Celestia's Jealous

Oct 13th, 2014
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  5. >"Honestly Tia, if you weren't going to continue the bloodline, who would?"
  6. >Those words kept replaying in your head.
  7. >It made you more angry than it should.
  8. >Anon and you had ended your relationship months ago.
  9. >But why was it he chose to go to your sister right away?
  10. >And even worse, get her pregnant.
  11. >A nagging voice in your head pesters you every night before bed-
  12. >'It could have been yours. It could have been yours.'
  13. >Was your clock ticking?
  14. >Did you truly want a little one to raise?
  15. >A little Prince?
  16. >As you walk down the hall, you hear giggling.
  17. >It sounds like Luna.
  18. >But she never giggles...
  19. >In one of the rooms, Luna lays on her back.
  20. >She's giggling like a foal with a reddened face and holding her hooves in the air.
  21. >Anon lays between her legs, rubbing his cheek on her swollen belly.
  22. >"Anonymous, you're tickling us~!"
  23. >He grabs one of her engorged teats and rolls it, "I just can't get enough. I almost want you to just stay pregnant."
  24. >Luna wraps her back legs around his neck and thrusts forward, "Come now, you must keep stretching us so the birth comes easier..."
  25. >He begins to undo his belt.
  26. >"You know I don't need to do that. You're just horny."
  27. >Luna draws her hooves to her chest and blushes, "Then take care of this. We- I can't spend all night backing my flanks against the wall again. I've been winking for hours..."
  28. >You leave the sight quickly, feeling hot.
  29. "Whywhywhywhy!?"
  30. >Now you have to shower.
  31. >And seriously think about the possibilities of a foal.
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