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  1. I decide to call it quits now, getting a last lick all around the blubbery orbs of fat before gulping again, my throat expanding to insane propertions to fit your rear into it, your thick thighs starting to slide into my maw as you're pushing more and more against the bottom of my stomach, being in an almost yoga-like stance as I just enjoy your kicks and flails... You should know that all of this is only bringing me pleasure as I start guzzling down your lower body, picking up the pace~
  3. Uberdoof21/06/2019
  4. Despite having watch you eat people before on numerous occassions... I still keep up with my actions, foolishly thinking that somehow it will be any different from your previous meals. My heart sinks to the bottom of my chest as you swallow... After that, there would be no going back. "W-WAIT! S-SPIT ME UP!... BABY... PLEASE!... Please..."
  6. I quickly move my hands off of the walls of your stomach and begin to press into the bottom of it... Trying to keep you from swallowing down the rest of me. Those thick thighs of mine would easily fill out your maw once again, the juicy, tender flesh laying on your tongue... The only thing left of me would be my calves and wriggling feet.
  8. Pyukumuku21/06/2019
  9. I slurp and guzzle, your thighs being no match as I decide not to bother with the taste... Nothing would beat your rear anyways, so I just let out thick gllllrrrkkskssss, your hips popping into my stomach, followed by your giant rear and the top of your thighs as I decide to quicken up the pace a lot more. Soon enough, your calves and feet pop into my maw, my tongue quickly gliding over them before gulping you down as I put my hand up to my mouth, pushing down your feet in the same fashion that you'd push down some poor, innocent bystander, like you had done oh so many times before when I gulped people down~
  11. Uberdoof21/06/2019
  12. I screamed as my plan ended up failing... I was still being swallowed. Not a moment later... My feet were pushed into your maw... and swallowed. My eyes widened... My pupils shrank... It wasn't long before they joined me in your stomach... This was probably vengeance for something... probably for all of those people I helped you devour in the passed.
  14. I soon found myself in the fetal position, curling up like a ball inside your dark, warm, moist, and humid stomach... N-No... this can't be happening... This can't be happening... I don't want to be food... Not like this... H-How... Why...
  16. Pyukumuku21/06/2019
  17. I lay back in satisfaction as I feel you pop fully into my stomach, letting out a content sigh as acids start seeping out of my stomach walls as I just lick my cheeks, tasting what little I can left of you on there as I rub my belly. "Sssshhh, you're just food, accept it~" I coo calmly, rubbing my belly in circles... It's clear I don't view you as a girlfriend anymore... You're just food for me, and you're not even gonna be that in a few hours~
  18. I then feel my cheeks bloat up immensely, before a giantBBBBBBBRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRLLLLLLAAAAAAAAARRRRRRPPPPPPP escapes the confines of my maw. "Excuse me~"
  20. Uberdoof21/06/2019
  21. I can see the walls of your stomach move as you begin to rub at your belly... The words I hear coming from out of your mouth are nearly enough to crush me on their own... So I sit there, sobbing in fear with tear running down my cheeks, holding onto myself.
  23. Suddenly... those acids began to build up from the walls of your gut. I hear something begin to build up in your belly... And then finally... you release that massive belch... Not only did I hear it, but I felt it as well, the air inside escaping through your lips. All those burps that I thought were so cute and hot were now signaling the end of my existence... That would be enough to rouse me again.
  25. I quickly shove myself into the nearest wall... and begin to pound and struggle with all my might, causing your gut to bounce this way and that with my movements. "NO... NO NO NO!... It's not supposed to BE like this!... BABY... LET ME OUT... I don't want to be food... or fat... or shit... PLEASE..."
  27. Pyukumuku21/06/2019
  28. I smile blissfully at my stomach, just rubbing and caressing it as I see you start to struggle again... I then decide to get up, which I proceed to do with only a little trouble, which is mostly just because of my stomach, and not really your struggle~ I move towards our, or well, my kitchen, opening the fridge to see what's there as I just take out some milk and get myself the cereal and a bowl.. I need to get breakfast, after all! I put the large bowl on the counter and just begin pouring milk into it, emptying the bottle as I then grab the cereal and pour about a third of its contents into the bowl, smiling to myself as I hold the bowl calmly and put it on the table, grabbing a spoon and then sitting down. "Mmm... Time for breakfast!" I chuckle... I did have a tendency to stay true to my rituals, being that I always have breakfast, or well, that's one of them... And I don't view people as breakfast! Uuuarrp "Excuse me~ And no, food doesn't get let out... Or well... It does, but not how food wants to be let out! So just sit down and let me enjoy my breakfast" I giggle calmly... That lovely, childish attitude of mine was just something to melt over.. So oblivious, cute, adorable, and deadly~
  30. Uberdoof21/06/2019
  31. That attitude was one of the reasons why I liked you in the first place! So cute yet so in charge... And now... it was just being flaunted in my face... All of those friends I fed to you ended up being for nothing... Everything that I ever did was just going to end up as a gurgle in your belly...
  33. Your words caused me to blink in disbelief. "How can YOU STILL BE HUNGRY?!..." I knew the answer... I've seen it all the time... But now I was seeing a new perspective of things... I punched your gut several times in frustration as you begin to make your breakfast... Only for you to belch once again. "P-Please stop that... N-Not like this..."
  35. Those acids started to feel warm ...Almost hot, even... "Y-YOU'RE GOING TO DIGEST ME!... Please... I'll do anything you want...Anything... please... I'll find a way to do it for you... no matter what it is! Please... Baby... Wasn't I a good girl? I thought you liked me..."
  37. Pyukumuku21/06/2019
  38. I take a large spoonful of the milk and cereal, crunching it up in my mouth and gulping it down, smiling eagerly as it splashes down onto you. I could eat all the time... Last time I got full was at a party... And the only ones to make it out of that house was us two. My hunger was immense, my stomach being like a blackhole. I could probably eat even more now than back then~ "I'm me, that's how!" I chuckle happily, patting my belly as I grab another spoonful, listening to you begging for mercy, knowing just what to respond the whole time. "Hmmm... Digest for me like proper food, then!" I say, smiling childishly as I am just a big child at heart. I love hearts, I love to play, my reasoning is selfish, and I'm just a big child, really... But it's just too cute~ "And I like you, you're a good girl, and you're even better as food! Your butt tasted amazing!" I chuckle, giving my belly a pat where I think your head is, but I end up patting your butt~
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