Shitty Wack Raps (stashed inside a stolen backpack)

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  1. Temporary eternal happiness,its a tight embrace
  2. to god we praise for existing in this time and place
  3. truly a gift to gaze at
  4. a face thats so amazing
  5. hopefully theres no erasing
  6. eternal sunshine happy places
  8. what weve felt together naked high on top of mountains
  9. contemplating how to make it last, we search for the Fountain
  10. guess we never found it cuz we spent our last times together shouting
  12. and now we're hurting each other, weaponizing vulnerabilities and we shoot at each other
  13. it makes the snakes in the grass hiss and slither
  16. Nowdays I dont allow that
  17. their emotions gets the best of them, voice gets louder and louder
  18. in the past life, a howler monkey is what youve must of been
  19. I said goodbye forever and i didnt even wave my hand
  24. I should have listened when you told me that you couldn't swim
  25. I hate to see you drowning, why you gotta pull me in?
  26. My name is diego, guess im siego to the different forms were in
  27. I am pure water, I dont mix with your petroleum
  29. sitting on my papers written feeling bitter with a dash of angry,sad and, smitten
  30. come to think of it I was nineteen and
  31. a baby, pissing, shittin
  32. tryna find a place to fit in
  33. Look at me now I am the movie not the intermission
  34. from you I learned I like it when girls ask for my permission
  35. I mean consensually like, not based in tradition
  36. but i hate it when they ask for tissues like every second,
  37. you gotta stop tryna read between the lines from my every sentence
  38. no need to be alerted, all the things I tell you
  39. never have negative intentions cuz i'd never want to hurt you
  40. Unless you want to be hurt then girl I respect that
  41. guess ima hit it from the back and ima spank that
  42. (yo chill it with those sex raps)
  43. my ears are wide and open
  44. Together we'll explore exotic oceans
  46. when we are together we're promoted to a higher level
  47. flying, soaring in the sky with the birds shedding hella feathers
  48. the white clouds feeling nice in this sunnny weather
  50. im always genuine baby just trust me im the weatherman
  51. theres no other woman or another man, dont worry damn
  52. you are the only one that gets to hold this hand
  53. You're my bitch, nah wait hol up, you're my sand
  57. If you listen closely you can hear my heart-beat around the world
  58. from the space down to the sky
  59. to the oceans where the fishes swim in, live in, and happen to die
  60. im a mastadonic lion crossing lines cuz simply I can
  61. Im feeling heated up, lets pick up guns and end george zimmerman
  62. get roasted off a couple of blunts, spit in his living room
  63. catch us pouring skittles on his messy oinky hardwood floor
  64. Plus draw a couple dicks on his doors
  66. Fuck 12, they dont want us living long man
  67. shoot us with their weapons and if they cant we face the Laws hands
  68. they grab us by our balls, "I am the jailer" and we're tossed to the process
  70. says the White Man sitting on his lawn chair with a pink flamingo
  71. our police state is armed with rocket launchers, tanks, guns, and helicopters
  72. the centrist says "that's natural but I'm really not sure if thats true"
  73. the cops are pests and im a lighter plus some lysol
  74. total freedom for all my people, that's something I would die for
  75. RIP the homie jesse, he was only 10 + 4
  78. tasty corpses, holy forces
  79. brown boy Dorthy riding ancient undead horses
  80. the First White Horseman, the other three they are in motion
  81. women love it when I cast spells and create great potions
  82. Im dumb as fuck but somehow I still know Gnosis
  83. thats why this boys flow is so sick, so fly
  84. head on, never hide
  85. Moon on, Gemini
  86. I'm free cuz i'm gonna die
  87. I love cuz i'm gonna die
  88. I love that i'm gonna die
  89. when I die, where will I arrive?
  91. Jesus is the homie
  92. they say he has always known me
  93. Is he real? Cuz im feeling kind of lonely
  94. yeah I got fans but it gets kinda of boring
  95. when they pulling on your chonies
  96. and they only want to bone me
  97. it feels nice but you dont even love me
  98. shit, you dont even really know me
  99. whats my favorite spongebob moment?
  100. you dont even know it
  101. but I still love that, for me, you bend over
  103. Look at my eyes, ask me why I am so free and I will tell you why
  104. Did too many drugs
  105. And my mind it got really fried
  106. she handed me a cup of tea and I saw angels in the sky
  108. loud trumpets singing, spreading the voice of the Father
  109. the Logos cusped between His hands: the left and the other
  111. I asked her if she drugged me with a psychedelic substance
  112. she saw me geeking, told me no and said that it was nothing
  114. "I think that you should go"
  115. I offered no resistance
  116. For like a year after I was off that map settings on unlisted
  117. I never even talked and I hardly ever listened
  118. a husk devoid with something missing
  120. The darkness, monotonous
  121. sleep was the only way to find some bliss in a reality where day did not exist
  122. Our meeting was anomalous
  123. now anonymously cutting across my wristeses honestly
  125. that was a lie ive never ever cut myself
  126. but I did do hella drugs to free myself from my own mental cell
  127. Science says its not good for your mental health
  128. my homie says its rude to say no
  129. to the kind that kills your brain so well
  130. You says it kills brain cells?
  131. My mind feels polished as hell
  132. It's a shiny 1996 low mileage Impala
  133. A clean fogless mirror in a steaming hot sauna
  134. A fat old pirahna, a tadpole in an aquiarum that worries bout nada
  135. mad hatter eating bananas, smoking in the bahamas
  136. realistically benihanas if we're being honest
  138. Ice cream, frozen yogurt
  139. weed syrup for the 21 and older
  140. fuck the troops, fuck the soldiers
  141. fuck the cops lets shoot them in their shoulders
  142. they some pussies with some holsters for their donut holes, they're whole wheat
  145. bitch you got me feeling, seeing shadows, demons lurking and working at night picking battles
  146. Bet you enjoyed when you poked me with that cold-hot knife
  147. nd saw me shout to God, Lord why have you forsaken thy
  148. When she looked at me, this is captured in my memory
  149. entered in her eyes and opened a closet full of bloody knifes
  150. Define a serial killer vibe twisted with a basket full of dirty lies
  151. thought to myself, should I get a black or white casket since this is my time to die?
