Breakfast - Burning cold

Apr 28th, 2014
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  1. >You... are Shimmer Light...
  2. >You can't... move.
  3. >Were you unconscious?
  4. >Something is very different from before.
  5. >Your temperature. You aren't nearly as cold as you were before.
  6. >... Though, you're still too cold for your liking.
  7. >You slowly open your eyes.
  8. >The ceiling is white.
  9. >That solved nothing, it's time to actually get up.
  10. >You move your forelegs in front of you.
  11. >On their way, they move a white blanket.
  12. >Okay, you're in a room with a white ceiling, you're most likely on a bed and you have a blanket on you. Someone has been taking care of you ever since you lost consciousness.
  13. >That, by itself, is a bad sign.
  14. >... The only moth around you was Hex-
  15. >"You're awake!"
  16. >You wince at the ear-splitting squeak.
  17. >That was definitely Hexferry.
  18. >Great.
  19. >Your forelegs rest against your chest as Hexferry comes into view.
  20. >You do your best not to look directly at her or acknowledge her existence.
  21. >... Unfortunately, you can feel your head turning to fully face her.
  22. >Stupid weariness ruining your perfect way of life.
  23. >Hexferry appears to be... a mess, as always.
  24. >Her mane is unkempt, her eyes have bags under them and she just looks very tired.
  25. >... Though, she still looks happy.
  26. >How can anyone be happy while looking so hideous?
  27. >"I was so scared; they said you could've gone into a coma!"
  28. >You have many things you wish to critique her for, but you decide to let them pass for now.
  29. >She cares about you. You don't know why but she does.
  30. >Fantastic.
  31. >... Wait, a coma?
  32. >It's time to get up.
  33. >... Who is "they"?
  34. >You press your forelegs against the bed and slowly hoist yourself into a sitting position, despite Hexferry telling you to stop.
  35. >At this angle, you now have a better view of the room.
  36. >... You're in a hospital.
  37. >All of the medical equipment, the hygienic atmosphere, the layout of the room...
  38. >You are definitely in a hospital.
  39. >Medical bills are expensive.
  40. >You're done here.
  43. >You jump off the bed with ease, floating down with grace.
  44. >You need to leave here as soon as possible.
  45. >That moment is now.
  46. >You turn to the door and-
  47. >Hexferry blocks your path.
  48. >You're really getting sick of her existence.
  49. >Her expression is one of worry.
  50. >... It reminds you of the look she has after you fell.
  51. >"What are you doing?! You just woke up!"
  52. >Obviously.
  53. >"You're in no shape to just walk out of here!"
  54. >Oh, now that is the biggest assumption you've heard all day.
  55. >... Is it the same day?
  56. >That doesn't matter right now.
  57. >There is an obstacle in your way.
  58. >You stare directly into her eyes.
  59. >... She doesn't yield.
  60. >...
  61. "Move."
  62. >...
  63. >She doesn't even flinch.
  64. >Your anger is back, that's good to know.
  65. >You step toward her.
  66. >Her breathing is audible.
  67. >Another step.
  68. >She's lightly shaking.
  69. >There is almost no distance from your face to hers.
  70. >Certainly, she doesn't believe she can oppose you and win.
  71. >Why does she not concede?
  72. >Fool.
  73. >The door opens, startling Hexferry.
  74. >A moth you assume is a doctor walks in.
  75. >"Ah, you're awake. You came back much sooner than we expected."
  76. >Of course, not even the cold can defeat you.
  77. >You slip past Hexferry while she's still recovering.
  78. >Not even the doctor is in your way. You easily exit the room.
  79. >Ah, this hallway.
  80. >You've been to this hospital for mandatory checkups.
  81. >The exit is down the hall to your left.
  82. >"Are you just going to stand there and let her leave?"
  83. >Hexferry still has problems with this.
  84. >"... Yeah. She's obviously well enough to walk around. She was only unconscious due to shock, she doesn't have anything actually wrong with her."
  85. >Of course you don't.
  86. >You're perfect.
  87. >You turn to your left and continue on your path.
  88. >"Wait, Shimmer!"
  89. >... Your eyes go wide.
  90. >She just said your name.
  91. >The only commoners who know your name are those who have to know your name, like doctors and dentists.
  92. >No one outside of need is allowed to know your name.
  93. >Your blood burns like fire.
  95. >She stumbles to your side.
  96. >Her body is more fatigued than yours, and you just woke up one minute ago.
  97. >You have to restrain yourself from punching her in the face.
  98. >That... was one of the most outwardly violent thoughts you've ever had.
  99. >How crude... but effective.
  100. >"At least let me come with you, just in case something happens again."
  101. >You're in no mood to deal with her. Being near her when she isn't being a direct annoyance to you is bad enough, but this...
  102. >This is going to be horrid... unless you do something about it.
  103. >Your mind is racing.
  104. >She probably thinks the two of you are "close" or some stupid, asinine filth.
  105. >You need to get rid of her.
  106. >... You turn to stare at her.
  107. >Eyes to eyes.
  108. >Malice to concern.
  109. >You exude hate.
  110. >...
  111. "Go..."
  112. >...
  113. "Away!"
  114. >The sudden spike in volume forces Hexferry to back down.
  115. >This, luckily, trips her up, causing her to fall behind you.
  116. >You turn to face the entrance to the lobby.
  117. >The door opens without effort.
  118. >... You exit the building without hassle.
  119. >Your house is far away. If Hexferry continues her pursuit, she'll easily catch up to you before you get back.
  120. >... If you did it correctly, she'll hate you. Permanently, this time.
  121. >You'll know if you succeeded before you reach your house.
  122. >If she catches up to you, she probably still has "hope" for you; if she doesn't...
  123. >You win.
  124. >She'll either become a spiteful wretch, or she'll become scared of you.
  125. >You don't care which happens as long as you win.
  126. >...
  127. >The streets were bare.
  128. >No moths were seen the entire way.
  129. >Including Hexferry.
  130. >Your house is only a few meters away.
  131. >...
  132. >A form lands next to your front door.
  133. >It's her.
  134. >Of course it's her.
  135. >She doesn't look mad or scared.
  136. >Instead, she appears to be solemn.
  137. >... She isn't in your way, but she's placed herself in your line of sight.
  138. >Just so you know she isn't done with you.
  139. >You finally get to your door.
  140. >She says nothing.
  141. >You raise your hoof to the door knob.
  142. >...
  143. >Open, enter, close.
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