Atyrian IRC Dump

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  1. [01:03.04] <IdiomAlpha> Oh, Shifter
  2. [01:03.36] <IdiomAlpha> You wanted me to draw an Atyrian, right
  3. [01:03.39] <IdiomAlpha> ++,,
  5. [01:19.48] <Shifter55> what did they do with all the bodies?
  6. [01:44.46] <IdiomAlpha> >Shifter: what did they do with all the bodies?
  7. [01:45.10] <IdiomAlpha> >Icae: in my war machines, I used my enemies’ blood as tar, their bones as grit, and their flesh as fabric. Often, I would leave them alive, so they might regrow the limbs, organs, bones, and muscle I used for my work.
  8. [01:45.23] <IdiomAlpha> Or they just ate them.
  9. [01:45.30] <IdiomAlpha> Rekiszerat is pretty brutal.
  10. [01:48.10] <Shifter55> in two days Idiom.
  11. [01:48.48] <Toastline> :o
  12. [01:49.08] <IdiomAlpha> Yes, two days.
  13. [01:49.13] <IdiomAlpha> Rekiszerat is really brutal.
  14. [01:49.31] <IdiomAlpha> The Tharicians lived in close-knit settlements, all together
  15. [01:49.43] <IdiomAlpha> Above the cavern that lead to the heart of the world.
  16. [01:50.15] <IdiomAlpha> The Atyrians burrowed underground and stole the heart of the world, causing massive instability in the area
  17. [01:50.35] <IdiomAlpha> On the first day, massive earthquakes killed millions.
  18. [01:50.51] <IdiomAlpha> Tharicians are extremely small, to be clear.
  19. [01:51.00] <Shifter55> oh okay
  20. [01:51.21] <IdiomAlpha> Then the Atyrians approached from all sides and war-camp’d the rest, whereupon people like Icae had their way with them.
  21. [01:51.56] <IdiomAlpha> The rest were just killed and eaten. Animals on Rekiszerat have metabolisms that go ridiculously fast, which is one of the reasons they can regenerate excessively quickly
  22. [01:52.18] <IdiomAlpha> So it was super easy for the Atyrians to just wait, eat, wait, eat over the course of a day.
  23. [01:52.34] <Shifter55> I'm assuming that the capture of the world heart helped with this too
  24. [01:52.46] <IdiomAlpha> A lot of them were dumped into the pit alive, yes
  25. [01:53.02] <Shifter55> not just that, in containing them
  26. [01:54.55] <IdiomAlpha> Basically, in modern terms, the Atyrians are terrorist-guerillas that tunneled beneath LA or some other big city, destroyed all the generators and food/water supplies, then surrounded the city and tore through it, destroying everything
  27. [01:55.08] <IdiomAlpha> But imagine LA as being as large as, say, ten miles.
  28. [01:55.18] <IdiomAlpha> Or… dammit, kilometers, conversion, aaah
  29. [01:56.26] <IdiomAlpha> Then the Atyrians became the ruling class of the world, and later regretted what they did during the war
  30. [01:56.45] <IdiomAlpha> So they scapegoat’d some extremists like Icae and pretended it was all their fault
  31. [01:59.46] <IdiomAlpha> Since Icae really only developed a form of organic technology based on observations of alien tech, it’s basically like if Josef Mengele was solely blamed for WWII
  32. [02:00.05] <IdiomAlpha> Like, yeah, he did some bad shit, but he’s not responsible for all the horrible stuff
  33. [02:00.38] <IdiomAlpha> caused by the war
  34. [02:00.47] <Shifter55> yeah, but politics
  35. [02:01.27] <Shifter55> still how small were the tharicians?
  36. [02:01.32] <IdiomAlpha> Anyway, before he could be executed, Icae fled the world and went to the most pathetic, tiny wasteland of a world he could
  37. [02:01.46] <IdiomAlpha> Tharicians are about the size of small cats.
  38. [02:01.54] <IdiomAlpha> They look like cockroaches.
  39. [02:02.02] <IdiomAlpha> Or, were, I should say, being dead and all.
  40. [02:02.41] <IdiomAlpha> Evolution on Rekiszerat is a proces of decades, rather than millions of years, so the number of odd sentient species is extraordinarily high.
  41. [02:03.00] <IdiomAlpha> It’s like if every animal was a superpredator, and if there was one that wasn’t, it will be in your lifetime
  42. [02:03.55] <IdiomAlpha> The Tharicians were peaceful and manipulative, making allies and often being underestimated due to their physical tiny-ness
  43. [02:04.03] <IdiomAlpha> They usually had other people do their dirty work
  44. [02:04.56] <IdiomAlpha> Then they got the Heart of the World, a stone which provides infinite power (like, horse-power, not superhero willpower or whatevs) and can transmute matter.
  45. [02:05.00] <Shifter55> hmm...
  46. [02:05.23] <IdiomAlpha> So they became a bit tyrannical.
  47. [02:05.41] <Shifter55> sounds about right for the amount of dead bodies they made at least
  48. [02:05.57] <IdiomAlpha> They’re also flammable.
  49. [02:06.06] <IdiomAlpha> They have gas pockets in their spine.
  50. [02:06.08] <Shifter55> still the place sounds like one hell of a primal chaos
  51. [02:06.12] <IdiomAlpha> Yup!
  52. [02:06.15] <IdiomAlpha> The Spiral of Life
  53. [02:06.44] <Nemi> bwarg flawrg that's enough drawing attempts for now it is gettin late
  54. [02:06.52] <Shifter55> still, if it wasn't you'ld have literal rivers formed from the water released from those bodies :P
  55. [02:07.10] <Nemi> did someone say rivers of blood
  56. [02:07.16] <Shifter55> 42.4 gigalitres of tharician died in those two days
  57. [02:07.23] <IdiomAlpha> Probably a lot of their corpses were turned into building materials by the Heart
  58. [02:07.42] <IdiomAlpha> So the Atyrians basically built their empire out of the bodies of their enemies
  59. [02:07.46] <Shifter55> yep
  60. [02:08.49] <Shifter55> they'ld have to, this is essentially the equivalent of a city being knee deep in gore
  61. [02:09.05] <IdiomAlpha> That also happened, since the Heart takes a while to convert things.
  62. [02:09.18] <IdiomAlpha> it was ridiculously horrible.
  63. [02:09.44] <Shifter55> per the par for the Spiral of Life, at least
  64. [02:10.00] <IdiomAlpha> There’s a reason why even the (possibly even WORSE) equivalent of Mengele became a pacifist afterwards
  65. [02:10.52] <IdiomAlpha> ‘cause without Icae, it’s true, the slaughter couldn’t have happened, but he WAS serving the leadership of his people to the letter
  66. [02:12.13] <IdiomAlpha> Until the Deserved Slaughter, which is what the event was called by the Atyrians afterwards
  67. [02:12.24] <IdiomAlpha> (they really want to revise history)
  68. [02:12.47] <Shifter55> I suppose I should put this in the wiki?
  69. [02:12.57] <IdiomAlpha> :O good idea!
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