DF Game Club: Bright Side of the Moon (part 2 plus devchat)

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  1. 6:58:34 am Syd: Hey fov!
  2. 6:58:43 am Cheeseness: Hey fov 
  3. 6:58:47 am fov: hi
  4. 6:59:00 am Cheeseness: So, who wrote the walkthrough on the telltale site?
  5. 6:59:06 am fov: um
  6. 6:59:08 am fov: possibly me
  7. 6:59:19 am fov: where is it?
  8. 6:59:32 am Cheeseness:
  9. 6:59:37 am fov: I wrote a bunch of them but I remember we outsourced a few
  10. 7:00:14 am Cheeseness: Unfortunately the javascript for it is broken, so you have to use an inspector to change the class names for each episode's walkthrough to show/hide it
  11. 7:00:49 am fov: heh
  12. 7:01:00 am fov: that's because Telltale redid their site and all the legacy stuff was ignored
  13. 7:01:04 am Cheeseness: Yup
  14. 7:01:19 am fov: I will take this moment to plug The Summer of Sam & Max 
  15. 7:01:19 am Cheeseness: (Telltale ignore legacy stuff? No way!)
  16. 7:01:36 am fov:
  17. 7:01:47 am fov:
  18. 7:01:54 am fov:
  19. 7:02:01 am fov:
  20. 7:02:02 am fov: Good times
  21. 7:02:09 am Cheeseness: Oh man, I remember pouring over those
  22. 7:02:28 am fov: has the stream already started? I don't see i
  23. 7:02:29 am fov: t
  24. 7:02:42 am Cheeseness: Nah, we were going to give a few minutes for people to join
  25. 7:02:53 am Cheeseness: But it's probably about time ^_^
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  27. 7:03:26 am Syd: Live
  28. 7:03:47 am Syd: I had to open it in a separate window because my browser is being weird and not showing the embedded client this time.
  29. 7:03:48 am Cheeseness: Let's get this show on the road \o/
  30. 7:04:04 am Syd: if anyone needs a direct link to the Twitch stream
  31. 7:04:22 am Fhqwhgod: there are things to not love about this episode?
  32. 7:04:32 am Cheeseness: Still haven't heard back from Twitch about sorting out the main account 
  33. 7:04:48 am Fhqwhgod: what is wrong with the main account?
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  35. 7:05:29 am fov: here's a link to the walkthrough:
  36. Seg [] entered the room. (7:05:58 am)
  37. 7:06:03 am Seg: Hello what I miss? 
  38. 7:06:04 am Syd: Hey Seg!
  39. 7:06:09 am Syd: Not much, we just started
  40. 7:06:10 am Cheeseness: Hey Seg! We just started
  41. 7:06:12 am Seg: Oh good!
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  43. fov [] entered the room. (7:06:25 am)
  44. 7:06:49 am Cheeseness: Max's blissful voice
  45. 7:06:51 am Seg: I’m live form the laundromat! 
  46. Sven_Q45 [] entered the room. (7:07:09 am)
  47. 7:07:15 am Sven_Q45: hey there
  48. 7:07:22 am Cheeseness: Hey Sven_Q45
  49. 7:07:32 am Seg: So I do have a story with the final scene and it’s acheivement. It’s a long story, but I’ll wait till we get there.
  50. 7:07:42 am Syd: I'll reiterate that the end credits song for this episode is probably my favorite song in all of Telltale's Sam & Max. 
  51. 7:07:52 am Cheeseness: 
  52. 7:08:16 am Fhqwhgod: my favourite is the rave club techno track
  53. 7:08:18 am Seg: Ah Sam’s gun, the true test of point-n-click technology. 
  54. 7:08:33 am Cheeseness: I love that you can "shoot" everything, but it does nothing
  55. 7:08:34 am Seg: Are we doing re-introductions yet?
  56. 7:08:58 am Cheeseness: Go for it!
