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  1. Deep within the Sokustel Forest four gaijin horses gently march alongside each other. Four unicorn bushi ride alongside one another in defense formation. Horiuchi Temujin, Shinjo Kurosawa, Utaku Jamukha, and Ide Toghrul all following the path set before them by a bizarre occurrence of dreams each one shared. A calling from a spirit claiming to be of kin and offering power. A secret each of the four shared among themselves and had decided to not to forewarn or share these experiences before leaving the safety of the wasp's walls under the guise of a mundane reconnaissance run. Deeper and deeper the band follows the call whispered to them within their sleep...
  2. The forest falls dark with the flora overhead thickening until the sun is nearly concealed underneath twisted leaves. The horse's hoofs mush audibility after crushing a thick gathering of fungal life. The further you travel ahead into the forest the more demented and deformed the plant life becomes. The trees appear twisted with their usually green leaves abnormally appearing in shades of scarlet and violet. Fungal mushrooms cover very exposed inch of the decayed grassland and barks of tree. The very air filled with green fungal spores that illuminate dimly in the shadows shrouded all around you. The dim sunlight piercing the flora overhead tinted the area all around you with a warm orange glow. The surroundings smelling like decay and blood forces each one of you to cover your mouth with a bandana of cloth to act as a filter. The horses themselves huffing and buffs more than usually but resiliently undisturbed by the spores dancing around all of you.
  3. Up ahead through the darkness of the forest you can fill your destination. Like a slowly pulsating heart beat something within the forest calls to each one of you. The supernatural call growing stronger as you approach. The horses appear startled and fearful. The gentle nudge to retreat early has become a full tug to run away. (Horseman skill check TN15 else horse retreats)
  4. (Pass on a 19) Toghrul looks to each of you with a worried look. His Dai-Kyu at the ready with a arrow notched. "The shadowland beasts have left their mark upon these lands during the fall of the empire. Might it be wise to reassess the situation brothers." Toghrul mentions in a calm tranquil voice. Only his sharp eyes expressing the true worry he has.
  5. ________________________________________
  6. Shinjo Kurosawa      6:18 PM
  7. The white haired Unicorn and his white steed kept their calm as they approached after some skillful handling of the reins and a quiet muttering into the horse's ear. His light armor gleamed, polished and ready, with his bow on his back and his sword at his hip, the man was prepared for what his nightmares were bringing. His disgust at all the fungus and spores was apparent, and he still believed they should have brought a shugenja, even if this was technically illegal. "We have come this far; we cannot retreat now." At the sight of his brother having his bow out, he too draws his own bow. ((Passed TN15 horse check with 26))
  8. ________________________________________
  9. Lionheart      6:21 PM
  11. Google Docs
  12. combat
  13. Sheet1 Name,Initiative,Armor,ATN,Reduction,TN Penalties,Wound,Stance,Conditions,Kata/Kiho,Engaged with,Void,Spells,Kills
  15. (for later)
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  17. Shinjo Kurosawa      6:24 PM
  18. ((already done))
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  20. Utaku Jamukha      6:26 PM
  21. The unicorn infantry-man had never trained to fight the supernatural, but he knew he should not under any circumstances bring outsiders to matters like this, even if his soul ends up damned. Because this is a family matter, and as they always say: It's always different when it's family. So he pulled the reins with conviction, to show Tengri, his brown horse, that the time for hesitation is over.(45 on the horse riding check)
  22. ________________________________________
  23. Horiuchi Temujin      6:35 PM
  24. Riding on a newly captured pony was Temujin, uncomfortably examining the surroundings for disturbances as he rides with his Clan. He wore his usual armor,, and shifted uncomfortably in the saddle as he rode past the fungus, loam, and mushrooms. As the pounding in his head began, his horse whinnied in fear and came to a firm stop, and no urging from Temujin could convince it to continue. He dismounted, feet sinking slightly into the forest's carpet, and hefted his Zanbato onto his shoulder.
  25. (Fail on the horsemanship)
  26. ________________________________________
  27. Lionheart      6:42 PM
  28. Temujin's new steed gives into fear and flees into the darkness soon as he dismounts. The ground oozing fungal goo underneath the weight of his boot. All other horses stay in line and continue to march forward. This far in many of the trees appear to have dissolved into mush as the fungus devours it whole. Swarming underneath the rotting mass of one especially large tree one can see the squirming of a mass of huge insects. A strange clicking of insects heard all around echoing through the darkness but none appear openly hostile. Mutations of the taint influencing this biome in strange ways. This area appears to be some sort of battleground of old. Periodically weapons and corpses of soldiers appear scattered all about the area with fungal life consuming them. Only the rusted armor suits of daidoji, decayed weaponary of ashigaru, torn banners of war, and large skeletal remains of massive shadowland beasts remain behind.
