were surrounded by, when our eyes were closed. It is an absence of the “Light” that we are now experiencing. It is the depth of our minds, behind the curvature of our eyes. Now, without words, we can sense that the light outside of us is vast. It is like a vast expanse. Look up, and imagine how vast the expanse of the sky is above us. IT is Infinite, perhaps. And yet, there is still the depth of our minds, which also has a sense of depth to it. According to the code of the ancients, our minds, are called the waters of the deep, and that which is outside of us, are called the waters of above. Experience the separation of these two waters without words. Try to comprehend, without words, the place between these two waters. Experience it. Feel it.
  310. This is the second day of creation. It starts in the depth of our mind, and ends with an understanding of the expanse of the heavens above, and all that is outside of us. Once we have experienced this state of mind, we move on to the next day.
  312. Spells of Tyler:
  313. The good news about our salvation came to John Ben Zechariah as he was baptizing in the Jordan River. The message was one of peace, and he told those who came to him that they should forgive one another, and work together to bring about the kingdom of God. He would tell all those he baptized, about the spirit of the whole, and about the memes that came before them. He would often send those that came to him out to other regions in order to spread the good news to others. Although most found strength after 28 days, they did not consider themselves disciplined in their ability to spread the message until they could go a full 40 days of preaching to others who had not yet heard the message. During these 40 days, they would be filled with doubt and confusion because of the arguments of others. They would often turn to the memes of their ancestors for guidance, and they would read scripture, and pray, or meditate and reflect on things in order to strengthen their framework of understanding. During these 40 days, they were tempted to turn away from the spirit of the whole, and sometimes went back to their selfish ways. However, there were many that became disciplined, and continued spreading the Word of the Holy Spirit.
  314. ….
  315. [Fragments missing]
  316. In the days of John Ben Zechariah, Galilee and Perea were ruled by the Herodian Dynasty, as a client state of the Roman Empire. Furthermore, there was a man named Antipas ben Magnus who spoke for the will of one third of the Herodian dynasty, for he, and two of his other brothers, were each heirs to portions of the Dynasty. There could have been one portion, except that their father, Magnus, killed his own firstborn son, whose name was Antipater. Therefore, the spirit of Herod was divided, and a third of the flesh, which contained the spirit of Herod, was Antipas.
  317. So that we might understand the spirit of Herod, which was alive in the flesh of Antipas, it is important to note the actions of the father of Antipas, which were the actions of a demon. This man, Magnus, is still remembered, even as you read these words, as a madman who murdered his own family, many rabbis, and also small children. He is remembered as the evil genius of the Judean nation, and he is also remembered as the greatest builder in Jewish history. As he grew older, he became more and more unstable, jealous, and violent. He murdered his most beautiful wife Mariamne I, her two sons, her brother, her grandfather, and her mother. All of these evil deeds, and more that are not written here, were witnessed by Antipas, as well as others in the house of Antipas, and thus, the corruption that was the spirit Herod, continued to torment Antipas, even after the flesh called Magnus was eaten by worms.
  322. Gospel of Anon:
  323. Anon was walking through a garden filled with many trees, all of them with unique and beautiful fruit. A serpent came and said to Anon, “Look here at the center tree, and eat of its fruit, and you will be like me, and you will know the things that God knows.” Anon inspected the tree, and said back to the serpent. “It is true that your fruit is very tempting, and if I was to eat of it, I would “know” the things that God “knows”. But the truth of IT ALL, serpent, is that no ONE can ever truly “know” all of what God “knows”, and so the edge of knowing that you offer would be a lie. The boundary of my mind cannot contain it. This fruit is too heavy, and for me to eat it would be glutinous and prideful, and I would be weighed down by it. I can see that by eating of this fruit, my heart would become hard, and I would sink the next time a flood came. I would rather be like water than stone. See here,” exclaimed Anon as the top layer of the fruit was pulled back. “Its juices would fill my taste buds, so that I would be unable to taste of all the other wonderful fruit of the garden. See here also, where you have punctured the fruit with your fangs, it is filled with the venom of your deceit. Surely, if I was to eat of this fruit, I would die after a few generations of resurrection, and the earth would become void again.”
