Dadonequus Discord Part 215

Jun 25th, 2016
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  1. >Do you get up? Do you...stay there?
  2. >Did it even matter?
  3. >You just sat there on your bed, thinking.
  4. " know what? You're just being a big baby...we could have had a shitton of fun..whatever.."
  5. >You look over to the door, it was closed. you could hear the usual sounds coming through it...huh..
  6. " am I going to explain all this? Are they even going to believe me? Considering that Celestia's letter won't be arriving soon....ugh"
  7. >then your right ear perks up as you start to hear talking from outside through the broken wall.
  8. >"Princess Twilight, how can you be so sure it wasn't the horn? According to the staff, the colt wanted to sign himself out. He was being unruly, what else could have caused this?"
  9. >"I don't know" You hear Twilight speaking to what you presume is the hospital's director. "But he couldn't have done this. He doesn't have the horn with him."
  10. >"He doesn't? But isn't that what makes him the "Hero Colt"? " The other voice says
  11. >"Yes and no. But even then, I don't think Anon did this. It had to be something else. It could all be a coincidence. If Anon wanted to leave, he could have just used the window, couldn't he?" Twilight says, but you couldn't see her.
  12. >"...I....suppose...but what if he didn't think of that?" The director says, doubtful that you didn't not blow a hole in the wall.
  13. >"He's actually fairly intelligent for a colt his age. Using his magic to blow a hole in the wall.....Anon?" Twilight comes out from the side of the other side of the broken wall. The bed, and you, were just...there. "Have you...have you been there the whole time? you couldn't. The bed wasn't there either." Twilight looked really confused.
  15. >"You! Do you realize how much it's going to cost to repair this wall?! Hero colt or not, this kind of behavior cannot and WILL not be tolerated. We will be billing your father for the wall.....once we figure out how to actually do that." The director, a tall and meek stallion with a meek voice and pale coat. adjusted his square lens glasses with his magical horn as he looked to Twilight "You can help us out with that, can't you princess?"
  16. >Twilight sighed "I don't want to sound rude. But can I actually have a moment with him? He's still a patient and I don't think he needs this kind of stress right now....." Twilgiht then shifts her eyes towards you, then back at the director "Unless you're the kind who only cares about the money. You're not one of those kinds of ponies, are you?"
  17. >"N-no! no no..of course not. Of course not. I understand that he is still a patient. It's just the fact that he blew a hole in my wall...Most colts don't do that.." The Director didn't want to piss off a princess.
  18. >Twilight just looks at him, raising an eyebrow.
  19. >"I'm just...going to go..." The Director nervously chuckles as he walks off.
  20. > we go,much sooner than you expected. Twilight was walking your way. You took in a deep breath. Because you had no idea how this was going to go, you could only go by what Celestia expects of you. What you should do...
  22. >"Anon, I'm just going to assume you didn't actually cause all this. But I am going to expect some sort of explanation...but before anything else..." Twilight looks at you with growing worry "Are you alright? Are you hurt anywhere else?"
  23. >You look to Twilight with a somber look, then look forward. staring at the door.
  24. "I'm fine....look, I don't want you to worry about if I'm hurt or not. I just want you to say what you actually want to say"
  25. >Twilight stepped closer to you, even more worried, she went right next to your bed and looked to your face to see if it was red with looked fine "Anon, I am saying what I want to say. I'm worried about you. What even happened? Why is there a hole in the wall? Where did you go?"
  26. "To Canterlot. Dad showed up and sort of abducted me to play a prank on somepony else."
  27. >"Discord? I knew it!" Twilight taps her hoof to the ground, angered "I should have known he couldn't hold back from his usual tricks....Wait hold on..." She realized what else that could have meant."You didn't actually do any pranks, did you?"
  28. > take a few breaths. because this was going to be hard.
  29. "I almost did. In fact, I was really wanting to, considering who it was. Even Princess Celestia got in on it and-"
  30. >"Wait...wait wait wait. Princess Celestia....was in on it too? Anon..." Twilight sighed "Are you lying to me? Really? Because that's really hard to swallow...I just can't honestly believe that can be true."
  31. >ngh..she didn't? She had didn't want her to think you were lying..because you weren't
  32. "T-twilgiht! I mean it! I do...I'm telling you the truth. I...mnnn"
  33. >But what's the point? You know the golden rule of lies. get caught too many times and nobody will believe you.