  29. A flicker of light dances in the corner of your eye. A figure of white running off in the distance before vanishing. The ground flowing like gentle waves of the sea. Voices entering your mind of women and children gleefully playing. Something is wrong. (Willpower TN12 to clear mind)
  30. ________________________________________
  31. Shinjo Kurosawa      6:51 PM
  32. Kurosawa gripped his reigns tighter as the continued their trek into the dark and dank. His sharp eyes didn't miss a thing and so a short head turn later he was observing the figure of light. The ground began to get wavy looking, and the voices began to play in his head. "Is.. we can all hear this? It refuses ro leave my head." He shook his head like a dog, but it did not clear his mind.
  33. ________________________________________
  34. Horiuchi Temujin      6:52 PM
  35. A string of curses rattles out of Temujin's mouth as he watches his horse bolt away, but there was nothing to be done. Only forging on would provide solace at this point, and so with a firm resolve he stepped forward, toward the rot and swarm. His eyes passed over the skeletal beasts and wartorn surroundings, they could be considered peaceful, if morbid, existing in a deathly repose. Yet between the clicking of the swarm and the new pounding that filled his head, he heard something that disturbed him. The voices of women and children, playing, in a graveyard such as this. Shaking his head, he cleared his thoughts and focused on what lay infront of him, what was real, and he raised his blade for an enemy to appear. "Listen to the sound of my voice, brothers. Do not let them distract you from our path." (44 Willpower)
  36. ________________________________________
  37. Utaku Jamukha      6:55 PM
  38. Jamukha gave himself a strong slap, and shook his head. It was enough for himself to snap out of it. Following that, he equipped the glaive he had on the side of his horse. "This is only going to become worse the deeper we get, Temujin. We need to hurry, it appears Shinjo-boy and Toghrul have been affected" (13 Will)
  39. ________________________________________
  40. Lionheart      6:59 PM
  41. Toghrul shuts his eyes hard and brings his palm over his face for good measure . "Focus Toghrul Focus..." he whispers himself and shakes his head violently. Can't break this strange influence. Temujin and Jamukha manage to break free of this influence. The dancing lights and voices remain but dim significantly. Enough for both to recognize something no one else seems to notice. Buzzing loudly overhead two massive insects guide downward towards you on massive mosquito wings. Their legs like a spider with each wiggling rapidly outward to grab hold while pale sags on their abdomen release a mist of spores appearing to cause this supernatural influence. Slowly they descend downward to latch on to their targets, one just about to pounce over Kurosawa while the other just before Jamukha.
  42. (Free attack for Jamukha ATN10 wounds 12)
  43. ________________________________________
  44. Utaku Jamukha      7:04 PM
  45. Jamukha swings his glaive upwards and slices at the abomination , then moves Tengri slightly away to avoid any fluids it might leak.(21 wounds)
  46. ________________________________________
  47. Lionheart      7:05 PM
  48. Kurosawa and Toghrul feel light heated. For Kuro the laughter blends together and he can even recognize the voice of his own mother. Any voice registering a happy memory triggers within their mind and blinds them to the destruction all around them. The world around them flowing like waves of euphoria as they are overwhelmed with no ability to freely think. (Kuro and Toghrul willpower TN10 to clear thoughts. Else suffer lost love from forced surfacing of memories.)
  49. A swift swing of his gliave splits the insect in two. Its twitching remains falling to the forest floor.
  50. @Horiuchi Temujin (Free action to address second insect)
  51. ________________________________________
  52. Horiuchi Temujin      7:09 PM
  53. Neatly stepping past Jamukha, Temujin nearly leaps at Kurosawa as he thrust his Zanbato towards the sky, intercepting the insect on it's path to his comrade, and slicing a deep gash into it's abdomen. (28 Damage)
  54. ________________________________________
  55. Lionheart      7:10 PM
  56. Just as Kurosawa snaps back to reality he spots this disgusting massive insect the size of his head lunge out towards him before Temujin cleaves it in two with his large blade.
  57. ________________________________________
  58. Shinjo Kurosawa      7:12 PM
  59. The Shinjo closed his eyes; he remembered this moment clearly. It was simple, he was in her arms as she rode across the plains when he was incredibly small. His mind almost wandered, daring him to continue the dream when an odd sound penetrated the veil of the illusion. He blinked; a massive fucking insect was in front of him. He didn't have time to draw his sword, but he had his bow and would have prepared to bat the bastard- until Temujin cleaved it. He veered his horse the opposite direction to avoid it, expressing disgust at the thing.