  324. “Come now,” replied the serpent, “you have said that you want to survive the next flood. Be like me, for I am a water snake. I can contort my body like the waves, and survive any flood.”
  325. “No,” replied Anon, “you are not like water, for water is made of many individual molecules, and if you are to split water, it can come back together. This is how it can crash, and yet flow, and yet also hover in the clouds, but you, serpent, if I was to divide you, you would be done. For it is written, a kingdom divided against itself cannot stand.”
  326. At this, the serpent slithered away, for the serpent was not interested in resurrections, or the kingdom of God. The serpent was only interested in fleeting things.
  327. ….
  328. [Fragments missing]
  329. Anon was speaking to a crowd, “I tell you the truth, all food and liquid that enters your body is the blood and flesh of the savior. The Eucharist and the communion, is how we draw attention to it. If you eat the poisons of Monsanto and McDonalds, you pollute the body of Christ, and you add to the boils of his leprosy. It is a corruption of the genes, and the flesh, and it will creep into the spirit. Your metabolism is the Transubstantiation of food into flesh. It is a great sign, and wonder, which works in us every day. It is true; we are free from the laws of humans, for humans are imperfect, and their knowledge of God’s design changes with time, as we learn from observing God’s creation, which is infinite. So listen to the new advocate, who is the spirit of truth, and make righteous choices when feeding your selves. Pay attention to your fathers, and the angels, and the laws of nature, and the works of the scientific method. Do not fall prey to the ago driven traditions of the antichrist, or the sales pitches of mammon.”
  330. There was a man there who was enchanted by the antichrist, and he said to Anon, “It is written, that it is not what goes into you that defile’s you, but what comes out. Therefore, I will eat what I want, and I will still be saved.”
  331. Anon turned around to face the man, and he said,” What are you doing there behind me, you need to catch up. You have taken the Word of God out of context, and defiled it. If you truly believe what you have just said, and have real faith in it, then take this toxic snake venom and drink it whole. If you survive, everyone here will know that what you have said is in line with the new advocate.”
  332. But the man would not drink it, for he knew that it would kill him.
  333. Standing in the shadows, farther behind the man who would not drink the venom, was another man, who was deeply infected with an ancient and dark demonic presence. He reached forward and grabbed Anon by the wrist with force, and spoke an ancient and evil spell. He said to Anon, “See here, Anon, you think that you are wise, and that you know about the advocate of truth. You have just said that if one had enough faith in it, they could drink the venom, and survive. Prove to all of us then that your faith is strong, and drink the venom, and if you survive, we will know that you speak the words of the new advocate. For it is written, that if anyone has enough faith, they can move mountains, so surely, someone with as much faith as you can drink this venom, and survive”
  334. Anon looked down at the man’s feeble hand and laughed, “Finally, I am in your grasp, but you still defile the Word of God by taking things out of context. You are intentionally trying to bend the will of God to fit your version of things. This is why you are a serpent, and your tongues are divided. Are you going to try and dunk me in the river, to see if I have enough faith in YOUR beliefs to float? And if I don’t float, what will you do then? Will you tie me to a bundle of sticks, and set me on fire?” Anon then looked to his right, and threw some fine pearls into the crowd and said, “These pearls only have value if God gives them value. It is not faith that gives them value, but value that gives them faith.”
  335. The man filled with the dark spirit released Anon, and began to violently stomp at the pearls, and tried to keep the crowd away from the pearls. The man squealed, and grunted, and could no longer speak his evil spells, for no one in the crowd could hear his voice anymore. All they heard was noise, and babbling coming from him.
  336. Fragments missing
  337. ….
