Rainbow Dash's Punishment - Day 1 (AB/DL 2/4)

Mar 31st, 2014
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  1. >”Still, what if somep0ny still sees me anon? My life will be ruined! You can't allow that to happen to me.”
  2. “Don't you worry one bit Dash I've got you covered”
  3. >You take out an enlarged Wonderbolts foal blanket.
  4. “Isn't this thing the cutest thing you've ever seen dash?”
  5. >You can use that foal blanket to hide dash while you get out of town.
  6. >If anyp0ny asks you will just get applejack to tell them that she is moving furniture
  7. >You send Applejack outside and wait for her signal when its safe for you to take Dash to her carriage.
  8. >Dash is not pleased
  9. >She is staring daggers at you
  10. >You give her a shit eating grin.
  11. “Oh don't give me that look Dash We've prepared a bunch of things for you so that you will have the time of your life”
  12. >You look outside and sure enough Applejack gives you the signal.
  13. >Dash looks like she is about to give you a snide comment something but you ignore her and throw the blanket over her.
  14. >Twilight then gives you her Camera and takes the picture you took of Dash
  15. >This will prove invaluable later on
  16. >You then pick her up on her Foal seat and run out the door.
  17. >Rarity, Twilight, Fluttershy and Pinkie all give you a nice wave goodbye.
  18. >Fluttershy still looks a bit worried.
  19. >Spike is already off somewhere during chores for Twilight.
  20. >Poor guy.
  21. >Life is suffering for that dragon.
  23. >You are now outside with Applejack and Rainbow Dash in her Foal seat.
  24. >You set Rainbow Dash down on in her carriage.
  25. >You can't see Rainbow Dash's face and she isn't saying anything.
  26. >Her face has got to be priceless right now.
  27. >Applejack tosses you a rope.
  28. >You quickly secure her to the carriage.
  29. >Applejack pulls her carriage to the less active parts of town.
  30. >Unfortunately you have to walk the whole way back with her.
  31. >Oh well, it's good exercise.
  32. >“Anon, Applejack, hey!”
  33. >Oh crap, it's Lyra and her friend bon bon.
  34. >It just had to be those two of all p0nies.
  35. >At least they aren't paying any attention to where Dash is hidden.
  36. >”You are the talk of the town right now Anon!”
  37. “Huh why is that?”
  38. >”Everyp0ny is talking about your recent speech you made on human history”
  39. >Bon Bon nods.
  40. >“Yeah, you seriously have to tell me and Lyra about how your people defeated the Necron and Orks and saved the Emperor of Mankind sometime!”
  41. “Y-yeah, I can do that-. Is there anything else you wanted Lyra?”
  42. >“We also heard about Rainbow Dash's antics last night.”
  43. >”Some Mares have no nerve.”
  44. >”Yeah tell me about Bon Bon you know a Pegasus friend of mine once said she knew Dash in High School and that Mare's Vagina smelled like rotten cabbage all during her Senior year in High School.”
  45. >You can faintly hear the sound of teeth grinding
  46. >Guess Dash isn't flattered
  47. “Heh, that's really interesting Lyra.-Look I got a really busy day ahead.”
  48. “I promise I will tell you about that period and also I will tell you how the Human Rebels defeated the Empire with the the help of the Ewoks.”
  49. >Lyra's eyes bulge open in excitement.
  50. >”Can't wait Anon. See ya around!”
  51. >She falls for that everytime.
  52. >You still can't believe you got these ponies to believe that Ewoks are real and that they aren't completely worthless.
  53. >Ewoks
  54. >You also convinced them that Santa is real on your world but is a Robot that wrecks Havoc during Xmas.
  55. >And don't forget you also got them to believe that all human children prepare for the Gilded Yak on his flying canoe by hanging diapers by the fireplace and fill their boats with coleslaw at Xmas time.
  57. >You are now finally out of Ponyville.
  58. >Applejack is taking a break from pushing the carriage.