  60. ________________________________________
  61. Lionheart      7:13 PM
  62. (I'll be setting up the next area. Be free to chat)
  63. ________________________________________
  64. Shinjo Kurosawa      7:17 PM
  65. His horse shifted underneath him as he composed himself. "Thanks cousins." He bowed his head at two who didn't get mind waved. "The hallucinations here are more pleasant than the dreams at least," he intoned dryly.
  66. ________________________________________
  67. Horiuchi Temujin      7:22 PM
  68. Temujin wipes off his blade of what viscera lay on it on the loamy ground before turning to Kurosawa. "I doubt this place is benevolent, cousin. I also doubt that this is some doorway to Yume-do. If our ancestors lay here, then I pity their souls, for I doubt they have remained pure in their rest." He looks at the bug's carcasses with disgust. "At least if the current denizens are anything to show for."
  69. ________________________________________
  70. Lionheart      7:27 PM
  71. Traveling further head through his disgusting landscape you come across an opening in the tree line. Rays of sunlight piercing through the veil overhead and shining down onto an especially ruined area of the forest. Completely skeletal corpses litter this area in mounds. Especially interesting was the amount of horse remains litter this small pocket in the forest. Within the center of sunlight stands a lone figure. The stone form of a samurai bushi in riding armor riddled with arrows and an entire spear driven through its gut. Although its corpse must be decayed like the rest, the samurai's appearance and form appears distinguished by the preservation of a shugenja's blessing. Standing alone atop of large stone platform he appears to be surrounded by piles of shadowland corpses. A shining scimitar held high within its grasp as if the samurai had died midswing towards something below. The longer you stare at that shining blade... the more that pulsing calls to you. Uncontrollably you are compelled to move towards it.
  72. ________________________________________
  73. Utaku Jamukha      7:29 PM
  74. (Any banners?)
  75. ________________________________________
  76. Lionheart      7:31 PM
  77. (Surrounding banners most easily recognized are of the crane and daidoji family. Invasion of the crane lands and slaughter of their clan happened shortly after the fall of the empire so no imperial manners we're refitted for the new legion at the time of this battle.)
  78. ________________________________________
  79. Utaku Jamukha      7:32 PM
  80. (I for one, believe the Earth 4 bushi should be the one to approach)
  81. ________________________________________
  82. Horiuchi Temujin      7:35 PM
  83. "Well, that is ominous."
  84. ________________________________________
  85. Shinjo Kurosawa      7:35 PM
  86. The Unicorn couldn't stop staring at the sword. Only the sound of his horses hooves clopping on the floor reminded him where he was, before he pulled Shiro to a stop. "I wonder if it is a nemuranai."
  87. ________________________________________
  88. Utaku Jamukha      7:36 PM
  89. "Could be. Could also be a tainted nemuranai."
  90. "Or maybe it spent too long in that Moto's arm in life, and learned all the good ways to get people to listen."
  91. ________________________________________
  92. Horiuchi Temujin      7:38 PM
  93. "Only we Unicorn use scimitar. It's our duty to lay to rest what spirit may reside there."
  94. "...should I touch it? Or...?"
  95. He makes a stabbing motion.
  96. ________________________________________
  97. Lionheart      7:39 PM
  98. (Note players are currently 65 feet from the blade)
  99. ________________________________________
  100. Utaku Jamukha      7:39 PM
  101. "We shall see if the spirit even wants rest." Then he gestures towards the sword "Just go grab it, what can you even stab at this point?"
  102. ________________________________________
  103. Shinjo Kurosawa      7:39 PM
  104. The Unicorn idly remembers the horror story about the Dark Moto he told for the storytelling competition before coming here. "I wish we had more jade, we could test it if we did."
  105. ________________________________________
  106. Utaku Jamukha      7:40 PM
  107. "No worries Kurosawa, such ordeals is what we samurai must deal with."
  108. ________________________________________
  109. Lionheart      7:44 PM
  110. "Children of the Ki-rin.... You should not be here... but are all too welcome." Echoes a distorted voice throughout the area. The ground shakes violently with the cry of this voice piercing through your thoughts. The skeletal remains of the area begin to vibrate. Piece by piece bones gather together before the petrified samurai's corpse. With the crackling of bone three figures rise from the mass of corpses with their necks twitching unnaturally. Their armor faded with hints of dark purple and eyes glowing blue with unholy light. The center figure wielding a Nagamaki while the other two wield scimitars rusted over with a decade of mistreatment. "CoME ChILDren. Embrace our family's fate. YoU CaN NOt DenY DEStiNy. We ArE INEVITABLE!" The undead warrior cries cheerfully and raises his arms up in a praising motion. In the distance behind them you hear the thunderous hoofs of horsemen charging towards your direciton...
