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  1. Contracted hours being closer to actual time worked: see 4 hour staff going between 13 and 37.5 hours, maybe tiering staff more clearly (people that tend to be limited in ability to work, (close to) full time staff etc), or even cutting hours more harshly from some lower hour staff. Personal opinion: current number of staff is the lower bound of acceptable levels of staff, another supervisor/2 more supervisors (before/after manager is appointed) will see the store possibly return to a lot of staff noticeably under 100hr/4 weeks. Maybe a bigger reliance on temps during Christmas could prevent this during regular store operation (not keeping on excess staff unless absolutely necessary)
  3. Staff need to be more involved in assessing customer side of store (ie checking out the displays before leaving, during merching etc), more proactive about fixing stuff left around
  5. Self: taken to new responsibilities (test/ecom) well, though understand fully the unproven aspect of it that is likely to hold me back from progression currently (still not done anything related to stock checks, other staff far more experienced/more knowledgable in some regards). Becoming more comfortable within the store when it comes to taking responsibility when personal errors occur and general confidence in work duties/responsibilities. I struggle somewhat with what seems like inconsistencies (lower end c grade phones (damaged Samsungs with glass replaced but remnants of damage), refunding products when dealing with potentially problematic customers, though this could be more to do with store performance and experience in that regard)
  7. Store is fairly consistent in positioning of products and the quality of service/quantity of stock bought/sold during a day, no huge discrepancies unless something uncommon comes in (expensive camera lenses or a high end tablet/laptop etc)
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