  34. "...I guess it's hard to believe ,huh? But I mean it....I'm telling the truth. Celestia even said she'd cover the bill for the wall."
  36. >"Anon..." Twilight could see that you were hurting. But, you had lied before. She knew that. and this sounded too fantastic. "Do you know how unlikely that all sounds? The Discord part yeah, I believe that. But you can't honestly expect me to believe Princess Celestia herself joined in on a prank. That's too far fetched..." Twilight shook her head, she couldn't just let it slide. "Anon....Just tell me the truth this time."
  37. >But it was the truth.
  38. "Twilight. It is the truth. All I can give you is my word."
  39. >You frown more and more as you speak. The realization that the lies were ever creeping up on you, even in truth. hurt.
  40. >"Then, if it is the truth. What are you doing back here then? Let me ask you something, is what you said when you thought Trixie was eaten. Was that the truth?" Twilight's tone wasn't mean or forceful. it was just full of concern with a tad of authority.
  41. > can feel a tear run down your cheek. You quickly wipe it away as you sniff. Fuck, you were crying? over this?...have you really become this much of a wimp?
  42. "It was...Look Twilight. It's obvious you're never going to believe me until Celestia's letter to the hospital comes in. But it's the truth. And the reason I'm back here?..."
  43. >You wrap yourself up in the blanket of the bed. Covering up your snout up to your eyes so you could look like you weren't crying. You did your best to stifle your sniffing and deeper breaths.
  44. "Dad didn't like the fact that Celestia got involved. He said I was becoming too goody goody and just sent me back here. He didn't want to do the prank anymore."
  45. >Twilight didn't say anything. Instead she eyed your bag and walked over to it. She wanted to make absolutely sure of something.
  46. >you were too busy hiding your shame to notice her sift through your bag. And the thing she was looking for, she couldn't find. The horn.
  48. >"Anon..." Twilight could hear you softly crying. She remembered that she wasn't your mother. And as fantastic as the story sounded. She knew you couldn't do anything like blowing up the wall without the horn. So it really was Discord, and maybe, the rest really was true too. "I trust you, and I'll believe you. But Anon, but I will still send a letter to Princess Celestia herself to confirm. For now...." Actually Twilight didn't know what else to do...other than try to calm you down. But how was she going to do that? "ermm...Anon. We should get you into another room actually." Twilight looks at the broken wall and winces "Thisssssss one isn't very usable at the moment."
  49. >But you don't respond. You were whimpering. You didn't quite process what she said. other than the fact it seemed she was going to stick you in another room and leave you.
  50. "T-twilight..."
  51. >You remove the blanket, your tear soaked eyes covering your face. You didn't want her to think you a liar. Because that could mean Fluttershy would. And Fluttershy...she was like your mother. the mother you never had. the second chance...
  52. "Twilight...p-please don't leave me...I don't...want to s-stay here anymore.."
  53. >"Anon?!" Twilight was caught offguard. She didn't actually realize you were crying so much. "Anon..." Twilight walked back over to you. she didn't know how to be motherly, but she didn't want you to cry. "Anon, it'll be ok. Fluttershy will come to see you later, I promise. But you can't leave the hospital until we're sure you're ok"
  54. "Twilight please...I've already been walking around. I think I'm ok...but I don't..I really don't want to be alone...please, let me leave with you..please? Nopony else is here, they are just doing their job...and I really need a friend right now...please?"
  56. >"A friend?...." Twilight looked towards the door, and the broken wall, then back to you. She couldn't think of any other time where you truly genuinely wanted her company and care THIS badly. But she could tell by your eyes, there was a sense of loneliness and desperation in them. It made her believe you all the more. She hoped, with what she was thinking now, that she was making the right decision. "'re able to move around just fine?"
  57. >You nod
  58. "I-I just feel a bit achy at times..but I don't even really notice it..I-I swear.."
  59. >"....then, I'm going to sign you out and you'll be under my watchful care. Sort of like what we've already been doing now. But the moment you feel any pain or discomfort, it's straight back here. Alright?"
  60. >oh thank christ...
  61. "O-ok.."
  62. >Twilight turned to step through the door to go to the front desk to have you signed out, but you stop her, and reach out your front hooves towards her.