  57. 7:09:38 am fov: heh
  58. 7:10:00 am Seg: My name is John “Seg” Seggerson. My time at Telltale was from April 30, 2007 till the layoffs in July 2012.
  59. 7:10:20 am Seg: I was the studio’s first build engeineer, then migrated over to content programming.
  60. 7:11:03 am Cheeseness: I love how susceptible Harry is here
  61. 7:11:29 am Seg: For Sam & Max 106, I started the Monday after this episode was orginally released. But I was build engeineer, content programmer, localizer content programmer, and work on the ports for Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, PS3, and mastered the orginal DVD offering.
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  63. 7:12:01 am Sven_Q45: No game should without DVD version! 
  64. 7:12:01 am BadAsp: Hi Pinchpenny!
  65. 7:12:05 am Pinchpenny: yo!
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  67. 7:12:13 am Cheeseness: fov is Emily Morganti, who was doing community management and web stuff at the time IIRC?
  68. 7:12:13 am Sven_Q45: hi
  69. 7:12:15 am Syd: Hey Pinchpenny!
  70. 7:12:28 am Cheeseness: Pinchpenny runs, I think? 
  71. 7:12:34 am Pinchpenny: i do!
  72. 7:12:36 am Seg: I really took the DVD mastering seriously as it was the mesuem piece edition. If it’s going to be archived, it was going to be the DVD version.
  73. 7:12:39 am OMG_Its_MK: Where's the game screen?
  74. 7:12:46 am Cheeseness: Yay, my memory works this time
  75. 7:12:46 am fov: PR, community management, marketing, customer service
  76. 7:12:49 am fov: packing case files
  77. 7:12:59 am Syd: So I'm not the only one not getting the embedded Twitch? Yay, I'm not alone!
  78. 7:13:01 am Seg: Oh right, I think I helped with case file packign too
  79. 7:13:08 am fov: @pinchpenny you do? I didn't know that
  80. 7:13:09 am Cheeseness: fov: Didn't you guys hand tear one of the newspaper clippings?
  81. 7:13:10 am Syd: You can watch the stream from here
  82. 7:13:14 am Seg: I’m getting the Twitch chanel, but from itself
  83. 7:13:16 am fov: yep
  84. 7:13:27 am Cheeseness: That must've been a time consuming exercise 
  85. 7:13:31 am Pinchpenny: @fov yeah, although it hasn't been updated in a while... 
  86. 7:13:32 am OMG_Its_MK: Newspapers still exist?
  87. 7:13:46 am Sven_Q45: My video here is from twitch.
  88. 7:13:49 am Cheeseness: Back in the day, it felt like people had lots of roles at Telltale
  89. 7:14:03 am OMG_Its_MK: Is it just me or there's no video at all...?
  90. 7:14:11 am fov: I was also in charge of the DVD production, which was ramping up as this episode came out
  91. 7:14:13 am OMG_Its_MK: (prob just me)
  92. 7:14:18 am Syd: OMG_Its_MK: Have you tried watching from ?
  93. 7:14:22 am OMG_Its_MK: *is alone in the universe*
  94. 7:14:23 am Cheeseness: OMG_Its_MK: A couple of people have said they've had problems. You can go directly to the uRL that Syd pasted
  95. 7:14:41 am fov: dan connors had had the idea to offer a "free dvd" to season pass holders, to encourage people to pay the $35 up front for an unproven episodic game
  96. 7:14:52 am fov: and around this time we were like, oh yeah, we actually need to make that
  97. 7:14:56 am OMG_Its_MK: *clicked*   ....waiting for the magic to happen now
  98. 7:14:58 am fov: (and needed to make it in a way that wasn't cost prohibitive)
  99. 7:15:05 am Syd: Twitch is usually embedded in this website but I guess something has gone wrong.
  100. 7:15:28 am Cheeseness: fov: That sounds like it would've been a fun challenge
  101. 7:15:38 am fov: it was fun to do
  102. 7:15:40 am Cheeseness: fov, Seg: How did you come to work at Telltale?
