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  1. # Post your fifth part here:
  2. #### Timeskip 
  4. The doll finds herself traveling not too far a distance away to a large white marble building that was cemented by the light of the full moon. The hotel was located outside of the main city so that its splendor would not be plagued by all the other inferior establishments. His presence was praised by the bizarre looking staff, wearing all white and having bizarre headpieces or masks that partially covered their faces. 
  6. They are approached by one staff member who's appearance was unsettling to most. Green eyes, pale skin, black hair, green lines going down his face that appeared like tears and a headpiece that looked like a bat ear. 
  8. "Welcome back Lord Aizen, Las noches was tended to accordingly in your absence." 
  10. "Well done, Ulquiorra, your help is as appreciated as ever. By the way this here is Alice our newest comrade, she is not to be harmed or touched by anyone aside from myself." 
  12. "I see… so then she holds importance?" 
  14. "No, she will possess no authority over you or the rest of the staff. Her only role is to serve as my doll." 
  16. "Doll you say? If that is your wish lord Aizen I will let it be known." 
  18. He wasn't there to question Aizen on how he wishes to fulfill his desires or relieve himself. He was an advocate and nothing more than a right hand.
  20. He glanced at her with those emotionless yet wide eyes of his. The gaze was as cold as the grave yet as blank as an unpainted canvas. The stare was all she needed to let her know what her place was, that she was at the bottom of the food chain, that her preservation was only guaranteed by Aizen's wishes and the moment her destruction was ordered it would be sought out. With that Ulquiorra turned heel and made his way down the granite hallway, his shoes clicking until he had disappeared.
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