  59. >You take out your canteen and take a sip.
  60. >It's Applejack's famous Hard Cider.
  61. >And that stuff is awesome.
  62. >You remove the blanket on top of Rainbow Dash
  63. >She hasn't pissed herself
  64. >That will soon change
  65. “Hey Miss crusty cunt flaps-.”
  66. >Oh Fuck, she just snatched your canteen out of your hands like it was nothing.
  67. >And downs all your liquor and tosses your one of a kind canteen to the ground
  68. >Guess she doesn't like her new pet name
  69. >You honestly have no idea how they can use their front hooves like that.
  70. >She hasn't learned anything from last night
  71. >You will personally see that Miss Cunt Cheese pays dearly for that
  72. “For fuck sake Dash I was actually gonna cut you some slack and give you some.”
  73. >You may be a dick but you don't hold passive aggressive grudges like does Pinkie
  74. >”As you like to say Anon deal with it”
  75. >Rainbow Dash gives you a shit-eating grin.
  76. “Whatever Rainbow Cabbage Flaps you just made this day 10 times harder and we all know from experience that hard liquor goes right through you.”.
  77. >Rainbow Dash is no longer smiling.
  79. >It's now later
  80. >And you are bored out of your mind.
  81. >All Applejack talks about are all the products made from from Apples.
  82. >She did briefly tell you that she was concerned that you were being too harsh Rainbow Dash.
  83. >But you assured you it would be for the best in the long run.
  84. >You decide to interrupt her while she goes on and on about the Apple business.
  85. “You sure like Apples Applejack”
  86. >”Apples? I Love apples.”
  87. >Oh crap, she is starting all over again with products Apples are made from.
  88. >
  89. >Finally, Dash is starting to fidget.
  90. >Applejack's face gets a curious look on her face.
  91. >Rainbow Dash is not a happy camper right now.
  92. >“Looks look this little filly is all sour apples huh anon”
  93. >Really Applejack? That's the best you could do?
  94. >Why does everything that p0ny say have to be about Apples?
  95. >Rainbow Dash is now shaking all over
  96. >”Anon, let me out of this bucking thing”
  97. >Dis is going to be good
  98. >”Look I shouldn't have stolen your canteen and drank all your booze I-I learned my lesson. T-this isn't fair anon.”
  99. >Is she for real?
  101. “No can do good buddy. Princesses Luna and Celestia's orders. You are gonna have to piss in that diaper and stay in it till Fluttershy or Pinkie Pie agrees to change it.
  102. “And judging from how much you drank things are about to get really nasty for you.”
  103. >Rainbow dash looks down and crosses her front hooves.
  104. >Suddenly she gives a shock grin and reaches down to her diaper.
  105. >Rainbow Dash's face is bright red and you and applejack hear a sound that sounds just like a waterfall.
  106. >Applejack just laughs hysterically at this.
  107. >Shit must be contagious because you are now crying from laughing so hard and rolling on the ground.
  108. “I Warned you bro, I warned you about Liquor.”
  109. >”I-it keep happening”
  110. >Oh god she is still peeing
  111. >She ends up pissing herself for almost half of a minute
  112. “Oh man, that was perfect. New personal record for you Dashie?
  113. >Dash gives you a worried look but shortly after she tries to give you a tough look.
  114. >It doesn't work out for her too well since there are tears in her eyes
  115. >”Fine Anon you win this one and you might win the next one but I will have the last laugh.”
  116. “Good luck with that Miss Pissy Pants, I think you peed yourself so hard that a river now runs through that gross little diaper of yours.”
  117. >Applejack continues to laugh hysterically
  118. >You are kinda worried for her, all that laughing can't be healthy.
  119. >You take out Twilight's Camera.
  120. “This one is gonna be a keeper, I just know your friends and the princesses will love this one.”
  121. >Snap
  122. >Anon: 1 Rainbow Dash: 0
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