Kosher Tax

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  1.     Roughly two-thirds of all canned, bottled, and packaged foods, as well as various other kitchen products, have an inconspicuous little symbol on them–usually a K or U. Each time a kosher seal of approval is applied to a product, consumers are unsuspectingly paying a special fee to a Jewish religious organization. This added fee is often referred to as the kosher tax. It is an extortion scam that is very easy to expose and just as easy to explain why you haven’t heard about it.
  2.     Kosher, from the Hebrew, ‘fit’ or ‘proper’, is generally used to describe foods that are prepared in accordance with Jewish dietary laws. This is according to the Orthodox Union, the largest Jewish kosher supervisory agency in the world, which claims to be “a not for profit, educational, outreach, and social service organization”, acting as the “national spokesman” for 1,000 synagogues serving the “burgeoning North American Jewish community.”
  3.     If a product is prepared in accordance with these special Jewish dietary laws, the manufacturer can obtain the blessing of a Rabbi as well as the necessary Kosher certification–subject to annual renewal fees. Following the procedure will allow the manufacturer to bear the coveted kosher symbol on its products. Obviously, the special preparation procedure–as well as the seal–don’t come cheaply. As a result, all consumers pay higher prices for products that carry the kosher seal of approval. There is an ever-growing number of food processing and manufacturing plants that apply this hidden tax to recoup the additional costs of associated with meeting the kosher requirements.
  4.     Look in your kitchen or on the shelves of your local grocery store for all the proof you need. By looking for these–often obscure–symbols, you can quickly recognize products that fall in line with this scam. Thousands of manufacturers are forced to pay additional fees, which they pass onto consumers, to put these Jewish symbols on their products. This racket is nothing new or unusual. On April 23, 1969, the Wall Street Journal revealed that companies were paying multimillions of dollars for these symbols. On June 1, 1959, the Jewish Newsletter warned Jews that the kosher labelling business was a racket that would eventually be exposed. People are unknowingly paying more for these household products so that the less than 2% of this nation that is Jewish can fund Israel. Why should over 98% of the country pay for the personal choices of the jews?
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  8.     There are a lot of reasons for rising food prices, and every economist has his own pet explanation and cure. Interestingly, there is one factor that is never mentioned for one reason: it has to do with a secret, Jewish tax put on grocery items.
  9.     Although you might find this claim incredible, it is nonetheless true, and you can prove it to yourself with a simple experiment. Let the doubter go to his kitchen and get out any dozen cans of food products and a few cans of scouring powders, soap, etc. Examine the labels of these cans carefully for either a little “U” in a circle, or a “K.” The U stands for Union of Orthodox Jews, the K for Kosher. Do not confuse this with a R, which stands for a registered trademark, or a C for copyright. You will find most of these Jewish symbols, or hecshers, on most food products. They mean that the company paid to have a rabbi bless this food for Jewish consumption. In many cases it is not even a food item, with steel wool and anti-freeze also getting “blessed.”
  10.     Now, some people may defend these “blessings,” but they really boil down to nothing more than extortion. Ask yourself this: if this was nothing more than a bizarre religious ceremony, giving rabbinical approval to a food and food products prepared in a specific way to meet a kooky religious diet, then why are they “blessing” steel wool and anti-freeze? These Jews must have a strange diet indeed! Also, if these “blessings” are so important to Jews, then why do they charge for them? You would think that they would be willing to do them as a service to their own. Lastly, why must this secret tax be passed along to Christians and other non-Jews? It has been estimated that consumers spend well over $100 million a year on this racket that goes to line the pockets of these rabbis.
  11.     You will never see this ripoff exposed on TV news shows such as 60 Minutes or 20/20. Can you imagine the uproar if it was discovered that priests were charging companies to put little crosses on products heading for Israel? Calls for separation of church and state would be forthcoming from the electronic media and the pages of the Jewish controlled and manipulated press. Now is the time for goyim to begin resisting this extortion. Write to each and every company that mark their products with the Jewish hecsher and ask for your money back! Only by a concentrated protest will this practice be discontinued. It’s up to you!
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