  153. Cuz of her I really felt the highest of the highs
  154. boys mind was broken, doctors put him in some rice
  155. priests needed the holy bible for the exercise
  156. "We needa oxorcise what resides inside"
  157. changed my mind and told the father ima keep it, ima feed it right
  158. its one of a kind, shook its hand now so its one with my mind
  159. Made it mine by playing music so it dances and rhymes
  160. got plenty of space inside my soul for running around
  161. Cuz of it I know things that havent even happened right now
  162. deadass im not even cappin, my eyes are all on the pieces of plastic
  163. the soil, the leaves, and the birds
  164. she told me she thought that i wasnt from earth
  165. I guess like a God, a featherd serpent worshipped by the Aztecs
  166. a trickster, a visitor, Hermes, loki with his magic
  167. or maybe cuz she never met a smart man, an idiotic artist
  168. good with emotions so she knew i was no narciss-ist
  169. Plus I know im that boy with the nicest lips
  171. i gave the location of ISIS to the white mans in suits
  172. just patted me on the back and thanked me on the nice assist
  173. bohemian grove worshippers tryna invokate to open doors to speak to goddesses
  176. im forsaken, im a naked man with insecurites now that my eyes are open to suffering and i know my evil capabilities
  177. ---------------------------------------------
  178. A blue ocean divided into seven seas
  179. Columbus headed west and he had a discovery
  180. A richful land that isn't Asia, thought I guess this is all for me
  182. Went on a tangent
  183. the oceans really pretty when the skys light
  184. white clouds really angels in disguises
  185. and planes are really Martians and
  186. I reside in gardens where the fruit was bit
  187. where eyes of man were opened and saw death, insecurity, suffering
  188. plus don't forget the seven sins
  190. With the eyes of God they saw me and said man this boy is sick
  191. This boys a spic
  192. I do this for my people who don't have a voice for them to spit
  193. I'm speaking sentences for those people sitting with those sentences
  194. but also for those people blasting speakers with their friends and shit
  196. The kids got potential but he lazy
  197. Occasionally highs fly he's so crazy
  198. I like to ride around with my baby
  199. and talk about all the things she finds amazing
  200. like how the sky is crying when it's raining
  201. or how that guy Picasso did those paintings
  202. or how the cost of living is so draining
  203. I open my own doors babe please don't pay me
  204. only cherish this thing we've created
  205. I know this is new for you, you must be excited
  206. I thought about quite a bit and I don't doubt it
  207. I understand your pain of being low on gas fuel mileage
  208. In that place where you cry cuz of something minor
  209. do you hear me God when I ask you if any of this matters?
  211. But really life is looking good
  212. I am the mud that covers all the land on mother earth
  213. and when you hold my hand you'll feel the presence of a holy one
  214. I mean, the flow of luck of a hole in one
  217. Been blessed as a kid
  218. magic in the righter with a spell on his lips
  219. like those great prophets did
  220. but as a brown spic instead
  221. I be opening my mouth and they be rocking their heads
  222. Cuz i got that funky rhythm that's alive and not dead
  223. rapping over my own basslines that I wrote in work sheds
  224. constantly thinking something up cuz i go crazy if not
  225. it doesn't even matter if that shit is not hot
  226. sometimes the dopest shit you make is when you're drunk in IHOP
  228. A Thot, she hops
  229. they usually so thirsty
  230. I got you horchata it's that real shit with the rice g
  232. you ain't nice to me
  233. even when you write to me
  234. I say goodbye to heat cuz you icy like the Arctic sea
  235. even when you spark up to burn that tree
  236. why you gotta be so fucking ornery?
  237. Guess Im lowkey tripping cuz I'm ranting over poetry
  239. ----------------------------------------------
  240. yo it's lil ketchup packet, flow is nasty like KP on a plate of cabbage
  241. I mean, yo,
  242. soy el nino de tierra, tiro palabras en las guerras
  243. las revoluciones fluye en my sangre en cada manera
  244. yo quiero ella, bien bellesa es la mera mera
  245. Shes a goth girl ,she aint metal
  246. shit maybe she is, ive never met her
  247. If you're feeling bad i'll make you feel better
  248. charge our batteries together
  249. get really high and laugh and secretely vibe to never shout never
  250. I operate all the machinerey, I pull the levers
  251. too much potential inside of me cuz I worship devils
  256. sorta icy but I aint got no jewelry
  257. i am the diamond shining on your babies marriage ring
  258. reflecting off everything while shes dining blushing facing me
  260. Try to find me im elevated on a higher level
  261. when I fall off I bounce right back to my spot in heaven
  262. but I cant enter cuz the angels see me dancing with the
  263. seven deadly sins, they get a bottle and they put themselves in
  264. I drink the mixture labeled medicine then I start spitting
  265. bitch I dont hesitate I make every decision
  266. with deadly precision I got your body and ears changing positions
  267. they always do listen, a natural attraction, they wonder what this is
  268. I'm just a brown kid enacting all his wishes
  269. a fish kissing all the gold bitches
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