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  1. [IntroStrings]
  2. "I have slain demons, zombies, and beasts. You will be next."
  3. "Beg for a quick death. Maybe I shall oblige."
  4. "The last thing you will hear will be my laughter."
  5. "I will personally turn this arena into a graveyard."
  6. "Tremble, humans. Tremble more if you survive."
  7. "I will face you with honor."
  9. [FragStrings]
  10. "I've paved the way to the Hells for you."
  11. "Your body is but one of many."
  12. "Struggle all you want. I will slay you anyway."
  13. "You lived and died as a true coward."
  14. "And the ground is stained yet again."
  15. "Rise again. I haven't killed you enough yet."
  16. "You fought with honor. It was a pleasure killing you."
  17. "Only a child should cry like that."
  19. [KilledStrings]
  20. "By the gods."
  21. "I end in fire. As it should be."
  22. "My enemies would honor you for this achievement."
  23. "For a brief moment, you were a true fighter."
  24. "For just a moment, I felt something like peace."
  25. "I cannot rest. Not while there is more to slay."
  26. "I fell with honor. I will rest satisfied in that."
  27. "Do not rejoice. I am not downed forever."
  28. "Forward, I march towards oblivion. ...No, not yet."
  30. [RoamingStrings]
  31. "Make it challenging."
  32. "I grow weary of waiting."
  33. "If you had any honor, you would face me as a man."
  34. "Any time not spent fighting is time I care little for."
  35. "My people will not be avenged with wandering around hallways."
  36. "I have just enough ammo remaining to kill the rest of you."
  37. "There is no shame with retreating. Run and hide from me."
  38. "I deliberately take my time, to give you time to cower."
  39. "This is intoxicating, seeing people hide as I approach."
  40. "Never give up, always continue to try. I will be there to stomp each attempt."
  41. "There is no hole deep enough for you to hide in."
  42. "My lust for battle has made me immortal. Come test me."
  43. "Perhaps I should turn my weapons on the walls, so as to sate my boredom."
  44. "Cry little about your fate. I will bring you to meet it."
  45. "When will you learn to give up when I approach?"
  46. "Facing death, your retreat is understandable."
  47. "I ache to fire at more things. My finger twitches."
  48. "Is there enough room for gravestones here?"
  49. "This arena would be prettier bathed in red."
  50. "I am eager to demonstrate my furor."
  51. "Ten more seconds, and you will set a new survival record."
  52. "Can anyone offer me a challenge?"
  53. "Come forth and meet your destiny."
  54. "Worthy, unworthy, I slay whatever is in my path."
  55. "There is no turning away from my path."
  56. "Patience is what separates the good from the great. I can wait."
  57. "In one encounter, or piece by piece...I can slay either way."
  58. "I have no need for tracking or hunting. I simply find and fight."
  59. "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust."
  61. [RareRoamingStrings]
  62. "Beasts, undead, demons, enemies...they all bleed the same, in the end."
  63. "My weapons are starting to wear and fray. Soon, I will need to kill with my hands alone."
  64. "The Wheel must turn more. This lull in action bores me."
  66. //[LosingRoamingStrings]
  68. [WinStrings]
  69. "It was best to call it now, rather than let the massacre continue."
  70. "This is my one mercy to you."
  71. "Weigh your worth carefully in my shadow."
  72. "This is how a true warrior does battle."
  73. "There are yet many more steps I must scale."
  74. "Over so soon? How tragic."
  75. "Call the chambermaid. I have left an unfortunate mess for her."
  77. [LoseStrings]
  78. "What? No! The match is not over yet!"
  79. "I have wasted too much time sating the lessers' egos."
  80. "Your deceptions of grandeur will not elevate you."
  81. "Alas, if you only understood the truth: I fell asleep at the weapon."
  82. "One victory does not make a hero."
  83. "You are not a warrior. You are merely lucky, and luck does not hold."
  84. "What have you truly won?"
  85. "If this battle was of life or death, then the outcome would be very different."
  87. //[FrustratedStrings] // Spammer!
  90. //[EnragedStrings] // You fail it!
  93. //[DemoralizedStrings] // Your skill is not enough!
  96. [PissedStrings] // Llama!
  97. "I will teach you manners, even if I must do so over your cold body."
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