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  1. Jirozame Mako
  2. ---------------------------------------------------------
  4. ---------------------------------------------------------
  6. It's shortly after sunrise on the 11th day of the month of the Serpent. The sun shines down warmly through the misty morning precipitation, painting a faint rainbow in the distance. A beautiful morning if there ever was one, peaceful outside the barracks as servants go about their morning chores, but for Jirozame Mako it's just laundry day. He looks so normal, sitting on the steps with a steaming cup at his side, wearing a bland, earth toned kimono that he clearly sleeps in, inspecting his weapons with what appears to be intense focus (I'll give ya a TN10 Invest/Per test to see if that's actually true if you want).
  8. A scant few steps away, Mamimi is hard at work washing and mending Mako's good clothes–Winter is being checked over now for rips and tears, while Summer is neatly folded on a piece of tatami. Spring and Autumn hang on a line to dry. In the background of this all, the sounds of wood being chopped and quiet, indistinct chatter can be heard over the morning birds.
  9. Shinjo Kurosawa
  10. A busy day to be sure; one could not simply be sitting about doing nothing. The Shinjo did not have many duties to perform in the stables today, and the Kami found a use for his idle hands. Or, maybe not the Kami. A friendly npc samurai, wearing the stars of Shinjitsu no Hoji, had requested his assistance. The samurai's wife had fallen very ill, and he could not tend to her. The Unicorn had volunteered to bring her the medicines along with one of the necklaces.
  12. So where were we now? The youth was loaded with blankets, medicine, a necklace of stars placed neatly at the top, and a heavy bucket of cool water, blindly making his way up the same set of stairs that our Legendary Mako was seated upon. The stairs were not the most wide, so they'd probably be close. Too close. And the Unicorn might bump the Shark's cup of tea out of his hands if the Shark was not quick or aware. Not that Kuro could see exactly where he was going.
  13. Tsuruchi Yashiro
  14. Yashiro, a massive legend, wandered nearby from the direction of the garden. There was a red welt on his cheek, perhaps a sting, But he seemed rather proud of himself. As he rounded a corner he saw the scene laid out before him. This couldn't end well. He thought to himself and smiled. and had a seat nearby to watch.
  15. Jirozame Mako
  16. Not even a poor night's sleep could dull Mako's edge. The laden Shinjo was too big a hazard to miss, so when he began trudging up the steps Mako dropped his wakizashi and snatched the cup out of harm's way. A red-eyed glare was shot at Kurosawa in retalliation.
  18. "Pay attention, damn it! Don't they teach you better at your horse-boy schools, or is it only the horses that learn how to walk?"
  20. Mako's voice is loud, cutting through the morning like a knife. Mamimi flinches at the sudden sound, and more than a couple servants shoot concerned looks over before returning to their work.
  21. Shinjo Kurosawa
  22. The Unicorn paused at the top of the steps, and slowly turned to see who was calling him out. This is what you get for helping people. He peered from the side of his oversized load, and narrowed his steely eyes at the insolent samurai. Lazy ass loaf. Didn't he know there was a war going on? "My sensei taught me many things, one of which was not to sit about with the usefulness of a horse dropping." He lowered himself, gently planting the bucket to the floor, which were followed by the blanket, meds, and jangling necklace. "Some of us," he did not point at himself, for that would be egotistic, "are trying to make things better around here."
  23. Jirozame Mako
  24. That gets a reaction. Mako slams down his drink and leaps to his feet, trying his damndest to loom menacingly over Kurosawa with the two inches he has on him. Bleary and still mussed from sleep, Mako snarls,
  26. "What did you just say to me, little man? I'll have you know that I'm the most skilled swordsman ever to come out of the Shark clan, and have several confirmed kills on Obsidian Magistrates. Show me the proper respect or I'll wipe you out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on Ningen-do, mark my words."
  28. Again, kinda loud. The servants close enough to hear him start moving their work away, and Mamimi freezes in place, her chores on pause for the moment.
  29. Tsuruchi Yashiro
  30. Yashiro casually leans back. He didn't have a horse in this fight, as long as they both didn't die, they could still fight shadow. He leaned his bow against the wall near him as he stretched out.
