SvFoE - Aches, Bruises, and in the Buff.

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  1. A requested Story written for the /sveg/ general on Discord. Hopefully one of many stories I'll be writing for them.
  3. Aches, Bruises, and in the Buff.
  5. >It had been a long day at Marco’s karate class and the safety bound boy was already feeling the aches and pains of his recent sparring matches.
  6. >He hobbled along the floor of the Diaz residence as he made his way towards the stairs. Careful as not to apply too much pressure on his many bruises.
  7. >That darn Jeremy had put gold and jewel encrusted knuckles under his hand covers again. No doubt the prepubescent punk had hoped to put Marco in the hospital with a stunt like that.
  8. >Joke was on him though, because Marco saw through Jeremy’s trick and had firmly planted his foot right in the little turds face.
  9. >Sure, a move like that had gotten Marco kicked out of the dojo for the rest of the day. But it was totally worth it, in Marco’s opinion.
  10. >The boy managed to crawl his way up the stairs and made his way to his room. Eager to get out of his sweaty and blood stained gi so that he could lay on his bed and relax to some easygoing (and safe for your hearing) tunes.
  11. >Marco reached out to grab his door knob, but stopped abruptly as the feeling of a dark presence overcame his senses.
  12. >Marco could feel some kind of overwhelmingly evil force behind the door, right in his own room none the less.
  13. >Anybody else would have been on guard and surely afraid for what might lay ahead. But not Marco.
  14. >Not because the boy was practically fearless, mind you.
  15. >But simply because he recognized the presence and knew instantly who it was that was in his room right now.
  16. >The boy let out an exhausted sigh and simply opened his door, ignoring the foreboding feelings.
  17. >Inside, nothing was out of the ordinary. Marco’s room was in its usual state of tidiness and order while looking completely normal.
  18. >It had all its usual stuff, like his desk, computer, t.v., do it yourself work out set, secret stash of Jackie photos, his bed, and a naked Janna on top of said bed.
  19. >Yup, nothing out of the ordinary.
  20. >In fact, Marco was in no way surprised to find Janna naked in his room. After all, she had been showing up in the buff every day for the past three months in a row.
  21. >Marco had seen everything already in every detail. From Janna’s olive skin, to her modest bust and perky light brown nipples, to her small firm rear with handfuls of butt cheeks, and even her own sex which had a trimmed covering of pubic hair.
  22. >The boy had long ago become desensitized to Janna’s nude form and lacked the will or want to so much as even bat an eye at her exposure now.
  23. >”You need some new comics Diaz.” The trickster said lazily as she lounged on Marco’s bed with a comic in one hand and a soda in the other.
  24. >”These Karate Master Man issues are way too old-school. You gotta get some of those gnarly edged comics that have been coming out lately. Those are worth the read.” Janna said as she set the comic down and stared at Marco’s impassive form.
  25. >”I don’t have to get anything to amuse you Janna. We both know you love it when it’s yourself that’s amusing you anyways.” Marco said briskly as he entered his room and went straight for his closet.
  26. >Janna changed positions on Marco’s bed as she followed the boys movements. Now laying on her stomach with her small feet in the air and her arms holding up her head with her hands right below the chin.
  27. >”Hmm, so you got a bunch of shiners from karate class, I see.” Janna mentioned as she noticed the state Marco was in, covered in sores as he was.
  28. >”It was sparring day after all.” Marco simply said as he opened up his closet and entered it.
  29. >A moment later he came out dressed in shorts and a wife beater, just in time find that Janna had changed positions again.
  30. >This time the girl was lounging on her back with another Karate Master Man comic in her hands.
  31. >And with her legs clearly spread open. Allowing Marco to see the girl’s hidden treasure on full display.
  32. >Still, Marco hardly so much as flinched. Janna had pulled this stunt on him one too many times already and it had gotten way old.
  33. >He didn’t stare at Janna’s genitals for long before he walked straight to his desk and sat right on the chair in front of it.
  34. >Marco would have laid down on his own bed to better relax, but there was currently a naked Janna on it after all. He wouldn’t give her the chance to pull off some new trick of hers like the last time he made the mistake of laying next to her.
  35. >Janna apparently had a different idea though and tossed the comic she had away carelessly as she began to sit up off the bed.
  36. >”I'm bored Marco.” Janna simply stated.
