Akibaranger E03 TL Notes

Dec 29th, 2014
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  1. Akibaranger E03 TL Notes
  2. ***Original Over-Time TL Notes are denoted with a dash (-). Additional notes/changes by OZC-Live are denoted with a tilde (~)***
  4. - Nobuo asks Hakase if they're on the look for Black and Green. This is a dig at a certain plotline in Sentai, and to Go-Onger and Liveman in particular, where the three core warriors (Red, Yellow and Blue in those aforementioned shows) are later joined by two other comrades (namely Green and Black).
  6. - Nobuo also mentions the word "Precious". In Boukenger, Precious is the name given to certain relics due to the mysterious powers they hold, often superior to the technologies and sciences known to mankind. Each Precious has a Hazard Level, that determines how dangerous the Precious is. Like any good power level, these are fairly arbitrary.
  8. - Amending note: what we originally thought was the name of this week's monster was probably just a list of things Red suffered through this episode, spoken in a fast succession. You can refer to last week's note if you didn't catch what that meant.
  10. - Now, for the actual name of the monster - KabukichoMesugurohyoumonchou:
  11. * Kabukicho is the name of Japan's biggest red light district, home to hostess bars, nightclubs and cabarets. Its neighbour, Shinjuku Ni-Choume, is the largest gay district in Tokyo.
  12. * Mesugurohyoumonchou translates directly to Argynnis Sagana, which is the name of a butterfly of the Nymphalidae family. This species is known for its sexual dimorphism, with its males having orange-brown wings with black markings, a detail you can see on the design of the monster. They feed on plants of the Viola species (commonly known as pansies).
  14. - 'Night time butterfly' is a japanese euphemism for hostess.
  16. - The monster is voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa, a voice actor well-known for his ample yaoi repertoire. His nickname, "Green River Light" is a translation of his full name. He's also voiced Salamandeath from GoGoV, another monster Yellow is smitten with.
  18. - On Task 27 of GoGo Sentai Boukenger, the Boukengers faced a fengshui dragon monster, who cursed Bouken Red with bad luck. The other Boukengers gave Bouken Red good luck charms, which he wore on their second battle against this monster. This is referred to as the Good Luck Form in the Super Sentai File segment on Task 47. You can look at this link to see it in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=etHgzlM1QyY
  20. - 'hs' means 'hasu hasu', and it's an abbreviation for perverted heavy breathing.
  22. - The bottles of booze featured through the episode are references to past Sentai:
  23. * Biseinen - possibly a reference to an episode of Fiveman (Hikaru Biseinen)
  24. * Burai - the name of the Dragonranger in Zyuranger
  25. * Daimugen - the giant mythical turtle beast from Dairanger
  26. * Kirika - a villain from Turboranger
  28. - The nerds who show up at the karaoke time are friends of director Ryuta Tasaki:
  29. * The guy with the bandana is Shocker Ono, a famous japanese personality who used to be a tokusatsu stuntman, and was once Ishimori Pro's manager.
  30. * The other guy is Kaneko Yoshinobu, who portrayed Aokage, the young sidekick of the titular Masked Ninja Akakage, in the eponymous tokusatsu show on 1967.
  32. - The Bouken Shovel's original name is the Bouken Scooper, where "scooper" is based on the dutch word for 'shovel'. The weapon is based on Daibouken's GoScooper.
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