MGE Side III Star Neon Stage

May 30th, 2020
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  1. ...Sorry. I didn’t mean to turn the other way.
  2. I mean, I don’t think I want you to see my face right now.
  4. ...Yeah, it’s fine. I’ve calmed down.
  5. The largest live stage in Saida. The dream stage of song maidens. “Star Neon Stage”.
  6. It looks like it’s about to start on stage... sorry, we barely made it in time.
  7. Today is Bis Sis Levin’s “Master Live”, so it’s particularly packed with people.
  8. I’m glad I booked tickets in advance but... as I expected.
  9. When the seats are filled... as you can see, they bring out airship seating that looks at the stage from the sky.
  11. The only bands that can perform on this stage are Big Sis Levin’s band, previous diva’s bands, or bands with skill close to that of a diva.
  12. The stage, which was built embedded into the mountainside, seems to be a renovation of the ancient ruins that originally existed here, and Mrs. Nevan says the ruins are extremely valuable... apparently.
  13. Considering all that, that person still relentlessly remodeled it...
  14. Look. A wave of light is spreading over the stage, seating, and mountainside matching Bis Sis’s singing on stage.
  15. The thunderstones placed in the stage for production value resonate with the stones buried in the mountain...
  16. Even the thunder falling from the thunderclouds, as if it were one of the instruments, joins the music.
  17. And then there is a super enormous, exposed thunderstone in the mountainside above the stage.
  18. In the sky above that stone and Big Sis, a big illusion is projected showing Big Sis as she performs on stage.
  19. Not only that, with the power of Mrs. Nevan’s magical tool connected to that stone, the band’s performance and Big Sis’s song even reach the whole city of Saida, and the shape of Big Sis singing on stage like that is projected all over the city.
  20. Even if it isn’t directly, almost everyone in Saida right now is watching and listening to this live performance.
  21. The sound, the lights, the thunder, the listener’s hearts... the band that stands on this stage controls all of Saida, and performs the most paralyzing live performance that involves everything in Saida...!
  23. I also dream of singing here someday.
  24. However, I still haven’t gotten there at all.
  26. ...Yeah, I’m holding your hand, is that alright?
  27. ...Thank you.
  29. I wanted to show a little courage too. Yeah, I’ve decided.
  31. So, uh. That time I was holding hands with you.
  32. I got wet.
  33. You get it? A monster’s body is very honest and easy to understand. I was surprised myself.
  35. Hey, do you... want to do it with me❤
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