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  1. --Characters--
  2. MrGreen: Male, level 1 Mage, Ice affinity, D anima/D light
  3. Nadia: Female, level 1 Valkyrie, Wind affinity, C staff/A anima
  4. Lukas: Male, level 3 Soldier, Thunder affinity, C lance
  5. Enoch: Male, level 3 Mercenary, Fire affinity, D sword
  6. Nathan: Male, level 1 Mage, Wind affinity, C anima/E light
  7. DarkChibi: Male, level 1 Cavalier, Dark affinity, D lance
  9.  -Chapter 2-
  10. John: Male, level 1 Armor Knight, Thunder affinity, D lance/E axe
  11. Smoke: Male, level 7 Brigand, Ice affinity, C axe
  12. Alex: Male, level 3 Sorcerer, Thunder affinity, C dark
  14. -Unknown-
  15. Malik: Male, level 1 Urchin, Ice affinity, no weapon ranks
  16. Dork: Male, level 1 Hero, Fire affinity, C sword/D axe
  17. Hugh: Male, level 15 Thief, Anima affinity, C sword
  18. Yorrick: Male, level 5 Mage, Ice affinity, C anima
  21. --Chapters--
  23.  -Chapter 1-
  24. Map: Plains, 18x15
  25. Boss: Slayder: Male, level 1 Paladin, Iron lance
  26. Joining characters: MrGreen, Nadia, Lukas, Enoch, Nathan, DarkChibi
  27. Recruitable characters: none
  29.  -Chapter 2-
  30. Map: Village, 21x14
  31. Boss: Mike: Male, level 1 Druid, Flux, Eclipse
  32. Joining characters: John
  33. Recruitable characters: Smoke
  35.  -Chapter 3-
  36. Map: Plains, 19x13
  37. Boss: Yanndahl: Male, level 1 Dragon Lord, Guard naginata, Javelin
  38. Joining characters: None yet
  39. Recruitable characters: None yet
  41.  -Chapter 4-
  42. Map: Indoor tileset of some kind
  43. Boss: Buddy: Male, level 1 Warrior, Silver axe, Silver bow
  44. Joining characters: None yet
  45. Recruitable characters: None yet
  47. --Other edits--
  48. Custom class for Malik: Urchin. Dancer that can steal and use pick. Promotes to Manakete.
  49. New weapons: Practice katana, C rank sword, gives +3 speed.
  50. Guard naginata, C rank lance, gives +2 defense and resistance.
  51. Great club, C rank axe, 45% hit rate and 55% crit rate.
  52. Star hammer, A rank axe, essentially a normal hammer with more might.
  53. Burninate, B rank anima, powerful fire spell locked to 2 range
  54. Twin jolt, C rank anima, brave thunder spell
  56. --Story--
  57. Starts on the island republic of Targos. After a horrible event called the Sin Wars, started by the cult of the Red Sun,
  58. worshipping a dark god, the continent of Targos was almost destroyed. 5 great heroes stopped the catastrophe, however,
  59. and they formed 4 nations. Elgion, the largest nation, contains the capital of Targos. It is well known for its
  60. trade centers and military might. Aubanslaf is a snowy northern country that is inhospitable for most people. The only
  61. ones living there are various tribes. However, Aubanslaf is very rich in minerals. The Dawn Isles are the smallest of
  62. the islands on Targos, they are covered in deep jungle. The cities are based around the coast and are a frequent
  63. vacation spot for foreigners. Vardos, the last island nation, is a tropical marsh. It has the biggest port of the
  64. nations. However, Vardos wishes to break off with Targos and claim independence. However, the Red Sun sorcerers are still
  65. lurking in the shadows, hiding in Vardos, waiting for the chance to bring their god to life.
  67. 3,000 years later, a group of sellswords is met by a baron, Slavic III, who tells them of the Cornucopia of Nys, which can grant the
  68. wishes of those who blow through it. They would be given 50,000 gold for completing this task. They stay at an inn, but
  69. not long after, the group is shocked to see a mysterious red figure surrounded by powerful soldiers and the dead bodies
  70. of their fellow adventurers. They cannot defeat the soldiers, so they take the injured Slavic and leave, with the red
  71. hooded man following behind them. They meet up near an old castle and clear out the soldiers from Vardos, led by
  72. Slayder. The hooded man disappears.
  74. --Versions--
  76. 0.1 - Chapter 1 completely finished. Nadia, MrGreen, Lukas, Enoch, Nathan, and DarkChibi all added.
  78. 0.2 - Chapter 2 finished, except for cutscenes. Chapter 3 playable, but not finished. John, Smoke, and Alex added. Various chapter 1 bugs fixed. Other miscellaneous things fixed. New weapons added.
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