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  1. The Cannon Butt Plug   - There's no denying that the Cannon butt plug is one serious anal toy. When you hold it in your hands and feel the massive size, you'll quickly realize that this plug for the serious minded who want to stretch their anus like never before. When was the last time you held a dong weighing 8 pounds and 12 ounces.   Decorated to look like a cannon, this butt plug has a realistically shaped cock head and balls for a base. The heft, thickness and range of this butt plug means you'll get a fulfilling stretch. The Cannon Butt Plug is manufactured by TSX Toys. **Please use caution while using this toy.
  2. Features:       Phathalate Free
  3. Material:       Rubber
  4. Color:  Black
  5. Batteries:      None
  6. Measurements:
  7. Long:   12.55 inches
  8. Insertable:     4.75 inches
  9. Around:         16.50 inches
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