Legacy FEF: Branwen ap Pwyll

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  1. Name: Branwen ap Pwyll
  2. Class:  Valkyrie -> Seraph
  3. Special: Pegasus, Dismount, Canto, Anti-Magic, Resuscitation
  4. Character Skill: Ignis
  5. Affinity: Anima
  6. Personal Fault: Fear The Voice In The Dark: If Branwen is damaged by Dark Magic, halved EVA until her next turn.
  7. Personal Skill: Come Spread Your Wings: Beneath 50% HP, +2 AS.
  8. Personal Skill: Dark Wings, Dark Words:  Against Shamans and their promotions, +2 DMG.
  9. Personal Skill: Finally I Fly: If an ally is downed within two spaces of Branwen, +10 CRIT until the end of the phase.
  11. Preferred Stats: SPD, RES
  12. Weapon Skill: Pierce (A), Lance (C) Heal (A), Staff (C)
  14. Level: 5
  15. Total Level: 15
  17. Base Stats:
  18. HP: 18 (50%)
  19. STR: 5 (60%)
  20. MAG: 2 (55%)
  21. SKL: 6 (50%)
  22. CON: 7
  23. AID: 6
  24. LCK: 3 (10%)
  25. DEF: 2 (10%)
  26. RES: 5 (50%)
  27. SPD: 6 (50%)
  28. MOV: 5 (7)
  30. Levels gained:
  31. Level 2: +1STR, +1MAG
  32. Level 3: +1STR, +1SKL
  33. Level 4: +1HP, +1MAG, +1SKL
  34. Level 5: +1HP, +1RES, +1SPD
  35. Level 6: +1SKL, +1SPD
  36. Level 7: +1LUK, +1DEF, +1RES
  37. Level 8: +1STR, +1RES
  38. Level 9: +1MAG, +1SKL
  39. Level 10: +1STR, +1SKL, +1LUK
  40. Promotion to Valkyrie: +2HP, +1STR, +2MAG, +2SKL, +3RES, +3SPD, +2CON/AID, 6 MOV, +5% Progression to MAG
  41. Level 2: +1STR, +1SKL, +1RES, +1SPD
  42. Level 3: +1HP, +1STR
  43. Level 4: +1RES, +1SPD
  44. Level 5: +1MAG, +1SKL, +1SPD
  46. Current Stats:
  47. HP: 23 (50%)
  48. STR: 12 (60%)
  49. MAG: 8 (60%)
  50. SKL: 15 (50%)
  51. CON: 9
  52. AID: 8
  53. LCK: 5 (10%)
  54. DEF: 3 (10%)
  55. RES: 13 (50%)
  56. SPD: 14 (50%)
  57. MOV: 6 (8)
  59. Supports:
  61. Inventory:
  62. Name             | Type ( ) | Rng | Wt | Mt | Hit | Cr | Ql
  63. Steel Greatlance | Pier (C) |  1  | 15 | 14 |  70 |  0 | 35/35
  64. Iron Heavy Spear | Sper (D) | 1-2 | 15 | 11 |  70 |  0 | 40/40
  65. Concoction (3/3)
  67. Name             | Type ( ) | Rng |   QL  | Effect
  68. Mend             | Heal (D) |  1  | 25/25 | Heals (20+MAG) HP
  70. Battle Stats:
  72. Steel Greatlance:
  73. Rng: 1
  74. AT: 26
  75. Hit: 102
  76. Crit: 7
  77. AS: 13 (14−[15−{9+5}])
  78. Eva: 29
  79. DG: 5
  81. Iron Heavy Spear:
  82. Rng: 1-2
  83. AT: 23
  84. Hit: 102
  85. Crit: 7
  86. AS: 13 (14−[15−{9+5}])
  87. Eva: 29
  88. DG: 5
  90. Bio: The Donnar are simply one of the tribes that lives upon the planet of Jaiep. Just as the other tribes of Jaiep live their lives, they move with the islands and leave with the waning tides of life. The Donnar live off the "land" (so to speak) following their prey under the guidance of the shamans, powerful diviners rumoured to possess the power of clairvoyance in regards to the movement of the lands and the tides of magic. Pwyll ap Lleu was the shaman of the Donnar years ago, guiding his tribe to greener pastures time and time again, bringing food, furs and resources to his people through successful and fruitful hunts. The hunts attributed to Pwyll were sung into legend, and Pwyll's name was whispered in the same breath as the gods of the world among the other tribes of Jaiep, hailing him as some sort of god-blessed seer, sent by the heavens to show favour for the Donnar by granting them bountiful hunts. In reality, Pwyll, like his father, was simply a talented astronomer and navigator, able to track the movement of the stars and the winds to easily follow the movement of the herds for the Donnar to hunt; to those unaware of the divination methods of shamans, this seemed like magic, and was effectively magic.