  103. 7:15:49 am fov: the downside was that the people involved at making it all had other jobs
  104. 7:15:53 am fov: but that happens a lot at small companies
  105. 7:16:02 am Seg: @Cheeseness: I honestly have fov to thank for getting my foot in the door.
  106. 7:16:05 am Cheeseness: 
  107. 7:16:08 am fov: heh
  108. 7:16:15 am Sven_Q45: fov
  109. 7:16:17 am Sven_Q45: yes
  110. 7:16:24 am fov: I wrote for Adventure Gamers and live in the area, so I just kept giving Dan and Kevin my resume every time I saw them
  111. 7:16:43 am fov: when they were ready to hire web/marketing people they contacted me
  112. 7:16:50 am Sven_Q45: I met Dan Conners once in Collogne.
  113. 7:16:53 am fov: (same with Jake)
  114. 7:17:05 am fov: (Jake and I actually interviewed for the same job, but they ended up hiring both of us)
  115. 7:17:16 am fov: one of the early things I did at Telltale was to identify people who were blogging about us and reach out to them to make friends
  116. 7:17:26 am fov: and I think that's how I started emailing with Seg...?
  117. 7:17:26 am Syd: I guess Lincoln changes his mind between now and season 3 on the having kids issue. 
  118. 7:17:34 am Seg: Yes, that’s exactly how. 
  119. 7:17:53 am Pinchpenny: where were you blogging about telltale, seg?
  120. 7:18:01 am Seg: So a bit of my background, I am the first BFA New Media degree holder form Emerson College in Boston. Made a FMV game as my thesis. Emerson didn’t want me to leave, so they gave me a full time job as web applications prodcer and engeineer.
  121. 7:18:03 am fov: it was just his personal blog
  122. 7:18:07 am Seg: But games…
  123. 7:18:08 am Cheeseness: Syd: Sybil's not herself at the moment 
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  126. 7:18:48 am Seg: So the blog specifically was about one case in CSI where it was *just* close enough to be the story of how Sam & Max: Freelance Police [the LucasArts project that got canned] to make note of it.
  127. 7:19:10 am Seg: Fov reached out to me from there, and I was impressed that she bothered to take the time.
  128. 7:19:20 am BadAsp: Ah, Seg I need to see that blog
  129. 7:19:31 am fov: [note to anyone who ever needs to promote something - looking for people who are talking about it and making friends with them is a good thing to do!]
  130. 7:19:42 am Cheeseness: 
  131. 7:19:51 am Seg: It was a few emails back and forth, but then Fov posted on the blog about wanting to do the Wii port of Sam & Max, but not getting contact back from Nintendo
  132. 7:20:10 am Seg: I wrote up a form letter for everyone to copy and edit when contacting Nintendo.
  133. 7:20:16 am Seg: I think that worked. 
  134. 7:20:19 am fov: oh, YOU wrote that?
  135. 7:20:21 am fov: that got me in trouble 
  136. 7:20:24 am Seg: HA!
  137. 7:20:28 am fov: not really
  138. 7:20:33 am Cheeseness: Heh
  139. 7:20:35 am fov: but Nintendo did call us and ask us to make it stop
  140. 7:20:49 am fov: the early days of "going viral"
  141. 7:21:01 am Seg: See? Nintendo did contact Telltale. Mission: Accomplished
  142. 7:21:09 am Syd: *ding*
  143. 7:21:09 am Cheeseness: lol
  144. 7:21:33 am Seg: A few months later, I think I e-mailed Fov about the website being down. I told her I was going to GDC in a few weeks, and she gave me an invite to the Telltale GDC party.
  145. 7:22:07 am Seg: When I told my student workers that I got the invite, John said something to the tune of: “Seg, if you get a job with them, just go. We’ll be fine."
  146. 7:22:30 am Seg: The benfifit of having my own team of game makers as employees. 