  111. (Reply or roll INI)
  112. ________________________________________
  113. Shinjo Kurosawa      7:47 PM
  114. ((initiative roll: 23))
  115. ________________________________________
  116. Horiuchi Temujin      7:50 PM
  117. Temujin slowly steps out in front of his cousins, slightly towards the warriors, and slowly draws a line infront of him. He stabs his Zanbato into the ground before him and bows, stiffly, to the skeletons. "Honored ancestors. We embraced death when we first accepted Bushido, we will not run from such a fate. Yet if you are truly of our blood you know our ways, and you hold some semblance of honor in your heart, however twisted. If you wish you claim us, you must defeat us first." He points towards the central figure. "I challenge you to a duel."
  118. ________________________________________
  119. Utaku Jamukha      7:51 PM
  120. "So you are the ones who disrupted my sleep? My dissapointment is immeasurable." He takes the stance of water. (14 init)
  121. ________________________________________
  122. Shinjo Kurosawa      7:54 PM
  123. His sensei warned him this was gonna happen his whole training, and now the day was here. He watched Temujin declare his challenge to the undead, before changing his bow for his katana. No riding around and shooting them; they would do this honorable style. ((Weapon swap, and wait and see.))
  124. ________________________________________
  125. Lionheart      8:02 PM
  126. The center undead samurai aims his polearm straight towards Temujin. "CHALLENGE AC-AccepTED!" GODs as My WitnESS you stAND accused of ABANDONING yOUR FAMIly!!! JUSTICE SHALL BE SWIFT!" He roars in fierily with rage that a splatter of blood gushes from his undead mouth while speaking. Motioning the other two to step aside he focuses in on Temujin and marches to engage. The all three step forward to engage. Bursting out from the shadows behind them come three armored undead riders riding demonic beasts of the shadowlands. Horses mutated with clawed hoofs, rotting pale leathery hide like a reptile, and puss filled yellow eyes. Together they charge and the battle begins.
  128. (Horse photo if interested)
  129. ________________________________________
  130. Shinjo Kurosawa      8:03 PM
  131. ((qt))
  132. ________________________________________
  133. Lionheart      8:04 PM
  134. (Roll fear 2)
  135. ________________________________________
  136. Shinjo Kurosawa      8:05 PM
  137. ((so, the original 3, 2 are holding back and main is advancing, while the 3 undead riders are charging?))
  138. ________________________________________
  139. Lionheart      8:10 PM
  140. TURN ORDER Temujin Rider 1 Toghrul Kuro Rider 2 Dark 2 Dark 1 Jam Dark 3 Rider 3
  141. ________________________________________
  142. Horiuchi Temujin      8:11 PM
  143. Grasping his Zanbato from the earth, Temujin raises it into a high stance as he relaxes his body and focuses his mind for the opponent infront of him, waiting for him to enter into his range. Slowly gathering all his rage and hatred for the shadowlands into his arms. (Center Stance)
  144. ________________________________________
  145. Lionheart      8:11 PM
  146. (Current ranges are riders 160 feet. Melee 65 feet)
  147. A dark moto rider catches the wind and blitzes past his brethren. A disgusting crackle heard from his boney jaw barely held together with straps of flesh. What would of been a moto battle cry now reduced to some ghastly horror of a sound. (Dark 1 moto switches to defense stance. Simple move twice to be 20 feet away from players)
  148. Toghrul redirects his steed to increase distance and takes aim at the undead horsemen. His arrow defected by the katana of the rider. (Miss)
  149. @Shinjo Kurosawa
  150. ________________________________________
  151. Shinjo Kurosawa      8:21 PM
  152. The Unicorn cursed that he didn't have his bow out. And scared as he was he didn't flee. His horse moved backwards with Toghrul's, and the man tried to find his center. He would not give them the satisfaction of screaming, not today. ((Center stance, horse retreats back a tad with Toghrul.))
  153. ________________________________________
  154. Lionheart      8:28 PM
  155. The second moto rider follows beside his brother in arms. (Closed distance to 20 feet. Defense stance active) Dark moto footman 2 closes the distance in a furious march. (5 feet from players. defense stance active) The center Dark moto wearing the tattered remains of a nikutai's haori over his armor steps up to Temujin recognizing his focus. "Strike tRuE little brother. KNow your SIns shall Be forgiVEN." Mockingly he holds his arms out as if to embrace Temujin in a hug. (Move up to 5 feet from players. Defense stance active)
  156. @Utaku Jamukha
  157. ________________________________________
  158. Utaku Jamukha      8:33 PM
  159. Seeing that he is about to be charged in a pincer attack, Jamukha refuses to abandon Temujin alone in the thick of the fighting and switches to the stance of earth, so he can mitigate the incoming carnage.
