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Howlett CCHQ Complaint

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Mar 27th, 2012
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  1. Dear addressed,
  3. I would like to make a formal complaint regarding Mr Ben Howlett, CF Chairman.
  5. Ben Howlett attended a CF event on Tuesday, March 20th. The event was attended by CF Young Professionals, senior professionals from external organisations and the Secretary of State for International Development. Mr Howlett performed a speech at this event where he proceeded to make slanderous comments against me. I have three written reports by three 'embarrassed' attendees.
  7. I have placed two specific complaints in the past, following outrageous and slanderous behaviour. One being at a Boris Johnson fundraiser, Monday June 13th 2011, I believe Mr Howlett was heavily under the influence of alcoholic liqueur at this event. And the other which was a result of abusive emails sent by Mr Howlett to me. I have a minimum of six witnesses to said emails, dating back to March 2011.
  9. I have since resigned from the above post due to his behaviour and the lack of support I received after my previous complaints by a key CCHQ employee, also bcc'd. I have subsequently limited my support at CF events as I do not feel safe in his company. I took two positions within CF since: London CF and South-East London CF, under the condition that I would not have to experience contact from Mr Howlett. Unfortunately, one cannot tame the dragon.
  11. I have, of recent, left all CF groups and abjure to attend any CF titled event, whether they be fundraisers or action days. This is because of Ben Howetts behaviour and my refusal to be associated with it.
  13. As an active and passionate member of the party for six years, I have witnessed several CF activists walk away from CF and, more upsetting, the party. In such a controversial time of doubt, I do not believe losing party members is the 'best foot'. Mr Howlett has 'altered' CF votes, behaved inappropriately towards many male CF activists in both public and parliament bars and continues to act disruptively, not only to his own team, but to members of our opposition and coalition party, who, I do not need to state, have tongues to talk.
  15. My role throughout has been to represent young professionals, creating and building support within and around CF, for the greatest togetherness that we need to push as a future membership to the senior party. But I will no longer support CF or advise any youth to get involved. Neither will I tolerate the appalling, embarrassing and party-damaging behaviour by Ben Howlett.
  17. As you can appreciate, I have previously attempted to go about this quietly and internally. But unfortunately, the damage that continues to be caused, has and is not being dealt with. And as I am a widely well known young professional, with previous employers including the Telegraph and the FT, I strongly advise a leash being placed around this animals neck.
  19. I await an apology and confirmation that the above will not happen again.
  21. I look forward to your response(s).
  24. Yours sincerely,
  25. Louise Powell.
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