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  1. <color=#800080ff><b>Cloud District - West Europe Server</b>
  3. Server Owners(SCP-343): Cddizzym / Cross-Conception
  4. Admins: ...
  5. Moderators: ...
  7. <b>Rules</b>
  8. <color=#ff0000ff>
  9. 1: No Random Death Match. RP Kills allowed, but if found just randomly team killing then you will be warned, kicked and then banned. We are here to have fun and to sit around in observer mode is not always fun. (If team killed, please talk to a moderator. Do not teamkill back in revenge.)
  10. 2: No Stalling the games out.
  11. 3: Roleplay is encouraged and embraced.
  12. 4: We do not encourage smut, harassment or abuse.
  13. 5: No Mic Spamming without permission. Music/Screaming is also not allowed.
  14. 6: SCP's can team up with Chaos/D-Class - NTF is encouraged to disarm D-class before killing.
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