Mint Shenanigans

Dec 27th, 2013
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  1. Act 1
  3. >Day another night in Equestria
  4. >So it’s not a day in a sense but still
  5. >Sitting on the computer (thank god for Celestias magical powers of pulling off bullshit and an internet connection) with the glow from the screen lighting your small house
  6. >Was supposed to go to sleep but got stuck reading creepypasta
  7. >That’s all right, screw sleep anyways
  8. *SLAM
  9. >Calmly and in a perfectly controlled manner flip your shit and panic
  10. Owww…
  11. >wait, that sounds like a pony. You unflip your shits and walk to the door, no need to be scared of ponyfolk
  12. >You open the door and are about to yell at the pony for giving you a heart attack when you stop and stare at the pony sprawled on your porch rubbing her nose with a small dust cloud floating around her
  13. >Cyan mane, white fluffy parts, orange things on the ponies head, weird butterfly wings on pony
  14. >Now that’s a weird pony
  15. >Before you have the chance to say anything the pony seems to come to and look at you and then at the doorway
  16. >Oh look ma no pupils?
  17. >The pony darts into your house and there is another crash
  18. >You quickly turn and go see what happened
  19. >The pony crashed your screen and now it is on the floor
  20. >”MY SCREEN!” you scream and rush to survey the damage
  21. >As you are making sure your screen is not damaged the pony thing seems to get up from your floor
  22. “Sorry about that, it was just so bright and I could not help myself”
  23. >The pony says this and turns to you, tilts her, judging by the voice, head to the side and closes one of her eyes and extends some of her tongue
  24. “Te-he”
  25. >You glare at the thing that is now looking a bit cute but still not enough to not make you angry
  26. >”Don’t you te-he me you, you…”
  27. >Before you have the chance to finish the moth pony thing interrupts you while giving you a smile
  28. “Minty”
  29. >”What?”
  30. “I’m Minty. Nice to meet you”
  31. >”Yes it seems that way… so why are you in my house?” you question of the fluffy invader
  32. “Well, I was just going out to find some beautiful flowers filled with sweet nectar goodness when I was simply captivated by that beautiful glow coming out of your window, and before I knew it I had flown against your window”
  33. >The moth pony keeps on talking how light attracted her and she had no control of her body
  34. >Her hips moved on their own and now here she is
  35. >You gave up on listening anymore and started to put your setup back together
  36. >The pony seems to have quieted too and stares at you with her tongue, very long tongue, out and rolled like a butterflies… long drinking organ thingy
  37. >As the screen comes back online you notice that the pony seems to straighten up a bit, and her orange antennae seem to bend a bit more sharply forward and her ears perk up as she seems hypnotized by the screen
  38. >You walk to your door and hold it open
  39. >”Ok Minty, now if you excuse me I need to get back to doing stuff so, goodbye for now”
  40. >The pony does not react, she has moved close to your screen and just stares at it while sitting down
  41. >Your patience is growing thin
  42. >You walk up to the pony and try to nudge her
  43. >She seems very strongly rooted to the floor
  44. >So you lift her up
  45. >Wow she’s warm and soft
  46. >Calm now D, this is not a moment of giving
  47. >Minty seems to still be starring at the screen
  48. >You start to walk towards the door
  49. “Nooohh…”
  50. >A small sound of disapproval from Minty as she tries to get out of your hold
  51. >She starts to flap her wings and struggle now
  52. >Boy she’s actually strong
  53. >You carry the flapping and disapproving moth pony and flip her out on the porch and slam the door shut before she has the time to react.
  54. “Noooh let me back in”
  55. >There’s a sound of a hoof scratching against your door and the sounds of wings-a-flappin’
  56. >You quickly turn off the monitor
  57. “Nooooh the light…”
  58. >”Light is kill go home Minty” you yell out as you get some black trash bags and duct tape
  59. >You hear the somewhat sad sound of wing flapping as you make sure that no more light escapes out of the windows while you continue to read creepypasta
  60. >Now you kind of regret sending the thing away
  61. >Hopefully you will meet her again
  63. Act 2
  65. >Day another day in Equestria which is in fact the evening
  66. >Evening as in evening for you, late night for everyone else
  67. “More nectar?”
