Flutter Snuggles

Nov 12th, 2018
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  1. >Fingertips brushed against the back of your neck
  2. >Two feet patted and grabbed at your feet
  3. >Fluttershy giggled, her blue eyes staring into yours as she touched foreheads together
  4. >You gave her a smile, pressing the tip of your nose against hers
  5. >She responded in kind, pressing more of her body against yours
  6. >And what a body it was
  7. >The girl really was breathtaking from head to foot
  8. >A lot of the guys talked about her tits even now when they thought you weren't listening
  9. >For a moment, you let a hand trail down that perfect body
  10. >Every inch of skin was as smooth as silk
  11. >Fluttershy squirmed , rubbing her nose against yours as your hand made its way down her side toward her butt
  12. >Her grip around your neck tightened as you gave her bubble butt a squeeze
  13. >"Anon~" she said, tone filled with mirth
  14. >She gave you a quick peck on the lips
  15. >She tasted sweet, like she had just eaten some honey
  16. >You kissed her back, just as quickly
  17. >The two of you did this a few more times, playingfully wrestling
  18. >You tried your hardest to roll the girl onto her back to pin her to the bed, but honestly you knew you had no chance
  19. >This was a girl who you had seen throw a bear like it was a rag doll after all
  20. >With hardly any effort she had your face pressed deep within those legendary breasts of hers
  21. >You could feel the weight of them on your face
  22. >With each breath you took you could feel them shift and move with you
  23. >Taking a deep breath, you could smell Fluttershy's natural scent
  24. >Not able to help yourself, you gave one of her breasts a lick
  25. >Fluttershy giggled
  26. >"That tickles," she said, running a hand through your hair
  27. >She shifted her weight, causing her boobs to jiggle
  28. >Something brushed against the side of your face
  29. >It was one of the girl's nipple piercings
  30. >She had told you she had gotten them after her brother had said he wanted to be a beautician and needed someone to practice on
  32. >His "dream" had been abandoned long ago, but she didn't have the heart to take them out, fearing that it would hurt her deadbeat of brother's feelings
  33. >They were cute little piercings too; just a pair of bolts that were the funniest thing in the world to play with
  34. >You nuzzled deeper into Flutter's cleavage
  35. >She laughed to herself
  36. >"You're pretty frisky tonight, huh honey?" she asked sweetly
  37. >You wiggled closer toward her, your hard cock brushing against her toned stomach
  38. >As much as you wanted to stick to someplace lower, you kept still
  39. >There was no trying to force Flutters to do anything
  40. >People might call her a coward, they might call her meek or a manly girl, but you knew that this was far from true
  41. >Fluttershy might have been the kindest, sweetest girl in the world, but she wasn't a coward
  42. >Every inch of her perfect body radiated strength
  43. >She had stared down animals that could rip a person to pieces like it was nothing
  44. >When needed, she could speak her mind and had no trouble doing so
  45. >And where you were concerned she could be as aggressive as Dash
  46. >More than once she had almost knocked out other girls when they said something to you
  47. >She was protective in every sense in the work
  48. >She was also the one that led things in the bedroom
  49. >Fluttershy ran a hand down your back, her hot, moist breath tickling your ear
  50. >"I don't know where you get all the energy, Nonny," she said, nibbling your earlobe. "We spent all day cleaning the pens and you're still ready to go."
  51. >She tsked as you gave her butt a squeeze, pressing more of her weight on top of you
  52. >A little more and she'd be on top of you
  53. >Cowgirl was her favorite position
  54. >She always loved being on top when you two made love
  55. >She said watching your face when you came always made it that much better for her
  56. >You murmured something, letting your other hand make its way down her stomach
  57. >Fluttershy giggled again when you stuck a finger in her belly button, teasing your ear with her tongue
  59. >You felt your heart rate spike as she gently bit down on the top of your ear
  60. >Your hand brushed against her pink pubes, feeling moisture
  61. >The urge to turn your head and stick one of her nipples in your mouth came on
  62. >She loved when you did it too
  63. >She loved it when you did anything with her boobs
  64. >It seemed to tickle her that they had so much power over you
  65. >Many a night you had spent with your cock buried between them, completely engulfed
  66. >"You know, when I'm finally able to produce milk you can have as much as you want before the baby comes," she said
  67. >With a little push, you were on your back and she was straddling you, hands on your shoulders and cock sandwiched between your stomach and her pussy
  68. >"You do want a baby with me, don't you Nonny?" she asked, her pink hair cascading all around you. "Don't you want to make me a mommy? Because I think you do."
  69. >You must have looked ridiculous, because she giggled again, kissing you
  70. >Her tongue slipped out of her mouth, licking your lips before she pulled back
  71. >"We could have one right now if you wanted. I haven't been on the pill in weeks. Just a little bit of cum and I'd be a momma," she said with a smile. "But to make extra-extra sure I'll need a lot of it. Can you give me a lot of your cum, Anon? Can you fill me all the way up?"
  72. >She started grinding herself against you, coating your length in her wetness
  73. >Your eyes crossed at the sensation
  74. >"I bet you can," she continued. "I believe in you. All you need to say is that you wanna be a daddy. You do wanna be a daddy, right?"
  75. >Her breasts brushed against your face
  76. >It took all of your willpower not to cum right there
  77. "Y-Yes please," you gasped out
  78. >Flutter's smile showed teeth
  79. >"Good boy. Then get ready. We're not stopping until I'm knocked up. If that's okay with you; though I already know it is~"
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