  160. ________________________________________
  161. Lionheart      8:35 PM
  162. The remaining dark moto footman and rider clear the distance. END OF THE ROUND (All enemies 5 feet away from Temujin and Jamukha. Toghrul and Kuro in the backline 50 feet away)
  163. @Horiuchi Temujin
  164. ________________________________________
  165. Horiuchi Temujin      8:39 PM
  166. Temujin gently exhales. "We always return, cousin." Pushing off his back foot powerfully, Temujin unleashes a mighty downwards slash, slicing down and across the chest of the figure infront of him, even cleaving the earth that lay at the end of the stroke's path. (44 Damage if 33 beats ATN)
  167. ________________________________________
  168. Lionheart      8:50 PM
  169. The blade cleaves deep into the undead bushi's flesh but he doesn't even flinch from the blow. A dead stare from the burning blue eyes within his skull simply reads my turn. A rider swings by with his scimitar and strikes downward towards Jamukha as he passes. A blow that appears ready to mortally wound deflected in time.
  170. Toghrul notches another arrow and misses his target.
  171. @Shinjo Kurosawa
  172. ________________________________________
  173. Shinjo Kurosawa      8:58 PM
  174. Now it was time. The white horse turned sharp and he wheeled back towards the fray. His katana was raised and his expression grim, as he tried to get a good, deep cut into the undead rider (1) with the power of his center focused attack. ((Spending void point to raise ATN for the round, center bonus to hit undead rider 1. TN32 beat with 36, hit for 16 damage.))
  175. ________________________________________
  176. Lionheart      9:07 PM
  177. A single rider rides past Jamukha and strikes deep into his gut. (36 damage) With scimitar in hand one of the footman hops high into the air and strikes down at Kurosawa with unholy might. The attack swiftly dodged as he flys overhead back towards the ground. (Miss on Kuro) Polearm in hand the commanding dark moto steps up to his challenger after dealt a punishing blow. "This FoOLishNEss wILL Not CONTINUE." He swipes the blade across Temujin's chest and draws blood. (21 damage strike) (Temujin and Jamukha roll TN10 taint check from getting hit with a tainted weapon)
  178. TURN ORDER Temujin Rider 1 Toghrul Kuro Rider 2 Dark 2 Dark 1 Jam Dark 3 Rider 3
  179. @Utaku Jamukha
  180. ________________________________________
  181. Horiuchi Temujin      9:10 PM
  182. (Voiding damage, taking 6 wounds after reduction.)
  183. ________________________________________
  184. Utaku Jamukha      9:17 PM
  185. Jamukha breaks away from the horsemen and charges the Infantry Dark Moto who attacked Kurosawa. (21 damage)
  186. ________________________________________
  187. Lionheart      9:23 PM
  188. Another rider makes a past towards Jamukha with his spear. A hit... even one that had most of his force misdirected. (Damage 5 to Jamukha. TN10 taint check) Another leaping strike towards Kuro to no avail. (Miss on Kuro)
  190. @Horiuchi Temujin
  191. ________________________________________
  192. Horiuchi Temujin      9:28 PM
  193. Temujin twists with the strike, drawing most of the power away from it as it bites into his skin, returning the old feeling of warmth that a bleeding wound indicates. Keeping his footing he continues the spin and cracks the flat of his Zanbato into the skull of the warrior opposing him. (21 Damage) "Leave your head with me!"
  194. ________________________________________
  195. Lionheart      9:32 PM
  196. The commander takes the blow and appears to weaken. Barely hanging on to the thread of unholy life. A cackle heard from underneath his helmet. Taking his demonic steed one of the dark moto riders loops back around at Jamukha to strike one more. (hit for 25) Toghrul watching this carnage ensue can't stand by and ineffectively launch anymore arrows. Rushing back into the fray he draws his katana in a flash of silver and rides behind Jamukha as they encircle the battleground. Blade ready and a nod towards Jamukha, he does his best to defend him from further harm. (Guard action on Jamukha)
  197. @Shinjo Kurosawa
  198. ________________________________________
  199. Shinjo Kurosawa      9:36 PM
  200. Oh, the footman was trying to kill him now, hopping at his horse? Wish granted. He swung his blade downward to hit the Dark Moto infantry and struck hard and true. (TN20, 34 to hit. 20 damage.)
  201. ________________________________________
  202. Lionheart      9:37 PM
  203. Another rider circles back around for another strike of corrupted steel onto Jamukha but not before Toghrul tackles his horse against the enemy rider and shoves him off. Preventing the attack from landing.
