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Subadhra pacifies Draupadi

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Sep 16th, 2012
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  1. Subadhra pacifies Draupadi
  2. ==========================
  4. (Extract from 'The Mahabharata' of Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa BOOK 1 "Adi-parva"
  6. Translated into English Prose from the Original Sanskrit Text
  8. by Kisari Mohan Ganguli [1883-1896]
  9. ========================
  11. ...'Arjuna returned to Dwaraka and was united in marriage
  12. with Subhadra. Worshipped by the sons of Vrishni's race, Arjuna, sporting
  13. there as he pleased, passed a whole year in Dwaraka. The last year of his
  14. exile the exalted one passed at the sacred region of Pushkara. After the
  15. twelve years were complete he came back to Khandavaprastha. He approached
  16. the king first and then worshipped the Brahmanas with respectful
  17. attention. At last the hero went unto Draupadi. Draupadi, from jealousy,
  18. spoke unto him, saying, 'Why tarriest thou here, O son of Kunti? Go where
  19. the daughter of the Satwata race is! A second tie always relaxeth the
  20. first one upon a faggot!' And Krishna lamented much in this strain. But
  21. Dhananjaya pacified her repeatedly and asked for her forgiveness. And
  22. returning soon unto where Subhadra, attired in red silk, was staying,
  23. Arjuna, sent her into the inner apartments dressed not as a queen but in
  24. the simple garb of a cowherd woman. But arrived at the palace, the
  25. renowned Subhadra looked handsomer in that dress. The celebrated Bhadra
  26. of large and slightly red eyes first worshipped Pritha. Kunti from excess
  27. of affection smelt the head of that girl of perfectly faultless features,
  28. and pronounced infinite blessing upon her. Then that girl of face like
  29. the full moon hastily went unto Draupadi and worshipped her, saying, 'I
  30. am thy maid!' Krishna rose hastily and embraced the sister of Madhava
  31. from affection, and said, 'Let thy husband be without a foe!' Bhadra
  32. then, with a delighted heart, said unto Draupadi, 'So be it!' From that
  33. time, O Janamejaya, those great warriors, the Pandavas, began to live
  34. happily, and Kunti also became very happy.'
  35. ============================
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