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Sheyrah Mar 4th, 2018 (edited) 88,614 Never
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  1. The main pastebin:  TSM4 only : https://pastebin.com/u/sheyrah
  2.                     Is now for TSM4 users. It has group structure, item ID's, and TSM4 operations
  3.                     All the TSM4 groups are not done yet, currently working on them. Any groups that are TSM4 are
  4.                     clearly defined in the title of the import
  6. The alternate pastebin: TSM3 only:  https://pastebin.com/u/sheyrah_alternative
  7.                         It is for TSM3 users. It has group structure, item ID's, and TSM3 operations
  8.                         This is for TSM3 users. It is a little older and will not be updated. There are only a few
  9.                         small items recently added to the game that are missing. Is it still very functional and very
  10.                         similar to the updated TSM4 main pastebin. It's still more than good enough to use. It is also broken down into
  11.                         smaller pieces so a little bit of extra time is needed for importing
  13. The item ID pastebin:   TSM3 & TSM4: https://pastebin.com/u/sheyrah_ID
  14.                         These is for TSM4 and TSM3 users. It only has group structure and item ID's (No operations)
  15.                         These are the recently updated groups (March 9 2018) that I did while updating my pastebin for
  16.                         TSM4 users. Since it only uses group structure and item ID's, it will work fine for both TSM4
  17.                         and TSM3 users. This has been tested and it does work for both.
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