  204. The dark moto infantry moves inbetween Kuro's attack with a disgusting shuffle. With a joyful cackle he slashes across Toghrul with a flailing leap. (25 damage. TN10 resist taint)
  205. With his final moments of unlife he curse's Temujin's existence. Taking the long blade of his polearm he drives deep into Temujin's gut. "Submit to destiny." (45 damage dealt. TN10 resist called)
  206. @Utaku Jamukha
  207. ________________________________________
  208. Horiuchi Temujin      9:44 PM
  209. (Voiding damage, 36 taken overall)
  210. ________________________________________
  211. Utaku Jamukha      9:45 PM
  212. Jamukha, injured from the the battle, decides he best stop being protected and protect himself. (Full-Defense) "You strike like ponies, you tainted bastards"(51 ATN until Toghruls turn, then it's 41)
  213. ________________________________________
  214. Lionheart      9:46 PM
  215. TURN ORDER Temujin Rider 1 Toghrul Kuro Rider 2 Dark 2 Dark 1 Jam Dark 3 Rider 3
  216. A footman manages to pierce just barely enough to get through Kuro's armor. (8 damage for Kuro) Last of the riders changes course and takes aim at the elegent unicorn. His attack dodged carefully.
  218. @Horiuchi Temujin
  219. ________________________________________
  220. Horiuchi Temujin      9:51 PM
  221. Half impaled, Temujin grabs his Zanbato in a half sword motion and drives it into the neck of the tainted samurai, pulling them closer together as he forces the blade as deep as it goes. (15 damage)
  222. ________________________________________
  223. Lionheart      9:53 PM
  224. The commanding dark moto laughs as the blade rips him asunder. Slowly the unholy blue flame lives his eyes and he falls still once and for all.
  225. Another assault on Jamukha fought back before he's awarded the chance. (miss) With Jamukha set on distracting the enemy Toghrul changes course to assist kuro. Riding back to his little brother's side he drives up and cuts off one of the undead's head in a clean swing. (Footman 2 dead.
  226. @Shinjo Kurosawa
  227. ________________________________________
  228. Shinjo Kurosawa      10:01 PM
  229. The blade pierced his armor, and blood began to pour from the wound. It hurt, but it was not so bad. A nod at Toghrul in thanks for taking care of the footman, he rode over and took another swing downwards at the other footman. ((TN20, 25 hit. 13 damage. Also now tainted.))
  230. ________________________________________
  231. Lionheart      10:02 PM
  232. TURN ORDER Temujin Rider 1 Toghrul Kuro Rider 2 Jam Dark 3 Rider 3
  233. Growing frustrated with the coward defending himself, The dark moto turns his attention to Temujin after just witnessing the death of their commander. He rides by and slashes but misses. (miss on temujin)
  234. @Utaku Jamukha
  235. ________________________________________
  236. Utaku Jamukha      10:11 PM
  237. Jamukha tries to strike at the last infantry man, but his wounds don't allow him to use all his concentration and his misses.
  238. ________________________________________
  239. Lionheart      10:15 PM
  240. Another rider swings for the kill on Jamukha. Blade missing his throat by inches. (Miss on Jamukha) Taking spear in hand the last of the footman lands a hit on Kuro. (13 damage)
  242. @Horiuchi Temujin
  243. ________________________________________
  244. Shinjo Kurosawa      10:16 PM
  245. (another taint roll y/n)
  246. ________________________________________
  247. Lionheart      10:16 PM
  248. (y)
  249. (I think Temujin had to go.)
  250. ________________________________________
  251. Shinjo Kurosawa      10:21 PM
  252. ((it is possible))
  253. ________________________________________
  254. Lionheart      10:22 PM
  255. Temujin continues his onslaught and hammers his heavy blade against the last footman (25 damage dealt) A rider makes a swing at Toghrul and misses the mark. (miss on toghrul)
  256. @Shinjo Kurosawa
  257. (Miss on Temujin) @Utaku Jamukha
  258. ________________________________________
  259. Shinjo Kurosawa      10:27 PM
  260. ((voiding damage off from the 13 attack, after reduction too we are back to 8 damage)) Kurosawa swings at the same infantryman again, not quite sure what it'd take to put a monster down. But his blade swung true and seperated the infantryman's head clean off ((TN20, 40 hit. 16 damage.))
  261. ________________________________________
  262. Utaku Jamukha      10:29 PM
  263. Jamukha, seeing that victory is slim, goes into the stance of air and rides next to Temujin, then he extends his blood covered arm towards him. "Pick up that sword and get up here, we gotta go, now"
  264. (end turn)
  265. ________________________________________
  266. Shinjo Kurosawa      10:31 PM
  267. ((if he's gone i can grab the sword ?))