  63. "T-twilight wait!...can I ask you something?"
  64. >Twilight nods, and gives you a reassuring and warm smile "Sure, what is it?"
  65. "Can I just ride on your back? please? Until we get to the castle?"
  66. >You just wanted to be close. You wanted affection. and to show her you meant what you said.
  67. >Twilight didn't even hesitate to nod. ".Anon...mnn, sure. Let me just.." Twilight brings your bag over to her and wraps it around her side. She then...very carefully, picks you up with her magic and gently places you on her back.
  68. >You immediately wrap your hooves around her. She was so warm. You couldn't help but nuzzle. You were so glad she was giving you a chance. You knew Celestia would come through for you in the end when it came to Twilight's confirmation.
  69. > was a rare commodity in the human world. Genuine affection anyway. In this world? Hell, it was almost like a drug. The fuzziness of the ponies coats didn't help at all with that either. it just made things more nuzzly.
  70. >You quietly let out a "Thank you"
  72. >Twilight takes you back to the castle after signing you out. You notice, during the trek. That Trixie's carriage was parked at the front left side of the castle. She was still here?...she was still here....good. You wanted to talk to her too.
  73. "Trixie is still here?"
  74. >Twilight nods "Mhmm, I've been practicing as her assistant for the show. Giving her the publicity she needs to get her life on track. It's actually been very interesting. Performance magic is pretty fun"
  75. >You were getting calmer throughout the entire trek. Something Twilight noticed.
  76. "...That's good. I was worried, I really was. I thought she was just going to leave...unless.."
  77. >Twilight shook her head "She doesn't know what you said. But she is very worried about you. But of course, her not being family or royalty made it difficult for her to arrange a visit..also her being loud...she was pretty loud."
  78. >That part made you chuckle, which actuality..Twilight's intention.
  79. >She steps into the castle with you. She could feel you nuzzling and cuddling every so often. "Anon, can I ask you a question?"
  80. "mhmmm"
  81. >"Can you tell me why you lied the last few times? Was it because you were scared? Or is it because that's what Discord is teaching you? Because I didn't even know he took you out for "pranks""
  82. >Just tell the truth...
  83. "For Starlight? It was to protect her and her privacy, she really didn't want to see you again. For what happened with the horn? Well, besides not trusting Trixie. I also didn't want you to know what I did to lose it. I didn't want to be lectured or be told that I was a bad colt. I just didn't want to deal with it..."
  84. >Twilight starts heading up to her room, to put you in her bed. It wasn't dark out yet. But of course, she wanted to make sure you were at least at rest. "I see...Anon. You can't just lie like that. The more lies a pony builds up. the less likely others will believe them...even your family would have a hard time Anon."
  86. >A lesson true in the human world as well.
  87. "I know...but, I guess I didn't think I'd get caught. But I had been talking to Princess Celestia a lot about it. She said the truth would make things better and I really does. You don't look as mad as I thought you'd be."
  88. >Twilight let out a bit of a sarcastic giggle as she stepped into her room and gently put you on her bed "That's probably because it's hard to be mad at you after you were nearly crushed by a chimera...but" Twilight sighs "I'm really glad to know you're ok. And to know Princess Celestia has personally been speaking to you about this. Well, let me say this. Without her, I wouldn't have the friends I have now without her. We all care about you Anon. Your father does too...but if he ever EVER tells you to lie. Then just do the exact opposite. Ok?...also don't do other bad things he might suggest."
  89. >Ergh..that..might be a little difficult. Not lying though? could probably hopefully pull at least that off. Ugh, but you haven't been able to do that yet....dammit...
  90. >Twilight herself, she felt like cursing herself for not realizing Discord was a bad influence in some form. She shouldn't have been so trusting with him.
  91. "Ok..."
  92. >You snuggle up under the blanket and look into Twilight's eyes.
  93. "Twilight..Thank you for being my friend. I'm really glad I get to spend this week with you. I know at first I didn't. But, you're really kinda cool. I bet if Starlight was willing to spend a week with you. She'd probably have some fun too"
  94. >"Well, that's a good thought. But I don't want to force her into anything like that. She'll have to make that decision on her own."
  95. "Well, I hope she makes it soon. You two could make a pretty good pair. She's pretty awesome at magic. You probably could share some notes with eachother sometime."