  147. 7:22:38 am Cheeseness: 
  148. 7:22:46 am fov: oh I forgot about Max's stomach!
  149. 7:22:48 am fov: this episode is epic
  150. 7:22:55 am Syd: It's very spacious
  151. 7:23:35 am fov: is there also a blue max?
  152. 7:23:39 am Cheeseness: There are disappointingly few uses for Jimmu
  153. 7:23:40 am Cheeseness: Jimmy
  154. 7:23:43 am Seg: So fast forward to the party where I first met Steve Purcel and Dave Grossman. As a professional fan boy, I was trying to keep myself professional. I can’t lie, I was texting my sister so much that night…
  155. 7:23:48 am Cheeseness: Blue max is still on the moon
  156. 7:23:55 am fov: is he kind of girly?
  157. 7:24:14 am fov: there is a pose from this episode that I had on my business card
  158. 7:24:20 am fov: but I don't think it's happened yet
  159. 7:24:37 am Cheeseness: Which one is it?
  160. 7:24:49 am fov: oh that's the party where they ran out of food and I demanded they order us pizzas
  161. 7:24:56 am Seg: Yup!
  162. 7:25:00 am fov: and then steve and dave got dragged into an alley to do video interviews
  163. 7:25:04 am fov: and we were all, uh, really drunk
  164. 7:25:08 am fov: good times
  165. 7:25:15 am Cheeseness: heh
  166. 7:25:21 am Seg: And while I was by the food table, I was talking to someone about my work. Then he handed me his card: Dan Connors, CEO of Telltale.
  167. 7:25:30 am fov: actually that was a fun party
  168. 7:25:40 am Seg: Yes it was, and certainly transformative fo rme.
  169. 7:26:05 am Seg: I think I only said hello to Fov once at the very start. She’s running the party and no need for me to keep bugging her all the time.
  170. 7:26:08 am Cheeseness: Sam's magic face
  171. 7:26:33 am fov: @cheese the pose was of Max being kind of girly
  172. 7:26:39 am Cheeseness: Ah, right
  173. 7:26:51 am fov: basically I wanted a girl on my card, and there weren't many options
  174. 7:26:53 am Seg: All thoughout the rest of the week, I’d swing by the Telltale IGF booth when I was close by. It was the year Bone was up for best sound.
  175. 7:26:53 am Cheeseness: Not the one from last week where Abe's on the phone?
  176. 7:26:58 am fov: I almost went with Sybil as the queen of Canada
  177. 7:27:14 am fov: we were told not to bug Steve about including Sam and Max on our cards, and to stick with Telltale-created characters
  178. 7:27:23 am fov: but I really wanted that one of Max so I asked him and he said okay
  179. 7:27:35 am Cheeseness: Steve seems pretty nice ^_^
  180. 7:27:36 am fov: (actually I don't think he cared, we just weren't supposed to bug him about dumb things, he's a busy man!)
  181. 7:27:57 am Seg: On that Friday, I spotted Dan at the lunch table all by his lonesome. He needed company. 
  182. 7:28:10 am Seg: From that talk, I was on a phone call interview for the build engeineering position in 2 hours.
  183. 7:28:16 am Cheeseness: Nice
  184. 7:28:26 am Seg: The next day I was at the old Marin office meeting with Kevin Bruner about the job.
  185. 7:28:38 am Seg: 10 days later I give my notice to Emerson College.
  186. 7:28:54 am Seg: 3 months later, I’m working on Sam & Max.
  187. 7:28:58 am Cheeseness: 
  188. 7:29:05 am Seg: Moving from Boston to San Francisco.
  189. 7:29:26 am Seg: It’s been a very long, long time since I’ve told that story.
  190. 7:30:11 am Cheeseness: What are each of you working on at the moment?