  268. ________________________________________
  269. Lionheart      10:32 PM
  270. (Sure)
  271. ________________________________________
  272. Shinjo Kurosawa      10:33 PM
  273. ((so Jamukha has Temujin and I'll snag sword. Taint roll?))
  274. ________________________________________
  275. Utaku Jamukha      10:33 PM
  276. ((You best give it to him, he is earth 4))
  277. ________________________________________
  278. Shinjo Kurosawa      10:34 PM
  279. ((that's a good plan, he wanted the sword most anyhow.))
  280. ________________________________________
  281. Utaku Jamukha      10:35 PM
  282. ((Well, his turn, he grabs the sword as a free action and then mounts up on my back as a complex one))
  283. ________________________________________
  284. Lionheart      10:35 PM
  285. (Alright we're moving into "player input needed" territory)
  286. ________________________________________
  287. Shinjo Kurosawa      10:35 PM
  288. ((yeah.))
  289. ((I can wait I'm just doing a training slideshow))
  290. ________________________________________
  291. Lionheart      10:36 PM
  292. (Because Temujin can deny retreat and I'll let Jamukha refund his action. Kuro or Temujin getting the sword is a valid player choice)
  293. (We're like 90% through the scene. Lets call it a night and finish this up tomorrow by play by post.)
  294. ________________________________________
  295. Utaku Jamukha      10:37 PM
  296. (Sure)
  297. ________________________________________
  298. Lionheart      10:37 PM
  300. Google Docs
  301. combat
  302. Sheet1 Name,Initiative,Armor,ATN,Reduction,TN Penalties,Wound,Stance,Conditions,Kata/Kiho,Engaged with,Void,Spells,Kills Shinjo Kurosawa,23,light,25,3,athletics stealth +5,8,2 Utaku Jamukha,14,light,25(33),3,12,37,Defense,0 Horiuchi Temujin,33,Heavy,25,5,Agility and Reflexes...
  304. (Just to leave here at the bottom.)
  305. ________________________________________
  306. Shinjo Kurosawa      10:39 PM
  307. ((okay coo'))
  308. ________________________________________
  309. Lionheart      10:47 PM
  310. @Horiuchi Temujin (your input is needed to continue)
  311. ________________________________________
  312. Horiuchi Temujin      10:50 PM
  313. ((Temujin will pick up the sword))
  314. (Sorry, had to attend to something))
  315. ________________________________________
  316. Shinjo Kurosawa      10:52 PM
  317. ((I'm still here if we rolling))
  318. ________________________________________
  319. Lionheart      10:55 PM
  320. (Everyone still here?)
  321. ________________________________________
  322. Horiuchi Temujin      10:55 PM
  323. ((I am))
  324. ________________________________________
  325. Shinjo Kurosawa      10:55 PM
  326. ((I think we missing our Utaku now))
  327. ________________________________________
  328. Horiuchi Temujin      10:57 PM
  329. ((I can wait until tomorrow))
  330. ________________________________________
  331. Shinjo Kurosawa      10:58 PM
  332. ((I'm bout to drive home so I can wait tomorrow as well, unless y'all decide to restart in an hour))
  333. ________________________________________
  334. Utaku Jamukha      10:58 PM
  335. ((I'm here))
  336. ((Went to get breakfast))
  337. ________________________________________
  338. Shinjo Kurosawa      10:58 PM
  339. ((parking lot posting it is))
  340. ________________________________________
  341. Lionheart      10:59 PM
  342. One of the horseman attacks Toghrul and is parried away. "Then get a move on!" Toghrul calls out.
  344. @Horiuchi Temujin
  345. (Note that Onikage are faster.)
  346. ________________________________________
  347. Utaku Jamukha      11:02 PM
  348. (We will fight back as we retreat)
  349. ________________________________________
  350. Lionheart      11:03 PM
  351. (Also the shining scimitar is alone and not apart of the undead. Its stull up on that stone)
  352. ________________________________________
  353. Utaku Jamukha      11:03 PM
  354. (Also @Horiuchi Temujin read my last IC post)
  355. ________________________________________
  356. Shinjo Kurosawa      11:04 PM
  357. ((Utaku grab Temujin and I can make an athletics roll or whatever for the sword?))
  358. ________________________________________
  359. Horiuchi Temujin      11:04 PM
  360. ((Alright, heres the plan))
  361. ((I swing up with one of you guys, and we ride by as I grab the sword))
  362. ((Then we ride out of here, defending as hard as we can))
  363. ((Deal?))
  364. ________________________________________
  365. Lionheart      11:05 PM
  366. (They can attack your horses...)
