The Big Picture - Secret

Mar 19th, 2019
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  1. [This is a secret hidden supplement to my other story. You should only be here if you've fully embraced /healing/]
  3. There is a lull in the action of the film before you, and in this quiet moment you feel Alita snuggle deeper in to your chest. Your hand traces its way along her body, from the smooth curves of her shoulder down to the taut artificial muscle of her stomach. The fibers are smooth and warm; they feel human. As you gently run your hands across her, you feel a shiver run through her body and she moans softly. You look away from the film and see her eyes closed; red blossoming in her cheeks and her mouth just the barest bit open. You move a little firmer and faster. She begins to match you, shifting so her hands can run across your chest. She’s breathing heavier, and you can feel her heart in sync with yours. Her hands become more desperate, gripping you harder and closer. You grab her shoulder and her eyes open. There is a predatory glint in them, and she effortlessly rolls on top of you, rocking back and forth slightly with her hips as she moans softly. You let out a clipped grunt and she leans over you. She easily takes your wrists and together holds your hands above your head. No escaping now. She takes your chin in her other hand and leans further towards your face. Her breath is hot and her face flushed. She whispers, breathy and soft.
  5. “I want you.”
  7. Before you can say anything she kisses you. Rough. Passionate. You feel the desire behind every movement and you push in to it. Her moan is louder now, and it’s getting harder and harder to think. You manage to tear yourself away for a moment and your words come spilling out.
  9. “aaahhhh I don’t think- just wait-”
  11. Concern spills over her face and she immediately lets you go.
  13. “What’s wrong? Are you ok?”
  15. The consideration is sweet, but you’re trying desperately to hide the bulge in your pants. Too late it seems, as before you can roll away she looks down. The concern is replaced with a moment of puzzlement and then she puts her hand over her mouth in shock.
  17. “Oh of course! I forgot about that.” She looks a little chagrined and you do you best at a comforting smile.
  19. “It’s ok- I just might need a minute.” Your voice is slightly strained.
  21. You breathe in and out, and eventually your body returns to normal. Alita looks at you with an expression you’ve never seen before. You see the tiniest little smile as she nods at the projection, which you just now see is scrolling through a list of credits.
  23. “Looks like we missed the last part of the film.” The smile becomes a grin, and she winks at you. “We’ll have to do this again some time.”
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