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  192. MK_is_sad [] entered the room. (7:30:32 am)
  193. 7:30:35 am fov: I do freelance PR
  194. 7:30:49 am fov: and attempt to write books
  195. 7:30:53 am Seg: I do front-end web development for an ad/interactive media agency
  196. 7:31:05 am Fhqwhgod: I was just going to ask about your writing
  197. JelDeRebel [] entered the room. (7:31:15 am)
  198. 7:31:19 am JelDeRebel: boink
  199. 7:31:21 am fov: it continues to exist 
  200. 7:31:29 am Fhqwhgod: boink
  201. 7:31:29 am MK_is_sad: I tried but I'm a dork and can't remember my Twitch pw ....and the email to reset hasn't sent... so  =-P
  202. 7:31:40 am MK_is_sad: 
  203. 7:31:48 am fov: max sounds like Michael Jackson right now
  204. 7:32:16 am Syd: MK_is_sad: You should be able to watch streams without being signed in, I believe.
  205. 7:32:17 am Seg: I love tha but wiggle
  206. 7:32:33 am Cheeseness: So many good butt wiggles from Max
  207. 7:32:36 am JelDeRebel: my pc don't like 2 streams at the same time apparently
  208. 7:32:37 am MK_is_sad: I am an unfortunate bug in the paws of the cat god of fortune
  209. 7:32:42 am JelDeRebel: watching weeds on netflix
  210. 7:32:59 am fov: the butt wiggle was a custom animation
  211. 7:33:01 am JelDeRebel: and torrenting some cimics
  212. 7:33:04 am JelDeRebel: comics
  213. 7:33:06 am fov: that later ended up in Max's "bank" of animations
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  215. 7:33:15 am Cheeseness: Yeah
  216. JelDeRebel [] entered the room. (7:33:26 am)
  217. 7:33:35 am JelDeRebel: jebus christ
  218. 7:33:38 am Cheeseness: And now we find out that Hugh Bliss is bacteria \o/
  219. GameClubFan_519602 [] entered the room. (7:33:49 am)
  220. 7:33:56 am fov: shit just got real
  221. 7:33:57 am Cheeseness: And that bacteria looks like floating circles
  222. 7:34:08 am Cheeseness: I love that he contains floating eyeballs
  223. 7:34:12 am JelDeRebel: wait is the dog sam or max?
  224. 7:34:17 am JelDeRebel: and why does he have a gun?
  225. 7:34:24 am Cheeseness: What are their names again?
  226. 7:34:41 am GameClubFan_519602: Max: rabbit. Sam: Dog
  227. 7:34:57 am Seg: So! The final achievement story!
  228. 7:35:00 am Cheeseness: I love his fake audience noises
  229. 7:35:00 am kisak: howdy
  230. 7:35:03 am Cheeseness: Hey kisak
  231. 7:35:11 am Syd: I like Hugh's appearance in Hell in season 2.
  232. 7:35:17 am fov: that tie animation was a big deal, as I recall
  233. 7:35:35 am JelDeRebel: maan these graphics suck,  I want to see every single zit on their skin
  234. 7:35:47 am Cheeseness: I think they're charming 
  235. 7:35:55 am MK_is_sad: But I can't express my love... and that is a pain I cannot bear.
  236. 7:35:59 am Seg: WHen it came to the Xbox360 port, it was the first time the game had to ahve acheivements.
  237. 7:36:03 am fov: this game is like eight years old
  238. 7:36:14 am Cheeseness: MK_is_sad: Chat happens here rather than on Twitch anyway 
  239. 7:36:19 am BadAsp: It needs an upgrade
  240. 7:36:20 am MK_is_sad: Esp w all the good butt wiggles, as Cheese so dutifully pointed out.
  241. 7:36:22 am JelDeRebel: i'm sad today
  242. 7:36:42 am JelDeRebel: some girl owned me at super smash bros today
  243. 7:36:46 am Cheeseness: I don't think it's that bad. Later seasons are definitely an improvement, but it's not horrible
  244. 7:36:46 am JelDeRebel: like 10 times
  245. 7:36:47 am Seg: Er wait… I realized I’m too early for this story. Crap… holding on the story. 