  68. >Minty is visiting again
  69. >After your first run-in she has become a regular in your house
  70. >She says it’s to pass time with her new friend
  71. >And currently the two of you have no idea what to do
  72. >It has been like this for a small while now, both of you sitting down on your huge couch and not saying anything in the dimly lit room
  73. >can’t go flipping off to much light or Minty is going to be staring at lamps-lala-land
  74. >You do not feel like playing Fallout 3 while Minty watches, too many supermutants fucking up your day there
  75. >Should not have blown up Megaton, Damn Tenpenny doctor is always in god knows where when you need more Stimpaks
  76. >Tough Minty seems to like the game for whatever reasons
  77. >Anyways something to do, something to do, damn it feels like your head is going to whistle out steam any moment now
  78. “You don’t have to struggle so hard Anon”
  79. >”Umm, what Minty? What struggle?”
  80. “You don’t have to think up constant activities to pass the time for me”
  81. >…damn, it must have been really obvious on your face
  82. >”Did I look that troubled?”
  83. >Minty lifts her hoof to her mouth and giggles a bit
  84. >Dammit that is cute how her closed eyes seem like they are smiling
  85. >Control your cuteness sensor Anon, you do not need the Diabeetus now
  86. “I’m perfectly happy just spending time with you like this”
  87. >Well, that’s cool and also you need to control your mind to not intercept that as a sign of affection
  88. >Nothing against putting your dick in it but you don’t want to scare off this rare chance to be friends with a mothpony
  89. >Speaking of her she seems to have scooted closer to you while you were inside your head and is now flexing her wings
  90. >You stare at her with curiosity to see what happens next
  91. >Minty bends her antennae forward and down a bit, and start to wipe them with her front hoofs
  92. >Awww she is cleaning her orange sensory things
  93. >She notices you starring at her and stares back, almost as if she is asking you what you are looking at
  94. >”Um, uh, I was just looking at you cleaning yourself because it was cute”
  95. >Minty smiles and thanks you, but then she looks at you with a look in her eyes you could probably describe as bedroom eyes
  96. “So, you think I look cute Anon?”
  97. >Fuck, you did say that.
  98. >If you were a manly man this would be the time to flash her a killer smile and swoop her off her feet
  99. >But sadly your confidence is nowhere near that level and you are a bit shy when it comes to this
  100. >You blame human women for this, damn them and their scorn when the popular girls in class noticed you starring at you, god forbid when you tried to smile to them
  101. >The laughs, they still sting
  102. >”No, but what I mean is, well yes I did say-“
  103. >At this point Mintys Bedroom eyes have taken more friendly tone
  104. >You scramble a bit as you get up from the couch
  105. >”-anyways yeah so let’s just, hey Minty how about we-“
  106. >You bump against your Stereo system
  107. >Bless Celestia for free awesome shit
  108. >Suddenly the house is blasted with music
  109. >In this case, I’m Gonna Be, Gareth Nevin Remix
  111. >You are about to turn it off but you notice Minty is paying a lot of attention to the music
  112. >She starts to sway her head from side to side a bit with the tune
  113. >It actually looks very neat with her Antennae swaying with her, swinging from side to side in the air
  114. >”You like this?”