  92. Among those who looked up to Pwyll was his daughter, Branwen. Groomed from a young age to be the successor to Pwyll as the shaman of the tribe, Branwen proved to be a skilled shaman in her own right in divination and hunting alike, even exceeding her father in the art of healing, which Branwen put to use both healing the wounded and healing the tribe's animals used for hunting. The latter managed to net her the affection of a giant raven, now named Cliona, which she eventually tamed and put to use as a mount to ride, soaring out around the world to lead hunts for her tribe. Like her father, she showed a talent for astronomy and navigation, the stars and winds being to Branwen like the back of her hand. Despite her skills, however, Branwen always believed that her father was the best she'd ever known; after all, Pwyll had taught her everything, and if Pwyll had not, then Branwen could never hope to be a shaman, let alone one remotely lke her father. She adored her father, and Pwyll adored her as a father ought to adore his daughter; there was no rivalry to be found, though others said otherwise, suggesting that Branwen was jealous of Pwyll, eager to succeed him as shaman. He was, after all, getting on in age; some looked to Branwen to succeed him, others saw her as hoping for his death, hoping she might prove her worth at long last.
  94. It came as a shock to most that Pwyll rather suddenly died from a sudden and painful illness, especially among the Donnar. Branwen was affected the hardest; she grieved for the loss of her father. The rumours that she sought to take her father's role reached fever pitch and a faction of the Donnar, irked that they had lost the insight of Pwyll's guidance, had the gall to accuse Branwen of poisoning her father, driving the young woman to to fighting a man who had accused her of murdering her father to become the shaman, out of sheer rage and indignation that someone would accuse her of killing her own blood. Eventually, she was forced to isolate herself for a while from the tribe, partially out of fear that there may well have been a civil war due to Branwen attacking another member of the tribe. Solmenly, Branwen entered the wild on her own, during which she honed her skills and trained herself, attempting to become a worthy successor to the hefty legacy she was left with. After a long period of calming down and contemplation, she eventually recovered to take her role as the shaman of the Donnar, the rumours having faded sufficiently and no shaman having proven capable as either Branwen or Pwyll. Her tenure as shaman of the Donnar had led the tribe to a time of fruitfulness and great bounty.
  96. .....Or, at least, it seemed so for a while.
  98. The hunts began to become less and less fruitful; less animals, and those that they found were smaller than usual. The Donnar were not alone; many of the tribes living on the islands of Jaiep had convened meetings with others, as the shamans began to realise that the winds and the stars were dying out, and nature itself was seeming to wane. The world was changing for the worse, and the mystical Gates, portals to other worlds, seemed to contain the answer to the problem. The tribes of Jaiep met to elect a candidate to investigate the Gates, to seek answers from the magic of other worlds, to save Jaiep from the destruction that seemed inevitable. After a long discussion, the tribes of Jaiep elected the Donnar's candidate, Branwen, to pass through the Gates, seek magical expertise or even powerful magicks in and of themselves to restore life on Jaiep to that they had been accustomed to. The end of that quest is shrouded in mystery; it is not known whether Branwen succeeded or not in her search to save Jaiep from catastrophe. It is, however, known that Branwen is one of the scant few heroes among the many the Nexus can call upon who has ever had experience with travel to other worlds beyond her own; her company had been drawn from all over Tardore; from Ssistyl, land of the demihumans, Branwen's home of Jaiep, the knightly Anstante, the dark, fiery Sielon and icy, damned Tangur.
  100. Given her experiences, it seems logical, then, that Branwen was summoned to fight once more, to a world far beyond Tardore. Unable to bring even her faithful Cliona, Branwen found herself, yet again, in a world not her own, to solve problems that threatened many different worlds.
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