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  1. ```In the year XXXX, a virus gone rogue escaped from a biological hazard lab in Denmark.
  2. It quickly adapted to the water and extreme temperatures, and spread across the entire planet.
  3. Millions were caught by the virus, billions were caught by the resulting zombies.
  4. Towns were eliminated in a day.
  5. Cities were eliminated in a week.
  6. By the time sufficient firepower was available across the world, there were too many to be able to kill all of them. American vaccine research created horrible mutations of destructive power.
  7. Anarchy and death reigned for several years, leaving the world in a blackout of information and technology.
  8. Small coalitions set out to create fortresses across the world.
  9. The extreme heat caused by the millions of rotting dead bodies destroying ozone layers killed off most of the virus itself, but the zombies still remained and continued to infect more and more.
  10. Bandits rule the wastelands all over the globe, and sanctuary is a rare sight.
  11. After being jumped by bandits, you and your few friends were bound and set out to be sold as slaves.
  12. Several weeks into captivity, you enacted an escape plan with them.
  13. Only you survived.
  14. You ran for days until you collapsed in the middle of a small highway exit.
  15. You woke up, clothes burnt off by their flamethrowers, and set out to rebuild your future and turn "surviving" into "living."```
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