Empathic Meguca

Jul 1st, 2020 (edited)
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  1. Name: Noah Holliday
  2. Gender: Female
  3. Age: 7
  4. Height: 3' 11”
  5. Weight: Light
  6. Appearance: Rich golden hair with beautiful ringlets, long enough to reach past her tailbone. Big, bright amber eyes, round face with a smattering of freckles across a button nose. Fair skin with a rosy complexion. Even for her apparent age, she is rather thin and lean, giving her a fragile appearance.
  8. Outfit: Wears something akin to a sundress, albeit more fancy and ornate. It is colored green and gold like her sword. Arms and shoulders are left bare, the skirt reaches to her knees, and light green tights reach down to simple green and gold shoes. On her chest, right below her collarbone, is a stylized gold heart prominently displayed. Hair is bound up in a ponytail by a cute jade bow, with another golden heart at the center of the bow.
  10. Weapon: Her weapon is a broken sword. The blade, composed of jade, has about a foot and a half remaining, and at the break it retains a sharp point. That being said, there is part of a curious gold-lined semicircle right where the break is, though it seems to have been intentionally crafted that way. The hilt and upward-angling crossguard are made of gold, of which an ornate line runs up the center of the blade. Judging by the handle and width of the blade, the whole sword is a large one, far larger than even a mundane greatsword. The blade width is somewhere close to five or six inches at the widest, and the hilt from pommel to crossguard is around fifteen inches long. When she focuses her magic through the sword, what amounts to a lightsaber blade composed of golden empathic energy flares to life, extending the total sword length to roughly seven feet.
  14. Origin: Death
  15. Age: 7
  16. Body: Underdeveloped
  17. Spec: Empathic
  18. Outfit: Elaborate
  19. Weapon: Melee
  20. Power: Barrage
  21. Perks: Enhanced Weapon, Enhanced Sustenance, Absolute Direction, Natural Aging, Overcity Shift
  24. Patron: Puchuu
  25. Benefits: Job Satisfaction, Emergency Reinforcements, Well-Connected, Gifted Item (Power Artifact: Warcry)
  26. Drawbacks: Expendable, Cagey, Hostile
  29. STR: 12
  30. AGI: 4
  31. VIT: 10
  32. MAG: 7
  33. LCK: 12
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