  31. Shinjo Kurosawa
  32. The Unicorn did not give ground, and did stare at a slightly upward angle as the Jirozame loomed in front of him. For such a busybody, the horseman was very well kept and clean and groomed, his hair back to its spectacular white color. "I would let you finish, but I know for a fact," he practically hissed that part out between ground teeth, "that the samurai known as Jirozame Shinkai is the best Obsidian Magistrate killer of all time." Well, the only one he'd seen personally anyways. If looks could kill, Mako would be taking 3k1 damage right now. "And my swordsmanship is beyond the level of any..." He did not try to keep the disdain out of his voice, "minor clansman. I am a prodigy among the Unicorn." Swampert turned to look at Mamimi. "You. Would you kindly take these supplies to Asahina Mana? She is ill, and needs care."
  33. Jirozame Mako
  34. Upon being suddenly addressed, Mamimi, torn between fleeing and safety, backs up to the wall raised walkway of the barracks and tries to shrink.
  35. And then there's Mako.
  37. "Don't you fucking talk down to me!" Early morning lethargy suddenly swept away by a flood of fire, Mako lunges at the Unicorn with a right hook–
  38. And cracks into his jaw with a solid 8 damage slug.
  39. Shinjo Kurosawa
  40. His eyes were wide as the fist came at him, and he nearly went off balance as the fist made sweet, sweet contact with his jaw. His palm came up to his face, mouth moving to make sure nothing was broken, but the taste of iron confirmed to him something was messed up in there. He spat to the side, eyes lighting up with fire and hate at Mako, before lunging at the Shark, to grapple the brash shark to the ground.
  41. Jirozame Mako
  42. Despite the Shinjo's efforts, Mako's harsh childhood prepared him for hand-to-hand combat. He doesn't quite go down, but the elbow he launches at Kuro only glances his ribs while they tussle.
  43. Tsuruchi Yashiro
  44. Yashiro pulled his bow to his lap. He probably shouldn't let these idiots kill each other, but they didn't seem to be particularly good at this, and Neither of them had really gained the upper hand yet.
  45. Shinjo Kurosawa
  46. This was a hasty, not well thought out at all plan. While struggling underneath Mako, the sharp elbow of the minor clansman caused a short, sharp pain that caused him to exhale suddenly and violently. He wriggled, trying to keep from being held in place, before managing to toss the Shark away from himself, hair tousled and messy to match his opponent's.
  47. Tsuruchi Kazue
  48. Look quite dapper in his long hair and very nice kimono was the Tsuruchi of the wedding. He had traded his greens for greys of silk with small arrowheads on them. His large bow was behind him and upon sighting the scene he frowned deeply before drawing it and yelling in a loud voice. "Nothing is happening here. I will close my eyes."
  50. Presently he closed his eyes and automatically pulled an arrow out of his green wasp covered quiver.
  51. Tsuruchi Yashiro
  52. Yashiro smiled.
  53. Jirozame Mako
  54. With that hearty heave, Mako's world suddenly flipped-turned upside down and stabilized with a dull thud as he landed on his back in the dirt. Furious, he scrambled to his feet and strode purposefully towards Kurosawa.
  56. "I'm not done yet. Come on!"
  58. (That would be my Simple to stand and a very short move. Kuro's turn, if he's gonna do something."
  59. Shinjo Kurosawa
  60. ((just a sec, getting ready))
  61. Jirozame Mako
  62. (Take your time)
  63. Shinjo Kurosawa
  64. The Unicorn samurai was panting, holding onto his side with a wince in his eyes. However, at the shout he straightened up and pointed at the Shark: "He started it."
  65. Jirozame Mako
  66. (I believe it would be Kazue's turn now, if he's gonna act. Otherwise Mako's changing stances and swinging again.)
  67. Tsuruchi Kazue
  68. The Tsuruchi shot an arrow with his eyes closed, and it stuck in the wall between the two combatants.
  69. Tsuruchi Yashiro
  70. Yashiro had been preparing to shoot after seeing the Tsuruchi fire, but seeing the other man miss he sort of held off awkwardly, not really sure how to proceed, He was standing now though.