  115. >Minty turns to you and nods, and jumps down from the couch, and lifts her left front hoof and right rear hoof up into the air
  116. >Before you get the chance to even wonder what she is doing she stomps her raised hoofs down while lifting the opposing ones
  117. >And starts stomping to the beat cutely
  118. “You too Anon” Minty says with delight in her voice
  119. >Why not, you join her and awkwardly stomp with the music
  120. >Rest of the evening is spend with you sharing all sorts of music from the human world to Minty
  121. >That night you dream of thousands of moth ponies marching to that 500 miles song all over the place
  123. Act 3
  125. >Day visiting Mintys house
  126. >The two of you have known each other for a while now and Minty has invited you to her house for a chance and to sample some of her nectar collection
  127. >That stuff is really, really good
  128. >Minty has been bringing you some every now and then
  129. >Also this is the perfect chance to find out for once and for all if Minty thinks of you as something more than friends
  130. >When she greeted you she did not seem any more dolled up than normally
  131. >And the beginning of the evening did not hint anything
  132. >That’s cool, she’s an awesome pony to have as a friend
  133. >She showed you her house and surprisingly it was not a cocoon
  134. >Although there is a lot of silk in her house
  135. >You wondered if silk comes out of her butt and almost got caught starring
  136. >Anyways the two of you have now been sampling for a while now
  137. >She also has some tasty snacks for you, which is cool nom nom
  138. “And here is one of my prized possessions in my collection, nectar from a very rare flower that only grows in the Everfree forest and blooms during the full moon”
  139. >Minty starts to flutter down with a cool looking glass jar in her hoofs and sits down next to you on her couch while setting the jar dawn
  140. >The jar looks pristine and untouched; she should not open up a new jar of some rare stuff just for you
  141. >And honestly your taste buds are not as great for tasting nectars like moths must have
  142. >Minty has been going on and on about different flavors but you mostly can’t tell some apart from each other
  143. >”Minty, don’t tell me you’re in mint condition”
  144. >…
  145. >…
  146. >Wait wait wait that did not come out right, you feel your cheeks burning up
  147. >You were supposed to say that’s, not you’re but that’s oh crap
  148. >Ok, ok, maybe that word is alien to Minty and she has no ide- OH look she’s getting a sly smile on her face yup
  149. “Oh why Anon, were you thinking about opening the package and making some nectar of your own?”
  150. >Minty moves very close to you and whispers into your ear
  151. “Spermmint flavour?”
  152. >welp
  153. >Her antennae gently caress and brush your face as she pulls her head back a bit and gazes into your eyes with those gray sexy bedroom eyes of hers sweet lord above your dick just twitched
  154. >”I ahh… It was a slip of the tongue, honest!”
  155. “Are you sure? You know…”
  156. >What what what Minty is pushing you against the couch and is now on top of you ok great
  157. “My nectar tastes very sweet…”
  158. >Oh god that voice certainly dripped with a lot of sweetness
  159. >You can imagine something else that is most likely dripping oh jeez oh boy oh jeez
  160. >Minty feels very warm on top of you
  161. >Damn her and her fluff and good smell and cuteness and stuff along those lines
  162. >You heart is beating fast
  163. >There is no mistaking that look, you might be a lot of things but there is no mistaking bedroom eyes of that caliber, especially mixed in with that sort of a seducing tone of voice
  164. >There is only one way
  165. >Years of anime has prepared you for this
  166. >You are going to handle this like all those manly men in your Japanese cartoons
  167. >There is only one way
  168. >You pussy out like an anime protagonist
  169. >Your mind filled with panic, you run out of the door
  170. >Suddenly your mind is filled with images of a crying Minty feeling heartbroken, crying after being turned down
  171. >Like a dagger to the heart you might or might not have, it makes you turn around while running
  172. >Nope, Minty is there, looking at you from her doorway, smiling with her eyes closed in that smiling manner and waving at you with one of her hoofs
  173. “I’m not giving up Anon”
  174. >Ah, such a peculiar feeling running trough you as your heart warms up, your dick facepalms with your left testicle at your sperglordness galore and you manage to trip on a root you did not see while running backwards
  175. >Purely genius to keep moving and not look where you go
  176. >Things are going to be interesting from now on
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