The Chronicles Of Alexstrasza CH1EP4 Walkthrough

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  1. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2.                                 NIGHT TIME
  3. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. 1 When you wake up as Alori, walk up passed the tree fallen on the airship and jump on
  6. 2 Take the stairs down and find Ellie unconscious
  8. 3 After you wake up as Ellie and gain control, talk to Jaina and say "Seems I'm just very lucky" and continue with the dialog
  10. 4 After the Dialog, turn around and talk to Jaina again for a small SCENE
  12. 5 Leave the tent and go straight to talk to Joy next to her bike
  14. 6 When prompted, say "You're the sexiest elf I've ever seen" and continue with the dialog to unlock a scene later
  16. 7 Next, run straight to the Orc in the bed in a tent and talk to the human in there
  18. 8 After that, leave the tent and head out of the camp. Head towards the purple smoke looking thing and press E on it ---
  20. 9 Take a right passed the tree and run up to the big boulder. Go on the other side of it to see Joy leaning on it. Talk to her for a SCENE
  22. 10 Keep following that path all the way through the chasm until you come to an opening. Go left and you'll find Alori and Tri'ka. Ask to join them for a SCENE
  24. 11 Now head all the way back through and follow the right wall until you come across two guards. Talk with them, they want some alcohol
  26. 12 Go back to the camp and beside the fire you'll find a kitty druid. Go next to him and press E to put his tail in the fire so you can enter big tent
  28. 13 Inside, pick up the bottle on the table and read the note. Now choose between which potion you want (Red gives you a scene later, green skips it)
  30. 14 Now head back to the guards and give them the alcohol (Walk up to the white haired one and press I, click on the Alcohol, and press the hand icon) and get a SCENE
  32. 15 Run by them and take a left after the bridge. A little ways up you'll see a campfire. Talk to the Night Elf for a SCENE (You can let Aria go, but that gives up two scenes)
  34. 16 Now it's time to find the three lilies for the antidote
  36. 17 Lily 1: Keep going forward passed the campfire, impossible to miss ---
  38. 18 Lily 2: Turn around and go into the river. It's beside the door at the end of the river ---
  40. 19 Lily 3: Get out of the river and run back to the bridge, it's under it ---
  42. 20 Go back to camp after getting all 3 and talk to David in the tent with the orc for a small SCENE
  44. 21 Go to the right most tent behind the King for another small SCENE
  46. 22 You can go talk to the orc now for a SCENE with him. WARNING, though, you cannot save/load after having sex with him. If you do, you will be stuck in an infinite loop of a camera panning over the orc. So save before him, have sex with him, then load so you don't run into any problems
  48. 23 Leave the camp again and head back out passed the guards, except this time go over the bridge
  50. 24 Keep going until you find the tuskaar camp gate. Go left when you reach the gate until you find two Tuskaar and a rack of fish
  52. 25 You have a choice here, take the fish off the rack for a SCENE or take a right from the rack and go down to the beach to find a fish lying there ---
  54. 26 Go all the way back to where you had to turn left to get to the bridge, and take a right and follow the path ---
  56. 27 Follow the path until you're around the big boulder, then follow the shoreline on your left until you're behind the zeppelin ---
  58. 28 Walk across the fallen tree over to the zeppelin and check the chest. Badman will cry out for help after you notice the dagger is missing
  60. 29 Walk back over the tree and kick the tree Badman is in to make him fall out, then turn around and walk forward
  62. 30 You should see a familiar face near a campfire you can rescue for a SCENE
  64. 31 Afterwards, keep going. Head to the left of that giant log looking thing to find some gravemoss that you will need --- ---
  66. 32 Now go back to where you saw Badman fall and talk to him in the water. He wants his weed back... and his best friend I guess
  68. 33 Go through the water to the right of the zeppelin onto land, and go up the hill to the right of the bottle in the sand ---
  70. 34 Keep going forward until you see a cave to your right. Press I and click on the gravemoss and whatever potion you picked up, then click on the new icon to the right of the = sign
  72. 35 Now combine both the new potion and the fish for some poisoned fish and drop it where the "Food" sign is in the cave for a SCENE (Or not if you chose the green one) ---
  74. 36 Run passed the wolf and find Badman's weed as well as Jacob. Use it to gather some weed, then combine the weed with the note you picked up near the beginning of the game for a joint
  76. 37 Run back to Badman and use the joint on him. Now run BACK to the cave you found Jacob and the weed in and talk to Badman
  78. 38 Now you're gonna have to run all the way back to where you found Alori and Tri'ka, because the Tuskaar won't just let you walk in through their front gate
  80. 39 Once you get to Alori and Tri'ka, follow the left wall until you see a Tuskaar working under a boat. Kick out the support beam and walk into the camp, where you'll be shot
  83. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  84.                                 DAY TIME
  85. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  86. 40 When you wake up and talk to the Tuskaar, go left into the kings hut. Talk to him, then leave through the front gate
  88. 41 Run forward towards Jaina and Alori for a SCENE
  90. 42 OPTIONAL 1: Run passed Jaina and Alori until you cross the bridge and come to the split path (Left to the camp, right to the zeppelin). Take the right path and follow it until you see a pond to your left. You'll see Aria spying on a blood elf taking a shower. Talk to her for a SCENE. This will unlock another one later on
  92. 43 Turn around and run back to the Tuskaar front gate. Turn left again towards where you found the fish. Keep following the right wall
  94. 44 OPTIONAL 2: If you followed the first optional part, you'll find Aria spying on Badman under a palm tree in a bush. Talk to her for another SCENE
  96. 45 Eventually you'll come across a boat. Keep going and you'll find two draenei's sitting around a campfire. Talk to them for a SCENE and your disguise
  98. 46 Now walk all the way back, through the tuskaar gate, and to the other side of the camp. Walk out back there and follow the right wall back to where you found Alori and Tri'ka
  100. 47 You'll see a gate on the other side of the water. Talk to the orc in front of it to get access
  102. 48 Head all the way up and talk to Daemia in the cage, then go talk with the leader at the top of the hill for a SCENE
  104. 49 Go back down to the last house on the left. Talk to the guard to make him go away, then go inside and pick up the matches
  106. 50 Leave the hut and use the wheel barrel full of explosives right outside the door, then use the matches on them when you get teleported to the gate
  108. 51 After the cutscenes, go to the tent next to yours for a small SCENE
  110. 52 Leave the camp again and go out passed the guards and cross the bridge for another SCENE
  112. 53 OPTIONAL: Run back to where you found Badman sitting on the beach (Beside the Tuskaar camp) for another small SCENE
  114. 54 Cross back across the bridge and go right all the way passed the zeppelin. Keep following the path and following the right wall until you find a ladder ---
  116. 55 Go up both ladders and into the house. Talk to the Night Elf for a SCENE
  118. 56 When you're done, go back down and keep following the right wall to the two murlocs. They'll let you passed since you have something shiny
  120. 57 Run forward until you see a rock path heading up. Follow it all the way up and grab the camera ---
  122. 58 Go into the murloc camp and talk to the two poorly disguised people in the big cage
  124. 59 Now go around the cage and talk to the king in the house with the two red murloc flags on both sides, give him the camera
  126. 60 Run back up to where you found the camera and talk to Hemet for a SCENE
  128. 61 Now leave, passed the murloc guards, but this time follow the right wall and into the giant log for a SCENE
  130. 62 As Daemia, run into the same place and talk to Ellie
  132. THE END
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