  246. 7:37:00 am Cheeseness: Ha ha, I was waiting for you to spill it, Seg
  247. 7:37:03 am MK_is_sad: Are you upset that you got owned or that it was a girl that did the owning?
  248. 7:37:21 am MK_is_sad: ^One gets you a hug, the other gets you a punch in the arm ... just saying
  249. 7:37:28 am JelDeRebel: that I got owned about 20ish times XD, she mains Ike
  250. 7:37:28 am Cheeseness: s/arm/throat/
  251. 7:37:40 am Cheeseness: If we wait here, will we get sawn in half?
  252. 7:37:50 am fov: doubtful
  253. 7:38:00 am Syd: Seems like he's not making much progress
  254. 7:38:01 am JelDeRebel: I still have those sam and max games in my steam library, unplayed
  255. 7:38:02 am fov: sam has a lot of gut to saw through
  256. 7:38:04 am MK_is_sad: You can get hugs for the ownage.
  257. 7:38:27 am Cheeseness: Hugh's flying animations are awesome \o/
  258. Permafry_42 [] entered the room. (7:38:33 am)
  259. 7:38:37 am fov: I like this music
  260. 7:38:39 am MK_is_sad: Obliterative ownage can be rough...
  261. 7:38:42 am Permafry_42: hey guys sorry for being late
  262. 7:38:47 am Cheeseness: Hey Permafry_42
  263. 7:38:50 am MK_is_sad: Hugs to fry
  264. 7:38:51 am Syd: Hey Permafry_42
  265. 7:38:55 am JelDeRebel: I did get a hug
  266. 7:39:07 am BadAsp: I'd like a hug too
  267. 7:39:08 am Permafry_42: hugs back to MK_is_sad 
  268. 7:39:10 am MK_is_sad: *is giving all the hugs*
  269. 7:39:13 am JelDeRebel: hey permafried
  270. 7:39:25 am MK_is_sad: 
  271. 7:39:34 am Seg: Uga… correct season, wrong episode. I”M GOING TO TELL IT ANYWAY!
  272. 7:39:38 am Fhqwhgod: first step is a doozey KQ5?
  273. 7:39:40 am Cheeseness: This one with the flappy feet over his shoulders is the best
  274. MK_is_sad is now known as MK_is_hugs (7:39:43 am)
  275. 7:39:44 am Cheeseness: Seg: Go for it!
  276. 7:40:03 am fov: why does every one of these puzzles have the same solution?
  277. 7:40:08 am Seg: With the acehivements, we did one for each episode, and one bonus per epsidoe. It was capped at 12 acheivmeents, no more or less.
  278. 7:40:17 am Cheeseness: fov: Because these aren't the puzzles
  279. 7:40:46 am Seg: For one episode, there were a few ways in which the game can end. And with the way acheivmeents have to be awarded, we had to manually add the call to fire the acheivement in every purmentation
  280. 7:40:53 am Cheeseness: I'm going to do another spin around because I like cutting off hugh's head
  281. 7:41:02 am Seg: QA did the game, got the achievement in every way, shipped the game.
  282. 7:41:07 am JelDeRebel: AC IV: Black Flag is free on xbox live gold now, I tried to play it. god it sucks
  283. 7:41:11 am Seg: Then there were a few people who weren’t getting the acheivement
  284. 7:41:26 am Cheeseness: As always happens
  285. 7:41:52 am Seg: And one detailed how they got to the end step by step. And it’s a way no one in QA, the producers, or myself knew you could end the episode.
  286. 7:41:59 am Permafry_42: I love affably evil villains 
  287. 7:42:11 am Cheeseness: Do you recall what it was, Seg?
  288. 7:42:14 am MK_is_hugs: Rainbow wheel of death is a contradiction unless we're talking "petite mort" ...which is not really about *death* ...