  367. ________________________________________
  368. Utaku Jamukha      11:05 PM
  369. (Seriously, i am right next to you, extending a hand for you to get up.)
  370. (We will guard action our horses)
  371. ________________________________________
  372. Horiuchi Temujin      11:06 PM
  373. ((They don't have SAAs))
  374. ________________________________________
  375. Shinjo Kurosawa      11:06 PM
  376. ((Jamukha and Temujin go for sword [since close to each other + Utaku warhorse] Toghrul and Kuro stall the onikage for a round y/n))
  377. ________________________________________
  378. Utaku Jamukha      11:06 PM
  379. ((Oh yeah, they can move next to us but can't really attack))
  380. ________________________________________
  381. Lionheart      11:06 PM
  382. (You got it)
  383. ________________________________________
  384. Horiuchi Temujin      11:07 PM
  385. Temujin grabs Jamukha's arm and swings up on his horse with some effort, the two both wounded considerably. "Lets finish this brother!"
  386. ((Time for some scary rolls)
  387. ________________________________________
  388. Lionheart      11:07 PM
  389. TURN ORDER Temujin Rider 1 Toghrul Kuro Rider 2 Jam Rider 3
  390. ________________________________________
  391. Utaku Jamukha      11:08 PM
  392. (You should go on defense @Horiuchi Temujin )
  393. ________________________________________
  394. Lionheart      11:09 PM
  395. Cutting down the weak Kuro takes the blow of an enemy's scimitar. (18 damage)
  396. Toghrul moves to guard Kuro and cover his retreat. (Guard)
  397. @Shinjo Kurosawa
  398. ________________________________________
  399. Shinjo Kurosawa      11:11 PM
  400. Kurosawa stiffens in pain at the blow piercing his armor, but holds out his sword to guard Toghrul as well as they both beat to make a hasty exit.
  401. ((I can guard someone who's guarding me, right?))
  402. ((do I need to be in defense stance))
  403. ________________________________________
  404. Lionheart      11:11 PM
  405. (yes you can guard each other)
  406. Noticing their attempts to flee, a rider attacks once more but misses against the fleeing unicorn. (miss on jamu)
  407. @Utaku Jamukha
  408. ________________________________________
  409. Utaku Jamukha      11:14 PM
  410. "Hold on tight" Jamukha rears Tengri and turns him to the direction of the sword, then he hits the reins and gallops towards it.
  411. ________________________________________
  412. Lionheart      11:17 PM
  413. (Put into a weird rule spot as normally horse movement is of the horse itself and not a movement action of the rider. Thus you can full move and attack.)
  414. (but we're doing suito horse is just equipment onto the PC rules)
  415. (I'm gonna rule one last crazy last attempt thing because the rules are getting bendy)
  416. Enraged at witnessing their prey trying to escape, One of the dark moto rides charges his horse towards Jumkha and Temujin. A mad angry rush tackling their horses together and the dark moto jumping off his steed to latch onto Jamukha. Thrashing and clawing his way atop Jamukha's horse the undead tries his best to rip the unicorn down to the ground. (Successful grapple check. Lost advantage)
  418. @Horiuchi Temujin
  419. ________________________________________
  420. Horiuchi Temujin      11:37 PM
  421. Leaning down off the horse as they gallop past, Temujin snaches up the shining scimitar and holds it aloft. "Ride now! Jamukha!"
  422. ________________________________________
  423. Utaku Jamukha      11:38 PM
  424. Jamukha gives the undead a look of utter contempt and kicks square in the chest, sending it flailing towards the hooves of his horse.
  425. ________________________________________
  426. Lionheart      11:46 PM
  427. Soon as Temujin grabs hold of the sword there is a massive spine of pain that races up Temujin's arm. His grip tightens involuntary and he can't release it no matter how much he tries. A faint magical light illuminates from the scimitar's edge that races with supernatural energy. Not power but the presence of emotion... Of another's unlimited wraith... Consumes Temujin's mind. "FINALLY THE TIME HAS COME!" roars within the mind of Temujin. The pain proves to be too much and Temujin finds himself collapsing onto the back of his blood brother while they escape from the remaining skeletal moto. Slowly Temujin's vision begins to fade. The world around him seeming ablaze in fire like his dreams from before. Frozen in the air riding beside them, like a static image, floats the ghastly image of a spirit clad in heavy purple armor. With arms grossed and a disappointed scowl piercing through his mempo he glares down at Temujin. "Our war begins cousin." Is all the ghost speaks before Temujin's vision goes black.
  428. The party barely escapes the forest alive with the onikage riding warriors giving up on the chase purely out of lost interest. Beaten yet victorious, the group makes it back to the castle intact.
  429. (scene)
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