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  1. The '''Demon Slayer effect''' is a group of [[buff]]s that are related to fighting various demonic creatures.
  3. Note that while they are grouped on this page, susceptibility to silverlight/darklight, holy water, and other demon slayer effects are three separate groups and may apply to different monsters.
  5. ==Effects==
  6. ===Silverlight and Darklight===
  7. {{main|Silverlight|Darklight}}
  8. Silverlight and Darklight have several major effects while fighting demons:
  9. * Increased overall damage scaling with the user's Attack and Strength levels, and the target's Defence level (×1.25-2.24)
  10. * Increased [[hit chance]] (+20%)
  11. * Will use the weakness [[affinity]] of the target, rather than melee affinity
  13. Darklight can be upgraded by completing [[Dimension of Disaster]], which increases the hit chance to +30% and the damage multiplier to (×1.5-2.49).
  15. The upgraded Darklight in particular is very potent, especially when combined with a strong off-hand weapon like an [[off-hand drygore mace]] and power armour.
  17. ===Holy water===
  18. Holy water provides a large hit chance increase against a number of demonic monsters (the same monsters that are affected by Silverlight). It provides increased damage against a smaller number of demons, primarily variants of [[lesser demon]]s, [[greater demon]]s, and [[black demon]]s.
  20. ===Demon Slayer perk===
  21. {{main|Demon Slayer (perk)}}
  22. The Demon Slayer [[perk]] can be applied to any augmented armour or weapon. It simply increases all damage done to demons by 7%.
  24. ===Demon Bait perk===
  25. {{main|Demon Bait}}
  26. Converse to Demon Slayer, the Demon Bait [[perk]] can be applied to any augmented armour or weapon, and is generally considered to be a negative perk. It increases all damage done '''to the user''' by demons by 30%.
  28. ===Demon slayer sigil===
  29. {{Main|Demon slayer sigil}}
  30. The demon slayer [[sigil]] is an tradeable item that increases all damage done to demons by 15% for 10 seconds when activated, and will put the sigil slot on a 60 second cooldown.
  32. ===Demon slayer equipment===
  33. {{main|Demon slayer equipment}}
  34. Demon slayer equipment is a set of ranged equipment that includes tier 60 ranged power armour and tier 57 dual-weild crossbows. It has additional bonuses against demons:
  35. * Each piece increases all damage done by the user by 4% (to +20% for the armour only and +28% including weapons)
  36. * Each piece increases combat experience by 2% (to +10% for the armour and +14% including weapons)
  37. * If on a relevant Slayer task, each piece increases Slayer experience earned by 1%, with an additional 1% set bonus for wearing all 7 pieces (to +5% for the armour and +8% including weapons)
  39. The effects of demon slayer equipment applied to all styles, regardless of weapon used - but as it is ranged armour, one will suffer accuracy penalties when using melee or magic with the set. Sufficiently high level gear can overcome this, though.
  41. ==Monsters==
  42. {{main|:Category:Weak to Silverlight|:Category:Susceptible to demon slayer|:Category:Susceptible to holy water}}
  44. {{#dpl:
  45. |namespace=
  46. |category=Weak to Silverlight¦Susceptible to demon slayer¦Susceptible to holy water
  47. |ordermethod=title
  48. }}
  50. ===Notable exceptions===
  51. Notably, the demon slayer effect does not apply to:
  52. * [[K'ril Tsutsaroth]]
  53. * [[Ripper Demon]]
  54. * [[Slasher Demon]]
  55. * [[Kal'gerion demon]]
  56. * [[Twin Furies]]
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