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BRIAN COMFORTI / VCOMFORTI / "Did Firez copy Brian"

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Oct 19th, 2019
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  1. Hello to whom it may concern.
  3. Recently, it came to my attention that a [student/employee/user/collaborator/contributor] under your [employ/tutelage/websites usership] has been behaving with extreme amounts of vitriol, anger towards fellow artists (up to and in addition to blatantly false accusations of plagiarism towards parties in attempts at extorting monetary and/or influence based compensation). This is extremely disconcerting and i question this individual, Brian Comforti, his moral judgement, his motivations, and the merit of him [attending your instititution under its art program/working under your employ], a sentiment shared by a number of other individuals made aware of this startling behavior and foul attack-based vocabulary.
  5. For your discretion, here is evidence of his wrongdoing as well as an archive of the discussion in which he partook:
  6. --> The original thread:
  7. --> archive website:
  8. >> Posts of note from Brian:
  9. >>>>" No.4167072" (later revealed to be him, making the discussion for the purposes of putting forth a false accusation)
  10. >>>>" No.4167122" Image of a tweet from Brians twitter account, with the same accusation presented in a passive aggressive faint of friendly discourse | twitter account: | tweet in question: | archive of the tweet:
  11. >>>>" No.4167748" Proven to be Brian slightly further down this reply chain, he calls another artist a 'beaner", a racial epithet for hispanics, as well as clear signs of antagonistic jealousy of anothers success
  12. >>>>" No.4167844" Clearly identifies himself with first person pronouns in relation to the supposed plagiarism for the first time, and further cements it as being him as you go along.
  13. >>>>" No.4167882" Again asserting it is indeed him
  14. >>>>" No.4168045" Response from the very artis he accused of plagiarism once more confirming this is INDEED Brian
  15. >>>>" No.4168210 " An example of his vitriol.
  17. There are many more examples of his horrid behavior in this thread, and especially so his sense of superiority over others. The dialogue also heavily implies Brian has been behaving like this for some time. Mr. Comforti has actively, repeatedly, and unabashedly been engaging in acts of harassment and putting forth spurious, false accusations to damage the reputations of his "rivals".
  19. I do this merely to make you aware of what Mister Comfort is doing, leaving any and all action entirely to your discretion, if you would feel any is to be undertaken. Have a good day.
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