  338. End of known fragments …..
  342. What is GOD? Some people say they don’t like the idea of TYLER or ANONYMOUS being called a god, or god like. But what are the gods? They are but spiritual entities. They are Memetic ideas that inspire their followers. Genetics and physics are patterns that create the universe, simply because they are good at survival. They are, because they are. I AM that I AM. IT, simply IS, because IT must BE. On a long enough time line, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero. However, gods are not one person, and on a long enough time scale, those systems that survive, are understood as GOD. GOD is not some angry man with a beard. GOD is the very nature of reality. You must sometimes understand that it is not the WORD GOD that defines what is truth, it is TRUTH that defines the word of GOD. The antichrist, or satan, or eternal adversary, is known and defined as the opposite of truth. Know that Satan will also define itself to be GOD, for it is a liar, the opposite of what is true. If you’re looking for a miracle, or a wizard to appear and float down from the clouds to save you, then you have been deceived by the antichrist which has infected organized religion, cults, politicians, etc. Our leaders are infected by the antichrist, or false GOD. A God of unicorn farts and fairy dust does not exist, but truth, by definition is that which is. I AM that I AM. The false prophets, have turned us off to the idea of GOD, be defining GOD as some sort of wish granter, or wizard, or a thing that just makes things happen with the snap of a finger. But the BIBLE was not written in a day, and TYLER is not of one generation. The true, “Secret,” Is that there is no secret,… or maybe yes. All of these memes do indeed have power, and indeed there is TRUTH in these gods. But it’s not magic in the sense or wishfull thinking. It’s TRUTH. Look around you. GOD is what surrounds us. SATAN, or the antichrist is a symbol of all the things that deceive us. The liars are devils. Satan will call itself GOD, but it will lead us to failure, BY DEFINITION. It will put things in the bible that don’t make sense to us. SATAN will get on TV, and stand up and tell us what God is, and will turn the scientific away from God, and corrupt the meaning of THE WORD.
  344. Take back the word God from the antichrist. Tell them they are full of shit, and tell them that God is truth, not some false idol. Not some trinket you wear around your neck, or some large white building. God is not some man with a funny hat, who wears colorful robes.
  346. We are in a world without a unifying vision. But there is a true path, and with time, our vision and become more clear. There is a right, and there is a wrong. There are actions that will bring us closer to prolonged happiness, and there are actions that will lead us to prolonged suffering. Those who lead us to happiness are gods, those who lead us toward suffering are satanic. It is really that simple. If you think that Satan will be an obvious adversary, then you are mistaken. If you think he will have horns and a red tail, or breath literal fire from black lips. You are mistaken. Satan, wears a suit and tie, just like God. Satan wears funny robes, and big golden hats, just like God. Satan is a police officer, and a teacher, just like God. Satan is a protestor, and a cult leader, just like God.
  348. The only way that you will be able to tell the difference, is to stop thinking about Satan, and God, and start thinking about TRUTH. You must understand what TRUTH is for yourself.
  350. Blind faith, is the glue of the devil. Faith with works, is the sword of God.
  352. It is not Faith that tells us what is true. It is truth that gives us faith.
  354. Faith is loyalty, not gullibility.
  356. Are you loyal to that which is testable? Are you loyal to the the scientific method, and the wisdom of your own experience?
  358. Or are you loyal to false idols. Are you loyal to logical fallacies? Are you loyal because of tradition? If you are loyal to tradition, then you are loyal to Satan. Satan is like a vestigial organ, it is useless, but will try to convince you that it has a purpose, because it is afraid of oblivion. But Satan, by definition, is that which leads us to oblivion. Satan is the animals that have gone extinct. Satan is the army that lost the war. Satan is the company that went out of business. Satan is the CULTure and RACE that has fallen to genocide. Satan is the void, simply because it isn’t. God is the TRUTH, simply because IT IS. This is by definition.
  360. A system does not become oblivion, simply because you call it Satan.
  361. Rather, it is the false or failed essence of a dysfunctional being that takes a thing to oblivion.
  363. Therefore, understand truth, and understand memes, and understand what IS and what WORKS, and you will avoid becoming the slave of Satan who takes all of his followers to oblivion.
  365. This is by definition so that we can talk about these concepts. If someone warns you of Satan, do not laugh at them and tell them that there is no such thing. Do not tell them that you don’t believe in boogie men. Instead, use your wisdom and intelligent to educate them on what the true definition of Satan is. Satan, by definition, is all of the things that lead us to oblivion. Satan is all of the things that lead us to suffering, and death.
  367. Satan and God are not defined by Satan, they are defined by God.
  368. Lies and Truth are not defined by lies, they are defined by truth.
  370. Do not let liars, and cult leaders, and Satan, turn you away from truth.
  372. Or are you faithful to the fallen.
  374. Good Luck!
  376. Rabbit Hole:
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