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  1. #!/bin/bash
  2. echo "This installs mplayer in your system."
  3. echo -n "Do you want to proceed (Y/N)?"
  4. read answer
  5. if test "$answer" = "N" -a "$answer" = "n";
  6. then exit 0;
  7. if test "$answer" = "Y" -a "$answer" = "y";
  8. then
  9. echo "Your installation will now begin, please wait! :D"
  10. tar xjf ./*.tar.*
  11. sudo mv ./mplayer /bin
  12. rm -rf $HOME/.mplayer
  13. mkdir $HOME/.mplayer
  14. cp ./config ./subfont.ttf ~/.mplayer
  15. echo "Installation finished.Enjoy"
  16. fi
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