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  1. Steam Name: Sigma.
  3. Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:205314685
  5. Time Zone: Mountain Standard Time.
  7. Previous experience:
  8. HELIX i4, - Remorseless
  9. SERPENT i5, - Photonic Gaming
  10. UNION i5, - Origins HL2RP
  11. Cin. Virgil Eaton - .DUST
  12. Etc, more that I can't remember the names of.
  14. Describe what the Civil Protection's purpose is: Maintain the artificial 'peace' of socio-stability. Socio-stability includes how much tension the complex goes through, how many riots, if any, and the showing of force through the Civil Protection's actions. Their job is the keep this at the maximum level possible, at all costs.. Essentially, they are both an OOC and IC role-model to new players and fresh off-the-train civilians.
  16. A citizen approaches your unit and gives them a tip-off regarding a citizen with a gun - what do you do?
  17. At first, I would ask the citizen information such as his name, Civil Identification and the location of the offender. I'd take out my handheld radio, and radio in for any available functionaries to converge on the location given by the civilian. Assuming this backup came, I'd answer any remaining questions by the converging team without wasting any time; moving into the reported area. If the man was in fact not lying, hopefully the backup would move in first as I would most likely be a lower rank than them.
  19. You notice a large group of citizens - around eight to ten - gathering in the plaza. What do you do?
  20. Radio in the situation, primarily asking for Dispatch's advice on the gathering. As other units converged on my location, I would work quickly and efficiently, making sure to jot down names and IDs of various individuals involved in the gathering being detained. Any remaining stragglers watching from the sidelines would promptly be grouped together with the troublemakers.
  22. A fellow unit of equal rank is trying to influence you to go against the Union and go rogue. What do you do?: Firstly, I'd attempt to remember anything incriminating they've said, and make a statement to a high ranking officer, potentially either Internal Affairs, Rank-Leader or Dispatch themselves. If possible, I'd ask for a higher-ranked unit or Rank Leader if they would be so kind as to meet in private. As we spoke to eachother, I'd lay out all the evidence I had on this unit and their actions. I'd collect my statement together and write up a report on the incident.
  24. A fellow unit of equal rank is heading towards a restricted area by himself with no authorization by Dispatch. What do you do?: This depends on their attitude? Are they walking casually? If so, I'd stop them and ask their reasoning for heading towards the non-patrol region in a friendly tone at first. If they refused to answer, I'd push forward with my questions before moving to radio in to Dispatch. If they are running at a heightened pace, then they are most likely in pursuit of a suspect.
  26. Describe the daily duties of a Metropolice Unit: The dailies duties of an average Metropolitan Functionary as soon as they waltz out of an Overwatch Annex are as follows, instantly they are expected to radio in and report that they are fully on-duty. Assuming nothing out of the ordinary is stirred up within the confines of Industrial-Zone Seventeen, they radio in, asking to form a Protection-Team. A Protection-Team consists of two or more people, and the duties of one yield of simply patrolling around a designated grid. As they encounter threats to sociostability, they are to neutralize it swiftly.
  28. Provide a short monologue, in the narrative of your character attempting to join the MPF, about why s/he wishes to join - either as if s/he was writing a letter or doing it verbally:
  29. Why?
  30. It's a question I got asked a lot, you wouldn't believe the amount of times I heard the question when I told people about the dream I had. First off, it's obviously better for you than simply bumming off people in the slums, and trying to net yourself at least one conspiration-point in your goddamned life. Secondly, it's the closest thing nowadays to being a cop. I grew up in Georgia my whole life, I'm around five foot seven. It's a bit of an average height, only reason I was hesitant to do it before the Combine Multinational Beneficiary, or CMB for short, showed up. My primary reason, though? Is for the benefits. I heard you can actually get a decent meal in that damn place..
  32. Any additional information: Any tagline I can pick is fine.
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  35. Cerby
  36. Unregistered
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  39. I'd recommend fleshing out and making the responses longer. However, you seem alright and could do well with some time in i6.
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  42. Sigma
  43. Unregistered
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  46. Thank you, I appreciate it. Is there anything specific you'd like me to flesh out?
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  49. Cerby
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  53. (12-02-2017, 04:38 AM)Sigma Wrote:
  54. Thank you, I appreciate it. Is there anything specific you'd like me to flesh out?
  56. Just in general, I'd say add more details to the questions. The one about a unit of equal rank trying to influence you to go rogue is particularly short.
  57. Also, elaborate on what sociostability in the first question means.
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  60. Sigma
  61. Unregistered
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  64. It's still a little short, but I tried to add a bit more meat to those questions.
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  67. Dark
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  71. Shows effort and could do as an i6. Give him a shot. +Support.
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  74. Sigma
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  78. I appreciate it. :)
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  81. Ruffian
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  85. Good man, good roleplayer, good father, good son.
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  88. Vincent Van Gogh kill yourself
  89. Unregistered
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  92. Let's see how he performs in game. i6 is the real trial to see if someone's shit or not.
  95. +Support
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  98. Sigma
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  102. I hope I impress if I'm accepted!
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