  37. >Marco responded with a simple grunt.
  38. >Janna continued to speak, “Let’s do something together.”
  39. >”Why?” The boy honestly asked out of curiosity.
  40. >”Cause it’s obvious you aren’t gonna do anything with the naked girl in your room so you might as well do something with me, like… play a card game or something.”
  41. >”No way Janna, I’ve seen how you play cards, I’ve never seen a more dirty player in my life.” Marco stated as he remembered the time Janna had tricked his friends Ferguson and Alphonzo into playing a game of strip poker.
  42. >The two goofballs had to run home naked that day during a freezing blizzard, all while Janna laughed hysterically at them as she followed while wearing their own clothes to stay nice and warm.
  43. >Janna laughed, “Heh, it’s all do to these magic fingers Marco.” Janna explained as she held up her hands and wiggled her fingers. “Too bad you aren’t so eager to have me test them out on you.”
  44. >Marco responded to that by twisting in his chair and facing away from Janna. The boy opened his laptop on the desk and proceeded to ignore Janna as he surfed the web.
  45. >Behind his back, Janna gave Marco an annoyed glare. ”Tsk, Dirty player… I’d show you how dirty I could be… if you’d let me.” She whispered angrily.
  46. >After that, Janna stared at Marco with crossed arms as the boy continued to ignore her. Clearly investing all interest on whatever was on his computer screen.
  47. >Janna could never stand being ignored. It frustrated the girl to no end and she absolutely couldn’t stand it, not one bit.
  48. >The nude girl stomped her way over towards Marco, grabbed his chair firmly, twisted it so that it spun until the boy was facing her, and then proceeded to sit on his lap.
  49. >She sat facing Marco forward and wrapped both her arms and legs around the boys own sitting form. She brought her face very close to his and continued to stare at him with calculating eyes.
  50. >Marco visibly gulped as a sense of nervousness finally came over him. While it was true that he was already used to seeing Janna naked without much of a reaction. There was still an unpredictability about the girl that always kept the boy on his toes.
  51. >As much as he hated to admit it, Marco would always be afraid of Janna. Simply because you could never tell what she was gonna do next. For good or ill, but mostly for ill on Marco’s part.
  52. >After an uncomfortable silence, Janna suddenly smiled with hooded eyes and asked, “Why don’t you let me see all those bruises and sores you have?”
  53. >She ran her hand along Marco’s arm and slipped it within the shoulder hole under his armpit so as to touch the bare skin on Marco’s chest. Over a particularly nasty looking bruise.
  54. >Janna licked her lips and continued to feel Marco up as she spoke again. “I could go over each one and give them all a little kiss to make them feel better. You’d like that, won’t you-
  55. >Marco’s bedroom door slammed open suddenly as Star Butterfly bolted in and screamed hysterically, “OmagoshMarcoyouwillneverbelievewhatIjustfoundinsidemybellybottonit’slikesomekindoffluffylintypinkandpurpleballoffurthatsmellslikesurgeredplumsandpeachesandkindatastelikeapixiestickandbaconand-“
  56. >”GET OUT!!!” Both Marco and Janna yelled harshly at the intruding princess, who quickly bolted back out the door in fright of the other two angry teens.
  57. >”Man! Why does she always have to spoil the mood?” Janna wondered within her head and stared back at Marco to speak to him again.
  58. >”So about those kisses-“Janna was interrupted once more, this time by a tube of medicinal cream being shoved in her face.
  59. >”Not a chance Janna.” Marco stated matter of factly, “But I’ll let you rub this medicine on my sores if you promise get the heck out of my house afterwards.”
  60. >Janna gave it some thought, “Hmmmmmmmmm… ok.” She happily said as she took the medical tube and got off of Marco’s lap. “Take your shirt off and lay down on the bed.” She told him afterwards.
  61. >Marco did just that and got as comfortable as he could while laying on his bed, facing away from Janna, as he closed his eyes and tried to relax.
  62. >”You’re not gonna try anything funny, right?” Marco asked back at the girl.
  63. >”Nope.” Janna simply said as she emptied the contents of the tube all over her chest and rubbed the cream onto her breasts, stomach, and most of her torso.
  64. >”You know me Marco…” She thought to herself as she walked towards the unsuspecting boy with the intent of surprising him with a body massage.
  65. END
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