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  1. MissElusive has joined the chat
  2. MissElusive: Sit.
  3. MasaKy0n: nah
  4. MissElusive: Alright.
  5. MissElusive: I was going to ignore you and let your rudeness blow over. Then I decided, nah.
  6. MissElusive: So please. Sit.
  7. MasaKy0n: "MissElusive" is nothing. She's a ghost. As to the person behind her: if you wanna talk, go on your main.
  8. MissElusive: I mainly created this profile for you. But if that’s how you feel.
  9. MasaKy0n: Don't give me this "my main isn't good enough for you lets keep it underground" shit, i aint buying it since the beginning
  10. MasaKy0n: and i sure aint buying it now.
  11. MissElusive: What’s underground? What do you want me to yell it from my main?
  12. MissElusive: I’m not trying to hide anything or do anything like that.
  13. MissElusive: It sucks that you still think this way about me.
  14. MasaKy0n: then theres no point having a side account for the sole purpose to meet me, no?
  15. MissElusive: You have this fucked up view of me.
  16. MasaKy0n: well what should i be seeing instead?
  17. MissElusive: Your mind’s not going to change how you view me. Here or on my main. So it doesn’t matter.
  18. MissElusive: You’ll always see me as the girl who tried to ‘trick’ you with a hidden account.
  19. MissElusive: When there wasn’t no trick.
  20. MasaKy0n: oh no, it's no trick
  21. MasaKy0n: its just a measure to keep me on the back burner without jeoperdizing your current relationship at the time.
  22. MissElusive: I never tried to bed you or force you to do anything at all.
  23. MissElusive: I just wanted somewhere where you’d take me serious.
  24. MissElusive: Either way. I’ll be deleting this account. If you still want to talk to me, you know where to find me.
  25. MasaKy0n: alright.
  26. MissElusive has left the chat
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