Kamachi's Post Railgun T Twitter Comment

Sep 25th, 2020
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  1. This is Kamachi Kazuma! Railgun T has finally made it to the final episode. That also finishes out the three consecutive anime projects. Thank you so much to the anime staff, the VAs, everyone who worked on the manga, the editors, and the viewers!!
  3. How did it feel to be back in Academy City after so long? I expect it was like a trip back to your hold home for some and a fresh new experience for others. It is a city of spinning wind turbines, drum-shaped cleaning robots, and most of all, suspicious magicians and dangerous espers.
  5. You can of course enjoy the story, but the animation probably allows you to enjoy the time and space of the city itself. Especially with this rare situation where we got to see the same stage from multiple angles.
  7. Index took us outside the city and Railgun fought within it, showing us how the world looks different from the perspectives of magic and science. Then Railgun and Accelerator showed different levels to the same science side and dark side of the city.
  9. And the technique that the villains of Accelerator were willing to sacrifice everything to try and achieve is actually perfectly stored in the memory of the girl who is always smiling by Kamijou's side in Index.
  11. But while Kamijou knows the secrets of the magic side in Index, he barely knows anything about the Dark Side spoken of in Railgun and Accelerator. Being able to see the whole picture is a fairly rare intersection of it all. You might be able to discover more if you compare them to each other.
  13. Thank you so much for supporting us this long. And I hope we have a chance to see each other again someday. The staff and everyone else involved must be exhausted right now, but surely we're allowed to innocently pray for more!!
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