  289. 7:42:53 am MK_is_hugs: ....b/c rainbows are certainly a narcotic but not truly deadly.
  290. 7:43:00 am Seg: Oh right, it’s 101
  291. 7:43:08 am Seg: It had to deal with the soda poppers
  292. 7:43:14 am Cheeseness: Ah
  293. 7:43:29 am MK_is_hugs: Cheese, we discussed rainbows did we not?
  294. 7:43:35 am Cheeseness: Sure did
  295. 7:43:40 am MK_is_hugs: ...Thought so.
  296. 7:43:46 am MK_is_hugs: Rainbows.
  297. 7:43:51 am Seg: From that experience, a lot of people were weiry of doing achievemnts at all. But I still saw value in acheivements as they end up telling the firends of players they’re playing the game.
  298. 7:44:31 am MK_is_hugs: This is rainbow slander.
  299. 7:44:55 am Seg: For Puzzle Agent, I developed an API system within the Tool to award acheivements based off the logic game, rather than having to manually call an API head.
  300. 7:44:57 am Cheeseness: Owie
  301. 7:45:08 am Seg: Owie
  302. 7:45:15 am MK_is_hugs: ew
  303. GameClubFan_519602 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client). (7:45:19 am)
  304. 7:45:20 am Cheeseness: Seg: Right, giving players extra vocabulary to discuss games is a great thing
  305. 7:45:23 am fov: heh
  306. 7:45:46 am Cheeseness: The end of season 1 song is great
  307. 7:45:52 am Syd: Just in case anyone wants the lyrics so they can sing along
  308. 7:45:54 am MK_is_hugs: "petite mort" is a useful phrase
  309. 7:45:58 am Fhqwhgod: *sings*
  310. 7:46:02 am Cheeseness: Syd is totally singing along
  311. 7:46:03 am MK_is_hugs: ...just sayin
  312. 7:46:06 am Syd: You bet
  313. 7:46:08 am fov: this is Jared singing
  314. 7:46:11 am MK_is_hugs: ouch
  315. 7:46:14 am MK_is_hugs: a fork
  316. 7:46:17 am MK_is_hugs: no thanks
  317. 7:46:22 am MK_is_hugs: I'll pass on a fork
  318. 7:46:39 am Seg: That cow
  319. 7:46:42 am Cheeseness: So for anybody who missed it, when Max was in the crystal, he projected his personality onto everybody on earth, and as we've already established, hitting people on the head is the best cure for hypnosis
  320. 7:46:45 am MK_is_hugs: *is being a perv ...but apologizes*
  321. 7:46:56 am fov: I think there were issues getting this credits sequence to work
  322. 7:47:07 am fov: because these environments were not in the game
  323. 7:47:36 am Cheeseness: I love seeing everybody else do Max's animations
  324. 7:47:40 am Seg: There’s fov! 
  325. 7:47:54 am Cheeseness: I wonder how much work was involved in making those work with their respective rigs
  326. 7:47:58 am MK_is_hugs: ...Spork just as bad
  327. 7:48:01 am Seg: So here’s the thing with these ultra custom credit sequances.
  328. 7:48:02 am MK_is_hugs: spork
  329. 7:48:02 am fov: the animations? it took some work
  330. 7:48:09 am Permafry_42: Thanks for streaming!
  331. 7:48:09 am MK_is_hugs: *is STILL being a perv*
  332. 7:48:21 am Cheeseness: MK_is_hugs: Shush 
  333. 7:48:26 am MK_is_hugs: lol
  334. 7:48:29 am Seg: They were timed specificaly for the first release of the game. Timed very specifically.
  335. 7:48:49 am MK_is_hugs: LMAO
  336. 7:48:58 am MK_is_hugs: 
  337. 7:48:59 am Seg: But when you go into the different consoles, you are contractually required to add a set of credits for the platform holder.
