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  1. 10.34 Specimen of a Complaint Letter A well written complaint letter about recciving damaged goods is shown below: ABC Company Ltd. Electron Plaza, Dhaka January 15, 2014 Manager, Sales & Service Division XYZ Company, Ltd. Narayangong, Dhaka. Subject: Receiving damaged goods complaint letter. Dear Sir For the past 8 years. I have been purchasing and using your digital camera products and I have been satisfied with the results. However, I recently received a digital camera manufactured by your company. This letter is to complain about the unsatisfactory service I received when I purchased the 8.1 MP Saturn Digital Camera' Model # S 562 from your local branch upon the delivery of the product. I found that it was damaged upon opening it. It was missing the lens cap and the memory card slot in the digital camera is heavily Scratched even before I used it. I was expecting a higher level of service from your company, and I am the 8.1 MP 'Saturn Digital Camera' Model # S 562 for a full refund or a proper exchange for a new one since the product is still within its warranty period. disappointed with how things turned out. This is why I am returning have been using many of your products in the past without any trouble. I hope to continue to have a good relationship with your company. I look forward to hearing from anytime at 872-7792 you with a resolution to this problem. Please contact me Sincerely Yours, Asif Ahmed, Sales Manager, ABC Company Ltd
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