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rohan craft/gather guide

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  1. Super Guide to Crafting
  3. by assassinmaster on Fri Jul 03, 2009 7:04 pm
  4. Q: What is the Crafting System?
  5. A: The Crafting System is a way for players to create their own gear from the basic materials they have gathered.
  7. Q: So where do i Start
  8. A: There is a Fishing npc in every major City. Find him and Enter the Crafting Studios.There you can select a Gathering skill and production skill. Find Colek to learn a gathering skill and Kacie to learn a production Skill
  10. Q:What are the Gathering Skills and production Skills?
  11. A:There are 3 Gathering skills
  12. * Gem collecting
  13. * Mineral collecting
  14. * Plant Collecting
  15. as well as four different production Skills
  16. * Armor
  17. * Accessory
  18. * Magic Tools
  19. * Weapon
  20. Each production skill requires it own type of ingredients so it is best to get gathering and production skills that compliment each other
  21. * Armor \ Mineral collecting
  22. * Accessory \ Gem collecting
  23. * Magic Tools \ Plant Collecting
  24. * Weapon \ Mineral collecting
  26. Q: Can I Change skills once I already have one?
  27. A: Yes, but it will cost you 1,000,000 crones, the new skill will be at lvl 1 and you will lose all the blueprints you had registered.
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