  338. 7:49:03 am Permafry_42: i love the credits song
  339. 7:49:06 am Cheeseness: Oh yeah
  340. 7:49:24 am Cheeseness: Yet another reason to avoid consoles >
  341. 7:49:33 am Seg: So for these, we had to rearrange the chore file in order to make these work.
  342. 7:49:43 am fov: pip and fluff! my hamsters of the moment
  343. 7:49:44 am MK_is_hugs: anti-consolism
  344. 7:50:07 am Permafry_42: what's TTG's favourite pet story?
  345. 7:50:07 am Syd: Max for president!
  346. 7:50:11 am MK_is_hugs: *hugs her Xbox*
  347. 7:50:26 am Seg: There was one episode of Tales of Monkey Island that was especially hard as Murray was addressing specific people as they mentioned.
  348. 7:50:32 am Seg: er, as they showed up
  349. 7:50:37 am fov: good game
  350. 7:50:39 am Seg: gg
  351. 7:50:44 am Cheeseness: I love Sam & Max so much
  352. 7:50:47 am Fhqwhgod: 
  353. 7:50:53 am Syd: Thanks for joining us everyone!
  354. 7:50:57 am Cheeseness: Thanks guys for making a sweet game 
  355. 7:51:02 am BadAsp: No problem!
  356. 7:51:06 am MK_is_hugs: I  Sam & Max, too.  
  357. 7:51:08 am Seg: No problem!
  358. 7:51:13 am Cheeseness: We got in touch with Jared and were thinking about maybe doing S&M 201 after this
  359. 7:51:15 am Lightkey: fin
  360. 7:51:16 am Fhqwhgod: one of my top 5 TTG episodes
  361. 7:51:17 am Seg: Now if you ever do Puzzle Agent… 
  362. Mimness [] entered the room. (7:51:20 am)
  363. 7:51:22 am Cheeseness: But we'll wait to hear back from him before confirming
  364. 7:51:24 am Cheeseness: Hey Mimness
  365. 7:51:27 am Cheeseness: You're late 
  366. 7:51:37 am flesk: Thanks for joining fov and Seg, and for streaming Cheeseness.
  367. 7:51:44 am Seg: You’re welcome!
  368. 7:51:48 am fov: thx for the nostalgia!
  369. 7:51:48 am Mimness: Hey  Made it just in time for Max's final punch and Cheese's beautiful outro
  370. 7:51:49 am Permafry_42: Thanks for everyone who joined this week!
  371. 7:51:53 am Pinchpenny: woo!
  372. 7:51:56 am MK_is_hugs: TY ....I'm off like a prom dress.........  xox
  373. 7:52:02 am Cheeseness: Have fun, MK_is_hugs >_<
  374. 7:52:09 am MK_is_hugs: Ciao, loves!!  
  375. 7:52:09 am Lightkey: but.. when Sam & Max were down on earth, Bliss was still sending the signal, so why were they not affected (or A.L.)?
  376. MK_is_hugs left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client). (7:52:17 am)
  377. 7:52:28 am Cheeseness: Lightkey: I guess that it only happened at the moment that the beam started?
  378. 7:52:28 am fov: byte
  379. 7:52:32 am fov: er, bye
  380. 7:52:33 am fov: 
  381. 7:52:34 am kisak: I walk away for one minute to get some soup and the stream is gone ;_;
  382. fov left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client). (7:52:37 am)
  383. Fhqwhgod left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client). (7:52:42 am)
  384. 7:52:57 am Syd: See you all next week and keep an eye out for announcements!
  385. Pinchpenny left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client). (7:53:03 am)
  386. Syd left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client). (7:53:05 am)
  387. 7:53:05 am Cheeseness: Thanks for coming \o/
  388. 7:53:08 am JelDeRebel: oh noes
  389. 7:53:11 am JelDeRebel: i just got here
  390. chatter791277 left the room. (7:53:14 am)
  391. 7:53:44 am Cheeseness: I'll wrap up the chat log there. Don't forget to leave an opinion in the Game Club thread
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