  97. >Twilight smiled at that "I'd really like that. Starlight didn't really seem so bad, it's just she didn't realize what friendship truly meant. I know I didn't trust her, but..I trust in you Anon, and it's that trust that let's me trust her. That's why trust is very important. it's allows us to believe and have no doubt in eachother."
  98. >That really seemed to be the full truth for this world.
  99. "I can see that now.'s kind of worrying. My cutie mark is the chaos symbol. Doesn't that mean I'm destined to become like my dad?"
  100. >That really was worrying. Cutie marks pretty much set in stone what you were going to be. And your cutie mark? It was real.
  101. >"Cutie marks are a window to our destiny, that's true...but Anon. It's up to you to decide to be the pony you want to be. Chaos might be your cutie mark. But it's not who you here" Twilight gives your chest a gentle press and keeps her hoof there. "You have a good heart. If I had to amount it to your destiny. Then all I would have to say is that it's a little wild, But still good. not many ponies could gather up the courage to attack a chimera head on. And you did it to protect somepony you care about"
  102. "Yeah...but we both ended up getting hurt."
  103. >"Well....I didn't say it was the smartest move. But only a pony with a good heart would make such a selfless risk." Twilight removed her hoof from your chest. That press, it really warmed you. it made you feel like you weren't bad. It made you feel like the human world didn't even was all just a bad dream you finally woke up from. Celestia and Luna was right. That world was dead.
  105. >That's why it hurt that you still had to lie about Chrysalis. But it was necessary...a secret even Celestia herself is keeping for you...something she put her full trust into you with.. You could live with that,
  106. "Twilight, I don't know if it's the moment...but...I look at you now. And I see a mom. It sort of different from Aunt Fluttershy. With her, I want to be around her because she's nice, loving..she never lets me feel sad or alone. She always likes to see me smile. But with you, you lecture me, scold me, but in the end...just want what's best for me. Dad...he's ok sometimes. But he's really more of a friend I live with more than a dad..You and Aunt Fluttershy though? I guys feel more like what I imagine parents are like. I love having a family...losing all of that because I'm being dumb...I don't think I could live with myself if that ever happened."
  107. >Now you started to feel depressed, just at the mere thought of it.
  108. >Until you felt a bap on the forehead from Twilight's hoof
  109. "Ow! hey! What was that....huh?"
  110. >Twilight was giving you a stern look as she pulled over a Daring Do book. "If you thought I was going to let you make yourself depressed then you'd be wrong. That's not intuitive to getting better. But you know what will make you better? Some rest...and nothing's better than being read a good book." Twilight's heart melted from your words, but she wasn't showing it to you, but it did. She carefully hopped up on the bed and rested on her belly as she sat next to you. "So just relax, close your eyes, and let your imagination take you on a fun ride as I read off far did you get?"
  111. >..wait..she was going to read to you?...that sounded pretty comfy actually.
  112. "Erm..a little past chapter two or three I think. But you can start back at chapter two if you want...I don't mind"
  113. >You snuggle up close to her, prepared for a good listen.
  115. >Twilight silently nods and opens the book and begins sifting through the pages.
  116. >As for you, there was still one more thing on your mind.
  117. " you know where Aunt Fluttershy is actually?"
  118. >"She's with Zecora, she's keeping her mind at ease by making some home remedies you may not actually need at this point."
  119. >You moan in worry from that.
  120. "...I'm glad Zecora is helping her out. But shouldn't we tell her what happened at the hospital? Does she even know?"
  121. >"She doesn't, but I'll let her know when we're done. The most important thing for you right now is getting some rest. Fluttershy would be pretty sore at me if she found out I didn't do my best to help you then, relax, and open your mind we go"
  122. >Twilight clears her throat and starts reading the story to you.
  123. >It doesn't take long for Twilight's adorkable reading. How she sometimes changes her voice or tries to make things sound as exciting as they are in the book, to put you to sleep. Given how early things were. You'd probably be waking up in the middle of the night. or perhaps even before.. You just hoped you'd be able to talk to Fluttershy and Trixie soon.
  124. >As for Discord...he was just going to have to get over it.
  125. >Twilight...she felt the connection Celestia wanted for you two. You felt it to. But only time would tell how well the bond you two now shared would be maintained. Especially since Discord would probably be disapproving of mentioned..he'd have to get over it.
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