BQ - Dice System v 1.0

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  1. Rolls are on a 3d10
  2. I take the first three rolls
  3. Success is broken down in the following way:
  4. 0 Successes: Severe Failure
  5. 1 Success: Failure
  6. 2 Successes: Success
  7. 3 Successes: Great Success
  9. Banished Quest:
  10. The MC may spend up to one fourth of their vys pool to improve the results of any individual roll. This entails paying the difference between the roll and the DC. If that difference exceeds a fourth of the MC's vys, then they're unable to spend. There are also certain rolls which operate under the pass/fail system rather than tiered success and failure. These include meditation and various aspects of enchanting, among other things.
  12. In combat this ability is likewise attributed to opponents who've received Vatis training. They're able to expend their own vys to enhance the DC, applying modifiers as they see fit to each individual roll. For instance, if an enemy spellcaster dumped ten extra vys into an attack which Mik faced a DC of 15 to avoid they could turn that DC into 25/15/15, 20/20/15, 18/19/18, or any other conceivable permutation on that formula.
  14. I'll probably alter this as time goes on. Maybe.
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