  71. Jirozame Mako
  72. Snapping out a quick "Stay out of this!" at the Tsuruchi, Mako launches a much angrier swing at Kurosawa. But it was a feint! His real attack comes from his skull, which slams into Kurosawa's face.
  73. (Another 9 damage, ATN is lower, Kazue is gonna shoot me.)
  74. Tsuruchi Kazue
  75. The Tsuruchi opens his eyes and pins the Jirozame with a look. Loudly he says again. "NOTHING IS HAPPENING HERE."
  77. Then he shoots Mako in the foot. The arrow goes into the floor beneath them. (27 damage.)
  78. Tsuruchi Yashiro
  79. Yashiro draws his bow and takes a few steps closer. He silently keeps his bow trained on the space between the two of them, should either decide to continue.
  80. Jirozame Mako
  81. Mako's smug smile and sense of superiority? Gone. Replaced in a flash with shooting pain, he drops to one knee and belts out a shocked "FUCK". Mamimi screams too, but she has the sense to muffle it by screaming into the kimono she was mending.
  83. "Why did you shoot me?! You weren't here for him insulting the minor clans! You would have beat his ass too!"
  84. Shinjo Kurosawa
  85. Meanwhile, the Shinjo was trying to show what a good boy he was. He didn't think that the Shark was going to punch him when the Wasp shot between them but lo and behold. The fist slammed right dead center into his face, and he backed off, clutching at his bleeding nose. Man this was getting fucked up real fast. He stood silent at the accusation; he wouldn't deny it in the presence of witnesses after all. For now, all he could do was glare at the Sharkboy not even taking satisfaction that he got shot in the foot.
  86. Tsuruchi Kazue
  87. "Nothing has happened here. None of us can afford for more discord today." He suddenly looks tired. "But enough of this nothing. Jirozame-San, if you would allow me, I will bind that for you. Shinjo-San, if you repeat another word about minor clans in my lord's castle I will charge you with disturbing the peace."
  88. Tsuruchi Yashiro
  89. Yashiro lowered his bow and approached., bowing to those present.
  90. Jirozame Shinkai
  91. From a nearby section of wall, an older man watches the goings on with a sense of mild amusement, leaning against a section of stone with his bow. He's idly cleaning his nails with a knife as the brawl progresses and once the arrows start to fly, an eyebrow is raised. When Mako is eventually shot in the foot, the gentleman takes a step off of the wall, sliding the knife into his obi and scooping his bow from the stones where it leaned. He doesn't nock an arrow despite the bow being strung, and he seems fairly relaxed.  He calls out from his high vantage point, announcing his presence. "Perhaps in the future, Jirozame-san will not attempt to credit a voucher with his mouth that his skill is not sufficient to fulfill."
  92. Jirozame Mako
  93. Mako grits his teeth and snaps the shaft of the arrow before agonizing over moving his foot off of it. Mamimi comes unbidden and grabs hold of his arm, mostly to steady him as he sits down.
  95. "Fine. Can't afford to lose the foot, so I guess I'll let you fix it." He snaps a glare over to Shinkai. "I was winning until the Tsuruchi fired! One more good punch woulda ended it."
  96. Tsuruchi Kazue
  97. The Tsuruchi bends down and pulls out a bottle ointment which he spreads over the bleed. A few quick steps with a length of silk and he is finished wrapping it up. It should hold and not bleed. He turns to Yashiro. "Get a priest. This area needs a blessing for no reason. Understand?"
  98. Tsuruchi Yashiro
  99. Yashiro nods and hurries off to find a priest.
  100. Tsuruchi Kazue
  101. "I am late. Jirozame-san, Shinjo-san." He bows and then departs up the steps to speak with his boss about the latest bad news.
  102. Jirozame Mako
  103. Mako almost doesn't wince while Kazue rubs and wraps his arrow wound. He doesn't exactly glare at his back while he leaves, but the look isn't kind either. "Can't believe he shot me."
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